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The Unlikely Ones By Mary Brown,

  • Title: The Unlikely Ones
  • Author: Mary Brown
  • ISBN: 9780099504009
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thing, a young girl who hides beneath a mask, and her handicapped companions a crow, a toad, a goldfish, and a kitten set off on a desperate quest to find the Dragon of the Black Mountain.
    The Unlikely Ones Thing a young girl who hides beneath a mask and her handicapped companions a crow a toad a goldfish and a kitten set off on a desperate quest to find the Dragon of the Black Mountain

    One thought on “The Unlikely Ones”

    1. I ve had a few people tell me I absolutely had to read Mary Brown, I would love her.If I could remember who those people were I would curse them to a year of bad book reading.This was excruciatingly long, boring, and it sucked.I hate fantasy books that are all about the death of magic Tolkien aside , especially where the death of magic is supposed to be some sort of metaphor for growing up If I wanted to read about no magic I would pick up something other than a fantasy And there seems to be thi [...]

    2. Love love love this book though mine was not as an appealing cover, it was quite unique and was a nature forest scenewhere as the one showing here sort of makes it like alot of book covers where the focus is one person Anyway thats just the cover There is a really good review of this book at fantasyfreaks reviews The only thing to note is that when the reviewer mentions Thing, thats actually the main characters name If you didnt read the book you might have read it as thing something This book, [...]

    3. There s SEX in here I read this book when I was about ten years old, and I don t remember there being sex in here Well, maybe I sort of do remember Nothing I read was unfamiliar except by the dullness that a few decades between one and the original event can place on memory I suppose that, as a child, I didn t really think the same way about things that I do now as an adult.Okay, that was a really stupid thing to say but hopefully my meaning comes across.Not that there is all manner of graphic s [...]

    4. I loved this book when I first read it, and I ve enjoyed it each and every other time I ve read it My copy didn t have the same cover, focusing on the girl Mine was a boat filled with the group of characters in a swamp of some sort.Fantastic read in my opinion There are a few parts which I wouldn t say are any age friendly but then again, I first read this book in my early teens and I didn t find it offensive.

    5. An enchanting adult fairytale Seven victims of an evils witch questing to free themselves of her curse, and solution to their problem is the dragon from whom she stole years ago in a world similar to the Earth in the middle ages with a few additions The book begins with a dragon s sorrow at losing the hard won treasure that would have enabled him to become a master dragon and rejoin his kind In a seemingly unrelated episode, a witch tries to entrap a Prince, but his unicorn intervenes the unicor [...]

    6. I should have known it was bad both Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey are quoted as liking it Various creatures captured and mistreated by a witch escape and seek their fortunes together And of course the main character is secretly a beautiful young maiden convinced of her ugliness, and of course she falls in love with someone she thinks far above her station, and of course the two slowly grow to understand each other, and I assume that at the end, she turns out to be beautiful I don t kn [...]

    7. I can t believe my mother got this for me when I was eight years old not the most child appropriate book ever written , and it took me until I was nine to finish reading it, at that I was shocked when I was browsing on and saw what a tawdry looking cover the paperbacks have the hardback has a really beautiful, restrained, mysterious dustjacket that does justice to the actual tone and quality of the writing I think this one affected me, in terms of the way it launched my imagination, almost as m [...]

    8. There aren t enough stars for this book My copy is the original hardback, and the scene is indicative of the true story I love this book, and have read it many times.Heartily recommended to anyone who likes underdogs coming out on top.A story of overcoming handicaps, real or perceived, invoked or inherited A story for the ages.

    9. If you like adventure stories and root for the underdog of stories and love animals you will definetly love this I felt like the characters had become my family and friends during the time I read this and I became very attached to them.

    10. A long time ago, when I first read this I was 9 or so a lot went over my head Mostly the sex stuff there s quite a bit, all things considered, about sex in here , but also I remember how fiercely I sobbed because Thing lost all her friends.Not to death, this book had surprisingly little death in it I say surprisingly because most of my fantasy books of that time involved heroic sacrificial death as a means to winning , though it wasn t completely absent No, she lost them to life And I sobbed bec [...]

    11. This was a brilliant faery tale, told as one should be The story is full of quests, meandering through woods and mountains, wizards gardens and terrifying castles The characters are unexpected but so fitting for the story What I love about this book is that the story is not as straightforward as you might think just when you re sure the Quest is over, you realize there are 100 pages left to go and are constantly surprised by the authors ingenuity and yet the simplicity is stunning Wonderful book [...]

    12. At times a gorgeous fairytale of a book, it suffers mainly from being overlong and not infrequently rambly It s a story of five unlikely heroes only one of whom is human caught as pets for a selfish, petty witch, who seek to free themselves from her power, even after she is dead The ending is exceptionally beautiful, sad and bittersweet but redemptive It almost makes the up for the flawed story that precedes it.

    13. I actually read this book eons ago, but recently came across it in the library It s been one of those books where I tried and tried to remember the name or author and never could I remembered it as The Unchosen Ones for some reason It s good to have found it I d like to re read it and see if it is as good as I remember

    14. I read this as a teen, and thought it was one of the best books I d ever laid hands on at the time I d like to find the book again to see if it is still so brilliant to me.

    15. I picked this book up at my local library They had a theme of Dragon Tales are Not Just For Children, and the cover intrigued me Along with the illustrations on the cover, there was a quote that Mary Brown was being compared to JRR Tolkien and T.H White.As suggested, the story is very much like JRR Tolkien s, The Hobbit It is about 7 Unlikely heroes that go on an epic quest that they believe is only to help relieve them of curses that a local Witch afflicted on them individually However, as the [...]

    16. DNF at pg 14 Not sure how or why this book ended up in my collection, but I am thankful for the shelf space it will provide now.

    17. In my opinion, a simple tale, told from the child woman Thingy point of view.At times it seems like a children s story, but it has very adult themes thru out, to some detail, but that adds to the view from the childish thoughts that the story teller is giving.I enjoyed the involvement of the animals, thoughts, and actions that they did, and the descriptions of the scenes was very good Spoiler I was sad at the parting of the company near the end of the book, but that is my own take of parting, as [...]

    18. I think if I d read this book back in 1986 when it first came out, I would have enjoyed it Yes, I d have been much younger, and not as picky about what I think makes a good book But also, what we expect from fantasy novels has changed over the years I thought the story dragged far too much For instance, an entire story line in which the party faces seven challenges seemed unnecessary nothing happened that affected the main goals of the story but it took up almost a third of the book Nowadays, w [...]

    19. Good lord, I finally found this book I read this so many years ago my first pet cat I had when I first lived on my own, I named Moglet because of this book I can t believe I forgot it but as I saw this on my recommended pages here on Good Reads and saw the image of the girl in the mask I thought it seemed familiar some how Clicking on the link and reading the description, all of my memories of this book flooded back especially the bitter sweet of its ending This is an amazing book while memory d [...]

    20. I really liked this book, even though there wasn t really anything to surprise you could see everything coming a couple of chapters away It s a standard fantasy quest story Thing and her four animal friends have been slaves to a wicked witch for as long as they can remember Horribly disfigured by her magic, they finally manage to escape They meet a knight and a white horse, and find that the seven of them have to go on a journey to visit a Dragon, who will be able to give them back something eac [...]

    21. There were elements of this book I really enjoyed when I read and other features that turned me off, hence the three stars The overall concept of the story was great and I would love to give it a greater rating there were just concepts that were unnecessary to the tale I am not one to give away spoilers so i leave it to other readers to determine whether they feel brave enough to pick up a book in spite of a review I will just say that a witch getting jiggy with her magic broom handle isn t my c [...]

    22. I first read this book a bajillion years ago, it seems, when the cover was, you know, completely different and not awful Is it enough to say that I give this book five stars because I ve never forgotten it I devoured this book time and again when I was younger and yes, I did read this as a child, including the, uh, sexier bits It s got wonderful interaction between the various characters probably the biggest draw for me And after all this time, I m still in love with the title I m not surprised [...]

    23. This book started off really well It had some interesting characters and events However, I stopped reading at page 163 By that point in the book it was transparent how the story would end and what road it would take to get there Plus, it had turned into a twisted, yet obvious, romance story and less of a fantasy adventure Mary Brown does have the ability to write well however and has some insightful and colorful passages so I don t think this book deserves a didn t like it.

    24. I was disappointed by this typical fantasy quest story it had such potential to be different and it was, but not in a good way There was no reason for Thing to fall in love with Conn The animals got a bit tiresome Also, I was grossed out by all the sexy bits the ones that were supposed to be disturbing, and the ones that were supposed to be fun It felt like the author was out of touch with human sexuality.

    25. There are not many books written purely in the form of a faery tale This book is long too It took me a week to go through Its plots and characters are thorough, but I am not keeping it It was a long drag of a tale Definitely well written though Not for me, but someone else might enjoy this book than I did.

    26. A lovely story I adored all of the characters and the plot itself was whimsical and contained many common fantasy elements but the humor and self awareness set this apart from other books The book still managed to touch on some important themes and there were very serious and emotional moments as well Overall, I loved this book and found it to be a very rewarding read.

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