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The Veil By Cory Putman Oakes,

  • Title: The Veil
  • Author: Cory Putman Oakes
  • ISBN: 9780982913178
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • YA FantasySeventeen year old Addison Russell is in for a shock when she discovers that she can see the invisible world of the Annorasi Suddenly, nothing is as it appears to be the house she lives in, the woman who raised her, even the most beautiful boy in town all turn out to be than what they seem And when this strange new world forces Addy to answer for a crimYA FantasySeventeen year old Addison Russell is in for a shock when she discovers that she can see the invisible world of the Annorasi Suddenly, nothing is as it appears to be the house she lives in, the woman who raised her, even the most beautiful boy in town all turn out to be than what they seem And when this strange new world forces Addy to answer for a crime that was committed long ago, by parents she has never known, she has no choice but to trust Luc, the mysterious Annorasi who has been sent to protect her Or so he says .
    The Veil YA FantasySeventeen year old Addison Russell is in for a shock when she discovers that she can see the invisible world of the Annorasi Suddenly nothing is as it appears to be the house she lives in

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    1. Well, I wrote it So I m a little bit biased But believe me when I say that I would not have put all of this time and energy into editing it and getting it published if I didn t absolutely love it I hope you love it too if you like YA fantasy books with paranormal romance, you probably will Look for it on the kindle store and print , Nook and iBooks on NOVEMBER 1, 2011.

    2. This book took me literally a few hours to read and let me tell you I love a quick read One minute I am sitting reading in my bed on page 42 and it is 9 00pm, the next time I look up it is midnight and I m almost done The plot moves quickly which is awesome and the characters have almost tangible personalities Addy s Gran is protective, yet hilarious and there were quite a few places in the book where I caught myself giggling uncontrollably It was really interesting to see Addy s internal confli [...]

    3. Cory Putman Oakes debut novel, The Veil, has all the elements it needs to be a successful paranormal romance a strong paranormal element that is as interesting as it is unique thank goodness no vampires or angels , strong characterization and Point of View choice, and a plot that is enticing.First The paranormal element The idea of the Annorasi and a parallel universe that exists literally under the veil of the human world is completely new to me I cannot think of another story that did this as [...]

    4. The Original Review Here On The Veil the reader will have the opportunity to meet the Anarrosi World, a beautiful and enigmatic parallel universe full o power and secrets On her seventeenth birthday, the veil for Addison Russell was lifted, and then she starts seeing things than are not part of the human world This is when she gets a first glimpse to The Anarrosi World A world that has little parts of everything she is, but will not accept her because of the secrets that surrounded her family an [...]

    5. On her 17th birthday, Addy s life changes completely She discovers she can see the world of the Annorasi, invisible to human eyes Suddenly, all that she considered real and true gets hazy She discovers that her parents deaths when she was little might not have been an accident, and that the simple fact that she is alive is enough danger to risk two whole worlds into crumbling.In a blink of an eye she gets to know that there are people who want her dead, just because she exists And that there are [...]

    6. Today I need to talk to fellow Texan and author Cory Putman Oakes And find out how she is managing to control what is happening around me I understand that reading a good story can come to life in your mind But for the story to actually start effecting the environment around me is too weird Okay I will explain I finished reading the uncorrected proof of The Veil last night It will be released November 1st of this year I so fell into the story right at the start Now I have read other books where [...]

    7. The Veil by Cory Putnam Oakes is a Young Adult Fantasy novel about 17 year old, Addison Russell Addison was always told that her parents were killed in an accident when she was 6 years old therefore she was sent to live with her grandmother Grans For eleven years, she believed that story, until one fateful day, when things suddenly begin to change in her life On her 17th birthday she begins to see strange things in normal, Novato, California Inexplicable things begin to happen, such as a silver [...]

    8. Couldn t put The Veil down I read ALOTi have over 250 books on my kindle There are not a ton of fresh stories out there, but The Veil is both imaginative and unexpected I sincerely hope this new author intends on a series because I cannot wait to read what new adventures come Addy s way

    9. The Veil was a really fun read It is the kind of story that keeps the pages turning and leaves the reader wanting when it ends If you enjoyed the Hunger Games or the Twilight series, put this in on your list You won t be disappointed.

    10. Wonderful book full of twists and turns I can t wait to read by Cory I am getting several copies for friends and nieces and nephews

    11. Addy had no idea that turning seventeen meant her life would change and be flipped upside down All of a sudden she starts seeing things that no one else can see She can t really share this information with anyone else because they will just think she is nuts As she tries to understand what is happening to her, things get even weirder Her long time crush, Luc, all of a sudden begins to show an interest in her She s been waiting for this to happen for a long time, but what she doesn t know is that [...]

    12. Originally posted at Fragments of Life.Addy left London so many years ago to live in Novato She lived in a haunted looking house with her Gran and 11 cats that she fed every morning She had two best friends Olivia, the dramatic theater girl and Nate, the short but talented barista She was an average girl with coffee dependence and a huge crush on Lucas, the new guy at school She was hopeful and hopeless, happy and sad, strong and weak, had doubts, got scared, stood up for what she believed in an [...]

    13. The Veil Wow I loved this novel Firstly, let me start off by saying, I wasn t planning on reviewing this novel With my review pile being so incredibly long, I snuck in Oakes book as a pleasure read I mean, here I was drinking out of this mug daily that says, Caffeine gives me Annorasi powers , eating Ghiradelli chocolates and wondering how the heck they related to The Veil, drinking some amazing coffee Illy coffee, to be exact, that is amazing and way out of my price range for coffee , and looki [...]

    14. Congratulations to Cory Oakes on a promising debut novel The YA fiction market is filled to overflowing with stories of vampires and werewolves right now, so it was a pleasant change of pace to read about a whole new kind of supernatural the annorasi Their dazzling world lies alongside the mundane one, right behind the Veil On her seventeenth birthday, Addy Russell gets her first glimpse of the Annorasi world, though with no inkling of what it is she s looking at, she begins to question her ment [...]

    15. The Veil is a debut novel by Cory Putnam Oakes and will be released tomorrow The Veil is told by the main character Addy, who lives alone with her Grandmother As she turns seventeen, she realizes not everything about her life is what it seems I am going to start with the cover I am not a fan of the cover though I absolutely understand that it is an almost literal translation of one of the scenes in the book The Annorasi are so mysterious and magical and I feel like the cover of this book makes i [...]

    16. What a refreshing read I love paranormal books, but after a while things can start sounding the same The Veil was quirky, original and just what I needed The idea of an invisible world running in connection with ours, just under the veil was mind blowing I love the idea of looking at an object and having humans see one thing and the Annorasi see something completely different It makes me wonder what beautiful things are hiding behind object we find visually unpleasing While I still don t underst [...]

    17. 3.5 starsFor an engaging, enjoyable, and enigmatic Young Adult read, look no farther than Oakes debut novel, The Veil You can meet the Annorasi and see that beautiful, terrifying world behind the veil all while commiserating with Addy who has to deal with some hilarious, awkward, and unique situations Addy s love for her friends and family is admirable, and her humorous commentary on her quirky life following her 17th birthday makes this such a fun read that s easy to relate to for anyone who is [...]

    18. Yay This one caught me off guard, I knew that the blurb sounded fantastic, but I was so worried that it would be set up like so many other books I have been reading lately What I ended up really enjoying about this world is the originality of it The combination of the world being just beyond the site of humans, but right in front of usif that makes any sense at all The line between the Annorasi and the human is a thin veil, only those with the knowledge that it s there and the ability to see bey [...]

    19. Ahh Do you smell that It s the sweet smell of another good book being finished The Veil By Cory Putman Oakes was a GoodReads First Reads win, and boy was it a good read The story is about Addy, a girl who starts seeing some very weird appearances on the day she turns seventeen Things get even weirder for Addy at a school bonfire, that is until Lucas Addy s extremely good looking crush comes to her rescue She soon learns that she is half human half Annorasi, a race who s world is side by side wit [...]

    20. The main issue in this book is that Addy finds out she is half Annorasi and half human The setting isn t really important because it could happen anywhere and the point would still get across and be a good book The protagonist is Addy She is in high school and doesn t get noticed She likes this popular guy who is going out with the popular girl She gets to first period early, so she can see him She lives with her grandma because her parents died when she was a baby The Antagonist is Luc, the boy [...]

    21. Oakes The Veil has real potential as a first novel, despite some bumps and bruises here and there Let s talk about what I loved first I liked Addy s voice first and foremost I immediately took to her character and enjoyed reading the story from her point of view Her crush on Luc is written well and Addy, in general, is very believable I also liked the relationship that Addy and Luc have in the story, They must pretend to be dating so that Luc has an excuse to stay close to Addy and protect her I [...]

    22. There s always that worry after meeting an author who has a new book coming out What if I don t like it But I m so happy that wasn t the case for this book which I absolutely lovedE VEIL by Cory Putman Oakes Octane Press, November 1, 2011 For this one, I actually have an official blurb I wrote up I picked up The Veil having no idea what to expect, and may times this turns out to be the most rewarding type of read Such was the case for The Veil What I found inside were words that drew me in and h [...]

    23. What if you were shown how to lift the thin barrier that separates our world from a secret and magical civilisation that exists alongside ours, but this knowledge endangers not only yourself, but everyone you love It s Addy s seventeenth birthday, and the mundane and quiet life she has with her Grandmother is about to be turned upside down When Addy starts seeing glowing, silver coloured creatures that no one else can see appear out of nowhere, she begins to worry she s losing her mind As she so [...]

    24. The book begins by introducing you to Addy s world Her quirky grandmother, love of coffee and awesome best friends She is a typical teenager until her 17th birthday Then she starts seeing bizarro things that usually result with her screaming and everyone staring at her She has caught everyone s attention, even Luc He just happens to be her love at first sight stalking obsession Win Maybe.Luc introduces her to the world of Annorasi, just beyond The Veil Addy s eyes are wide open now Not only is s [...]

    25. I really loved this book There was so much action, connections within the story line and characters that I just had to keep reading One thing I enjoyed about this book is the plot line Ms Oakes made it easy for the reader the connect with the characters as well as fall into story I can say that while reading this I did nothing but smile I loved the pacing of the story Everything in the plot line lead up to a greater secret in the book Loved it.I also enjoyed how well the characters are developed [...]

    26. The Veil is an AWESOME debut and I enjoyed reading such a unique story that had no hint of vampire , werewolf, or anything of the sort Don t get me wrong those are my favorite stories but every now and again its refreshing to find something new that interests me and tickles my fancy.I couldn t get enough of the relationship between Addy and Luc and it was just a sweet young romance that the reader felt compelled to cheer on The friend relationships were well played but I would have liked to have [...]

    27. I truly enjoyed the world that Mrs Putman Oakes has created for readersrst, Lucas whoops Luc i need boys like this in my life I love that Addy, while she has this crush on a boy, doesn t make him her single focus, and that she isn t just consumed by him, giving in to every request or statement She is still a strong girl and too often I read younger characters written that way I m ecstatic that she isn t.Gran What a great character Her dedication to Addy was wonderful and proof that family isn t [...]

    28. I recently read the book THE VEIL, by Cory Putman Oakes, which is her first fiction literature novel for young adults It s original and creatively crafted, as well as well written with wonderful character development It s a must read for young adults and for any adults who love YA lit The book is a great mixture of magic, the supernatural, and science fiction fantasy coupled with normal teen issues, real life scenarios, and teen romance Cory captures it all with THE VEIL Continue reading my revi [...]

    29. I thought this was a nice book and for those who like realistic fantasy with a world just beyond their reach.Summary After seeing things that should not be there, Addy discovers that although she might not be crazy, as she had first thought, she might actually not be completely human Soon she finds that even though it is great to have a explanation to her new insights, she might not actually be safe since there is a law forbidding humans to see Annorasi.Characters Addy Russell is your typical no [...]

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