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Três Segundos By Anders Roslund Börge Hellström,

  • Title: Três Segundos
  • Author: Anders Roslund Börge Hellström
  • ISBN: 9789896571832
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • PIET HOFFMAN VIVE DUAS VIDASUma com uma mulher que ama e dois filhos uma fam lia de que n o tenciona abdicar, custe o que custar e uma outra, secreta, onde coloca em perigo tudo o que tem a cada dia que passa.Piet Hoffmann o melhor informador da pol cia sueca, mas s um homem sabe da sua exist ncia Ap s um caso de droga que corre mal, o antigo criminoso tem de enfrePIET HOFFMAN VIVE DUAS VIDASUma com uma mulher que ama e dois filhos uma fam lia de que n o tenciona abdicar, custe o que custar e uma outra, secreta, onde coloca em perigo tudo o que tem a cada dia que passa.Piet Hoffmann o melhor informador da pol cia sueca, mas s um homem sabe da sua exist ncia Ap s um caso de droga que corre mal, o antigo criminoso tem de enfrentar a miss o mais dif cil da vida infiltrar se na mais terr vel pris o de alta seguran a da Su cia.O detective inspector Ewert Grens est encarregue da investiga o do assass nio relacionado com a droga Inconsciente da verdadeira identidade de Hoffmann, Grens acredita que est na pista de um perigoso psicopata, mas n o consegue deixar de sentir que lhe sonegaram ou manipularam uma informa o vital relacionada com o caso.Hoffmann possui grava es que implicam alguns dos mais proeminentes pol ticos da Su cia numa conspira o altamente corrupta, mas estes encontraram em Ewert Grens a arma perfeita para o eliminar.Read verovsky
    Tr s Segundos PIET HOFFMAN VIVE DUAS VIDASUma com uma mulher que ama e dois filhos uma fam lia de que n o tenciona abdicar custe o que custar e uma outra secreta onde coloca em perigo tudo o que tem a cada dia q

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    1. The latest book from Roslund Hellstr m is about the crooked dealings between the Swedish police and their well placed informants Ex con Piet Hoffman, now a covert human intelligence source for the Stockholm police, is deeply implanted into the Polish Mafia He is attempting to stop the organization from controlling drug distribution in Sweden s prisons, and all the while, Hoffman is also a family man with a wife and two young sons.When Hoffman is involved in a fouled up drug deal that leads to mu [...]

    2. This is one of the best crime novels I have read in a long time For me it exceeded the Larsson series everyone loved It is so well written There wasn t a single moment when I felt that even one word was extraneous, except maybe when I was confused with the foreign terms but that had nothing to do with the book itself The book is set in an unfamiliar place for most Americans, since it takes place mostly in Sweden Every character has a unique purpose and is developed specifically in a way to defin [...]

    3. I won this hot off the torturous translation table Swedish thriller in a giveaway contest My review is of an uncorrected advance reading copy, so it is possible that changes may be made to the text before it is released in January 2011 Three Seconds is the first novel I ve read by Roslund Hellstrom I don t know what it is about Sweden as a country that makes it inclined to produce crime novels that are so much interesting, insightful and refreshing than the formulaic Koontz and Patterson car ch [...]

    4. PROTAGONIST DI Ewert Grens infiltrator Piet HoffmanSETTING SwedenSERIES 5 of 5 3rd book translated into EnglishRATING 4.75One of the tools that police departments often use is to develop a network of informants, people on the street who have access to the kind of information that they would be hard pressed to uncover In some cases, the informant goes even further, with the subject actually infiltrating an organization that is of interest to the authorities Such is the role of Piet Hoffman who ov [...]

    5. Scandinavian crime fiction has been hot for many years now, but in the wake of the unexpected success of the Steig Larsson books, it appears to be even ubiquitous This latest example the third in a series, following The Beast and Box 21 takes a very straightforward and familiar plot about an undercover operative working for the Swedish police, and manages to milk it for than 400 pages of not particularly engaging prose The premise is that former drug addict and ex con Piet Hoffman was recruite [...]

    6. Though it took me a while 50 pages 80 100 to get into the book, once it took hold it didn t let go For the last 300 pages, I couldn t put it down It s a riveting look at detective work, criminal minds, and the enormous risks, both physical and psychological, that both sides take in doing what they do I may have vaguely known that investigators use criminal elements to spur if not enable their efforts But this book, written collaboratively by a former journalist and former criminal, blows us away [...]

    7. Call him Paula That s what his handlers in the Stockholm police do.Codename Paula is their inside man within the dangerous Polish mob, which has infested Sweden s underworld with drugs and other nefarious activities At their behest, he walks a terrifying path turning a blind eye to death and murder as he commits some crimes in order to stop others And at every moment, with each new crime and deception, he knows that one wrong word or off action could cause his long standing deception to collapse [...]

    8. I love Scandinavian Crime Fiction This book cover says it is the best book of the year It is good but not the best Scandinavian crime fiction you can read I don t know all the books that came out in the last year, but I know that this is not at the level or Henning Mankel, Arnarldur Idridisson, Helen Turston, Sjowall and Wahloo, Karen Fossum, Ake Edwardson, Hakkan Nesser and certainly is no Stig Larsson This book also does not compare to the quality of England s Peter Lovsey, or the U.S authors, [...]

    9. Vond het wel een goed verhaal maar nog al lang gerekt Boek had best 100 pagina s minder dik mogen zijn Wel een realistische thriller.

    10. Closer to 2.5 STARS but I m rounding down to 2.0 STARS It was OK but if I knew when I started this book what I know now I probably would have passed on this one Don t get me wrong The writing is very strong, almost addictive in its cadence and flow and smooth transition between characters but the subject matter simply isn t my gig.So why did I read it Some background color I bought this book, along with a half dozen others, for 0.50 at my library s westath annual spring book sale last April 2014 [...]

    11. Three Seconds by the Swedish writing team of Anders Hellstrom is pretty good Once I had the chance to really get into the book, I enjoyed it However, I didn t feel that it was anything so special that I d want to read anything else by them Piet Hoffman is a former criminal turned police informant He has managed to delve deeply into a Polish mafia drug ring His next move is to get himself arrested so that the mafia can expand into the prison which is when Hoffman and the Swedish police plan to m [...]

    12. I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher.Many writers are currently being touted as the next Stieg Larsson These writers are no exception Many librarians are struggling with what to recommend to readers who want in the style of Larsson s Millenium trilogy I m not sure that this book qualifies.Piet Hoffman is a devoted husband and father but he hides a secret He is also an ex con who has been working undercover as a mole for the Stockholm police for the last nine years Hoffman [...]

    13. Rosland, Anders Hellstrom, Borge THREE SECONDS 2009 Eng trans 2010 The authors of this thriller are described, respectively, as an award winning journalist, and an ex criminal Apparently, they are a very popular fiction team in Sweden This novel was awarded the Swedish Academy of Crime Writeers Award for Swedish Crime Novel of the Year This award has also been given to Stieg Larson and Henning Mankell in the past This work is nowhere near as good as anything written by the other two authors It s [...]

    14. Book 5, in the Grens Sundkvist seriesThis book is by far from being short in fact it is close to 500 pages of intense reading The plot is multi faceted and it takes its merry time to spring into action but once started it crakes up tension and our engagement with the novel Some entering midstream into this series may feel at a lost since the bleakly eccentric protagonist has a very heart wrenching past which is essential to know The novel deals with criminals in contemporary Sweden, the Police a [...]

    15. This was a fantastic Sweedish read By Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom and written in the style of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larsson This story takes place in Stockholm and surrounds the plight of Paula the main character is male who is caught up in the Polish mafia s attempt to flood the Sweedish drug trade as well as being hung out by the justice system Until the conclusion, it is difficult to predict who will survive and who will fall to their respective life choices T [...]

    16. This is the second book in the series that I ve read by these Swedish authors I thought this book was even better than the first These two authors, one of them a former criminal, write so well and thoroughly draw out their characters in addition to developing a walloping good story.The gist of the novel is that the Swedish police, through an undercover former petty thief, have infiltrated the Polish mafia The send this infiltrator into the prison system to learn about how drugs are smuggled int [...]

    17. Riding high on the wave of Scandinavian novels breaking on our shores, comes this first rate thriller from the award winning team of Roslund and Hellstrom Names we will definitely be hearing a lot of in this country Superb plotting and in depth characterizations highlight this novel It details the relations between the Swedish police and the informants they use to help stem the rising tide of the Polish Mafia in Sweden The book is shared by two main characters Ewert Grens, an old school homicid [...]

    18. Received via First Reads Thank you and Publishers A relatively quick read This wasn t a can t put it down book, for me but I can see that it would be for some readers I feel like this book would be highly enjoyed by anyone who loved the Dragon Millenium series For those that found Girl with a Dragon Tattoo slow like myself well, I think you may end up feeling the same way about this novel Like Tattoo, I found there was a lot of repetition the conversations Ewert has with himself in particular, i [...]

    19. Piet Hoffman, Swedish undercover police informer, has climbed very high in the ranks of the Polish Mafia when he haplessly witnesses a murder during a drug deal gone terribly wrong While Inspector Ewert Grens investigates the murder, Hoffman s Mafia masters want him in prison to take over drug operations there A secret arm of the law agrees, and offers him and his family protection and new identities for breaking the drug operations of the Mafia in the Swedish prison system But they reckoned wit [...]

    20. Deciding to become a police informant puts Piet Hoffman in the position of having to hide his criminal past and lie to his wife and sons But his increasingly successful infiltration of a Polish drug ring operating in Sweden puts him puts him in a position where he is unable to prevent a murder When the opportunity comes for Piet to be temporarily arrested and placed in a Swedish prison, the danger he faces rises He strikes a deal with a certain team of the Swedish police and government agency th [...]

    21. In this superb translation, Sweden s latest contribution to crime writing tackles some weighty subjects specifically, the nature of identity, the Swedish police force s use of civilians in its operations, and the safekeeping of its prisoners as it twists, turns, and hurdles towards its conclusion Despite the intensity of its finale, however, Three Seconds is a novel to be savored, its multifaceted story line leisurely unfurling over the first 200 pages The critics diverged over the novel s chara [...]

    22. Wat ben ik blij dat ik Roslund Hellstr m ontdekt heb Het eerste boek dat ik van hen lees is meteen raak Hoogst origineel, maar tegelijk heel realistisch, dus heel geloofwaardig je kan wel merken dat de auteurs hun research hebben gedaan Heel spannend, dus niet weg te leggen Ik ga er verder niet te veel over loslaten behalve dat het dus echt een aanrader is Een van de beste Scandinavische thrillers die ik ooit gelezen heb Enig minpuntje hier en daar een beetje te uitgesponnen, had zo n 100 pagina [...]

    23. This was an extraordinary experience , a heart in your throat thriller of the first order The title hints at the sense of real time pacing of the story and the characters are ones that you grow to like admire despite their human frailties Sometimes the level of detail seemed too heavy, but as a mechanism to lock you into the story it was perfect This is a wonderful mystery despite the fact that it isn t a whodunit but rather a howdunit It s a contemporary look at the ambiguities in Swedish socie [...]

    24. Ex con Piet Hoffman has been working undercover for the Stockholm police for nine years, rising within the Polish mafia to lead its effort to control the supply of drugs to Swedish prisons Getting himself arrested after assurances from senior police and governmental officials, Piet is burned and sets up his own death after taking hostages to expose his double dealing masters Relentless Inspector Grens orders the sniper to fire and then has to unravel the strange behavior of Hoffman Probably 3.5 [...]

    25. Io sono sconcertata.Come possibile che questo libro sia lo stesso che stato pluripremiato nel 2009 Un romanzo che, per far partire la trama, viene condito con delle azioni che posso solo definire delle cavolate gigantesche, accompagnate da ripetizioni continue forse per riuscire ad arrivare a 650 pagine per fortuna diventa un p meno pesante verso la fine eh no ragazzi Roslund Hellstr m , cos non va per niente bene.

    26. Characters profundity Characters reliability Story s profundity Story s reliability His preparation His creativity His inventiveness Piet Hoffman, the main character, is a character that keeps surprising you This is what makes a thriller a real Roslund Hellstr m creation.

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