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The Loom By Shella Gillus,

  • Title: The Loom
  • Author: Shella Gillus
  • ISBN: 9780824948160
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • A slave is torn between the love she has and the life she doesn t.Lydia was a common slave with a common life until the day she entered a world no slave had gone before Pale skin and deceit opened the door to wealth and a power she had only dreamed of But what she didn t count on was falling in love What she didn t realize was life was not always black or white.
    The Loom A slave is torn between the love she has and the life she doesn t Lydia was a common slave with a common life until the day she entered a world no slave had gone before Pale skin and deceit opened the

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    1. I wish that my review could do justice to this powerful novel rich with characters that will linger in my memory for a long time To say this was well written does not do it justice I read through it rather rapidly the first time, but once I read the Author s Notes at the end I knew I must read it again slowly to savor the pictures painted with amazing skill As I re read, I studied the flow of words which revealed the characters with beauty and clarity Some have written that the story is implausi [...]

    2. The Loom by Shella Gillus is a debut novel I downloaded a free Kindle edition The book cover is so compelling and looks like a story to draw you in This was a book I was so anxiously waiting to read As a lover of historical fiction, it s a heart wrenching story of love and redemption set in the Pre Civil War era Lydia aka Caroline a slave in the pre Antebellum south, is so light skinned that she learns she can pass for white and in spite of being in love with John, a field hand It was a very slo [...]

    3. It is entirely my fault I was at a new to me library and and picked up the first pretty book to catch my eye Well, it turned out that I picked up a book published by Guideposts It is written by a lovely woman and the first two chapters have some beautiful language and the glimmer of some sweet ideas, but it desperately needs an editor and a proofreader Will not finish and, sadly, do not recommend.

    4. This is a wonderful love story Different from what you might expect since it is during the era of slavery Lydia Caroline in her desire to be free must choose between her love for John, her husband who is a slave and Jackson a slave owner In this quest, Lydia Caroline finds and learns to love who she is This book is full of intrigue and suspense and was a joy to read.

    5. This story had me on the edge of my seat I honestly didn t think it would end well and I so desperately wanted it toe suspense darn near killed me.Lydia is a slave a very light skinned slave She wants freedom than love and this leads to her leaving her husband, a slave named John, because she discovers she can pass as white and does so This lifestyle is not without its daily fear, lies, and repercussions though Good points I like the little message withinat Lydia merely traded one life of slave [...]

    6. Have you ever read a book and took your time with it I recently received a book by Shella Gillus called, The Loom And believe me, take my time is exactly what I did with this It is a book that deals with some interesting plots and I can t wait to tell you about it It will change the way you think about some things.This is a book that is somewhat different I haven t read many from a black persons point of view But I found it to be eye opening It opens with a girl trying to escape to freedom She m [...]

    7. Right now this my FAVORITE story I m trying desperately to convince my husband to read it I fell in love with Lydia from the very beginning At times, I hated her I am fortunate enough to live in a rich society where slavery has long past I have never put much thought into how hard survival was in that time period It almost makes me ashamed to be white My heart went out to the trials and struggles the slaves on the Kelly Farm went through on a daily basis It has me feeling very humbled.The rich c [...]

    8. What a beautiful story These mirrored quotations sum it up Every prize had a price For everything she wanted there attached to it like the thorn of a rose was the thing she didn t But life was worth the risk no matter what was lost every price had a prize For everything she didn t want, there attached to it like the rose of a thorn was the thing she did But the loss was worth the life, no matter what the risk

    9. This book made me remember anew how much blood is on my hands s a white person in the US How my comfort comes at the cost so much human suffering and still does Slavery is sin we all pay for and the root of the resentment we collectively feel about blacks Their presence is a constant reminder of our collective guilt.This story is beautifully written and compelling It s well worth reading and though it broke my heart in places, I m glad I read it.

    10. This story was beautifully mesmerizing and the characters were so real As I read, I felt like I was there, alongside Lydia Caroline and I could actually feel her pain, sorrow, love, fear and desperation to be free This book is a keeper.

    11. This was free on I really like reading about this era but this book was to me unfathomable Also, the religion I feel like I wasted my time with this one Thank goodness it was free.

    12. The descriptions were good, and very poetic However, the characterization wasn t deep, and sometimes the story felt disjointed.

    13. I did not find the characters at all credible I quickly became bored with the book and moved on to something else I returned and speed read my way through The book did not improve.

    14. IlLOOMinatingIt took me awhile to become enthralled but after a few chapters, I became hooked I was feverishly anticipating what the next chapter entailed.

    15. Good readEnjoyed this book very much Read it on vacation on the beach Good characters and held my interest Would read this author again.

    16. Hmpf This book sidelined me with religion, and I wasn t super pleased about it I wouldn t have minded if the story weren t completely contrived I know there are stories about black slaves passing as whites pre Civil War and also later, but that s not what s going on in this book , and I don t doubt that it happened But those people would have had to think much carefully about what they were about than Gillus did for her characters, and instead of emphasizing the bravery of those people for brea [...]

    17. I would have given the book a 3 rating except there were a few areas where it was confusing about what had happened and or what was happening.

    18. It was a very good book There were some aspects of the book that I just didn t see as being real like the relationship between Lizzy and Lydia Lydia is beautfiful and Lizzy doesn t have a jealous bone in her body They are teenagers and Lizzy still loves Lydia the way she did when she was a girl Other books, true and fictional, I ve read the Masters children learn to let go and move upward and onward leaving their friends alone and in there place But Lizzy actually encourages Lydia to become whit [...]

    19. Lydia lives between two worlds As a slave, she is part of those living on the plantation, owned by the Master But she lives in the house with the family as a companion to their daughter, who is about Lydia s age She has a close relationship with her father and her grandmother, but she is also best friends with the Master s daughter, and Lydia s fair complexion doesn t make her African race obvious.Her heritage is steeped in fear, death, hopelessness, and pain Yet something stirs within her, what [...]

    20. This book grabs you from the prologue and keeps you hooked throughout I was fascinated by Lydia s story her strength, her intense will to be free at a time when it wasn t possible Her courage is formittable, considering she chose to try to escape to freedom As a house slave, she has risen above the status of most of her family, who are field slavescluding the man she marries As for John, he was amazing caring, so passionate And the story of his great grandmother working and saving so that one of [...]

    21. The History and Psychology of an Awesome NovelOutstanding Magnificent Marvelous Superb All the adjectives I d attach to The Loom by Shella Gillus This book had me stopping mid read to tweet about a gripping passage or just about how a certain scene sparked emotion I immediately went to the author s webpage and signed up for updates I want to know when her next book is coming out.I m getting ahead of myself sorry the book is just like that In the first few pages you see Lydia running and you can [...]

    22. This book arrived in the mail as a surprise from the publisher Although this is set in a time period I love to read about I had never heard of the book or the author and I m happy to say I enjoyed it The Loom is definitely not a romance but rather a story of a slave in the antebellum South trying to capture the one thing she wants the most her freedom Lydia aka Caroline is so light skinned that she learns she can pass for white and in spite of being in love with a field hand at the Kelly plantat [...]

    23. A page turner for me Lydia is a slave that longs for freedom, she works in the big house and has a room there so she has much better living and working conditions than her family and the field slaves Her best friend is Lizzy, the master s daughter The young women are the same age and grew up together The master allows this relationship as long as Lydia knows her place and serves his family Lydia is very light skinned and doesn t have colored hair Through several circumstances and deceit Lydia en [...]

    24. Lydia is very aware of her fate, like every slave on the Maryland plantation in the pre Civil War South, older slaves too worn out for anything else worked daily in the loom room, weaving and creating cloth for the plantation owner s family Tucked away and forgotten by most of the others, Lydia listens to their dreams and words of wisdom.Lydia is light skinned and can pass for white She ran away once, and was recaptured But the dream of freedom won t die she attempts again, and discovers with he [...]

    25. I downloaded this book for free on my Kindle We all know it is either a hit or miss when it comes to free eBooks I was pleasantly surprised with this book It is set in the south pre Civil War era and follows the story of Lydia who is a light skinned house slave who can pass as a white woman There are other characters who Gillus also touches upon, often writing from their perspective.The main point of the story is wanting something so bad that you overlook your life to see that what you yearn for [...]

    26. I saw the cover and the description and was called to it I started reading while on a business trip and was a bit distracted I made the mistake of reading a lot of reviews which did not cast the book in a good light and gave me some trepidation I stopped reading But still, I would see it and think, man, I should finish that I began reading again and couldn t put it down though I did skim through some scenes There were parts I didn t like There was one part that I wasn t exactly sure what actuall [...]

    27. All Lydia wanted was to be free She was a white girl but a slave.Everyone thought she was white including the gentleman who saw her and was instantly drawn to her looks Lizzy, her friend, wanted to see Jackson She planned for them to go to dinner together, but Lydia was dressed as a white person Lydia worked for Lizzy The two girls went to dinner with Jackson and a friend of his.Lizzie discovered Jackson was not attracked to her She went after Andrew, Jackson s friend They married When Lizzie sa [...]

    28. A fair skinned slave, Lydia, finds herself living a life of anguish and turmoil, the life that all slaves found While in bondage, she dreamed of freedom constantly She was never able to let go of this dream, especially after witnessing some of the atrocities inherent to the life of a slave girl Death, rape, sickness, and misery were her constant companions Then came John Love joined the list of her companions but wasn t enough to rid her of the desire to be free This author penned a remarkable t [...]

    29. I got this book from the library and began to read of a slave A forward thinking slave who despite her misfortune of being owned and worked to the bone is forward thinking.This is where it fell apart for me A slave that believes whites were just as much slave A mistress that convinces her slave to pass as white a slave privileged enough to marry who turns her back on the husband she loves to end up with a white man that hates blacks.So many themes and storylines An oppressed person who feels bad [...]

    30. Very interesting plot line concept, but the author was unable to tell it well Large plot holes, character s actions unrealistic unbelievable, characters themselves were largely broad types not well fleshed out, so you didn t connect or care about them.Another huge annoyance was the having the female characters faint blackout EVERYNGLE.TIME something major happened It s as if the author didn t know how to write any of the hard, upsetting scenes so this was her way of skipping over them then allud [...]

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