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Perception By Heather Cashman,

  • Title: Perception
  • Author: Heather Cashman
  • ISBN: 9780983671213
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Your perception will sharpen once you see through a tiger s eyes More than five hundred years after the apocalypse, the survivors of off grid genetic experimentation have refined their mixed DNA to the point that humans and their animal counterparts share physical and mental links Varying species have divided into districts, living in a tenuous peace under the PresidentYour perception will sharpen once you see through a tiger s eyes More than five hundred years after the apocalypse, the survivors of off grid genetic experimentation have refined their mixed DNA to the point that humans and their animal counterparts share physical and mental links Varying species have divided into districts, living in a tenuous peace under the President of Calem Ardana and her tiger ingenium Rijan leave their life of exile and abuse in the Outskirts, setting out with their twin brothers to redeem themselves and become citizens of the Center But shedding their past isn t as easy as they had hoped When the system that shunned them becomes embroiled in political conflict and treachery, their unique abilities and experiences from the Outskirts make them invaluable to every faction The runaways become pawns to friends as well as enemies, and with every step it becomes difficult to tell which is which.
    Perception Your perception will sharpen once you see through a tiger s eyes More than five hundred years after the apocalypse the survivors of off grid genetic experimentation have refined their mixed DNA to th

    One thought on “Perception”

    1. 3.5 5 starsIs complete freedom attainable Or is it all a matter of perception Typically I summarize the books I review myself, but Perception s official blurb describes the book so perfectly that I don t think there s anything I could do to improve upon it So here you have it, straight from Your perception will sharpen once you see through a tiger s eyes.More than five hundred years after the apocalypse, the survivors of off grid genetic experimentation have refined their mixed DNA to the point [...]

    2. My first thought about Perception was Confusing The reader is dropped right into the middle of the action, with no explanation of who everyone is and what kind of world they re living in You only get little bits of information at infrequent intervals, so I spent a lot of the first part of the book not sure what was going on Because every character has an ingenium an animal companion other half there are twice as many names to learn and the names are quite difficult and often really similar there [...]

    3. Books are wonderful for taking readers away to far away lands where the rules are different along with the peoples and culture Perception gives readers lots to think about and forces us to look inside ourselves on how we view ourselves and how others perceive us to be None of us can know how strong we are until we are forced to push ourselves to extreme limits Most of us would do astonishing things we never thought possible unless it was to protect someone we love.Cashman introduces readers to a [...]

    4. I don t often read YA, but this book was a really nice surprise The images of this dystopian society are lush and vivid, and the characters within it are as believable as they are likable I was swept away by the brisk pacing from the very first page, and enjoyed every minute of entertainment that this book provided I imagine that this is one of those rare books that will draw me back for a re read in the future especially before I get my hands on the sequel.Not only was Perception an enjoyable r [...]

    5. I am really not into teen young adult books but I am so happy I read this book I give it 41 2 stars out of 5 At first I thought this book reminds me of Hunger Games because both worlds have Districts and Hunger Games had the Games and Perception has the Campaign The difference is how the heron finds her freedom or her perception of freedom It also has the fantasy of Philip Pullman His Dark Matters with the connection between Human and ingenium animal and the unconditional love the human and inge [...]

    6. Note full review with quotes, giveaway, and a link to a QA with Heather Cashman is here.Do you ever wonder what it would be like to see yourself through another s eyes, or to see the world from a perspective other than your own This book simply worked for me I m not sure how else to say it I was initially hooked by the dystopian world and the concept of the ingenium animal human pairs with mental links but those elements quickly became a beautiful, vivid background for some of the most interesti [...]

    7. Heather Cashman has created a series that will satisfy the Fantasy and Dystopian lover in you It did in me without doubt Here is the book summary Your perception will sharpen once you see through a tiger s eyes.More than five hundred years after the apocalypse, the survivors of off grid genetic experimentation have refined their mixed DNA to the point that humans and their animal counterparts share physical and mental links Varying species have divided into districts, living in a tenuous peace u [...]

    8. See of my reviews at my blog Book Crook Liza Oh my God This was an AMAZING read Thank you so much to the author for gifting this to me through Random Acts of Kindness I am in freakin love with this book Seriously, this has to be hands down one of the best books I ve read this year I was a little skeptical about whether or not I d like Perception to be completely honest I wasn t sure it was something that I d like, but after reading BJ s review at Dark Side of the Covers, I was sure I had to at [...]

    9. Review posted to Pawing Through Books on 11 14 11This is one of the most unique dystopians I have read to date Instead of being written in chapters it is written like a diary Each section opens with Ardana s location, the date, and time of day When I first started reading it, it took me a little while to get used the Cashman s writing style However, once I read a few sections of the book I was used to it and got into the story.This is one of those books that you have to read the blurb before yo [...]

    10. 4.5 stars Why not 5 Just a bit of confusion early on and a bit of history I felt like the story lacked to fully understand the motivations behind the characters Once I was passed the initial confusion, I was seriously hooked on this book I really enjoyed the connection between the siblings in this story and their tigers Their devotion to each other was touching and real I like how Ardana s ingenium, Rijan, is a mixture of friend, mentor and defender all rolled into one Who wouldn t want that I l [...]

    11. What I liked 1 The entire plot It was so fresh and new that I was just completely surprised and drawn in to the story from the very beginning 2 The descriptions of the settings I could completely immerse myself in these settings It was so described that I could almost smell the Passion Vine flowers, or taste the nectar 3 Kade and Ana s relationship There s a lot of stuff that you learn about from their past that would lead you to believe their relationship would be strained if existent at all Bu [...]

    12. Perception, by Heather Cashman, is one of those animal companion books that there just aren t enough of It s set in a post apocalyptic world that has in common with sword and sorcery genres than the usual sci fi post apocalyptic story.I loved the interaction between the protagonists and their animal companions, called ingenium In many books with animal companions, even when they speak telepathically like in Perception, the animal is subordinate to the human The mutual respect between Ardana and [...]

    13. I was immediately drawn to the characters of this book I love post apocalyptic stories and this is one of the best I ve read I was slightly confused at first about the relationship between the main characters and their tigers, was it a telepathic link or were the tigers an extension of the characters souls as in the Daemons in Golden Compass Once I understood the relationship, it was much easier to understand I didn t care for the unorthodox names of the characters, but that is really the only t [...]

    14. The overall plot was moving and engaging However, when it came to changing scenes, especially when it came to the Heroine, I felt I had to re read the passages several times to understand what had happened Also, I felt that the main characters personalities, traits, and purposes were lost in the physical tension and lust that over powered their stories I felt it was a disservice to Kliax s background story because his development was based on his physical attributes and the sexual tension betwee [...]

    15. Interesting Urban Dystopia setting where humans are able to communicate directly with their own animal Ingenium Goes a little further in the trait of The Golden Compass Deamons and divides it into individual societies based on their companions Perception world built a very interesting setting that will have a couple novels following in it s paw prints Heather Cashman is a wonderful story teller who covers politics, growing up, first love, and how far someone will go to to do what s right in this [...]

    16. Heather Cashman introduces her vision for a post apocalypse world changed by generations of genetic engineering Twins, Ardana and Kade, are telepathically linked to their beloved tigers Ardana, impetuous and strong willed by nature, will do whatever it takes to win her brother the legacy that is his by birthright The author uses elegance and a unique voice to keep the story moving This is a tale for not only lovers of fantasy, but any reader who enjoys action, romance, mystery, and political gam [...]

    17. I loved this book A friend of mine wrote it and I was so excited to read her work Then, right before I started reading it, I got nervous What if I didn t like it How could I tell her that Fortunately for me, that wasn t a problem The book had me hooked from the beginning There were a few parts that confused me at first, but as I continued to read, my questions were explained I loved the detail and character development I loved reading about the different districts ingenium I cannot wait for Dece [...]

    18. PERCEPTION, though a post apocalyptic story, read like high fantasy to me It s strongly based in the connections between people and the world around them, and has its roots in genetic experimentation As for comparative titles, it had a bit of a Philip Pullman or a Joni Sensel think FARWALKER S QUEST feel to me I d recommend it for those looking for something different in today s young adult market, fans of science fiction, adventure, and dystopia.

    19. This was an excellent book I loved it I became incredibly frustrated at one point in the book when the plot didn t go the way I wanted it, but it was all resolved in a way I was pleased with The book ended very happily, which is a must for me The storyline was very compelling I read the book in two days, and enjoyed it a lot The characters themselves are also very captivating There were a few unexpected plot twists that I really liked Very good book I would recommend it to anyone.

    20. I m really not into teen young adult books but I m so happy I read this book This is a review From Heidi who reads for this blogalistic charm, and amazing characters you will fall in love with Give this book a try you will not be disappointed I cannot wait for the next one.Thank you Heidi for this reviewHeidi is a regular guest reviewer with us.4 1 2 stars on the blog.und up for.

    21. I don t think I can do this book justice by trying to write a review without revealing spoilers or fun tidbits best left for the reader to discover Though considered a YA, it is definitely a story that appeals to adults as well as older teens Lush world building and interesting characters make Perceptions one of the best fantasies I ve read in a long while.

    22. OOOooo, now it is beginning to get good Still love to want a tiger who can speak to me and know the thoughts of others Not sure if I would want one that will reveal my own without permission though Oh well, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything Sigh if only fantasy was real life sometimes

    23. I think Heather did an excellent job in writing this wonderfully deep and immense story However, it was just not my cup of tea I m sorry Heather It s a great story Just not one I m really into

    24. I wasn t able to get very far, but for what I was able to read before my computer crashed and wiped the digital copy I had Let s just say I d have liked to read Cashman had offered some interesting concepts My hope is that one day I might find out how the story ended so I can give a proper review.

    25. 3.5 RatingReview Posted on Reading Lark 5 25 13 readinglark 2013 I don t think I would have picked this one up on my own Dystopian novels aren t always my cup of tea and the cover is somewhat boring, but the author approached me about it and I decided to give it a try I found that Perception is one of those Indie novels that has a lot of potential and was well worth my time.Perception is set in the distant future in a time where people have mutations that link them to an animal counterpart I fou [...]

    26. This was given to me as a gift although I don t normally read this type of book I generally prefer this type of read as a movie ex The Golden Compass However, I gave it a shot and was not disappointed I found myself invested in the characters, both good and bad Having read others reviews, I understand their confusion about the beginning of the story I had many questions myself but I read on, hoping my questions would be answered, and I was not disappointed I liked Ana s strength and determinatio [...]

    27. I loved this book I love the idea of people and animals being connected in a way of total trust and friendship at birth Perception had a lot of action going on from beginning to end sometime it was to the point of being overwelming The main character, Ana, is strong and humble which I found very refreashinge the type of girl that doesn t let problems slow her downe tackles them Overall a good action packed read I look forward to finding out what happens to everyone in the next book.I recieved a [...]

    28. This was a great story that was up my alley It took me forever to read though because I was so busy the past few weeks I loved that there are districts and that some of them have ingenium animal couterparts that they can speak too The story was very action packed and had a lot going on in it It really made you think about how you perceive yourself and others perceive you That s why the book is called Perception I suggest this book to anyone that likes a good adventourous unique read.

    29. Human and animal share physical and mental links A book loaded with treachery,political conflict, love The strong emotional characters are the survivors of genetic experimentation of plants and animals Strangely with all the DNA mixing the human species seems to still be the strongest Suggested reading for 16 and older.

    30. I really enjoyed the book I love the setting, the unique post apocalyptic concept, and so on I didn t like the fact that there are so many characters with very similar names beginning with the same letters But other than that there was not really a lot else It was well edited and I got used to the voice pretty quickly I wont add the plot because I don t want to spoil it.

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