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Without Mercy By Belinda Boring,

  • Title: Without Mercy
  • Author: Belinda Boring
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This novella is no longer available It is now part of the full length novel Mystic Wolves.What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator When Darcy s outing takes a turn for the worst and tests her to the point of breaking, she struggles to maintain her humanity Where loyalty and pack mean everything, sheThis novella is no longer available It is now part of the full length novel Mystic Wolves.What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator When Darcy s outing takes a turn for the worst and tests her to the point of breaking, she struggles to maintain her humanity Where loyalty and pack mean everything, she surrenders to the inevitable and only an act of complete trust can touch her When all is said and done, with memories flooding her mind, Darcy holds tightly to the only thing that makes sense was all a dream Or was it
    Without Mercy This novella is no longer available It is now part of the full length novel Mystic Wolves What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predato

    One thought on “Without Mercy”

    1. The cover and name alone are simply AMAZING But what lies beneath the cover well, what else can I say but O.Mhis story was wonderfully written, the I read the it made me feel like I was there watching it all unfold before my eyes I was captured from the first sentence and was drawn deeper in as the story progressed I was literally perched on the edge of my seat gripping the keyboard with anticipation of what was coming next For a short story the emotion portayed just blew me away Reading from [...]

    2. Without Mercy is a very short novella length book It goes by very quickly without a dull moment The story centers around a werewolf named Darcy and the awful predicament she is in All it takes is a trip to the store, and her life is in danger It reminds you that things can happen to anyone at any time Darcy is a wonderful person, and wants to settle things in the least violent way possible This decision, however, turns tragic.Darcy is a strong female lead character She is very brave and un selfi [...]

    3. This is going to be a quickie review to fit a quickie story Without Mercy is a very short novella, a quick story, but an excellent one So many times in novellas, the stories can be complex, which is very difficult to pull off in a short story In Without Mercy, Belinda Boring does an excellent job of keeping the story on track, and not making the plot overly complicated This story is a teaser, and a wonderful introduction to a new series and new characters In this novella, emotions run high as tw [...]

    4. To be accosted while on a simple errand was about last thing Darcy expected But when a steady hand holds a gun in a threatening stance, Darcy knows she better think quickly A few minutes, a spurned rival, and innocence is forever lost.This short story, told in first person, introduces a new werewolf pack in a novelette series called Mystic Wolves which will be continued in the next adventure, Cherished This short urban fantasy kept me glued to my kindle screen and the outcome was surprising Darc [...]

    5. Without Mercy is a short story introducing the Mystic Werewolves It is also a painful lesson as to what can happen when we ignore our intuition Darcy is at a pack football game where she and her intended mate,Mason are playing a flirtatious game of cat and mouse After the game is over and the barbecue is about to begin, Darcy and Mason s sister go to the store to pick up A 1 steaksauce of all things Unfortunately, they are held by someone they know with a gun The result will be deadly and withou [...]

    6. Without Mercy is a quick wolfish bite of tragedy and trust weaved together in one fabulous novella.In this debut novella from new author Belinda Boring we are introduced to her heroine and the alpha s intended mate of the Mystic Wolves, Darcy When a simple trip to the store turns to tragedy, she finds herself not only up against a gun wielding advisory but the wolf inside as well Right off the bat Darcy comes off as a strong and confident woman, loyal to her pack and willing to give her life for [...]

    7. Darcy and Jasmine were only suppose to run into town for a quick stop and come right back Mason, the pack Alpha and future mate of Darcy, had fought with Darcy about this very topic He didn t want them out without back up, but he gave in and allowed them to go Now, Darcy is wishing she hadn t fought for this freedom Staring down the barrel of a gun and no possible way to call for back up, Darcy tries to pull together a plan.You won t want to miss how this story plays out Be prepared to feel a ha [...]

    8. This is a short yet powerful glimpse into Darcy s life during an emotional scene She is trying to save her life, as well as that of another werewolf without resorting to violence.I liked the way the wolf portion was portrayed, as if it were separate from Darcy, and yet inside her It was unique and intriguing The idea of the two of them in the same body fighting for control was something new to me.I can t wait to read episodes from this world The second in the series is apparently already in the [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed Without Mercy It was a quick short read that pulled you in ti the actions and emotions if the characters I enjoyed Ms Belinda Boring s style of writing and the ease and flow of the story I would definitely purchase any future books from Ms Boring.

    10. Fabulous debut from a very talented writer Belinda Boring has created a story that sucks you in and keeps you there through every last page The characters are interesting and easy to relate to I feel that this is a great start for Belinda and I can t wait to read whatever she releases next.

    11. The one time werewolf Darcy decides to wander away from Pack territory to go to the store with her Alpha mate s sister, Jasmine, without the watchful eye of any members, it just happens to be the day danger comes calling With her heightened sense of smell this wolf already knows her stalker is lurking in the shadows behind her, waiting, and he s dangerous With his weapon drawn, what Darcy hadn t figured on was his familiar smell She knew him but all she wonders is why Why does he want to kill he [...]

    12. Without Mercy, a Mystic Wolves novelette, is Belinda Boring s first published work I loved it With immediate danger, werewolves, hints of love, and uncontrollable grief, it satisfied my inner urban fantasy fanatic From the first sentence, the tension grabbed me and held tight until the end I found myself yelling out loud at the protagonist in a few spots my poor dog was so startled at my unexpected howl that he fell off his perch on the couch You know a story is good when you talk to it It is wr [...]

    13. Without Mercy was an action packed, fast paced read that was like a drink of water on a parched throat Refreshing I enjoyed it immensely for what it was A novelette Belinda does a great job of starting the story in a interesting position and giving the reader back story in few words I read this short novelette in under an hour so it s extremely quick.Without Mercy starts with a gun leveled at Darcy s chest by someone who her pack thought of as a friend Turns out he was only after Darcy s soon to [...]

    14. Without Mercy is Belinda Boring s debut novelette in the Mystic Wolves series Bel is an amazing person and I am so excited for her and her new career as an author She is an awesome writer as you will get to know if you read her work.Without Mercy is a short story introducing you to the pack of wolves that are the centre of this urban fantasy series From the very beginning, this story is action packed and had me filled with intrigue as to where the story would lead I was literally sitting on the [...]

    15. Romancing the Dark Side Review An exciting debut by a new author to look out for This short novelette introduces us to Darcy, a werewolf who runs into trouble while out with her future sister in law one evening Using violence only as a last resort, Darcy attempts to settle things peacefully but her plan unfortunately backfires and ends in tragedy These events unleash the beast within Darcy which threatens to take over completely, putting her humanity in peril.Darcy is an excellent protagonist Sh [...]

    16. 4.5 5booksforcompanyThis is only 23ish pages long so I was doubtful as to whether Belinda could establish the characters alongside a good plot in such a small amount of pages Without Mercy managed to do it perfectly in such a small amount of time I was left wanting before I even got past the second page Without Mercy jumps straight into the action and gripped me from the first line There was the constant wondering what s going to happen, who s behind the attack, why they are attacking Darcy and [...]

    17. GENRE Urban FantasyTHEME WolvesRECEIVED Request to Review by AuthorBLOG seeingnight REVIEW Belinda Boring is such a tease, but of course in a good way, by introducing her novelette Without Mercy I was gripping my kindle with every click of the page I never wanted the short story to end Boring did a fantastic job captivating me with her protagonist Darcy, who is a smart female werewolf that is in a pretty sticky situation.The readers are introduced to Darcy who has to prepare for possibly the wor [...]

    18. When I found out this novella was going to be on tour, I quickly signed up and I have to say I wasn t disappointed It drew me in from the beginning and kept me entranced to the very end This book though short it delivered a massive punch The only thing I hated was to see it end.Darcy is my kind of girl, she would do anything to protect the people she loved and wow did she ever I would have loved to see of Mason, her mate and I hope we will in the future I am struggling with this review because [...]

    19. Without Mercy is the debut novelette in the new Mystic Wolves series by Belinda Boring, and the perfect start to both the series and the writing career of the author The action starts from the very first page and doesn t let up It is a story with a whole lot of bite , pun completely intended The story opens with Darcy and Jasmine, her mate s sister, alone and in a potentially perilous situation The emotions are so raw and powerful, amazing in a such a short piece You could practically taste the [...]

    20. For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack Rudyard KiplingDarcy s trip to the convenience store with Mason s sister Jasmine turned out to be a really bad thing for both of them when they encounter a crazed gunman will Darcy s humanity be in control or will the wolf in her lord it over Belinda Boring s debut novelette is very promising the author captures in detail Darcy s harrowing moments as the man and beast within her battle for supremacy we get to expe [...]

    21. My thoughts This story is fantastic The first sentence grabbed me and never let go This is a wonderfully written piece of work Descriptive wording, clever plot, interesting and carefully created characters, a smooth flowing storyline, and an ending that both satisfies and leaves you wanting MORE stories from the author.I found my heart in my throat as the story unfolded before me Who would prevail The womane who would save her from herself A MUST read for shifter fans Fantastic debut fr [...]

    22. First off, I have to be honest I ve never been one for books on werewolves But my oh my did Belinda Boring surprise me The first page will have you reeling as she jumps straight into the action 10% in and you feel like you belong to the pack You will find yourself anxious, grieving and in love all in the same moment as you watch Darcy fight her inner wolf in a metaphoric act for self control through heart breaking situations.To read of my reviews please visit ink puddle

    23. My only complaint, that it ended too fast In just a short novella we got everything you would want from a full length novel This story was pretty intense from the beginning and had you glued to it the whole way through I really hope Belinda writes about these wolves Darcy was a very strong character and I instantly loved her when she put herself before Jasmine Then there is also Mason, who I am dying to get to know So Bel if you read this pretty please write with these characters This is a per [...]

    24. Seriously WOW I think this is my favorite novelette ever Belinda Boring did an incredible job of pulling me right in and not letting go So much action and emotion in just twenty pages I can t wait for the next installment and of Darcy and Mason If you love werewolves, you won t be sorry that you picked up Without Mercy.

    25. This might have been short but don t let that fool you into thinking it wasn t awesome It totally was The idea of having to hold back the wolf inside of you, when faced with a you or me situation, that was exciting and cool to read Probably my favorite part of the story.A really great job at introducing us to your writing Belinda Kudos

    26. Belinda Boring created a world that delivers the emotional equivalent of a sucker punch to the gut There is love, action, betrayal, heartache and romance delievered in each sentence of this story As an author, I respect and hope to learn from her As a friend, I am honored to read all that she puts on the page.

    27. Review written by Morgan WylieWithout Mercy may be a novelette, but it is packed full from the very beginning with hints preparing us for hopefully to come with the Mystic Wolves this little gem definitely left me wanting .Read the entire review at ParaYourNormal

    28. This story sucks you in from the very 1st sentence The tension does not let up Belinda Boring is now an author on my must read list,which means an automatic purchase whenever a new book by her comes out.

    29. I literally devoured this in one night, I couldn t put it down It had everything I love Action, chemistry, and emotion Darcy is a strong female lead and Mason is H O T Can t wait to read the next installment My only complaint I need .

    30. OMG What a rip your heart out story I may never get my heart put back right after reading this Ready for book 2 MUST read

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