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A Invasão By K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate,

  • Title: A Invasão
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9789722511130
  • Page: 160
  • Format: None
  • Por vezes acontecem coisas curiosas s pessoas Perguntem ao Jo o Talvez vos fale da noite em que ele e os amigos viram uma estranha luz no c u Poder at contar vos o que aconteceu quando compreenderam que a luz era apenas um avi o de outro planeta nessa altura que a hist ria do Jo o come a a ser um tanto esquisita nessa altura que lhe dizem que a ra a humaPor vezes acontecem coisas curiosas s pessoas Perguntem ao Jo o Talvez vos fale da noite em que ele e os amigos viram uma estranha luz no c u Poder at contar vos o que aconteceu quando compreenderam que a luz era apenas um avi o de outro planeta nessa altura que a hist ria do Jo o come a a ser um tanto esquisita nessa altura que lhe dizem que a ra a humana est prestes a ser atacadaAgora, Jo o, Raquel, C tia, Tobias e Marco t m o poder de se transformarem em qualquer animal que escolham e dever o usar esse poder para ludibriarem a for a mal fica mais poderosa que o mundo j viu.
    A Invas o Por vezes acontecem coisas curiosas s pessoas Perguntem ao Jo o Talvez vos fale da noite em que ele e os amigos viram uma estranha luz no c u Poder at contar vos o que aconteceu quando compreenderam q

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    1. Rather than go through the 23482398 of these that I read as a wee one, we ll commemorate the one that got it all started If you re my age, a boy, and at least a little bit of a dork, you read these books They had everything I wanted at that point quick, dramatic chapters printed in this super cool space age font, badass fucking aliens you got your giant centipede things, your huge warriors with bodies made of blades, weird blue centaur things with stalk eyes and scorpion tails, and nasty ass slu [...]

    2. 3.5 stars THIS BOOK IS SO EXCITING Kids morphing into animals, flying saucers, and allllieeenns We re discussing the first 3 books on the blog 10 31 I can t believe I ve never read these before.

    3. Don t let the rating fool you reading this book initiated the most significant literary experience of my life It started in grade school and ended much too soon in high school I read all of the books in the Animorphs universe, and after years of dragging my mom to the book store to buy me the latest Animorphs release, I finished the last book with a feeling of gratification, nostalgia, and love.It seems silly and frankly impossible to describe to what extent this series has touched me It s not b [...]

    4. So one of the things I did in middle school instead of being cool was read this series, over and over and over again It s pretty much the reason I love reading science fiction it was all up in my head and re wiring my brain during my formative years Over Christmas, my mom finally succeeded in getting me to brave her garage and pull out boxes of my old books that she s been storing for years, and what did I find in two of them but this series They hadn t been touched for at least thirteen years I [...]

    5. I m embarking on my Epic Animorphs Reread 2015, so my read count is going to end up vastly skewed this year, but I ll probably just increase my reading goal once it becomes an issue.I can t even count the number of times I ve started rereading this series, but this time this time I m probably going to manage, purely because I have them all on an e reader now, which makes things a lot easier than carting around my battered, ripped, well loved mass market paperbacks, which are all in storage on a [...]

    6. If you lived through the late 90s at all, odds are you remember Animorphs It was a best selling middle grade young adult book series,a Nickelodeon TV show,a videogame,and a Transformers toy line.I was a big fan of the show as a kid, I played the games, and had a big collection of the toys Yes, I still have them Don t judge me However, I only read a couple of the books I never began reading the series from the start So, here I am I m finally starting at the beginning and reading on through And I [...]

    7. I re read this the past weekend and now I can t stop thinking about it I m tearing through remembering how awesome the whole thing was I want to go back through the archives and read them all There s only 64 books this one only took me 90 minutes to read I could burn through it in a few weekends No Sam, no That s the bookworm brain talking You re an adult now, remember Right, right Sorry, lost myself there for a second What was I doing Right, working It s just it would make such a great tv show [...]

    8. Reread this in an hour or so last night God but I love these books And we ve only just cracked the world building in this first book It s very concise but still fantastic, the morph acquisition is plausible, and the characters are well defined from the beginning Still so good.

    9. Started reading Animorphs cause I wanted to see if it was stupid Boy was I ever wrong Kids are fighting against mind stealing aliens in this incredibly spooky and realistic sounding character oriented saga In the first book they figure out what the circumstances of the invasion are and are given their morphing powers I read the entire series It is probably a lot different from what you think I read these for the first time when I was in my mid twenties, so that should tell you something Lots of [...]

    10. Brought to you by The Moonlight Library I ve been thinking about this review for a while There s two major difficulties it s often hard to write a great review of an amazing book, and how does one review a book one has read a billionty times since one was ten years old That was nearly twenty years ago I SAY NEARLY I AM NOT THAT OLD This is an establishing review as well, so it will be longer than my other ones.Let s start from the beginning I first saw this book when I was ten years old in my sc [...]

    11. This was my face the entire time I was reading this DReally, I couldn t stop grinning Because Animorphs defined my adolescence From my first book, received Easter Sunday 1997, through the bitter end when I was finishing my sopho year of high school , Animorphs was with me I met my best friends through these books and I met three of the women who stood for me on my wedding day through our shared love of Animorphs So when I heard these were being re released, it was fabulous And when I got my gall [...]

    12. Loved these books as a kid, of course The regular visit to the bookstore for new each installment was a big highlight of each month.What s really amazing is the power these books have when you go back to them There was a time when I was depressed, and in my angsty boredom I looked at the full Animorphs collection sitting on my bookshelf and grabbed one of them to read At first, the large font and simple syntax were a bit jarring, and I didn t know how well these books would hold up But almost im [...]

    13. I have every single one of these books, from 1 54 of the regular series, the Ellimist Andalite Hork Bajir Chronicles, Visser, all four Megamorphs, and the two Alternamorphs choose your own adventure books I have read most of these than once.While the books are very very formulaic and repetitive, particularly in action sequences and morphing descriptions He tucked back his wings and went into a dive The feather pattern came up on my skin and burst into 3D , they have very lovable characters My p [...]

    14. ANIMORPHS That s it Review done Go home.What else do you want me to say This was my series growing up Sure, I read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and someone was still writing new volumes in those series, too, updated for the modern 1990s I m sure there is an entire PhD thesis devoted to tracing the ways those two series have been revised and rewritten and re released throughout the twentieth century and if there isn t, there should be But it was probably an early indicator of my lifelong love for sc [...]

    15. So glad I decided to read this series on a whim It s actually really really good I m about 2 3rds through the 2nd book as I m writing this, and am really excited about the way that it s goingI guess I expected it to be, a bit cheezy, kinda immature, and a little dated, but still definitely fun But it s really not, and it kind of makes me wonder why I d never heard of this series before

    16. This series is amazing Katherine Applegate presents a phenomenal story with five diverse, fleshed out characters, and doesn t sugar coat it This first book is fantastic and grips you right from the start I love each of the characters and everything they add Reading this again as an adult, I really value how this series doesn t ever talk down to the reader Also the nostalgia value is off the charts

    17. Best nostalgic kick ever.I love this series So Much I started reading it before I was teenager, and was practically a legal adult by the time it was finished These are the books that made me want to read For fun It has been such a huge part of my life, and it s such a great treat to be able to go back and revisit these stories as they are reprinted again.Some things to note about these reprints The books originally came out in the 90 s, so expect the pop culture references in these new books to [...]

    18. Another book my 8 year old asked me to read We origionally got this book so we could get the book of the girl morphing into a Dolphin My girl loves Dolphins So we decided we should at least know what happens at first before we just pick by animals She is currently reading the dolphin one now I just finished this tonight I never thought I would be reading fantasy and sci fi, but that is what my daughter has picked up recently It is an interesting idea, and parts of it for her, mostly the beginnin [...]

    19. My first reaction was Oh dear, the writing is a bit ordinary A few pages later I was fully swept up in the glorious nostalgia of it all Animorphs was a huge part of my childhood I read and reread the earlier books I have no real idea how many times I ve read this first one Suffice to say my copy looks well loved but somehow never quite made it to the end of the series Hoping this may be the first step to finally fixing that in adulthood This rating is definitely highly influenced by nostalgia, h [...]

    20. I ve been writing about books that were formative for me in my childhood, but Animorphs was the first series that was integral to my childhood This is the first series that I can remember waiting breathlessly for each and every book and being there the day they came out My bookcase at some point was just a stack of Animorphs in numerical order I was so into it that I could usually tell you what book it was by the animal Animorph on the cover I watched the television show, which to this day I wil [...]

    21. I love sci fi It s one of my favorite genres and I ve loved it ever since I was a little kid I got into Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who Getting past the TV, I read many sci fi books that captured my interest that became part of my childhood Animorphs was one of those sci fi series books that I loved The thing about these books is that they have already thrown readers into an adventure of a lifetime At the very beginning, the main characters have their lives turned upside down when they real [...]

    22. My favourite childhood series I doubt it holds up but I read every single one of them when I was 11 even through K.A Applegate s multiple ghost writers in the later books I think her letter to her fan s sums up what I liked most about the series, both as a child and now as an adult Dear Animorphs Readers Quite a number of people seem to be annoyed by the final chapter in the Animorphs story There are a lot of complaints that I let Rachel die That I let Visser Three One live That Cassie and Jake [...]

    23. See, I ve read and re read this book several times since I was say twelve or thirteen But now that I m eighteen and in love with Sci Fi, I m going back to my roots and reading this was such a pleasure I m viewing things in a whole different light These young kids, teenagers are so fucking noble, so brave and this was one of the first books to introduce a black protagonist and a fierce female one to me I have fallen in love with Rachel Marco probably my faves, tbh Marco cracks me up , Jake and Ca [...]

    24. I came across the title on the internet and recalled the small paperbacks lying in piles next to my pillow ages ago Let s see that should ve been in my 5th or 6th grade year I never finished the series because my sister stopped buying after some 30 ish volume.Anw, I suppose that s one of the first and few sci fi YAs I ve read Likeable characters I still remember I quite liked Marco , readable length each has 2 300 pages or so , simple story with add ons sub stories that happen in another time, a [...]

    25. I remember loving the TV series when it aired years and years ago This book brought back so many memories The concept was, and still is, very cool The story was fast paced and I was surprised how a scene view spoiler where Visser Three is killing eating the Andalite who risked his life to warn humans of the Yeerk Invasion, hide spoiler was able to draw out sympathy and dread from me so early on in the book I enjoyed reading about Jake and his friends process of morphing into animals and how they [...]

    26. Il mondo di nuovo in pericolo Primo libro di una saga infinita che, se non erro, si ritagli un piccolo spazio nella narrativa per ragazzi durante gli anni 90.Tutti i clich predestinati, incomunicabilit tra adulti e ragazzini, minaccia invincibile sono riproposti in maniera puntuale anche qui Il piccolo successo avuto dalla saga da ricercarsi nell inconscio desiderio, da parte di noi piccoli lettori, di possedere e padroneggiare determinati poteri, in questo caso la metamorfosi in un animale.Nell [...]

    27. Definitely written for younger audience, very shirt and simple language wise, but some of the stuff that goes on is harsh I absolutly love that the books show damaged kids Tobias, who never knew his dad and whose mom walked out on him, being raised by an Uncle on one coast and then shipped to an Aunt on the other and vice versa when one gets bored of him Marco whose Mom drowned and Dad broke down after And then, there are the regular old kids, Jake who has an older brother who is his about his b [...]

    28. La premi re fois que j ai lu cette s rie je devais avoir 10 12 ans environ donc dans le d but des ann es 2000 La m re d une amie m a offert les tomes qu elle poss dait en cadeau c d les tomes 2, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29 et 30 J ai lu et relu et relu jusqu r ver que je me transformais en oiseau ou en panth re les tomes que je poss dais poss de toujours , mais jusqu aujourd hui je n avais jamais lu le tome 1 ou la fin.Hier, j ai trouv la s rie enti re en versio [...]

    29. This book is about kids who get special superpowers to turn into any animal they want These kids were just normally walking around and then happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.They try to tell themselves that it was all a dream but they know they re wrong Now they need to stop the evil controllers attacking Earth, trying to overcome the urge to just live their daily life.I like this book than I thought I would It is very interesting and very well written I look forward to finish [...]

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