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  • Title: Christlike Parenting: Taking the Pain Out of Parenting
  • Author: Glenn I. Latham
  • ISBN: 9781882723461
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • By improving the way we, as parents, interact with our children, we can improve their behavior Thus the importance of being of good cheer of what we say and how we say it of creating a safe, noncoercive environment in the home where children are taught not only good behavior but also good values Dr Latham s suggestions are simple, scriptural, and amazingly effectiveBy improving the way we, as parents, interact with our children, we can improve their behavior Thus the importance of being of good cheer of what we say and how we say it of creating a safe, noncoercive environment in the home where children are taught not only good behavior but also good values Dr Latham s suggestions are simple, scriptural, and amazingly effective Parents have used his unique combination of Christian principles and behavioral science to handle everything from backtalk and profanity to children who threaten violence and the results have been described as miraculous.
    Christlike Parenting Taking the Pain Out of Parenting By improving the way we as parents interact with our children we can improve their behavior Thus the importance of being of good cheer of what we say and how we say it of creating a safe noncoerci

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    1. I liked and didn t like this book There were some definite things about his logic that I didn t agree with For example he doesn t agree with any type of coercion he thinks that natural consequences should apply In the book he talks about a possible violent child, he doesn t think that you should do anything but state that you will call the police if the child becomes violent and then only defend yourself and ask the child to go to his bedroom until he calms down Well if the child becomes violent [...]

    2. I have mixed feelings about this book I almost need to read it again to reevaluate my first impressions of the it I did not find it to be a completely engaging read I found myself skimming some of the dialogue, which I found to be a little cheesy and unrealistic I actually found myself chuckling as I read some of the scenarios and solutions and even found myself saying aloud a few times This would never work However, imagine my surprise as I encorporated some of the ideas into my parenting and f [...]

    3. Upon my first reading, I didn t believe it would work Simply be a better person, Christlike and smiling Kindly repeat requests Don t wallow in my parenting mistakes I gave it a go to see what might happen And It transformed my parenting It requires occasional re reading I can t recommend highly enough It has taught be to teach by values constantly and love, love, love Thanks to my husband for the great gift.

    4. This is a scripturally based perspective of things I learned from Dr Latham s book The Power of Positive Parenting They both teach good principles and techniques for parents and any person that interacts with any other person really I m always glad for the reminder and squirm when I come across my own bad habits illustrated in the book.

    5. I thought this had some great insight into parenting I love his ideas about how our attitudes really do affect our children ain t mom happy, ain t nobody happy This was something I really needed to read at this very moment.

    6. BEST parenting book I ve ever read Gives you a completely new perspective and outlook on parenting and helps you relate to your children in a Christ like manner Appropriate for all ages, but espcially helpful for parents of teens.

    7. Great book, just geared towards parents with older children teenagers , however, I can still apply a lot to our 4 year old and use it for FUTURE reference Great read

    8. My son is only 3 and there have already been so many times that I have been completely at a loss or felt helpless to his behaviors first time Mom over here This book has given me so many tools to use when dealing with undesirable behavior and, importantly as I ve learned, good behavior Not only have I already seen a massive difference in his behavior, I am experiencing so much joy in parenting my kids

    9. I was recommended this book through a past college course and finally got around to reading it I ve read many other books on parenting but I think this was my favorite This book would make a good parent better and can help the struggling parent find peace All religious associations aside, this book is a great parent resource.

    10. Truly enjoyed the concepts presented in this book I have always felt a connection with behavioral therapy As a behavioral science major myself, I found so many of these concepts applicable in the home and in my work with youth Helping our children understand consequences and behaviors and seeing past the mouse have helped me to love my children better, especially as our family engages the teenage years.

    11. Very helpful, and I think I ll need to re read it a few times However, I wanted information not because he wasn t clear, but because I need to process it a little better so I ordered another one of his books.

    12. One of the main themes I got from the book was to focus on the positive things our children do rather than on the negative things which we so easily pick on Even in the midst of a negative situationere is always something positive that can be found and shown told to the child I found another book dealing with positive disipline to be helpful in some ways because it gave very specific ideas to use on very specific situations that arise when raising children There is another Glenn Latham book on [...]

    13. Excellent application of principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to parenting and the way we treat our children I read this when my oldest two were little, but it s been helpful to read it again and remember concrete ways to put the gospel into practice in my own home After all, how can I possibly teach them to be Christlike unless I strive to be that with them He raises the question, How would you like your grandchildren to be treated Because likely your children will treat them the same way y [...]

    14. This is a book I like to have around to read once every week or two As I am getting my start in my outlook and habits as a disciplinarian, I need to constantly remind myself to be positive, focus on all the good my children are doing, teach them to think, and respect them for their thoughts Something this book taught me that I really like is to compliment my children on their character, instead of just their actions So if Melia shares with Sophie when it is difficult to, I say something like, yo [...]

    15. I love this book Every parent needs this book One thing I really like about it is that it isn t specific to one denomination All of its scriptural references come from the Bible, so if you re a Christian, no matter your denomination, you will understand and love the teachings in this book Whenever I am feeling like a stressed out Mom and react impatiently to my three year old, I pick up this book so I can be reminded how Christ would parent It lifts up my spirits immediately, and instead of maki [...]

    16. I had a hard time getting into this book as I didn t care for it at first.I m happy I stuck with it because it got better One of the best parts of the book, for me, was when Latham explained how to parent according to the model between the Lord and Adam First, the Lord was instructive He began with a statement of what Adam could do Of every tree of the garden thou mayest Second, He told Adam what was expected of him But of the tree of knowledge Third, He clearly stated the earned consequences Fo [...]

    17. This was really good Something I would want to read again This time I took notes and actually went through slowlyI will say that his scenarios between parent and child seem really unrealistic Even much of the parents answers seemed hard to take BUT having said that, I am realizing how effective I could be as a parent if I were to implement of these principles I liked how he took scripture and stories and then made parallels to parenting and teaching children A few of the concepts were a little [...]

    18. I know I have much to improve in my parenting, and it was good for me to have this book be a reminder about being Christlike in how I raise my children One thing I really liked was the information about consequences not using force, threats, scolding, coercing, etc but instead having earned consequences and using wording such as, You will deny yourself the privilege of having x if instead of I will take x away if There was a lot about having positive interactions with children and giving affir [...]

    19. I took pages of notes and gained great insight into how I can be a better parent Also, I often had to stop and digest what I was reading This author s experience is so valuable.My one complaint would be that the book isn t in a well organized pattern You can t go back and reread the chapter about Family Time or Being positive , for example, because the chapters talk about a variety of things and topics are discussed in than one chapter I think this is because the author tried very hard to organ [...]

    20. I really liked the idea to reward yourself for the positive things you do in your parenting, giving yourself points each time you do something correctly Our oldest child is motivated by extrinsic rewards and can accomplish anything he puts his mind to if there is some sort of tangible reward he gets at the end I made the suggestion to him that he give himself points for the positive behaviors he does as well as completing his assignments or tasks, etc and then he can cash those points in for com [...]

    21. Excellent I think it was Joseph Smith who said that he teaches correct principles, then the people govern themselves This book gives all the right principles behind parenting, and I am trying to use them to govern my mothering Easier said than done, of course, but I feel so much peace about myself as a mother when I keep these things in mind.This was also very good for other relationships beyond the parent child relationship Such great thoughts on self improvement and those kinds of things So m [...]

    22. This book contains some great words of wisdom as well as reminders of many things we know we should do but sometimes fall short of Some of the long examples of dialogue between parents and children is, well, long and cheesy , but the ideas behind these examples are excellent I think using your own personality based upon his basic principles will guide you through conversations and interactions with your children He could easily have written two separate books on parenting teenagers and parenting [...]

    23. I started this book when my eight year old was an infant and didn t finish it because it didn t apply to changing diapers and nursing I dusted it off a few months ago because I was struggling with teaching my three children respect, their fighting, my patience, etc This book is wonderful It took me so long to read because there was so much to practice before moving on to the next chapter I just finished and feel like I need to read it again so I can really absorb it This book is great for parent [...]

    24. This is a Christian approach to parenting, and Dr Latham suggested some methods that aren t found in any other parenting book He uses examples from the bible of parenting techniques and focuses a lot on Christ I loved this book, but I minused one star for cheesy role playing I highly recommend this book to Christians, especially those who are struggling with wayward children This book would even be great for parents of adult children.The author is a Mormon, but this book focuses exclusively on t [...]

    25. This book was exactly what I need present tense, please don t judge this book by my current parenting If I can put these principles into practice, I will be so much happier and better as a parent Latham teaches how to become like Christ and thus become effective as a parent I have a very long way to go, but finally I am on the right path I m glad I bought this book For all of you who have asked to borrow it, you are welcome to it, but send it back soon so I can review and work on making the ch [...]

    26. I learned so much from this book I am so glad I followed a friends recommendation to read it I am sure I will read it many times over too.The author really gets into examples of how we can be Christlike parents and talks a lot about why it is important I have been practicing the things he teaches and it is a really nice change I mean, things were not horrible at all, but things can always be better The author teaches you how to get around the noise in a conversation and keep on course and in con [...]

    27. While reading this book I was faced with a couple of situations with my 15 year old that were greatly improved by application of the things I was learning I have taken notes and highlighted many of the passages in this book to remember later I will continue to use the things I learned because they resonated with me and after using the techniques and having a positive experience with my son the things I read have even value While using many experiences from the authors religious point of view th [...]

    28. Excellent examples role plays of scenarios that happen with children I like his no nonsense approach, his clear concise explanation of validation and how to keep boundaries and not let your kids moods disappointments get you all charged up He is one of my favorite parenting authors and uses Biblical scriptures as a focus for each chapter Extremely helpful and you can relate to each chapter Highly recommend He has CDs too, and he is quite entertaining without meaning to be I think in them.

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