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Talking of Jane Austen By Sheila Kaye-Smith G.B. Stern,

  • Title: Talking of Jane Austen
  • Author: Sheila Kaye-Smith G.B. Stern
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardback
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    One thought on “Talking of Jane Austen”

    1. Part of the spoils of this year s Trinity Second Hand Book Sale I got it for only 50c which, considering that it s hardback and a first edition, makes it rather undervalued, I think It s a collection of essays about Jane Austen s six main novels, written by Sheila Kaye Smith and G.B Stern, who were quite popular novelists in their day.It was written in 1943, which shows both in references in the text, and in the way they analyse the novels That it s old fashioned is not necessarily a bad thing t [...]

    2. I don t understand why this book isn t reprinted, at least in ebook form, given how huge the Jane Austen industry has grown.Whatever I was delighted to discover this book wherein G B Stern, whose delightful books I ve only discovered in the last decade they are very hard to find in Southern California and Sheila Kaye Smith, who I have not come across before, talk about their first discovery of Jane Austen, and then go on to discuss the books.It was than a hundred years ago that one of the autho [...]

    3. What a delightful book Just like talking to someone about Jane Austen s books What s similar about them, what s different, which characters you like or don t like and why Two different authors who alternate chapters and don t always agree Very fun

    4. 4 Regency Teacups While extremely dated, 1944, many interesting points As many said on , I certainly disagree with the authors on many points However, very interesting points The best part of the book for me was when each author gave a paragraph of their views on characters For me only, an interesting connection with Sheila Kaye Smith My favorite composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, wrote the music to the film version of her book Joanna Godden She was far too conscientious an artist to compromise w [...]

    5. While I certainly disagree with the authors on some things their analysis of the characters in Mansfield Park is what we disagree on the most , I still really enjoyed reading this book It was light hearted and fun for the most part, but also helped me think a bit seriously about Austen s works I highly recommend this book

    6. I ve just finished a delicious book t s out of print, copyright 1943 but I was able to get it thought interlibrary loan Talking of Jane Austen by Shelia Kaye Smith and G B Stern Wonderful discussions between them of everything pertaining to Austen s books plot, characters, quotes, languaged They are true Austen devotees, and the book greatly enhanced my Austen reading As I said, delicious They disagree about various things in the books, which makes it shine as they explain how they came to thei [...]

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