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The Highest Stakes of All By Sara Craven,

  • Title: The Highest Stakes of All
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once upon a time and far away, Joanna Vernon found herself as the ultimate prize in a dangerously high stakes card game When the last hand had been revealed, the knowing curl of Vassos Gordanis s lip told her he had every intention of claiming his winnings.Though no setting could be beautiful than Vassos s private island, to Joanna the Aegean Sea was merely a turqOnce upon a time and far away, Joanna Vernon found herself as the ultimate prize in a dangerously high stakes card game When the last hand had been revealed, the knowing curl of Vassos Gordanis s lip told her he had every intention of claiming his winnings.Though no setting could be beautiful than Vassos s private island, to Joanna the Aegean Sea was merely a turquoise hued prison wall In the Gordanis house, a woman was expected to know her place, and this gorgeous Greek knew this was exactly how he planned to settle the score.
    The Highest Stakes of All Once upon a time and far away Joanna Vernon found herself as the ultimate prize in a dangerously high stakes card game When the last hand had been revealed the knowing curl of Vassos Gordanis s lip

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    1. 4.5 starsWhat can I say about this one to give it credence for the awesome trainwreck that it is This one has em hissing and spitting in outrage and is, indeed, one of the most un pc stories I ve read in a few months, for a Harley anyway We start at a hotel in France where our sexy heroine, Joanna Vernon, is being coerced by her hot gambling daddy she calls him Denys to babe it up in order to distract the other players so he can clean house After some mystery occurrence in Australia, she thought [...]

    2. I gotta confess I like this book NO, I don t advocate rape, selling women or bitch slaps But I still fondly remember the Sara Craven s and other HP s from the 70 s that were my very first romances These were seekrit modern bodice rippers that my mum felt were much age apropos than The Flame and the Flower or Sweet Savage Love which is what she was reading at the time which I did read BTW, just under the covers at night Fortunately, she never really picked up one of those little forced seduction [...]

    3. Oooff I need to think.Okay, there are several problems with this, hence the time I needed to think First and foremostly this is not tongue in cheek satire or some nod at former bodice rippers by a young author No, this is an actual bodice ripper, written in 2010 by a woman who wrote them already in the 1970s Sara Craven was 72 when she wrote this book, and the purplish prose as well as the unmitigated bodice ripping aka rape apology and male supremancy obviously are a result of her own ideology. [...]

    4. Two words Stockholm Syndrome.This Harley had it all gambling, virginity, revenge, rape, parental betrayal, lots of great sex followed by indifference Hey, what s not to love.I have a love hate relationship with Harlequins, but in this case I may go to simply hate In Harley world, it s not that a heroine can t be so stupid as to fall in love with an abusive alpha male, but these two NEVER relate on any level but sex Great sex, but still.Even after he hurts her while taking her virginity he does n [...]

    5. I realize this book will not be for everyone but I liked it Maybe it s because it is an extremely old school Harlequin and I have a soft spot for those Hero is very alpha, heroine is his victim but she is also a con artist so she s not entirely innocent Her kidnapping didn t bother me and her rape didn t bother me either because I didn t see it as rape at all She was clearly smitten with her captor and she definitely enjoyed their lovemaking.In my opinion the real villain of the story was her fa [...]

    6. Too bad the rating list doesn t allow for negative stars Rated it a 1 as that s as low as it goes Horrible, horrible book Offensive How are kidnapping, rape, and child neglect romantic Does HQ even READ what it publishes Vasso, the male character, doesn t deserve happily ever after , he belongs in prison Does setting the book in 1975 somehow make the things okay Oh, and even better he tells her that once she starts to bore him, Vasso plans to sell her to a new owner, making a handsome profit I m [...]

    7. This book is bad and not in the sense of so bad I relish it s horribleness Yes I am a fan of Craven s The Innocent s Surrender Somehow the Highest Stakes of All manages to be both really horrible and really boring The plot is a very predictable Sara Craven plot The heroine s pathetic excuse for a father is an intrepid gambler and when he runs out of material goods to gamble he wagers and loses his daughter Of course it was all a set up by the Greek hero revenge naturally and he whisks away the h [...]

    8. If non consent scenarios are a trigger for you, I would advise staying away from this one If viewed in a serious light, this would be highly disturbing If, however, you re willing to read this sort of thing and able to put on your crack colored glasses, this was truly one crazy ride with tropes than I can count I can t believe it was written in 2010, it definitely has an old school feel to it There was even a Gothic element with the secretive islanders and the mysterious, sullen little girl wh [...]

    9. Before I begin this review let s start with something that REALLY set my hackles up The Untamed arrogant and proud, unashamedly male Harlequin Presents with a retro twist.Step back in time to when men were men and women knew how to tame them Let me break down what that means the heroine will be at least 18, but under 22 the hero will be somewhere above 30 the hero will be rich and used to getting his way the heroine will not have a job, or if she does it will be some sort of female job like secr [...]

    10. Mostly undecided about this one To put it simply, the plot was Greek mythology meets Indecent Proposal with a little bit of Jane Eyre thrown in the H hides his daughter away although to play devil s advocate, he didn t quite know if she was his or not but still, the neglect was unforgivable There s also a healthy amount of reference to the Onassis saga setting the mood for the Greek billionaire plot line Together, these elements made for a dramatic story and I quite enjoyed most of it However, t [...]

    11. Will you look at this and the reviews This is going to be so yummily wrong Buddy read with my partner in wonderfully disastrous buddy reads.3Review definitely to come.

    12. Warning This book contains rape scenes between the hero and heroine.The year is 1975, and 18 year old Joanna accompanies her gambler father as he works the casinos of the world He plays poker she wears skimpy outfits and flirts with the other players It s a fairly harmless con as cons go she s just there to flash a bit of leg and boob Except for that one time in Australia when she used her flirting skills to persuade a guy to play, and her dad had to rescue her from him after he d lost all his m [...]

    13. The heroine Joanna spends her life following her gambling addict father around the world, acting as his sort of mascot, whom he uses to act as his adoring female and flaunt herself in the hope to distract players She has grown weary of the lifestyle and longs to go back to England Her father is going through an unlucky streak and Joanna hopes to convince him to give it all up, until a very wealthy and infamous Greek tycoon, the hero Vassos, turns up and her father manages to secure an invitation [...]

    14. Absolutely repulsive heroine with no spine Her long lost fatherhas her pose as a slutty niece to distract card players At one point she was in some serious danger but he guilts her into continuing the whoring act because it s profitable and he is her father after all She has caring family that offered her alternate employment Not As A Ho, but she stays because I have no idea I couldn t root for her or give a crap about her because she was so incredibly dim.

    15. This Mills and Boon is set in 1975, although by the end of the book I still wasn t entirely sure why Does it being in 1975 make it acceptable for people to be won and lost in card games Clearly Craven has no problem with the slave trade in any case The main female character, Joanna, I won t call her a heroine, is gambled by her father as part of a card game and is won by Vassos, the male character, really not a hero either Part of this means that Vassos basically kidnaps her, and everyone aroun [...]

    16. I typically read romance novels when I want a break from thinkingey are light and fun, a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours I began to read Ms Craven s novel and was horrified to the point that I had to stop reading The book details a young 17 year old child being kidnapped and later raped by the handsome hero in the novel I am typically not a dramatic person but I actually ripped the book up because I continued to be so horrified that something like this would be in print Shame on you Ms C [...]

    17. Say whatey love each other Did I miss paragraph Choo choois one Is a train wreck Read Julz review instead It is so much better Heroine is 18 so I am comforted by the fact that she could possibly grow up and leave his ass at some point.

    18. God this novel was horrible and good in ways I can t believe all the rape scenarios that went on in the book, it made me sick to my stomach at times The end of the book was good but the heroine was used maliciously from everyone she loved, except her deceased mother shudders

    19. I really try to avoid giving one star reviews but really this was a bad book It was old school to be polite about it and somewhat bizarrely was set in 1975 I thought this would be a prologue, but no All the way through, even though it was published in 2011 Whether this was meant to explain the behaviour particularly of the hero and the heroine s father is anyone s guess.The heroine was very young 18 19 years old so maybe could be forgiven for being so passive about being used by her father but w [...]

    20. So these books keep lying about, and I can t leave any book unread And once I start them, even though I dislike them, I can t stop The cliched plot takes me in every time.But this one wasn t that bad, once you ignore the glaring, highly annoying fact that why does this stupid girl not revolt or speak Why does she like her captivity Why doesn t she have self respect or a concept of her rights Why does she consent to being treated as a property WHY But then that s the story of all of these books, [...]

    21. Well I actually don t know what to say about this story, I know some people will love it but for me it was an overkill, come on the hero was so cruel and hatful and the silly heroine kept on taking every thing that he dashed her way like a love swept puppy, I kept on hoping to see some kind of reaction from her that never happened and I really hoped the end will make up for the story but oh boy was I in for a shock, it wrapped up sooooo fast I couldn t even take a breath I don t know but it was [...]

    22. This book took the forced seduction thing just a little too far for me Not a bad book other than that, but it certainly keeped me from believing the ending.

    23. The book was set in 1975 in the South of France and then Greece.Published in 2011 but I suspect it was written in the 1970s as it is totally politically incorrect and downright WTH by today s standards but I was hoping readers would appreciate how far along women s rights have come rather than bash the book using modern s.It s a kind of guilty pleasure to read such books off and on for me and I was doing a random search of Sara Craven s books on my library Overdrive when this popped up It looks [...]

    24. I kind of wanted to add this to my vintage bookshelf as well but surprisingly it is a fairly recent one why Who doesn t have a soft spot for old skool romance full of cigarettes, sexism and general unPCism But there s still plenty of them around so I couldn t quite understand why this modern romance was such a throwback I mean do we really need to relive the 70 s I m quite sure the story could have been set in the present just by adding some mentions of iPhones or emails but nope we are really g [...]

    25. Haha, now this is REALLY old school Heroine is only 18, and a virgin, the hero is in his 30s and a genuine manwhore Joanna, our lovely virginal heroine, has a crazy gambler dad, and he actually loses her in a game of poker To Vassos G our dashing Greek tycoon hero He is mad at Joanna and her dad, because he believes Joanna slept with his cousins son and caused some kind of financial misfortune to him Now is this crazy or what This book contains seduction, KIDNAP yes, he whiskes her off to a Gree [...]

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