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Contagem Decrescente By Ken Follett,

  • Title: Contagem Decrescente
  • Author: Ken Follett
  • ISBN: 9789724620169
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1958 A Guerra Fria est no auge, os Sovi ticos ultrapassam os Americanos nos primeiros passos da corrida para a conquista do espa o Claude Lucas acorda, uma manh , na Union State de Washington Vestido com roupas de vagabundo, est afectado por uma amn sia que o impede de se recordar, entre outras coisas, do seu estatuto profissional Acontece que ele uma personagem ce1958 A Guerra Fria est no auge, os Sovi ticos ultrapassam os Americanos nos primeiros passos da corrida para a conquista do espa o Claude Lucas acorda, uma manh , na Union State de Washington Vestido com roupas de vagabundo, est afectado por uma amn sia que o impede de se recordar, entre outras coisas, do seu estatuto profissional Acontece que ele uma personagem central do pr ximo lan amento do Explorer I, um foguet o do ex rcito dos EUA Anthony Carroll, agente da CIA e velho amigo de Lucas, anda a seguir o caso E conv m lhe que a amn sia n o passe t o depressaCom o seu habitual sentido de suspense, Ken Follett regressa s atribula es do thriller pol tico Contagem Decrescente, um livro emocionante que vai surpreender os pr prios f s do autor, um bestseller internacional.
    Contagem Decrescente A Guerra Fria est no auge os Sovi ticos ultrapassam os Americanos nos primeiros passos da corrida para a conquista do espa o Claude Lucas acorda uma manh na Union State de Washington Vestido

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    1. Tombado ao comprido no ch o duma casa de banho publica, Luke n o sabe quem nem como f ra ali parar.Dir se ia que nascera ali, naquele instante, sobre aquele ch o h mido, e com um gosto a ressaca de u sque a amargar lhe a boca N o tem um chavo Para comer depende da bondade alheia que n o raras vezes se converte em pontap s no traseiro V onde v duas sombras o seguem o Chap u de Feltro e a Gabardina colam se a todos os passos que d Porqu Para qu E o J piter C Os cientistas A CIA E Pete o seu compan [...]

    2. I m a big fan of Follett s works so I was surprised that this turned out to be one of his lesser materials The idea is interesting enough and the opening scene holds promise but I found it to be a lackluster presentation and after about 80 pages or so I gave up on the novel It felt like a dumbed down novel in characters and plot demonstrations Hard to go into details without giving spoilers If you want to see Follet at his height read PILLARS OF THE EARTH or THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE or THE KEY TO [...]

    3. I loved it When I was about 60% through with the book, I thought it was going to be one of my favorite books The ending was a little disappointing and didn t have a marvelous ending, but I thought the story line was great I really enjoyed the fact that the plot was unpredictable for such a long time Normally, as the book winds down the ending becomes and predictable as was the case with this book, but it took so long for that to happen, that I had to keep re guessing how it would end.So, not o [...]

    4. This story seemed a little dated to me, and I was surprised to see that it was published in 2000 the storyline action took place in the late 1950s with a lot of flashback chapters to 1941 and 1945 and a final leaping ahead to 1969 , and it actually felt that old On top of that, there were a couple key points to the plot that I simply could not accept as realistic thinking Nonsense, he or she would not have behaved that way Despite that fact, I read it in one day, staying up until 3 40 a.m to fin [...]

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    6. I found this book exceedingly entertaining In most spy thriller books you know from the beginning the good guy, the bad guy, and the basic construction of the final confrontation scene In this book because of the main character s amnesia, I spend almost the entire book wondering is he good Or is this a Bourne Identity movie not book situation The same applied to the ancillary characters Who is the Russian spy Was anybody an actual spy Were the people pursuing the hero doing so because they were [...]

    7. So I need to know what happened to the spaghetti and tomato sauce At one point the hero Luke is stirring it in the kitchen when he is called to the bathroom to remove some soap from the eye of the very attractive Elspeth and we all know where that leads Did the pan boil dry and set fire to the kitchen Also, why didn t Anthony just shoot Luke on the first pageah because then we wouldn t have a story Finally, if thousands were turning up to watch the Jupiter space rocket take off at Canaveral, how [...]

    8. We lie to our loved ones, because we care about them so damn much Why do you think we tell the truth to priests, and shrinks, and total strangers we meet on trains It s because we don t love them, so we don t care what they think This was recommended to me as a good read and I ll admit the start, and indeed the whole idea, is a gripping one Luke s race to solve his personal mystery could have been engaging and the space race is fascinating material with which to work The trouble is, and I say t [...]

    9. To tell you the truth, I never knew Ken Follett until the day my office mate told me about him She specifically told me that I will love his works because he was an exceptional author And here I was telling you guys how much i love his story I am a huge fan of books in which the main setting is NASA, NSA, CIA and CERN This all started because of Dan Brown s books Psh He gave me all these dreams I have in mind One of those is working for the NSA that s why I keep on pursuing my studies as a progr [...]

    10. i don t know if im becoming a reading snob or what but these types of books seem so fake to me after reading great writers the sex scenes seem to be sprinkled in as obligatory requirements from the publisher he tried to make his story authentic by putting scientific details in ala tom clancy i got the feeling he was reading from rocketry manuals while typing this information it reminded me of those scary days of the cold war which i am old enough to remember.

    11. Ken Follett is a fantastic writer I m a big fan.And, this book was decent It was okay The writing felt mechanical, and I think he could have done with it Probably Follett s worst book, but this is the anomaly, the blip on the screen that doesn t belong he is normally a very good writer.Who am I to judge, though I m just an average guy who likes to get lost in books If you have a chance to read it, you might like it If you want to immerse yourself in Follett s best, try The Pillars of the Earth [...]

    12. meh Very tropish and cliched, both in character and plot I just didn t care for any of the characters The protagonist is too perfect , with his high moral code, etc I love a lot of Follet s work but this and Paper Money are forgettable Don t bother If you want some good Follet, try Eye of the Needle, on wings of eagles, or pillars of the earth.

    13. This is a perfect, gripping and fun, spring summer read.To be given 5 stars, it should be a little less naive, but it doesn t bother me to enjoy the book.

    14. Definitivamente Ken Follett no falla, suspenso e intriga desde el principio, mezclado adem s con algo de acci n y romance, en donde cualquier cosa puede pasar y no sabes en qui n confiar

    15. Bem, por muito que gostasse de dizer o contr rio, a verdade que, infelizmente n o h muito a dizer acerca deste livro A desilus o s n o enorme, porque a minha incapacidade de vibrar com policiais desculpa, em parte, a fraca qualidade do livro e, por isso a minha vontade de ler Os Pilares da Terra n o foi muito afectada Pode ser que Ken Follett seja bem melhor nos romances marcadamente hist ricos.Ora bem Este um livro cuja ac o decorre em 1958, em plena Guerra Fria, nas horas que antecedem o lan a [...]

    16. A friend gave me The Pillars of the Earth to read a few months ago, and I absolutely loved it Since then I have read 3 of Follet s books and I would like to read Pillars is still my favorite of his so far, but I did like this book Code to Zero is completely different though.Luke wakes up one morning to discover that he is sleeping on the floor of a bathroom in a railway station and he does not remember anything thing not even his name As the day unravels Luke discovers facts about himself and [...]

    17. We typically enjoy Follett s work, and got hooked early in Code on the premise that Luke , who awakes in a train station as a homeless man with significant amnesia, soon and cleverly determines not only his identity but the how and why of what happened to him In so doing, the author traces the man s back story, about two couples who went to Harvard Radcliffe, and eventually both married, but to the opposite partners from when they dated We found that thread of the story quite entertaining, espec [...]

    18. Most authors specialize in one particular genre Ken Follett has the extraordinary talent to write anything My first introduction to him was Pillars of the Earth This spurred me on to its sequel World Without End and I was hooked On Wings of Eagles proved him a master of both fiction and non fiction Code to Zero is set in the post WWII Cold War Era The Soviet Union is winning the space race and the United States is desperate to catch up Claude Lucas, a rocket scientist, wakes up in a public restr [...]

    19. Vou tentar ser justo a falar deste livro Comecei com grandes expectativas porque sabia que Ken Follett um grande escritor e j lan ou grandes obras Mas acho que n o apanhei uma delas Come ou bastante interessante mas havia algo muito superficial que n o deixava entrar a 100% na historia A escrita e alguns pontos da hist ria sao realmente bons, mas sem twists rapidamente se tornou algo um pouco banal que conseguia puxar para ler Comparei a Dan Brown durante toda a leitura e posso dizer que gosto m [...]

    20. Around five in the morning, on January 29, 1958, a man wakes up in the men s room at Union Station, Washington D.C He cries out in shock at his reflection in the mirror He sees an unshaven hobo in filthy rags, and he has no recollection, none whatsoever He shouts, Who am I Another bundle of rags on the floor replies, You re a bum, Luke The reader learns that a woman in a motel near Cape Canaveral is worried about Luke, and that she met him during a panty raid at Radcliff in 1941 On page 31, Luke [...]

    21. I love Ken Follett books on my list of top 5 authors but this one was kind of lackluster The idea is interesting enough and the opening scene holds promise but it didn t live up to expectations It also seemed like a rip off of Bourne Identity as it was written in 2000 Characters were fair only It seemed like a churned out and slightly dated novel written to meet some publisher s deadline rather than the excellent stuff I expect from Follett Follett is awesome so instead of this read Pillars of [...]

    22. I need to say right up front that I love Ken Follett s style of writing and have read most of his later works, the large novels that cover whole areas of time and life I hadn t seen this book as it had been tucked away on my bookshelf for some time awaiting my reading As I had run out of new books I picked this up and was very happy I did so It catches your interest and is an engaging mystery that has a very page turning happiness to it I didn t want it to come to conclusion but was satisfied wi [...]

    23. Ken Follett is a good author When you can completely change the style and story, you go down in my records as a good writer Plus he also keeps my attention from the first page I did judge this book by its cover but once I opened it, I was good to go This is a great suspense mystery that I read in 3 days.

    24. A good story with lots of twists and turns, Follett keeps the pace going, and writes history with authority I have found, in several of his books, that his writing from a woman s point of view is sometimes a bit cliched and hollow A few of the plot turns stretched credulity All in all, though, he captures the times with good detail.

    25. Suspenso en su m xima expresi n Da gran cantidad de detalles sin arruinar el final Fascinante que un pa s miniatura como Guatemala pudiera motivar a alguien a trabajar como esp a y traicionar a su propio pa s.

    26. I borrowed a copy of this book from my neighbor s Little Free Library box When I finished, I returned it along with a thank you note good citizen that I am For the page burning Hollywood adventure novel, Follett is among the best 3.5 stars

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