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  • Title: Hidden in the Heart
  • Author: Roseanne Evans Wilkins
  • ISBN: 9781456573423
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cathee is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints She has suffered from severe post traumatic stress disorder for several years During a vacation with her four year old daughter to Topeka, Kansas, she meets Garrett, a widowed therapist He hopes Cathee will let him help her work through her issues, but her past has come back to haunt her.
    Hidden in the Heart Cathee is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints She has suffered from severe post traumatic stress disorder for several years During a vacation with her four year old dau

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    1. This is a sweet story about a woman who was traumatized in her past and tries to handle things on her own Her parents are dead, and she s alienated any relatives she has, but while on vacation with her daughter, she meets Garrett, a man with a big heart, but who has also been wounded This story is about the struggle to put back together a life so that life can be shared with someone else I enjoyed the story, but especially the relationship between the main character, Cathee, and her daughter Nic [...]

    2. This was fun, a light, sweet romance such as I hadn t read in many a moon Within that framework author Roseanne Evans Wilkins tackles the sensitive issue of a single woman raising the child resulting from her brutal date rape Her portrayal of the mother daughter relationship is charming, and the child s endless questions will bring smiles of recognition.Romance fans will enjoy the determination with which hero Garrett breaks through the walls Cathee has built around herself If things develop a b [...]

    3. I was reading a couple of complicated books, and I just couldn t concentrate on either of them I have been sick over a week, so this was a nice sweet story to read I m only giving it three stars, because it s not the greatest book, and yet it held my interest The single mom in this story plans a weedks vacation with her almsot five year old daughter I just spent time with my grandchildren, and raised three boys of our own This little girl was just too good to be true She was loving and obedient [...]

    4. Hidden in the Heart by Rosanne Evans Wilkins tugs at your own strings right from the first page Victims of evil need healing in very specific ways and Hidden can provide soem of those healing powers Not all things that happen are in your control Hidden explores those raw emotions in a tender way and comes out triumphant Even though the lives of those who are violated will never be the same, Cathee Laurenson builds a life of courage and faith Though sometimes difficult to process the feelings con [...]

    5. This was an interesting book It starts off almost paranormal I was worried about the guy being a werewolf or something and quickly shifts to several years later She just happens to be on vacation at the same place as a guy that is perfect for her and they spend the whole week together with her daughter who was a product of a date rape with her having Anxiety attacks, but he s a therapist and is able to talk her through them Her daughter s father is coming after her to kill her Crazy stuff I was [...]

    6. I won this book on a Firstreads Giveaway I liked this book It wasn t too preachy Cathee had many challenges in her young life, but choose how she would react to thoses challenges She was a strong character and role model for the one person in her life that she was most concerned about She showed how a person can come to depend on other people if you will let them help you Overall this is an easy book to read with a satisfing ending.

    7. Wow Roseanne spends a great deal of time setting each scene so the reader will feel as if they re right there beside the characters Cathee and Garrett s love story is shadowed by a great tragedy This romance turned thriller will surprise the reader and leave them white knuckled along with Cathee as she flees from the horror of her past, through the sheeting rain, and right into the eye of a storm

    8. I won this book on a Firstreads Giveaway Definitely not what I am used to reading it was interesting I liked the characters and the storyline The dialogue was ok between the adults, but just seemed a little advanced for the age of the daughter This is definitely for LDS mormon readers because I don t think anyone else would be familiar with all of the religious terms jargon Was an ok read.

    9. This book is about good people who have been broken down troughout their lives The question here is, can they overcome their past Can they cast aside their trepidations, start picking up the pieces to these shattered lives so they can move on without the fear Read Hidden in the Heart and find out.

    10. Hidden In The Heart is a powerful look at survivors Cathee and Garrett both survived real ordeals In this book we see them relearn to laugh and in her case, trust It s a lesson on surviving abuse, teen pregnancy and the loss of a loved one.Roseanne Wilkins has crafted a wonderful example on how broken souls can learn to rebuild and find love again And little Christina is cute.

    11. Cathee and Garrett s story is told with tenderness and realism I like how Wilkins does not shy away from tough issues like rape and PTSD If you re looking for a read full of hope that also has real values, pick this one up.

    12. I won this book through It was a cute book and I was able to relate to some of the things that Cathee was going through It was the first book that I have read of Roseanne s I would read of her books.

    13. Cathee is raped and pregnant 5 Years later she takes her daughter on vacation only to meet a man who won t give up on breaking down her walls Should she trust him This was a cute book Worth the read I didn t LOVE it, but it was interesting, and clean.

    14. This is asn unusual LDS book It s not the normal story line I did enjoy reading about a girl who was able to to get an education while being a great single Mom Ends very sweetly but it was an enjoyable read.

    15. Oh my goodness, this was such an amazing book I have to go out and find Tangled Hearts now I won this book through First Reads

    16. Liked it It had suspense and a love story combined I felt it was descriptive and it kept my interest I m LDS and appreciated the the moral message.

    17. I enjoyed this story At the end it seemed to wrap up a bit quickly, but I still enjoyed the story.Content clean reference to rape

    18. I have never been a romance fan but I read this book because a dear friend wrote it Loved it It was a page turner wondering what would happen next and I really enjoyed the story.

    19. I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

    20. Can you recover from tragic events in your life Can you recover enough to allow love in your life again This is the questions and issues that Cathee is working though after being rapped on a date This book begins very dramatically with a flash back to a night that Cathee was date rapped It is written so you know what happened but is not graphic I really appreciated that the author throughout the book was able to discuss such an difficult topic in a clean and respectful way This opening scene dre [...]

    21. Super short mediocre romance thriller LDS authors really need to get better editors The story plot was a good idea a woman who was traumatized by a man as a teenager has to deal with trusting men as an adult as well as face the man she thought she d left in the past , but the story just wasn t well done There were too many details about stuff that doesn t matter why do we need to know the exact titles and authors of the children s books in the police waiting room and too many abbreviations PTSD, [...]

    22. This was a sweet and tender story Something that makes you have hope for people out there who have suffered loss and tragedy Cathee is a single mom, the result of a rape as a teen She is very wary of men and has never had an interest in pursuing a relationship because of her experience Garrett has suffered the death of his wife and is reluctant to open his heart again even though he knows as a counselor that it could be the best thing for him The two meet in a hotel where she is staying on vacat [...]

    23. To tell the truth, I struggled to rate this story It s total Chick lit The truth is I m not really into those I just read them because my mother recommend these type to books to me all the time So I read them, so I have a hard time really likening them It doesn t mean this story and others that I have rated in the past are bad at all My rating on books, plays, whatever are my personal opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.This book is easy reading, short, and fast This fictional romance chick [...]

    24. Hidden in the HeartVery well written uplifting story.It is so nice to be able to read a clean family book with positive results.

    25. I m so sorry this is only a one star book Wilkins makes me so tired when I read her books Every little detail is written out and each day is of the same and I just can get through it I know there is a story in there somewhere, but it takes forever with all the details of getting up, straightening the hair, eating details of each meal went on forever etc etc and then to wrap it up in a few pages, so UNSATISFACTORY for me the reader.I ended up liking the people in the story, kind of It was so har [...]

    26. The reviews for this book on were deceiving They all gave it great reviews I couldn t finish it I felt like banging my head on the table as I read The plot line could be great and interesting, but she spends way too much time describing things that don t matter like the entire process of getting in the car and turning on the A C and the entire tour of the capitol building And it seems weird to me that she s a rape victim terrified of men yet she lets a strange man not only join them on their tri [...]

    27. The story line of Hidden in the Heart was fantastic When I started reading it, I was excited to keep on going However as the pages kept turning, the storyline would come to a screeching halt for a history lesson on Kansas The constant detours of Cathee s visits to museums and the State Capital took away from the story and made it hard to keep going I was also disappointed at how quickly things ended with the protagonist as well Great potential and I did enjoy it when it was staying on track I al [...]

    28. I felt like this book took on too much within the confines of a single novel With deep and emotional issues ranging from rape, post traumatic stress syndrome, death, and , I became overwhelmed with the heavy emotions There was an interesting premise behind this book and it had some action and excitement to it, but I didn t get a balance of sweet with the serious The characters had a good interaction but the romance was light As a note, as indicated in subtitle, the LDS influence was very strong [...]

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