[E-Book] ✓ The Battle of Corrin | by ✓ Brian Herbert Kevin J. Anderson

The Battle of Corrin By Brian Herbert Kevin J. Anderson,

  • Title: The Battle of Corrin
  • Author: Brian Herbert Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780765301598
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As New As New Flawless See description and scan New York Tor Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2004 Stated First Edition and First Printing of Dune The Battle of Corrin, the 2004 installment, and by many accounts the best to that point, of the Dune sequels series inspired by co author Brian Herbert s father, Frank, with the timeless Dune itself Octavo, dust jacket ilAs New As New Flawless See description and scan New York Tor Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2004 Stated First Edition and First Printing of Dune The Battle of Corrin, the 2004 installment, and by many accounts the best to that point, of the Dune sequels series inspired by co author Brian Herbert s father, Frank, with the timeless Dune itself Octavo, dust jacket illustration by Stephen Youll, black boards with gilt spine imprinting, green endpapers, 620 pp family trees As New jacket and book are flawless An example for the collector See scan Please note that apparent rubbing in the scan is not rubbing it s a reflective interference scan artifact caused by the foil like jacket paper, and is not, in fact, there LT23
    The Battle of Corrin As New As New Flawless See description and scan New York Tor Tom Doherty Associates LLC Stated First Edition and First Printing of Dune The Battle of Corrin the installment and by many a

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    1. Buddy read with Athena The distance between greatness and disaster can sometimes be so depressingly short.The second half of The Machine Crusade was good enough to force a five star rating from me, but all in all, the Legends of Dune trilogy has been the least impressive part of the Dune universe so far And this was arguably the worst book of the three I ll not call it a huge disappointment, for with the aforementioned exception, this trilogy has been or less on a stable level throughout But it [...]

    2. BOOK, you ve put me through the WORSE book hangovers EVER Not because you re perfect, but for that shitty ending ughThanksanks a lot Buddy Read with Markus

    3. Lavender eyes Women with perfect bodies and blond hair always being slightly blown by a mysterious breeze which affects no one else A man who worries about killing two million people after having killed over a billion A cult of luddites out to remove the toaster from the households of all planets A single, all powerful, evil machine surrounded by a horde of evil minion machines and two copies of itself larry and larry A robot who likes to wear fancy bathrobes People who want to be machines but d [...]

    4. This is the last of a trilogy Legends of Dune that sets the stage for many of the key elements in the original Dune series I read the first book The Butlerian Jihad in early 2005 and the second book The Machine Crusade in late 2006 I ve also read the first two house prequels House Atriedes and House Harkonnen but I don t think that series is as good as this one.These are huge books actually did them all on audio about 22 CDs each but I can honestly say that I don t remember being bored at all wh [...]

    5. I started this installment in the Dune series about 5 years ago, and it has been sitting on the shelf with a bookmark about 200 pages from the end ever since This trilogy is less compelling that the Houses trilogy, which is less rich than Frank Herbert s original series I m invested in the story though, so every so often I have a compulsion to continue reading, in spite of the lack of richness and meaning in Herbert the Younger s continuation of the series Frank Herbert had so much to say regard [...]

    6. Man alive you d think the titular battle would be even remotely worth the wait, wouldn t you Well, you d be wrong Disappointing really doesn t even begin to cover this book.My main problem with this entire Dune prequel trilogy is that it just feels like filler through and through We re shown the origins of all of the different guilds and groups and organizations from the present day Dune universe, and it s just so neat and tidy that it doesn t feel even remotely real It pretty much feels like He [...]

    7. Same review for the Dune Universe GREAT books VERY time consuming Worth the time Ok here is the deal If your not sure about starting a series this big, here is what I would do.1 Read the 1st one by Frank Herbert Dune if you like it2 Read the Legends Of Dune series Its 3 books written by Frank s son Brian and a author I really like by the name of Keven J Anderson Its a prequel that is so far in the past that it doesn t spoil the Original Dune series in any way, and you could stop after that serie [...]

    8. Amei descobrir o in cio da guilda com as id ias de Norma Cenva, a origem das viagens de dobra, o culto extremista neocrist o que gerou a b blia laranja, a fuga dos zensunitas de Poritrin, o surgimento dos mentat, o surgimento dos Fremen, a verdadeira origem das Bene Gesserit, a cisma entre os Harkonnen e os Atreides, o surgimento da casa Corrino, a destrui o dos cymeks S o tantas hist rias entremeadas que dif cil de contar, mas gostei muito.

    9. I have no idea what compelled me to read as many of these as I did Maybe it was hunger for the original ideas, worlds and people created by Frank Herbert Unfortunately, they re only here in name only Brian has no ideas and these books are the poor reflection of Frank s worlds you might see if you looked at them in a puddle of piss, trying not to gag on the smell.

    10. This is actually a review for the whole trilogy than just this one bookThis trilogy is a better read than the two horrid books that the Hacks Twain wrote for Dune 7 Despite that, this trilogy contains a good amount of retcons from the original Dune Novels and the Encyclopedia.Here in this trilogy, the foundation of the Bene Gesserit School of Thought and the Suk Medical school doesn t quite work If the Sorceresses of Rossak valued psychic powers so highly, you d have thought that the BG of Dune [...]

    11. I appreciated the finale It successfully goes back and forth from the personal Vorien and his father, Vorien and his children to the grand The Battle of Corrin, the rise of the royal house It does, unlikely as it may seem, manage to explain everything in the Dune universe neatly and all at one time However, the uncertainties, the chances taken, the unlikely and lifelike directions the cure of Vorien s daughter, the mad mindset of the plague survivors and the rise of their own Bible of the charac [...]

    12. So after reading the first two books in this trilogy and enjoying them quite a bit, I was anxious to see how this story wrapped up, but sadly, this was easily the worst book out of the three The situations were very far reaching at times, a lot of the characters were different in this book, making it hard to feel the emotional connection that the other books had, and the same problems of the other books plagued this one As with the other books, this one was poorly written for the most part, had [...]

    13. Dune fans, please tell me if there are any Dune books after this one that are must read because I don t see any reason to continue The writing on this one was flimsy, the plot was full of holes and unrealistic scenarios And when I say unrealistic, I don t mean that in a fantasy way I mean that the interactions between the human characters are not realistic, not human And even the robots start acting inconsistent from previous books.I m finding that Brian Herbert s novels are short on all the thi [...]

    14. Finalmente, logr terminar la trilog a de Leyendas de Dune Como mencion en los anteriores reviews, no me gust la saga, la sent floja desde el comienzo y si termin de leer los 3 libros fue porque ya hab a comenzado y ten a un compromiso con la saga Al acabar, me qued con la sensaci n de que los 3 libros pudieron ser, en realidad, solo 2 o incluso 1 Muchos cap tulos, personajes e historias son muy flojos y no aportan nada a la trama principal, m s bien, solo sent a que el escritor las inclu a para [...]

    15. Ugh They got me this far but no Will not read another of this series or any other Herbert book Pablum and goop The Dune backstory should have been in three novels and had some end to some of the characters I felt these series were driven by money on the back of Frank Herbert s fine work With a little work and less padding, six books into three perhaps, the series could have done something And perhaps the actual death of some of the characters Not another dime to the Herbert heirs.

    16. I ve read this just for not losing the main plot of last dune books but remember books of legends of dune are ordinary books not like frank Herbert s works dark sides 1 the story is told for lazy people with no imagination.2 anyone can write books like these any serious sci fi reader 3 the characters are one dimension except Vorian 4 why these books are weaker than Prelude to Dune they wrote them before this series bright sides 1 you will have a background for main dune although not ironic 2 it [...]

    17. Authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson dedicate the third and final installment of their Legends of Dune trilogy to Renaissance editor Pat LoBrutto, with the acknowledgements singling out both authors, who are analogized to the Navigators in the Duniverse The tertiary entry opens with fictitious quotes from various Dune characters such as the initiator of the Butlerian Jihad, Serena Butler, who says that the billions slaughtered by thinking machines in the Great Revolt shouldn t be called vi [...]

    18. Le d but de ce tome qui cl ture la trilogie Legends of Dune m a un peu refroidi, apr s deux tomes que j avais bien aim s malgr leurs d fauts Cela m a fait un peu le m me effet que le deuxi me tome o le d but m avait d u avant que le rythme acc l re au fur et mesure Comme je le craignais la fin du tome pr c dent, la disparition de plusieurs personnages importants redistribue les cartes, avec le travers de ne pas pouvoir s attacher aux nouveaux personnages.Finalement, la deuxi me partie du roman r [...]

    19. The Legends of Dune trilogy is one long novel split into three for publication purposes, so this review will apply to all.The sons of Frank Herbert decide to write just one prequel trilogy before tackling on the long expected book 7 that should wrap up the original sequence Did we really need this one They claim we do And I tend to concur.So previous House trilogy was decently written, enjoyable, but didn t bring anything useful or new to the universe Only managed to dilute it How about this on [...]

    20. I was thrilled about the Dune series books 8 and 9 I also enjoyed the Prelude to Dune trilogy but Legends of Dune has been a grave disappointment As soon as the writer duo stepped out of the comfort zone of characters and story lines already set in motion by Frank Herbert, the quality of these novels dropped dramatically Too many repetitions and cliches, the characters are rather one dimensional and boring and the foreshadowing was way too obvious Meh

    21. I had trouble getting through this one They spent a great deal of time dealing the scourge Okay we got it, now move along I had to finish to find out how the jihad ended so I plugged through it It did explain how the Atreides harkonnen conflict started and laid the groundwork for Dune On to the next one

    22. The Battle of Corrin is the most similar of the prequels to the original Dune masterpiece The book is engulfed in political intrigue and tries to present the foundation for many of the conflicts we first encounter in the original novel I enjoyed reading this book and any Dune fan would find it entertaining.

    23. I really enjoyed this prequel trilogy It gives tons of backstory to the very complex universe of Dune, in a way that is very exciting and unpredictable The authors give you plenty of great characters to root for and despite its truly epic scale, tells very personal stories.

    24. Battle of CorrinAnother excellent book by Brian Herbert I m rereading the Dune saga for the second time Can t wait to read the next books.

    25. Vorian centen rio Ele luta contra as m quinas pensantes e arquiteta planos contra cymeks e m quinas Forma se a Liga dos Nobres, a Irmandade, a Viagem Espacial Tudo devido Jihad de Butler Ou seja, Herbert filho s ratifica que as maiores tecnologias aparecem em tempos de necessidade, n o de paz E paz n o houve por centenas de anos Fenomenal conclus o da saga Lendas de Duna que ensina a li o a respeito dos destinos individuais modelando consequ ncias milenares na vida da humanidade dispersa.

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