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Salvation's Reach By Dan Abnett,

  • Title: Salvation's Reach
  • Author: Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781844168217
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Tanith First and Only infiltrate an Imperial underwater ship and must wrestle it from Chaos cultists in the thirteenth book of this popular Imperial Guard series.
    Salvation s Reach The Tanith First and Only infiltrate an Imperial underwater ship and must wrestle it from Chaos cultists in the thirteenth book of this popular Imperial Guard series

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    1. Salvation s Reach was a new experience for me Most of the Warhammer 40K books are centered around the far famous Imperial Space Marines This one is about an Imperial Guard Regiment Gaunt s Ghosts aka the Tanith First.This is taking place during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and is under Warmaster Macroth The Empire is in the middle of battling Archon Gaur of the Archenemy or Ruionous Powers They have devised a strike plan to a place called Salvations Reach If all goes according to plan then this mi [...]

    2. This book is number 13 in the Gaunt s Ghosts series I basically read it in a day It was like putting on a pair of your most comfy pants Abnett took his time in this book and did the whole, Let s Catch Up with EVERYONE section of the novel that the last did not Sure, it took 150 pages, but I loved it all, becaused this is Abnett s faulte I love all of the characters The Gaunt s series has become one of my favorites of all time Some might look on that with scorn because it is a book based in a uni [...]

    3. That awkward moment when a Space Marine uses the phrase sexual partner Normally I wouldn t start a series on the thirteenth book but I came across the Salvation s Reach audiobook on YouTube and am always on the lookout for things to listen to during the long hours on my computer at work Despite the large cast of characters, combined with the low sound quality of an illicit upload, Abnett pulled it off for me The previous books would certainly have fleshed the story out , but were ultimately unne [...]

    4. I had the privilege of doing the very first review of this book and had it featured on Black Library s website here is a link to that review thefoundingfields 2011 08 I ll quote some of it below Commissar Ploss returns to book reviews with Salvation s Reach The latest novel in the Gaunt s Ghosts series of books This book is bloody brilliant The Founding FieldsNote this is an advanced review The book will be available for purchase starting October 2011.Well folks, i ve finally managed to get anot [...]

    5. This is the 13th in Dan Abnett s epic Gaunt s Ghost s series, not counting the Sabbat Worlds Anthology or the novella The Iron Star, and it s one of the better entries in the series Picking up where Blood Pact left off, Salvation s Reach begins with the Tanith 1st and Only preparing for a mission of such importance and secrecy that only a handful of them are even aware of their destination Abnett spends a lot of time with the regiment during the muster before sending them off into battle, catchi [...]

    6. One of my resolutions for this year was to read books about something other than Space Marines Technically, I m sticking to that resolution, because this is supposed to be a book about the Imperial Guard, so imagine my surprise when Space Marines show up The Space Marines traveling w Warmaster Macaroth s Sabbat Worlds crusade have thus far stayed w the main battle group They haven t bothered w the second front until now 3, that s right, 3 Space Marines have agreed to join Colonel Commisar Gaunt [...]

    7. This is the 13th book in the excellent Gaunt s Ghosts series, and it s a fantastic one.The Ghosts have been sitting for quite a while, they ve not been in the fires of war for quite some time Their officers And some of the Ghosts themselves are concerned that they re losing their edge If they don t get blooded soon, they ll lose their edge and never regain it.Thankfully a golden opportunity arises.A special ops mission, something the Tanith First and Only excel at, arises The mission is to assau [...]

    8. Dan Abnett is a genius at this type of book Alot of people throw scorn at the warhammer series of books especially warhammer 40,000 But they don t realise there are authors like Dan Abnett writing within these series He is a genius He writes big war and campaigns better than most other authors out there, and he managers to give meaning and worth to the minature micro aspects of planning and organising a major offensive, so you get the whole picture It makes it believable, real, and its done in [...]

    9. As a huge fan of the series and most thing Abnett, I was excited for this since completing BLOOD PACT Well SALVATION S REACH is no let down The series we re already attached to and love suddenly takes them to a different place until you almost loathe what it does to them However, this makes you realize the power and genius of Abnett s writing altogether The story is delivered in great time and well packaged in a way that keeps it up paced and waiting for It is truly a fantastic read with some j [...]

    10. I m not sure how to classify these Warhammer books Military YesScience Fiction Kind ofFantasy Kind of There is magic based horror.In many ways they are post apocalyptic Technology has stagnated, although humanity continues to expand and exterminate anything not human.Having said that, I am enjoying this book The characters are engaging, and it is well written I highly recommend reading it, if you enjoy military science fiction, or military fantasy Is there a military fantasy category

    11. I love the Gaunts ghosts series of books.The way the various stories and characters intertwine and move on is facinating.That and knowing that none of them are actually safe makes for an edge to some of the situations that is missing in the books where you know certain characters are safe.This book kicks off another Ghosts story arc and Dan does a really good job of ratcheting up the level of intregue and the feeling that it s actually all being put on the line this time If you are a fan you won [...]

    12. A total knockout 3 Space Marines Iron Snake, White Scar and Silver Guard join Forces with Gaunt Ghosts to preform a suicidal cover op to the Archenemy HQ known as Salvation Reach Those heroes will be also remembered as the Suicidal Kings In addition, for the fans of Commisar Gaunt, there is the subliminal I m your father moment which I will not spoil.

    13. Gaunt s Ghosts are always really cool A bit slow to get started as they go through some of the manusha a military company Still good and once the assaulted Salvation s Reach, absolutely awesome I really loved the depiction of the boarding action that took place The Space Marines were a lot of fun here too.

    14. Loved it The Ghosts, Space Marines and space battlesepic, Dan Abnett has done it again The only problem is I have to wait for another book to be written now Hopefully in the next book Ibram and Ana will finally realise they are meant for each other and get together, but then again he might drag it out a bit longer

    15. This follows closely on from Blood Pact after their two year stint cooling their heels on Balhaut, the Tanith First and Only are shipping out for their next mission, a task considered so suicidally dangerous the details are only revealed en route Aboard the battered, ancient ship the Highness Ser Armaduke and guided by unproven insider intelligence, the Ghosts make for remote Chaos outpost Salvation s Reach where even their specialist skills will be sorely tested if they hope to succeed and surv [...]

    16. 2.5 3I see the urge to come up with something fresh and new in each book It s OK And the urge to come up with something quite well known what once sadly was solved in the previous books and now it s missing a little bit Yes, something what should draw attention and pull the trigger Like to let stand out a cruel fething arsehole bastard and his comrades Because we all miss someone like L C aren t we And because there is so many good men dead, give the readers a compensation in a form of someone l [...]

    17. It took me a while to get used to the narrator s accents, and I had no idea this was book 13 when I started it, but I did quite like the story I didn t like that so many story lines were incomplete, but now that I know this is a series, and the story lines are likely to be addressed in future books, I am not upset Not great writing, but a nice pastime I am definitely interested in finding the first of the series and starting from the beginning.

    18. I think Gaunt s Ghosts is reaching the point where too many side characters have been elevated into main characters With so many characters though, it turns less from being about Gaunt and Rawne to of a tale of the entire regiment However as this is a relatively short book, I feel it was too spread out for it s length, Abnett needs to increase length as he increases amount of characters About 2 3rds of this book is about characters en route, with little combat.

    19. The Warhammer 40,000 Universe Pain, suffering, hopelessness, demonic creatures of the Warp, and death In many ways, I should get sorely depressed reading the various novels that flit around within the world originally brought into being as a board game featuring miniature soldiers And yet, for one reason or another, I m always dragged back Part of the appeal is all of the horrific realism of life in the Imperium of Man this ain t no set of novels for young adults Another and important reason to [...]

    20. I love Gaunt s Ghosts I wait with baited breath for Beltan or anyone else to say Something s Awry This time I stopped reading to do a two minute happy dance These books are excellent I might not necessarily start into the series with this one but do jump in somewhere and enjoy the ride.

    21. Normally a big fan of Dan Abnett and Gaunt s Ghosts, but I m going against the grain a bit to say I wasn t particularly enraptured on this occasion It didn t help that the first 150 pages was just catching up with characters and introducing a few new ones, the pace a steady crawl When the action finally does start, the book is almost over The action was good as always and is compulsive reading when it kicks off on occasion, but the encounters are too brief to truly satisfy and I long for another [...]

    22. Dan Abnett is widely regarded as one of the best military sci fi writers in the world today And I agree.The release of another novel in the Gaunt s Ghosts series is a reason to settle down with a cuppa in a comfy chair and get lost in the universe of the 41st Millennium.In terms of the military action, Salvation s Reach is every bit as crisply written as its predecessors Plenty is happening by the reader is drawn along without any difficulty.Ibram Gaunt continues to be the hard bitten warrior an [...]

    23. There are two basic types of long novel series those where each book stands as its own story Terry Pratchett s Discworld, and Jim Butcher s Dresden Files come to mind , and then there are the series where the reader needs to have read all the previous books to get the full value of every episode Gaunt s Ghosts is definitely the latter kinds of series So if you re reading this and you ve already read the 13 books that came before, it s highly probable that you re already heavily invested, and you [...]

    24. Salvation s ReachFollowing the events of Blood Pact, Colonel Commissar Gaunt and his Ghosts are returned to active duty, and are given one of their most formidable assignments yet a mysterious space hulk known as Salvation s Reach According to the turncoat Mabbon Etogaur, the Sons of Sek have secretly been using Salvation s Reach as an RD installation concealing their activities there from all factions, even their overlord, Archon Gaur.If Sek s covert operations are brought to light, it will sha [...]

    25. I would think this book should be read as part of the larger series of 13 books so far , that make up the Gaunt s Ghosts series, part of the Warhammer 40K franchise.I read it on its own I am a fan of Warhammer 40K books there is a grim, black humour at work, vert similar to that of 2000AD that appeals to me I think its a British thing, unlike the US where generally there has to be obvious divisions of good and evil, and usually far happy endings, British sci fi is at home with moral ambiguity [...]

    26. Dan Abnett Does it Again, with great action and interesting characters.If you re reading this review, then you likely fall into one of two categories 1 You ve read previous books in the Gaunt s Ghosts series In this case here s the only sentence you ll actually care about yes, this book is just as good as the previous ones.or2 You re new to the series and wondering if you should read this book I very much recommend the Gaunt s Ghosts series because Dan Abnett is able to, as mentioned above, writ [...]

    27. Dan Abnetts Ghosts have been old friends of mine for a long time now and I do not tire of reading about their adventures By now, Abnett capitalises on the host of characters he has developed so far, giving them depth and letting their individual agendas drive the plot rather than having the regiment shipped to a new warzone every book like it used to be Well, of course there s a mission to be accomplished, but like the last book, Salvations Reach is about the journey there Abnett certainly sho [...]

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