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The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody By Dart Gray,

  • Title: The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody
  • Author: Dart Gray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Online Publication
  • Brody was 95 percent sure he was not gay.That is, until he met Linden, who is funny, intelligent, has a lip ring thing that chicks drop trow ford kissed him.The truth of the matter was, that in that moment, Brody was 60 percent sure he was not gay.Status CompleteWord count approx 39,346
    The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody Brody was percent sure he was not gay That is until he met Linden who is funny intelligent has a lip ring thing that chicks drop trow ford kissed him The truth of the matter was that in that m

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    1. Linden probably didn t go through all this song and dance, Brody thought distantly Linden realized what he was and decided to be There wasn t a mask he could put on to impress the moody outcast, so he was himself It had been a while since Brody dealt with someone who was actually that person It had never been where someone joined him outside of the crowd People were always trying to pull him in, make him fit Linden and Brody would make their own place The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody is a [...]

    2. This story is well described with the title, only while it sounds serious the book is everything but that.You would think Brody is one of those guys who will hide his sexuality, but he s really not He meets Linden, falls hard and everything else is clear in his book Now if everyone else thought the same world would be a better place Don t worry, everything works out by the end I really liked this one, and every time he mentioned a percentage I was laughing my ass off It s worth reading

    3. This story is sweet and funny and lovely and about adorable boys finding love It is HILARIOUSd I am 1000% sure that if you read you will love itHow can you not The possibilities of that are 0%Go on read ityou know you wanna.

    4. This was a really funny story with adorable protagonists Brody is really cool because he deals with his falling in love with a guy, after seemingly years of womanizing, not with angsty questioning of his sexuality, but starting from the one thing he is sure of he loves Linden, his golden boy.What comes after their meeting is something he deals with step by step, when he is ready to or when he thinks Linden needs for him to acknowledge their relationship There s not much drama in this story, only [...]

    5. Okay nobody hit me Because while I liked it, I won t read it again I loved loved Brody as a character I enjoyed his attitude and the way he looked at the world Like how it was said in the book he met this guy and fell in love right away Didn t even know what happened til he was gay That was just sublime I Loved Ernie and Mia, I truely felt like I got to know them I however didn t like Linden Nobody is perfect and I get that I could have gotten over the fact that he pushed Brody when you shouldn [...]

    6. This is a quite good story about a young teenager who realizes that he is not 95% gay The idea of him thinking in percentage is cute HOWEVER, I find the writing style paragraph construction to be confusing in order to find out who is talking thinking It puts a dent in enjoying the story in overall Also, I have never one in favor for a character view spoiler to come out under ultimatum Linden practically tells Brody to tell his mom about their relationship or theirs is a no go I personally think [...]

    7. So I made it to Chapter 11 then DNF d That s roughly 50%, but by that point I just wasn t invested enough in either character OR their relationship to care how things ended up It was a cute enough premise, but I agree with another poster the flip flopping of POV s wasn t done particularly well and could be confusing at times This really is Brody s story and at some point Linden s POV s stopped being provided so ultimately that confusion sorts itself out There were other relationships that entere [...]

    8. 3.5 3.75 stars.I really liked this story The MC, Owen Brody, is hilarious He s the cool guy, too cool for his own good, bored by his surroundings, doesn t give a shit about what other s think of him.He is direct, blunt and witty, always quick with a quip And his daily assesment percentages of what he thinks he feels are just priceless.Those percentages change gradually the he gets to know Linden, the guy he falls hard for, although he is 96 percent sure of not being gayI truly enjoyed this read [...]

    9. Argh, so, so, so almost worthy of 4 stars for the content But the writing Gng Half of the time I had no idea who said or thought what for really important stuff as well , and there were countless typos or left out words that just ruined the flow I had to reread lots of passages and still didn t really get them Also, the MiaMichael story line was largely just annoying Other than that, quite lovely story Lots of humor, but way too much fade to black.

    10. This is all the cute words swoony, sweet, adorable, funny, et cetera.They are best buds, they complement each other and yeah, soul mates even, that s all cool.But where s the lusty looks The can t keep their hands off each other And some snogging, good old fashion snogging.That s what I missed.

    11. I liked this story BUTThe beginning confused the fuck out of meI had no idea who was talking to who and who was doing what.d then once in every chapter I had to re read something just to be sure what was going on But I guess I got used to it after the first few chapters so it was not so badever it is a shame, this story in itself is very interesting and this confusion just kinda pulled it down and was a distraction The ending was a bit weird too, it was realistic I suppose but at the same time [...]

    12. The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody was great, funny and cute I really like these coming out stories set in a school world Both Owen and Linden were interesting though Linden might have been a little too out there for my taste A bit too girly The idea of a Casanove turning into something else was nice and worked out well The ending was also open in a way that continuation is possible It also gives the reader the possibility to interpret things the way he she wants it.All in all a cute story w [...]

    13. I guess I liked this okay but to quote another reviewer, it was a little too YA for me I liked Linden a lot Brody was okay but oblivious when it came to one of the girls and that got annoying When something is so obvious and all the signs are there, it is kind of frustrating when one of the characters is made to look so clueless Ernie was funny Mia, I did not like at all Michael either, but I think that was expected Overall it was a good story for what it was The ending was of a HFN which I gue [...]

    14. A lovely, sweet story It s a shame it s not published It could have done with a little editing for point of view shifts and tense etc but those things were easy to overlook as the characters were engaging and compelling And Brody s internal debates and percentages had me smiling all the way through.Definately worth a read

    15. 3.5A sweet story of young love Characters are complicated view spoiler Mother changed a little fast And the end was bittersweet not for the main couple hide spoiler The writing is a little unusual, but good It does need editing Sometimes it s hard to understand But still a good read.

    16. I took a star off because of the ending Things were just left hanging, like Mia s unrequited love and Ernie and Michael I hope the writer ll decide to write Ernie s story and please, let it have a happy ending

    17. 7.26.15I m sorry, ok I tried Its just not in the mood to read so, maybe I ll pick this back up but its been a long time since I was reading it and I just sry.

    18. A fun, cute, solid read with some grammatical errors that are annoying but don t take too much from what is otherwise a lovely story Enjoyabled free.

    19. 4.5 starsloved it There were a few times I was confused about who was talking but other than that, this was a solid read I wish it hadn t ended when it did.

    20. 2.75 stars.The writing was pretty rough The structure and head hopping wasn t fun to sort through but the story itself was good.

    21. Now, I feel like I know Brody and I am starting to talk in percentage I like this book, I like Brody He is so genuine Cute romance.

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