[KINDLE] ☆ Inocência Perdida | BY Ç Nora Roberts

Inocência Perdida By Nora Roberts,

  • Title: Inocência Perdida
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9789897100048
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • Na pequena cidade de Innocence, no Mississ pi, os dias s o compridos,as noites perfumadas e os segredos dif ceis de preservar Mas quando um assassino brutal ceifa as vidas das mulheres mais bonitas do local, amigos e vizinhos s o obrigados a perguntar se se se trata de um estranho espreita no p ntano ou de algu m mesmo ali aolado.Esgotada por uma carreira fren tica cNa pequena cidade de Innocence, no Mississ pi, os dias s o compridos,as noites perfumadas e os segredos dif ceis de preservar Mas quando um assassino brutal ceifa as vidas das mulheres mais bonitas do local, amigos e vizinhos s o obrigados a perguntar se se se trata de um estranho espreita no p ntano ou de algu m mesmo ali aolado.Esgotada por uma carreira fren tica como violinista, Caroline Waverly chega a Innocence na esperan a de que a casa da sua falecida av lhe providencie a tranquilidade de que tanto precisa Mas Innocence tem algo mais para lhe oferecer o bonito e encantador Tucker Longstreet Tucker conhecido pelos seus romances curtos e superficiais Mas quando v Caroline sente que ela diferente de todas as mulheres que conheceu A reservada violinista tamb m sente uma excita o inesperada ao p dele, mas quando descobre a terceira v tima nas guas pantanosas por tr s da sua casa e Tucker considerado o principal suspeito, o seu caso de Ver o pode transformar se num caso de vida ou morte.
    Inoc ncia Perdida Na pequena cidade de Innocence no Mississ pi os dias s o compridos as noites perfumadas e os segredos dif ceis de preservar Mas quando um assassino brutal ceifa as vidas das mulheres mais bonitas do

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    1. You are probably dying to ask me What are you doing reading a romance published in 1991 Isn t it terribly outdated Well, I read it because the audiobook came HIGHLY recommended by friends and I put a lot of stock in friend recommendations And yes, it s a bit outdated there are no cell phones, no internet and the police procedure is a bit iffy we know better now that an FBI agent shouldn t be consorting with the sister of a suspect but the book is old enough that it doesn t feel weird, if that ma [...]

    2. Solid 4 StarsI really enjoyed this book and the narrator was fantastic My only complaint was there are sooooo many characters involved at times it was confusing and I would have to stop and remember who s who I really didn t figure out who the killer was till about 3 4 or into the bookI kept changing my mind Very good storyline and characters with plenty of aghast and heart beating scenes Tucker and CarolynThe hero Tucker Longstreet is not my average kind of hero he s very Non Alpha but he is s [...]

    3. ETA 4 7 12 The unagridged version narrated by Tom Stechschulte is now available on audible 5 for the narrator narration Listened to this on audio narrated by the masterful Tom Stechschulte Absolutely amazingly deep, sexy voice Recommended if you can find it While listening to a book on audio the reader is forced to listen to all the description and not skim I m guilty of skimming at times, especially when the action gets going and I m on the edge of my seat While listening to Stechschulte s exce [...]

    4. What I love about Nora Roberts books is she makes sure that the reader is easily drawn to her characters She paints vivid pictures of both Tucker and Caroline from the very beginning of the book and continues to develop them through out I loved how Tucker and Caroline seemed to bring out the best and worst in each other Since this book was published over two decades ago, there are a lot of cultural references that are dated and cell phones just didn t exist then Just ignore them and enjoy a fant [...]

    5. Narrator was good, but I didn t care for it Too depressing Quite dated Felt even older than 1991 Almost didn t finish it, but wanted to see if I had the villain pegged yes Addy Lou, Bobby T, Billy Lee, Lulu, Della, Darlene, Earlene, Christy, Sissy, etc My poor little head hurts So many southern fried characters it was a trial to keep track of who belonged to which family I didn t laugh once, and rarely smiled I like to laugh I like heartwarming romances with a dangerous, suspenseful edge and wit [...]

    6. This was a three and a half star southern mystery that was punched up to a four star by Tom Stechshulte s narration Nora did a wonderful job making the foliage and surroundings so real that I felt like I was there along with the characters The murder mystery was a pretty good Southern drama with original characters mixed with some romance and a bit of comic relief.

    7. Innocence is a small town and the most prominent and success family is the Longstreet siblings Tucker Longstreet is the hero and one who loves a good nap and when the mood strikes willing woman with no relationship complications He is in charge of the many businesses his family has interest in He is one very laid back type and one who takes life as it comes He is not one to get worked up for many things unless it is needed or pushed to it and many underestimate him His last woman has just confro [...]

    8. Well done romantic mystery suspense I was engaged all the way through.Wonderful character creation Wonderful dialogue Various conflicts are well done.An example of fun dialogue Tucker is this slow talking rich southern man who sleeps with a lot of women Heroine is not interested He makes a seductive comment to her She says You re sick He replies I do feel a fever comin on I loved the way clues and things came out gradually during the book like the clue someone saw that led them to discover who t [...]

    9. A great old book that s not dated at all Loved the mystery and all the details that went on, it was a really long book I had guessed the killer correctly so I m proud of myself lol

    10. Unabridged audiobook version from Speaking of Audiobooks dated 9 30 10 Narrated by Tom StechschulteAttempting to listen to a bad copy of Carnal Innocence, I just knew there was so much to enjoy that I was missing because of all that extra noise Giving up on my library copy, I was delighted when my friend offered to loan me a copy I totally fell into the story and in love with Tucker Tom Stechschulte s narration is superb and I believe it s his interpretation of Tucker that made him so, well, to [...]

    11. Gostei bastante deste livro, apesar de n o me ter cativado tanto como outros que j li da Nora Tem bastante suspense e mist rio e um pouco menos de romance do que habitual, mas o pouco que tem muito giro e divertido, dei umas boas gargalhadas com as personagens deste livro, principalmente com o Tucker uma personagem masculina um pouco diferente das que a Nora costuma criar, mas n o menos cativante e com a prima Lulu Mas o que ma cativou mesmo foi a parte policial, nunca imaginaria que era o assas [...]

    12. 3.5 5 4 stars B I read the paperback of this book so many years ago that I couldn t remember much except that I enjoyed it When our Audiobook group was discussing the great narration of the audible version I thought I would check it out I really did enjoy this new to me narrator, and he brought the rating up a bit.I liked the way Nora Roberts lays the ground work for her stories With her descriptions of the town, the people, the main characters and the tidbits of history, I had a crystal clear i [...]

    13. 4.5 stars The South really came alive in this book, a lot of it due to the brilliant narration by Tom Stechschulte Those Southern accents were just so good, coupled with a great story and this is a fabulous romantic suspense, even 20 years later.

    14. Don t get excited Innocence is a very small town in Mississippi although, yes, it is a very carnal small town The kind of town where everybody knows your business as well as the business of your family 200 years back and it s all still current.A world famous violinist has escaped to Innocence to find herself and her roots Roots that are based on a very short visit as a young girl to her grandparents Unfortunately for Caroline, she has arrived at the tail end of three nasty murders We get to know [...]

    15. I can be an outsider, or I can belong It comes down to how you treat others, doesn t it Whoever said that you can t go home again Caroline Waverly has fled to Innocence Missisippi to escape the burdens of her high stress career as a famous violinist and the pressure her mother imposes on her Staying in the house that her grandparents owned, she finds a slower pace than what she is used to she discovers the joy of smalltown living warm friends, friendly neighbors, and even romance But there is g [...]

    16. Story and narration EXCELLENT 4.5, narrator Tom Stechshulte did a fantastic job with the southern Just right Audiogals Classic ListVery much like an old movie with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward type, like The Long Hot Summer but unlike that movie which was mostly melodrama and a hot love affair this one had a serial killer But the pace reminded me so much of the movie, sipping ice teas, gossiping, cotton plantation and the hierarchy of the town of Innocence, maybe even a little bit of Peyton P [...]

    17. The setting of the sweltering, southern small town is fantastic It is inhabited with flamboyant characters who get under your skin quickly They breath life in to their town with gossip, passion, love, death and everything in between Add a rivting suspense with twists and turns that surprised the hell outta me and I was enthralled by this story from beginning to end The romance was heart tugging sweet, Caroline and Tucker are endearing characters with their personal quirks and their chemistry was [...]

    18. This was a fantastic read Caroline comes back to Innocence, MS to her grandparents home to destress She is a classical violinist who is burned out She meets Tucker Longstreet, who seems to be a lazy, well off guy who doesn t do much except womanize Ms Roberts takes us on a wild ride as gruesome murders of women in this town are happening The twists and turns in this book are unbelievably good This was a big 5 star read for me Highly recommend.

    19. 2.5 starsThis was just too dated and redneck for me to really get into I didn t like the lazy assed, but generous of course , hero with no ambition other than to sit in his hammock all day I didn t like the racist KKK elements or the driving drunk that everyone seemed to do without a second thought.The best part about this book was the narrator.

    20. REVIEW OF AUDIO KINDLE MARCH 28, 2014Narrator Tom StechschulteProbably my favorite Nora Roberts, for now NR, like Linda Howard, is a hit or miss with me, unlike Sandra Brown, whose books I usually do well with.The Narrator Stechschulte, or Tom easier to spell is every bit the seasoned and excellent narrator he is I d heard him once on a Christine Feehan Ghostwalkers series which he also narrates but Carnal Innocence shows off his skills a lot Tom s Tucker Longstreet brings across the man s Sout [...]

    21. This was not a favorite of mine I m going to attribute it to the fact that it was originally written almost 20 years ago The language was unacceptable to me a lot of racist remarks and situations , the lack of technology bothered me, and overall the whole thing just felt dated.Also, the plot was just bizarre and there seemed to be a constant crazy person trying to kill someone, it just felt that there were multiple storylines that were vying for the main plot The romance was lackluster and I fig [...]

    22. It took quite some time for the story to develop and I had a hard time sticking with it Somewhere around halfway, it got really interesting, the characters came alive and the mystery got suspenseful The relationship between Caroline and Tucker developed slowly and unfolded very nicely Both of them had commitment issues that needed resolution before they could have a decent chance at a romance and it was handled perfectly s the highlight of the book The whodunit factor is pretty high and there s [...]

    23. Overall this was a good one A murder mystery set in the south Good murder mystery, but could have been a bit better a bit suspenseful The romance was a bit insta loveish Their first lovemaking scene was quite weird and non sexy But it got a bit better afterwards Again, just like in my previous read Chasing Fire , the killer view spoiler is just plain crazy She killed because she was crazy There is no other hidden motive Which is a bit disappointing I actually wanted a valid reason hide spoiler

    24. Great book I was somewhat surprised when the killer was revealed It made sense though Since I live in the heart of the deep south, I got a chuckle out of some of the scenes in the book We may talk a little slower but we aren t all dimwitted I think she proved that with atleast the main characters in the book Not so much with the other characters All in all, a good book.

    25. Great narration Fun listen Classic old school romance novel Lite on bedroom scenes, but great chemistry and satisfying HEA with the main couple.Nice one far a long drive on a sunny dayDefinitely recommended

    26. Four stars for the superb narration by Tom Stechshultz, who brings Tucker Longstreet to life Still not a Nora Roberts fan, but I simply fell in love with the hero, Tucker Longstreet, a charming Southern lothario with hidden depths and lots of heart

    27. Niet cht mijn favoriete boek van Nora Roberts, het verhaal was net niet boeiend genoeg om mij aan het lezen te zetten en te blijven lezen Ook al zijn de personages op zich goed uitgewerkt, toch ontbrak het mij aan spanning in dit boek.

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