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Eterna Paixão By Gwyn Cready,

  • Title: Eterna Paixão
  • Author: Gwyn Cready
  • ISBN: 9789722045070
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • A historiadora de arte Campbell Stratford est prestes a afirmar se no mundo da Arte tornando se na nova directora executiva do famoso Carnegie Museum of Art, em Pittsburg Para que tal aconte a est dependente do contrato de um livro.Tendo em conta que o seu grande amor no mundo da arte s o os artistas do s culo XVII, Cam resolve escrever uma fictografia biografia ficciA historiadora de arte Campbell Stratford est prestes a afirmar se no mundo da Arte tornando se na nova directora executiva do famoso Carnegie Museum of Art, em Pittsburg Para que tal aconte a est dependente do contrato de um livro.Tendo em conta que o seu grande amor no mundo da arte s o os artistas do s culo XVII, Cam resolve escrever uma fictografia biografia ficcionada escandalosamente sexy e reveladora, sobre um dos importantes artistas desse per odo, Anthony Van Dyck.Decide fazer algumas pesquisas na Internet para tomar conhecimento de factos reais que pretende entrosar com a fic o e fortuitamente enviada , como se de uma m quina do tempo se tratasse, para o ateli de um outro artista menor, Sir Peter Lely, um pintor da corte, por quem decide ser retratada e com quem se envolve numa noite de arrebatadora paix o, quando o seu intuito descobrir como poss vel a mudan a temporal.O Gr mio Executivo que tem como fun o supervisionar as almas de artistas j falecidos, quando toma conhecimento da inten o de um livro escandaloso que est a ser escrito por algu m no s culo XXI, faz planos para impedir a sua publica o, e o seu intermedi rio o playboy Lely.Campbell regressa a casa e descobre a trai o, mas antes que se possa virar contra o seu amante, Sir Peter aparece de surpresa no futuro e transforma a sua vida no s culo XXI num verdadeiro caos.
    Eterna Paix o A historiadora de arte Campbell Stratford est prestes a afirmar se no mundo da Arte tornando se na nova directora executiva do famoso Carnegie Museum of Art em Pittsburg Para que tal aconte a est dep

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    1. Divertido, sexy uma aventura que n o vai querer perder N o teria dito melhor.Este um romance que recomendo vivamente, tanto pelo romance em si, como o humor vivo e inteligente presente, como a cultura aqui inserida eficazmente Principalmente esta ltima, que t o subtil mas ao mesmo tempo t o importante tanto para o desenrolar e a riqueza da hist ria, que acabamos por nos aperceber que a tem tica da pintura o que de melhor h nesta obra.A sinopse fez que com o inicio me surgisse um pouco confuso, m [...]

    2. I read Cready s second book, Seducing Mr Darcy, on a whim and was treated to an absolute delight of a novel witty, intelligent, exciting, sexy Since one of my biggest complaints with Romance novels is the weak writing which encapsulates everything from poor character development to clich s to insufferable dialogue I was thrilled to find a writer of Romance I could trust, relax with and enabled me to enjoy the story.This is the second book of Cready s I ve read, and her newest release, and it s j [...]

    3. Tenho antes de tudo que dizer que para mim esta sinopse muito enganadora A ideia que transmite dos acontecimentos e da viagem no tempo n o tem nada a ver com o que realmente acontece no livro Eu nunca na minha vida estaria espera da linha de desenvolvimento que as viagens no tempo tomaram.Em rela o ao livro em si, h v rios aspectos que gostava de focar Se por um lado a hist ria simples e o livro de f cil leitura, por outro lado ao in cio achei a escrita da autora bastante confusa No entanto ao l [...]

    4. From my blog return Flirting With Forever is an intriguing twist on time travel, romance and a healthy dose of art history Peter Lely the successor to Van Dyck as the royal portraitist is quite trapped The Executive Guild, which manages artist department of souls passing through the afterlife, needs Peter s assistance Mertons, the time jump accountant has discovered that a person by the name of Campbell Stratford is writing a book, which they view as an embarrassment to Van Dyck The Guild Manage [...]

    5. Gostei bastante da sinopse do livro, um historiadora de arte, uma pintor, uma viagem ao passado e um regresso ao presente, para mim os ingredientes perfeitos para uma bela hist ria.Apesar da minha apreens o inicial ap s ler as primeiras p ginas que se revelaram um pouco confusas, o restante livro apresenta uma leitura flu da com bastante humor e perip cias pelo meio Na viagem ao passado somos cativados pela ac o decorrida no interior de um atelier de um pintor bastante atarefado com a resolu o d [...]

    6. woman, art historian and museum curator, accidentally travel back in time to a sexy artist sexy artist is actually a plant by some time travel policing agency, he s supposed to stop her from spilling the sexy beans about some other fancy artist Problematically they re both too stupid to live She doesn t seemed to be worried by much after time travel, except if she can get cell phone reception amd if she can get in sexy artist s pants he doesn t seem suspicious at all of this obviously out of tim [...]

    7. This was my first time reading Gwyn Cready and for me it was an entertaining read Ms Cready has a very nice writing style I loved that humor was blended in with the romance I did think the way that Cam got to the 16th century was a bit odd, but very creative Flirting with Forever was a light, fun read Full of romance and mischief I don t read too many time travel stories but this was a good read If you like a bit of humor and time travel with you romance you ll enjoy this one.

    8. While researching history on the artist she s using for her book a book that s sure to push her into her dream job as curator for the museum she works for the heroine unwittingly discovers a time port through of all things and finds herself in the 1600th century There, stark naked and horribly confused she realizes soon enough that not only has she traveled back in time but she s in the presence of the lesser known artist Peter Lely Instantly she s captive by his cool sexy attitude and his whole [...]

    9. This was a wacky time travel romance I know, what a premise, you think something like that would be doomed from the start But Cready actually pulls it off I admit I enjoyed Seducing Mr Darcyway than I expected to, and I was intrigued to see just how many stories in the same vein she could pull off I definitely enjoyed this one, though it was a little less for me than Seducing Mr Darcy In this novel, art historian and curator Campbell Stratford Cam is in line for a promotion at the Carnegie Muse [...]

    10. Cam is up to her neck in trouble Her publisher wants her book yesterday, someone is trying to sabotage her chances to become the museum new curator, and her ex fiance is trying to horn his way back into her life in ways than one And she doesn t even know everything that he has done and continues to do while trying to woo Cam into complacency To appease her publisher, Cam decides to write a fictography, part fact, part fiction account of a subject close to her heart, painters of the 17th century [...]

    11. This review was originally posted on my review blog fallingofftheshelfCampbell Stratford is sure to make a name for herself when she releases her sexy tell all fictographies of famous seventeenth century artists What her readers don t know, is that she is intimately involved with her subjects than they could ever imagine It s all thanks to a time portal she accidentally discovered while in a frantic rush for information to make her book that much memorable This portal leads her straight into t [...]

    12. True confession time I don t normally read time travel novels I like contemporary novels and I like historical novels, but rarely do they come together in a way that works for me Flirting with Forever cheerfully grabbed those assumptions with a tissue and threw them in the garbage, and for that I am definitely grateful.The writing style in this book is hilarious there s truly no other way to describe it I was reminded of Douglas Adams and Janet Evanovich the first nine or so Stephanie Plum books [...]

    13. I m not really a fan of romance novels, but I was in the mood to read a cheesy one Not a super cheesy one where the people get busy in every chapter and there s a photo of a half naked guy on the cover, but something tasteful Sadly, I was kind of embarrassed to be hanging out in the romance section, but whatever I picked this one because I liked the cover and because it s a mix between present time and 1673, which at the time sounded interesting, but it confused me a little Cam works at an art [...]

    14. Campbell Cam Stratford works in an art museum and the director is about to retire Cam wants the job badly and she her only competition is her sister She knows she would be a shoo in if she was published, but the deadline is drawing close and Cam is no where near ready with her book.Peter Lely is dead He was the portraitist to the king, and was renowned for his well endowed paintings of many women When artists pass, they are monitored by the Guild, who makes sure their reputations stay reputable [...]

    15. A primeira palavras que me vem cabe a para classificar este livro confus o Uma hist ria com um in cio um pouco desorganizado, falta de uma apresenta o coerente de aspectos importantes, um final um pouco apressado onde apesar de conclusivo ficou uma ponta solta, ponta esta que est associada a grande parte do conte do do livro.A pr pria sinopse d a entender que as coisas v o decorrer de uma forma e quando lemos o livros n o bem assim Por exemplo, na sinopse est escrito que Peter aparece de surpres [...]

    16. OkI love time travel stories This one was somewhat entertaining Some plot twists but too trite for me Just my opinion.

    17. This was my first time reading Gwyn Cready and I really enjoyed her funny voice and interesting characters She did an especially good job with the hero Peter Lely and I felt like we understood him much than we did the heroine Cam For all of Cam s good points and there were many I questioned why she didn t realize her boyfriend was a scumbag or why she allowed her sister to constantly put herself in Cam s way Somehow those two things didn t mess with the rest of Cam s personality and I wanted to [...]

    18. I ve never really read a time travel romance and I think Ms Cready has opened my eyes to a whole new genre I really like the way the time travel bit is done in this story I think there was good development when it came to both the 17th century and the present time I never found myself confused or disoriented as to what time frame I was in I m sure there was a lot of homework done by Ms Cready to accomplish that with such vivid details.I have to admit that it had a slow start for me but once Cam [...]

    19. The Blog Critics Books post sums up my feelings about Flirting with Forever by Gwyn Cready perfectly I should have read the pitch closely The pitch didn t have cover art, which would have made it obvious that it s a bodice ripper, so I went on the time travel description alone Big mistake.In the present day there s Campbell Cam Stratford, an art historian and author, with a scandalous fictographies Then in the afterlife there s Peter Lely, once famous artist, who is now tasked with stopping Cam [...]

    20. I love time travel romances, I have always had a special place in my heart for them since I read Teresa Medieros A Touch of Enchantment so when I get the opportunity to read a new one, I definitely go for it As I started reading this book there were a few things that caught me off guard from the beginning, the cover, OMG I love the cover, it s beautiful Next, the names of the characters, Ms Cready definitely doesn t fall back on the old standbysere is a guy in the book named Jacket for goodness [...]

    21. The Executive Guild is in charge of supervising the afterlife of artist They have learned about Campbell Cam Stratford Ms Stratford aims to release a fictography about the famous artist, Van Dyck What Cam is saying about Van Dyck could ruin his reputation as people knew him The Guild wants Peter Lely to stop Stratford from releasing the fictography Cam was working on the Van Dyck piece, when all of a sudden she felt a weird sensation The next thing she knows, she is nude Cam realizes that she is [...]

    22. Time travel, romance, art history and kick ass shoes, what could I want in my summer reading This book has it all.Art historian Campbell Stratford wants to clinch a major promotion and determines that the best way to do it is to secure a substantial donation to the museum and to publish a tell all book about 17th century Felmish painter Anthony van Dyck In the midst of her research she inadvertantly ends up in the studio of Peter Lely in 1673 London, England From this point the story takes all [...]

    23. Suspend belief.If you do this is a delightful time travel romance Especially for an art history major like me Don t worry, though if you are not It is written in a way to bring everyone to the easel as it were whether you know anything about Restoration art or not It is fast paced, joyful and full of lots of great details for those of us that do love art history.If you like time travel novels and I do this is a fun read Our hero, painter Peter Lely is brought back into his life to stop our heroi [...]

    24. This is the first book I ve read by Ms Cready and it had it s flaws As a general rule I love time travel novels but this one got on my nerves The Executive Guild is an interesting concept but complicated and poorly explained What are the chances that cell phone reception would be possible in 1673 None yet Cam gets text messages and is actually able to make a lengthy phone call Unrealistic Cam doesn t get all bent out of shape having time traveled which again is totally unrealistic And Peter does [...]

    25. This was the first time travel romance I ve read and I was impressed I was surprised at the the length of the book, but I came to the conclusion that this was because of having to pop back and forth in time I assume in time travel romance that this makes attention to detail very important.Even though it was a longer book for a mass market Gwyn s writing is excellent, so that wasn t a problem for me This was a carry around in my purse bookI m sure you all have those LOL I would read it here and t [...]

    26. Flirting with Forever will give an art novice a tantalizing view of the Artisan masters during the seventeenth century Cam was a delightful character with witty dialog that held this story together with fun Peter and his afterlife with the Executive Guild were a bit daunting and hard to follow at the beginning However, as the plot developed you could feel the common thread between an artist, his subject, and the passion that a talented artist such as Peter brings to life on canvas and in the liv [...]

    27. If The Girl With a Pearl Earring suffered a severe case of brain damage, it might come out something like this Gwen Cready virtually dons a saddle on her third time out the gate, trotting out the same old tricks thinly explained time travel hijinks wardrobe malfunctions and covering virtually the same ground only with artists instead of literary characters or pirates There s niche writing, and then there s being a one trick pony, and this poorly edited mess puts Cready firmly in the latter categ [...]

    28. Cam is writing a book about 17th century painters and she s calling it fictogrophies As an art historian, Cam does know a thing or two about the great artists she is focusing on Some would say that she knows a little too much What s a girl supposed to do with a newly found time portal At first I thought that this would be a tad bit corny I like corny, so that was why I agreed to review this book It wasn t quite what I expected, it was better I wonder if Cam will show me this time portal It s a r [...]

    29. I really liked this book, the loving, the humor, the characters the villain , the story and its potential That is until I got to the second half of the book And all the bad things that can happen to a little romance story did happen The story trickled down in to a messy puddle of sadness, misunderstandings, angst, petty revenge, and honor, oh the honor It was as if the plotline suddenly became lost, doddering about And we were suddenly being distracted by every trite action of every romance hero [...]

    30. Flirting with Forever by Gwyn Cready was a very captivating read and one I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new romance to tackle We re given a great look at an artists studio a la the sixteenth century as well as the intricacies of a romance neither Cam or Peter were looking for Flirting with Forever comes out March 30th and is definitely worth a second look when you re browsing through the bookstore at the end of the month.To read my full review, click here.

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