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A Deadly Kind of Love By Victor J. Banis,

  • Title: A Deadly Kind of Love
  • Author: Victor J. Banis
  • ISBN: 9781615819157
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing bad is supposed to happen in Palm Springs At least that s what San Francisco private detective Tom Danzel and his partner Stanley Korski believe But when their friend Chris finds a dead body in his hotel room bed, Tom and Stanley drive out to help the local police investigate What they discover is a gangster s plot, a rather nasty green snake, and an elegant hotNothing bad is supposed to happen in Palm Springs At least that s what San Francisco private detective Tom Danzel and his partner Stanley Korski believe But when their friend Chris finds a dead body in his hotel room bed, Tom and Stanley drive out to help the local police investigate What they discover is a gangster s plot, a rather nasty green snake, and an elegant hotel that offers delicacies not usually found on a room service menu The two detectives are going to have to rely on their skills and each other if they re going to survive this very deadly kind of love.
    A Deadly Kind of Love Nothing bad is supposed to happen in Palm Springs At least that s what San Francisco private detective Tom Danzel and his partner Stanley Korski believe But when their friend Chris finds a dead body i

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    1. 4.5 starsSome explanations beforehand A Deadly Kind of Love Tom and Stanley Book 1 is not a first book of a TOTALLY new series by Victor J.Banis Did the names ring a bell Yes, you haven t been mistaken Of course not Tom and Stanley One of the most unforgettable couples that MM Romance genre can offer The leading men and the main protagonists of Deadly Mystery Series And A Deadly Kind of Love is actually the book 6 in this series I ALWAYS welcome a decision to republish the good books that tend t [...]

    2. The 6th book of the Deadly series, opens with Chris Rafferty Tom and Stanley s friend stumbles into a cold body on his bed, while he is staying at Winter Beach Inn, the gay inn, in Palm Springs He quickly calls Tom and Stanley, so then the couple leaves to Palm Springs, in order to comfort Chris, while at the same time, trying to get around to gives a little extra help for the Palm Springs PD Soon, bodies are piling up, secrets about the guests at the inn come to the surface Mystery wise, I have [...]

    3. Yay for Tom and Stanley as they take the lead in solving three murders at a gay inn at Palm Springs This is the last book in the Deadly series unless the author writes another one Stanley and Tom are now an established couple and also established detectives As they get to the bottom of this crime we get to see them still deeply in love, but recognising that there is still much for them to learn about each other.Tom is still very much the macho man and somewhat uneasy about being part of a gay co [...]

    4. A wonderful addition to the series I was so immersed in the book, I wasn t aware I was nearing the end and when I reached the last page I actually groaned out loud I didn t want to leave the guys As usual there were many funny moments I laughed so hard when Tom wanted to order an extra rare steak Just slap the cow on the butt and send her in D It was great to see Tom and Stanley angst free Although I can understand Stanley s fears After all Tom was straight all his life and isn t attracted to me [...]

    5. I loved reading Stanley and Tom s latest adventure These two have been through so much since they got together and it was nice to see them happy and in love and angst free They still have their moments of worry about the other and their relationship but really, doesn t everyone at one time or another An all around entertaining, funny, sexy story I d love to read Deadly Mysteries in the future although from what I ve heard we may not get any Stanley and Tom adventures Too bad

    6. 6 Stars This 6th installment is the best so far I enjoyed the Tom Stanley interactions than ever, no relationship angst this time Tom is at his most charming and Stanley isn t doing anything to tempt himself.The mystery was fun and, of course, well written Absolutely recommended.

    7. Very good m m mystery in which Tom and Stanley head to Palm Springs to help a friend who found a dead man in his hotel bed I must confess that it was refreshing to read a nearly angst free installment of their story

    8. Always good to have Tom and Stanley, but there were a few points in this one where it got too nasty for me I think I may have turned into a total wuss when it comes to horrific, bloody fictional killings.

    9. I will be honest in saying that at first I was not enjoying this book Or at least that was for the first couple of pages anyway and then after that something caught my attention and suddenly I was sucked into this mystery Turns out that the excitement of this book ramped up tremendously throughout the read and I was hooked I have not read the previous books in this series but that was not necessary either I was not lost as to what was going on so I believe that it could be said that this book ca [...]

    10. The 6th and possibly final in the Deadly series is a nail hitting on the edge thriller.Stanley and Tom find themselves investigating a possible murder in Palm Springs after they get a call from mutual friend Chris Chris is on vacation at an exclusive gay Inn, when he stumbles upon a dead body in his bed.Tom and Stanley drive from San Francisco to Palm Springs, sure they could go via plane,but since Tom was shot and has a metal plate in his hip all thanks to Stanley s deranged late brother they d [...]

    11. Ahhh, Love This book was so incredibly romantic I needed some kind of reassurance after the almost cheating of the fifth book and I was not disappointed.There wasn t much interaction of Tom and Stanley as a couple they kiss once , but their words, the fierce protectiveness of each other, the knowing smiles are enough to see the strong bond that exists between them I still can t believe we are talking of the same Tom from the first book, when he told Stanley I don t even like to look at your dick [...]

    12. Banis s excellent writing, humor and, naturally, the characters of Stanley and Tom are some of the trademarks of the series and A Deadly Kind of Love is not an exception This book has surprisingly little drama in relationship department although the echoes of past problems still exist It was refreshing though to read about TomStanley, a committed couple, certain in one another The setting was very interesting, but obvious bad guy and over the top ending lowered my rating Tom and Stanley remain o [...]

    13. Another great addition to the series and to think I almost missed it I didn t realize that Mr Banis had switched the series to Dreamspinner Press and didn t catch that the book was in the Deadly Mystery series until I d read the first few pages.The book is fast moving, the story well plotted and the characters well developed I loved the setting at the gay resort and Frederick and the use of the Green Mojave snake as a means of killing There s also plenty of funny moments and danger Tom and Stanl [...]

    14. OK, I really loved A Deadly Kind of Love BUT I could not believe view spoiler when Stanley walked off with Randy Even Stanley s so called doubts where flaky He goes off on his own even to his own room after the snake and the thugs, and then falls for Randy s trick The guy was fishy from the start AND was tailing them the whole time But what does Stanley do He doesn t bat an eyelash when Randy tells Stanley that he made a promise to Tom to watch over him I mean, c mon It just seemed very stupid o [...]

    15. Although I have enjoyed this series of books From Victor Banis, when I came to the end I felt as though he must have been on a deadline from the publisher as the denouement seemed rather rushed and the ending cut short On the plus side though the story was strong and made me think of some Agatha Christie books I have read.

    16. I feel like I was waiting forever for this one to come out I love the entire series and this one didn t disappoint It was fun to read a story with Stanley and Tom where they were happy together beginning to end Hoping for another one.

    17. My favorite book in the series, it rated 4.5 stars until the extremely abrupt non endingI actually went back to check if there was a period at the end of the last sentence There was, but it really felt like the book ended mid sentence.

    18. Haven t read the previous books but I liked the detectives together I liked Chris but there wasn t enough of him in this book for my liking since the wholes beginning of the book was centered around him and then only little bits of him through the rest Yoki broke my heart

    19. Love reading about Tom and Stanley again They ve come a long way from book 1 5 star most of the way but I wanted from them I understand V Banis is not continuing the series so wished the ending had been a little less abrupt.

    20. Loved this series loved Tom s no nonsense approach balanced against Stanley s dramatic energy Some intriguing mystery, funny dialogue inner and outer and sexy characters This is a series that could keep coming 7 out now and I would just keep reading

    21. Despite starting this series with book 6, I was not left too much in the dark regarding the investigative duo s relationship This proved a fun, summer beach read type of book.

    22. My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    23. Last book in this series Probablywish it wasn t sohave enjoyed every minute of the adventures of Tom and Stanley

    24. Oh,I am so sad this series is over So much good detecting, so much love, so many red and other colors herrings Great read

    25. Young men dropping like flies at a super swank gay resort in Palm Springs Yakuza and samurai action and intrigue Tom and Stan in fine form tracking down the bad guys.

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