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A Mother's Day: A Short Story By Kaira Rouda,

  • Title: A Mother's Day: A Short Story
  • Author: Kaira Rouda
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A short story from the celebrated author of HERE, HOME, HOPEThree mothers Three sons One day that changes their lives forever.
    A Mother s Day A Short Story A short story from the celebrated author of HERE HOME HOPEThree mothers Three sons One day that changes their lives forever

    One thought on “A Mother's Day: A Short Story”

    1. The same tragic event is either witnessed, or affecting the lives of three Moms, and how they respond to it It was actually quite intriguing and interesting, albeit too short, but it gave me a flavor of Kaira Rouda s writing style, which was enjoyable.

    2. WE WERE A BLOCK FROM MY OFFICE DOWNTOWN AS WE SAT in my car waiting for the light to change, I smiled over at Asher, who grinned back before remembering to put on his I feel sick face I am a sucker for that smile When I think of having to share him someday with a girlfriend and then a wife, I cannot bear it I reached over and tousled his blond mop I loosened my grip on Ben as Sandy reached over to hold him He was adorable, especially right now At six months old, with big blue eyes and chubby bab [...]

    3. What a gripping and amazing testimony to motherhood and the courage it takes to be who we are One day a tragic event strikes and it will forever connect three mothers in a way that they never thought possible.They will probably never meet but their bond can t be broken.One mother is driving with her son, having a day off from school to just spend time togetherAnother mother is trying to get her life back on track after having a baby and struggling with postpartumThe last mother has a son with As [...]

    4. This is actually, IMO, THREE short stories, all tied together by a single event Three mothers of sons, three very different lives, and they all have an epiphany after a tragedy occurs It s a very quick read, very well written, and it definitely tugs at the heart strings Great for reminding all of us mothers what really matters.

    5. When I started this short story I wondered how it could possibly turn out as a good story with the event that happened in the first chapter After seeing the way Ms Rouda took the chapters and gave us a view into the mothers and children, it all made perfect sense Nicely written very quick read sad moment but wonderfully heartwarming Ms Rouda you re Light Blue

    6. A Mother s Day by Kaira Sturdivant RoudaStories of what others saw as they started their day All witnessed the man jumping off the ledge of the building and how it effected them.One smells others as colors and relates to his mother after giving her a Mothers day gift what others he s friends with have for a color.

    7. Three mothers, all in different stages of motherhood, all experience the same tragic event right before Mother s Day Each reacts differently, and the story is complete as is, yet feel that a fully fleshed out novel could be made from this short story.

    8. A Mother s Day by Kaira RoudaReviewed by Heather RaglandA tragic sight, momentarily suspended in the morning sky, touches the lives of three mothers Julie, Lynne, and Mary are shocked and troubled by the horrific incident The heartbreaking event has a very different effect on each woman Their stories and the connection to the tragedy create major changes in each woman s life Will these changes be for the better or worse The major themes in A Mother s Day deal with the issues of coping with trage [...]

    9. Rollercoaster of emotionsMothers day is not the same for all the women neither in this book nor in real life It touched my heart I had to finish it in a go to find out what.who.why good positive captivating read

    10. Three mothers connected unknowingly to the same tragedy, each having their own story This short, poignant story pulls hard at your heartstrings As a mother, each scenario is challenging I learned something about Asperger s and postpartum depression that I never knew.

    11. One of those mushy mom stories Some words tugged at my heart, others were like memories of past instances with my own children It was interesting though that the stories were separate life narratives of three different moms affected by 1 common tragedy.

    12. Good readInteresting turn on a short story It is too bad the story couldn t have been longer It was a good story.

    13. Really Was this meant to be a story I feel like I have just wasted half an hour of my life that I won t get back A real waste of time.

    14. A very weird collection of mother s day stories that bring to the forefront the different lives and struggles that mothers go through All through a shared experience I found it very dark at times and hard to see the light but at the same time was glad that attention was brought about some very real medical conditions that mothers can go through.

    15. This was a free kindle book I picked out a while back so I forgot what made me want to read it I figured it s a short story so why not give it a go I didn t read what the story was about only that it was a short story I didn t realize that there were three stories and all three of the stories are intertwined That little bit of information will help you when connecting what s going on All the stories had sad topics in them Each mother dealt with the issue their own way and in their own stage of l [...]

    16. I recently read my first book by this author, In The Mirror It was such a good book, that I went looking for of her writing and found this short story.As a mother of a son, and seeing the book is about three mothers and sons, I thought it sounded interesting The author managed to write a very heart touching story in only 20 pages Without giving too much away, I ll just say it was very creative how the author gave us a traumatic situation that involves three mothers and their sons They didn t kn [...]

    17. I loved it A short bittersweet story about three mothers of sons who witnessed dealt with a tragedy around Mother s Day I loved the ending, and I m so glad I read this A while ago, I read Kaira Rouda s Here, Home, Hope and I didn t finish it even though I tried to I definitely want to finish it now I think Kaira R s book covers are so cute, they draw you in to wanting to try the book I will be interested in exploring of her books now because, A Mother s Day was a meaningful, wonderful read It s [...]

    18. The story line is really good I like that it showed how three different Mother s handled the same tragic experience but I wanted I felt that the characters needed to have some type of connection with each other It felt like it just stopped in the middle or even the beginning of what could have been a great book I know that this is a short story, but there could have been to the story without making it a full novel.

    19. A mother s love reflected in three stories I really enjoyed this short stories I chose them to read this Saturday before Mother s Day because I knew I could read them quickly They were very poignant and I felt I knew each one of the women I would recommend this to a my friends, especially those mother s.

    20. A little confusing but not a bad read I wasn t sure what to expect from such a short read It was a little confusing to me I think it was supposed to show how one event can affect several lives, which it showed I guess I m just not used to reading such a short story I thought that it should have had information about the three main characters.

    21. A Mothers Day by Kaira Rouda4 starsTwo weeks before Mother s Day and 3 mothers experience one tragedy with their sons This short story takes you to each of their lives, how they dealt with the tragedy, and the amazing gift of being a mother It will definitely make you see the world in a whole new light Book provided by WordSmith Publicity for honest review.

    22. I love short stories I don t always need to know the outcome for every character in each situation Short stories allow my imagination to wonder and think about the characters This short by Ms Rouda invokes my imagination.I like how Ms Rouda gives us glimpses at each of these mothers and their sons Her writing is beautiful and flows with ease.Thank you for this short story, Ms Rouda.

    23. This is really three short stories which are all linked together by a tragic event All focusing on mothers and their sons, I was hoping for something but this didn t deliver I personally thought the story was ok I didn t love it but I didn t hate it either Nothing to rave about about in my opinion.

    24. Three short stories connected by tragedy, motherhood, and Mother s Day This book is a short read that leaves you wanting That feeling of sadness when you finish that amazing book that you could not put down, came too soon Great read

    25. GoodGreat for a short novella Touching storyline and most of all great for mother s of all ages to read Anytime

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