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The Body-Snatcher By Robert Louis Stevenson,

  • Title: The Body-Snatcher
  • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9781447405252
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Body Snatcher is a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson First published in 1884, its characters are based on criminals in the employ of real life surgeon Robert Knox around the time of the notorious Burke and Hare murders 1828.
    The Body Snatcher The Body Snatcher is a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson First published in its characters are based on criminals in the employ of real life surgeon Robert Knox around the time of the notori

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    1. To bodies that had been laid in earth, in joyful expectation of a far different awakening, there came that hasty, lamplit, terror haunted resurrection of the spade and mattock A group of friends have a habit of getting together in a hotel tavern to drink and tell tall tales, but sometimes the true stories are the ones that are frightening than those spawned from the most vivid imaginations The curiosity of one of the friends, a writer, is roused when he sees his friend Fettes brace an eminent d [...]

    2. Frankly, I can t judge the anatomists of the time as far as stealing dead bodies is concerned They wouldn t have been able to carry out the research without them, which in the long run only benefited humanity and religious superstitions and emotional attachments ensured they won t have enough of them otherwise Based on true incidences See Jeffrey s review for details.

    3. This is essentially a tale based loosely on the escapades of Burke and Hare who worked for the infamous anatomist Robert Knox, supplying his private medical school in Edinburgh with dead bodies for dissection It was common that bodies for medical research were dug up from recent burials, but Burke and Hare s corpses were uncannily fresh and that s because they weren t grave robbers in fact, they created their own corpses by murdering people It was too much of a temptation for Edinburgh born nove [...]

    4. Robert Louis Stevenson, most well know for the famous Jekyll Hide, has crafted a creepy, atmospheric, and elegantly written short story about grave robbery This entertaining story contains only one real flaw which is that it leads to a rather disappointing ending.

    5. I read this story out of a Classic Ghost Stories collection This is one of those horror stories that is supposedly a supernatural tale, but really it s psychological, dealing with the depths that humans will sink to out of greed and desperation It s pretty bleak and ugly, but it had a good message and a few good scares RLS is an author I want to read of He has the writing style I enjoy

    6. That s a book in which you can definitely see Stevenson s influences macabre atmosphere, some fantastic elements, a story around the crimes happening in a huge city such as Edinburgh, this kinda obsession with science, and the problem of what is good and what is evil.It s an extremely short book, so short it wouldn t even count as a novella today It s a short story following Fettes and Macfarlane, two young medical students working for Doctor K and how both of them got to work as grave robbers b [...]

    7. Great end, short to the point several good ones, actually The need for corpses for the burgeoning medical field in the early 19th century coupled with the laws customs against using them led to some horrific lapses in ethics the law They led to this, a classic horror story that was loosely based on the Burke Hare murders.enpedia wiki Burke_a

    8. It was ok but I felt, such as with Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, that there was something missing I liked the characters but I wished that it was longer so I could get to know them better The ending in my opinion was really pointless I m not sure what genre this short story fits into but surely it does not horrify, shock, or disturb me This may have to do with the way in which is was written I m half convinced that if it was written by someone else with a different prose, it would have made a better ef [...]

    9. 1884 Great set up, excellent writing but the scary ending didn t work for me at all I felt like it was on the level of spooky stories kids tell each other during sleepover parties do kids still do that It s about some young medical students whose duty to procure dead bodies for their eminent professor leads them down a spiral of moral depravity and blackmail A nice exploration of guilt and complicity.

    10. This excellent short story is inspired by the true and infamous case of dr Robert Knox dr K , in the tale The equally excellent film adaptation stars Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.

    11. Mis notas en Epsilon literarioTambi n publicado en 1881 Este cuento me ha gustado m s por cuanto su desenlace de terror es mucho m s fuerte no tanto por su inverosimilitud ya que en Janet es incluso m s sorprendente sino porque el camino que van recorriendo los personajes se hace tan largo que da suficiente tiempo para que la piel se te erice mientras aguardas con temor en desenlace final.Asimismo, la historia nos permite mirar en retrospectiva en qu se convirtieron estos dos hombres quien algun [...]

    12. Medical Science in 19th Century England5 February 2014 As I was reading this book the thought that was going through my mind was how doctors in the 19th Century would, during the middle of the night, raid graveyards for freshly buried corpses, exhume them, and take them back to their laboratories to dissect them This story however goes a little further because it is suggested that the main character goes beyond exhuming freshly buried corpses to creating his own corpses However, as I thought abo [...]

    13. I m not really into horror stories because I have enough trouble sleeping already I gave The Flayed Hand by Guy de Maupassant only a quick flip at the bookstore a long time ago because I found it pretty scary The only horror story I d properly read before RLS The Body Snatcher was W.W Jacob s The Monkey s Paw , which I read for my English Lit class So, I don t have much experience with horror stories, and the best I can do is compare The Body Snatcher with The Monkey s Paw The verdict The ending [...]

    14. Inspired by a real murder case, where Burke and Hare murdered fifteen people and sold the bodies to a private anatomy school Not really scary per se like a tale of conscience and principles , but pleasantly moody in a traditional ghost story way The ending reminded me of a particularly unpleasant one, that I had already forgotten Crap The whole body snatching thing is a really interesting topic, which shows the wonderful weirdness of people back then.

    15. Conto horripilante e macabro onde um jovem estudante de medicina descobre que os corpos que eles usam nas aulas de anatomia n o s o doados, mas sim roubados dos cemit rios momentos depois de serem enterrados

    16. Macfarlane somehow felt a certain touch of alarm at these unpleasant words He may have regretted that he had taught his young companion so successfully, but he had no time to interfere, for the other noisily continued in this boastful strain The great thing is not to be afraid Now, between you and me, I don t want to hang that s practical but for all cant, Macfarlane, I was born with a contempt Hell, God, Devil, right, wrong, sin, crime, and all the old gallery of curiosities they may frighten b [...]

    17. Leichendiebe und Edinburgh verbindet man irgendwie einfach, oder Auch hier wird auf die ber hmtesten Leichendiebe angespielt, doch es ist eine andere Geschichte 3 Saufkumpanen erfahren ber ihren Kollegen eine Geschichte aus seiner Vergangenheit, die sie ihm nie zugetraut h tten.Vielleicht weil das Thema schon zu bekannt ist, war es diesmal zwar eine gute, spannende Geschichte, aber der Gruseleffekt war nicht ganz so vorhanden wie sonst immer Nichtsdestotrotz war es eine kurzweilige Unterhaltung

    18. Extraordinario cuento de terror, del muy reconocido autor del Dr Jekyll eta Mr Hyde, este corto relato es absolutamente una joya digna de leerse

    19. No rest for the wicked, indeed This tale of two 19th century grave robbing medical school students has creepy down to a fine art, and diverts the well known story of Burke Hare into into very ghoulish, and unpredictable, territory.

    20. This story is great on so many levels First it works as a scary story, the charaters are easy to imagine and the settings are brittiant But there is also the whole dilemma of man vs nature that so many gothic stories debate For what is sociaty to do, when the hunger for knowledge about human anatomy needs bodies to stod then can leagally be provided

    21. This did not slip through the cracks as I believed I had read tthis, though back in the just century A familiar story based on real body snatchers A short thriller for a fast read Victorian lit staple from Stevenson.

    22. On the plus side, this is well written, atmospheric, mysterious and moves along at a pace On the other hand, it is rather grisly and the big surprise at the end was frankly disappointing Quite fun for a short bus journey or the like, but it s no Dr J Mr H I d give it 3.25 5 stars

    23. This is published separately, but it has the feel of a short story than even a novella It seemed very much to me like a Poe story, starting with an event in the present that prompts a character to tell the tale of something horrific that had happened in his past.

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