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Cowboy Way By Stormy Glenn,

  • Title: Cowboy Way
  • Author: Stormy Glenn
  • ISBN: 9781610345743
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M M, sex toys Matthew McCallister knew coming out to his father, a very conservative minister, would be the end of life in his hometown With his younger brother, Ruben, by his side, he flees their hometown only to be arrested for kidnapping and theft But the sheriff of Cade Creek seems to believe in Matty s innoc Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M M, sex toys Matthew McCallister knew coming out to his father, a very conservative minister, would be the end of life in his hometown With his younger brother, Ruben, by his side, he flees their hometown only to be arrested for kidnapping and theft But the sheriff of Cade Creek seems to believe in Matty s innocence and suggests that he and Ruben hide out at the Blaecleah ranch.Matty is in no way prepared for the Blaecleah family, especially Quaid Blaecleah The man is gorgeous and kind, a combination Matty isn t used to in men he s attracted to When Quaid proposes marriage as a way to save him from his father, Matty is terrified to agree because he s been used in the past He s just as afraid to say no Quaid intrigues Matty in a way he s never experienced When Matty s father arrives in town and starts making threats, can Matty trust Quaid to keep him safe, or will he be burned again
    Cowboy Way Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance M M sex toys Matthew McCallister knew coming out to his father a very conservative minister would be the end of life in his hometown With hi

    One thought on “Cowboy Way”

    1. Another sweet story, its style was very much in line with the first two There are some major revelations about the bigger picture, though, which surprised me and gave a great explanation for some of the stuff that happened in the first two books.Matty is a great character He was treated badly as a kid and teenager, and he could be downtrodden and depressed, instead he stands up for himself, comes out and accepts the consequences Since he lost respect for his father a long time ago, he deals with [...]

    2. Matthew Matty McCallister has just announced to his parents that he is gay He knows his father is a Reverend and very anti gay and that his mother will stick up for his father no matter what His younger brother he hopes will understand His father reacted by throwing him off the property and while Matty had loaded up his car, his younger brother Ruben asks to go with him Matty reluctantly agrees and only concedes because his younger brother has declared his is gay as well and Matty knows what he [...]

    3. There is always somethingFor each of the Blaecleah Brothers that have found their love there has always been a story behind them, and this one is no different Matty has grown up in his parents house always hiding what he is The good Reverend McCallister is the worst kind of God fearing man Once of the one s that put s the fear of not only God but the fear of themselves into everyone that are known by them and his son is no different Matty know s that to be himself he will have to leave the only [...]

    4. This book was an interesting one in that it shed a lot of light on Billy He wound up to be the person most affected personally in my opinion by the circumstances in this story I think Quaid was a totally ridiculous character who moved even faster than the speed of insta love He hadn t even spoken to Matty yet knew he had found the love of his life I do like the way that Ms Glenn has handled the fact that who you love, male or female, should make no difference The Rev Brody and Rev McCallister be [...]

    5. The scariest people are those who twist and contort their faith to justify their beliefs, and it is plain to see that just such a man has raised Matty and his brother Matty s self doubt is evident in his inability to believe someone could just love him for him, although the speed at which this happens is awfully fast Quaid is so headstrong and certain of his feelings that it is interesting to see him falter in the face of Matty s indecision I do enjoy how this cowboy wears his heart on his sleev [...]

    6. He sufrido bastante con la historia de Quaid y Matthew, es que Stormy no quiere que este chicos se lleven el amor de arriba, deb a hacerlos sufrir En algunas partes de la historia me la pas queriendo darle de coscorrones a los protagonistas y en otras solo quer a apachucharlos.La carga dram tica con la que llega Matthew a la vida de Quaid hace que a pesar del amor instant neo entre ambos, les cueste un poco llegar a estar completamente felices, aunque al final todo valga la pena.Tambi n es m s q [...]

    7. typical stormy glenn romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical stormy glenn imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah laziness dictates i will use this as my template for all books by the following authors unless a book is remarkably good bad stormy glennlynn hagenscarlet hyacinthjoyee flynncarol lynnegabrielle evans

    8. I m a lover of all things Stormy Glenn, but I wasn t really feeling this book I don t think it was all that different from the other stories in the series, but I just didn t like it as much as the others Don t get me wrong I will still read the others in this series I do hope the others are better though.

    9. Insta love to the nth degree and MC s that both felt flat, individually and as a couple I have to agree with Don s review in the fact that this book shed a lot of light on Billy s, a previous character, life and I was glad to see that I love ma and da too.

    10. This book was so freaking ridiculous and the editing was horrible Talk about insta love and not a shifter in sight However, I enjoy these silly books because they re a nice break from the serious angst and actual brain power that other books require This is the first in the series I ve read so I ll probably go back and read the first two as well as the others Who knows, depends if I need a bit a brainless fluff.

    11. Originally posted at whippedcream2 201This is the third addition to the Blaecleah Brothers series and I have to say Ms Glenn turned up the heat with this tale All of the stories in this series have some sort of violence surrounding the main characters I was hooked from page one This is most definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions from beginning to end Matty McCallister has escaped the iron fisted rule of his homophobic father Being the gay son of the town s well respected reverend is not ac [...]

    12. While running from their bigoted, unreasonable father, Matty and his brother find that their way leads them to the Blaecleah ranch The owners are a family known for their hospitality, and they take the two young men, unwittingly finding one of the sons his match Stormy Glenn is perfect for sweet, romantic, uncomplicated stories and this is a prime example When Quaid proposed to Matty it was unreasonable, unbelievable, a tad stupid, but oh so romantic Matty wasn t swayed easily though and took hi [...]

    13. This is the third book in the Blaecleah Brothers series and wow it s a frightening tale of rural god fearing folks beliefs about homosexuals The really scary part is that in some ways this isn t fiction Matty and Ruben have left the home of their small town Reverend father after Matty comes out as gay and gets thrown out They end up in Cade Creek when their father has ridiculous arrest warrants put out for them Sheriff Riley has them stay at the Blaecleah s for a few days to keep under the radar [...]

    14. WHOA Talk about insta love I admit, I am a fan of insta love, but even for me this was over the top If I were Matty though, I would have left Quaid or at least made him suffer a bit view spoiler He leaves Matty in the hospital for 2 weeks so he could build a house Yeah, the house can wait I was CRYING for Matty, because of what Quaid was doing to him I understand that Matty said he didn t want to see him, but if Quaid really loved him he would have still been at the hospital and MADE Matty see h [...]

    15. This story had me weeping and feeling very sick at one point, and like all this authors work, had me falling in love with the people and places in it Matt is a sweetie and I love the way Quaid just went for what he felt right from the very first moment It may seem a little out there but there is just something about the way Ms Glenn build the story that allows you to believe the scenario and feel you are part of the tapestry she has written for you Lets face it these books are a bit like chocola [...]

    16. It s amazing how Blaecleah s men fall in love at first sight The Quaid is amazing, very passionate when he sees the first time Matty, he knows it is his legend, and despite the advice of Da on going slowly, he goes ahead and begins to show to what Matty is to be loved A story of hope, fear, pain, abuse, survival and transcendence As it says Matty, takes us on a roller coaster of emotions.The story is as good as many previous ones, Matty and Quaid are intense, but my favorite is still Billy, who [...]

    17. A cute, short story Siren REALLY needs to work on its editing The book has some glaring editing issues but it is a fluffy read These sort of books are a guilty pleasure for me They aren t wonderfully crafted books but ones that are a little out there realistically but so fun and happy that they are hard for me not to like Overall the story was a little too easy and simplistic to be as enjoyable as some I have a hard time with the insta love as it was in this story All in all not a favorite of mi [...]

    18. Matty and his brother Rueben are on the run from their father, finding sanctuary at the Blaecleah Ranch where all five big strapping and hunky brothers are gay Quaid brother takes one look at Matty and it s all over Whilst I enjoyed this story, the pathos was pretty extreme, and the instant love was over the top as well.This is exactly the right book for a shorter read of cowboy escapism with a bit of angst

    19. Cowboy Way came to life for me, with villains straight from the headlines, if somewhat exaggerated, and alpha heroes who only want to protect and please their beloved partners To view this review in its entirety please visit blackravensreviews p

    20. This is a 4 star story with 0 star editing, hence the 2 stars.If anyone were to ask me, I d detail all the issues, great inconsistencies and small typos , that I bothered to note in this story.

    21. It was okay Matty and Ruben were running away from their father when they end up at the Blaecleah s ranch And there he sees Quaid and that s where they re love story begins 3.5 stars, some grammatical error.

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