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Love Inc. By Yvonne Collins Sandy Rideout,

  • Title: Love Inc.
  • Author: Yvonne Collins Sandy Rideout
  • ISBN: 9780749040659
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zahra, Kali and Syd have each been triple timed by the same nefarious charmer, Eric, aka Rico, aka Rick Now all three girls have one mission to show that cheater the error of his ways Project Payback is such a success, the girls soon have clients lining up for their consulting services.
    Love Inc Zahra Kali and Syd have each been triple timed by the same nefarious charmer Eric aka Rico aka Rick Now all three girls have one mission to show that cheater the error of his ways Project Payback

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    1. There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this book It was the perfect combination of everything you could ask for it a great chick lit book It was insanely funny and just straight up adorable The authors create such a unique plot with brilliant characters I was hooked the entire time The writing, the characters and the plot just made me want to jump in and join this hilariously fun story Not only is this a perfect read for the summer, it s just the perfect read all together I fell [...]

    2. How adorable is that cover Seriously, there are all these little details and it s so cute.Okay, so the idea for Love, Inc is awesome Three girls who have been tripled timed by the same guy including one of them he had been dating for two years find out about his dealings on the side and take wicked revenge People start hearing about Love, Inc and since everyone has a job for them and let s face it, teenagers like getting paid Love, Inc becomes a real business.Zahra, Kali, and Syd are all great c [...]

    3. I won this novel from the authors through First Reads in exchange for an honest review I ve been really looking forward to reading Love, Inc ever since I first heard about it and after loving Girl v Boy, Sandy and Yvonne s previous collaboration together, I just knew I would enjoy this novel and I was so right And don t let the light, happy cover fool you because there is definitely to this novel than meets the eye When Zahra, Kalie, and Syd first meet in group counseling, sent there to help de [...]

    4. Posted on K Booksk booksxo 2011 09First of all I just want to say a big thank you to Allison and Busby Publishing for sending me a review copy of this book.When I received this for review I couldn t wait to start it I am a huge fan of chic lit books and it sounded like such a great story I was not disappointed in any way at all.Zhara has the perfect boyfriend Rico is sweet, loving and completely supports her in all of her dreams It seems like everything is finally going right for her and he has [...]

    5. 3rd QUARTERSITI HM KHAIRILove, Inc Yvonne Collins409 pagesHyperion 16.99ISBN 1423131150Kali, Syd and Zahra have the best boyfriends in the world Correction Kali, Syd and Zahra have the best BOYFRIEND no s in the world It was of little known fact that these three ladies of the opposite spectrum have the same taste in guys AND happen to have the same boyfriend Wait, what Kali, Syd and Zahra are put into a church therapy session due to the separation of their parents As if that was hard enough, Ric [...]

    6. Zahara Ahmed MacDuff s parents are separated and Rico has been the one thing well, guy holding her together When she s sentenced to do group therapy with other teens that are in her situation parents divorced or separated , she meets Kali and Syd, two girls who share one thing in common with Zahara Rico who is also known as Rick although his real name is Eric Yes, he s been playing all three of them along and once they find out, they decide to get revenge Although originally intended to just tea [...]

    7. Zahra s stuck between splitting parents That s bad enough, but her Pakistani grandparents have arrived for an extended stay and are driving her crazy as they turn her mom into some sort of squishy religious stranger To add insult to injury, she s been sentenced to group therapy because her estranged parents can t communicate with her and think that therapy will fix, by proxy, the mess they created and can t deal with The group is a mix of boys and girls, all of whom have unstable and or divorcin [...]

    8. Love Inc is one of those books who girls who love romantic contemporary fiction will devour eagerly and be left wanting about the three main character and their madcap adventures.The story revolves around three girls who meet at therapy They re there because of their divorced or divorcing parents to ensure they don t go off the rails and when they meet they find out they have a whole lot in common It turns out they have all been seeing the same boy who has been willingly triple timing them Rat [...]

    9. Imagine finding out that your boyfriend, Rico, not only has one other girlfriend but two Syd is dating Eric , Kali goes out with Rick but in the end, they are all Zahra s Rico What I found funny about the whole thing was how eclectic Rico s tastes were Each girl was the total opposite of each other, yet somehow they strike a friendship and create Love, Inc.I think the Collins Rideout team did a fabulous job in Zahra our narrator She s down to earth, smart, funny and her friends Syd and Kali are [...]

    10. I loved this book It was so cute The characters were all important and the plot clear The girls found out that they have the same boyfriend, so they want revenge.The girls revenge were such a success that people are coming to them for help The girls decide to help them That s when Love, Inc is bornThe story was written from Zahra s point of view but you got to know Syd and Kali very well While the girls helped people with their releationships, the girls had to deal with their own My favorite cha [...]

    11. This was of a younger YA, if that makes sense I flew through it and it was fun to read However, It s not that deep and meaningful Something nice ans easy, and there s nothing wrong with that If you enjoyed The Karma Club check this one out.

    12. Good but the love interest borderline felt abusive to me I know it s biased but still The actual love revenge cases were fun though D

    13. Really good Super cute story, although I didn t love some of the messages it had A big theme was revenge, and how its good to get revenge on boys who cheat on you Not a great message for teen girls Also, one character strongly believes that love doesn t last, which is so wrong Liked Cute story Easy read Light FunDisliked Bad messages Some language, though nothing too strong Some innuendoRead it, but go into it knowing that not all of its messages are good.OK for ages 10 14

    14. 3.5 I rounded up This is my second first Collins Rideout novel and once again the theme here is girl who complains about not being very pretty and yet she manages to get ALL THE GUYS It s completely baffling because it s not even as if she suddenly became confident and therefore guys start to sit up and take notice of her I couldn t help but roll my eyes every time a new guy began flirting with her and or asked her out because hey she was supposed to be mousy and nothing special And view spoil [...]

    15. The main character Zahra is going through a little rough patch Her grandparents from Pakistan show up and all of a sudden her parent s relationship is on the rocks and Zahra finds herself in group therapy Baking and Rico seem to be the only two things keeping her sane However, once she meets Kali and Syd, Zahra finds herself some unlikely confidants The three, oddly matched friends soon find that they have one little thing in common His name is Eric, or Rico, or Rick it just depends on what girl [...]

    16. his was such a lighthearted, smooth read that I thought was pretty good And the title Love, Inc is super catchy not to mention the cover art looks awesome.The main character Zahra is going through a little rough patch Her grandparents from Pakistan show up and all of a sudden her parent s relationship is on the rocks and Zahra finds herself in group therapy Baking and Rico seem to be the only two things keeping her sane However, once she meets Kali and Syd, Zahra finds herself some unlikely conf [...]

    17. Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing Love, Inc by Yvonne Collins Sandy Rideout was such a fun read I loved it It was just exactly what I needed A lot of cute and funny with just enough seriousness and depth tossed in that I didn t find myself bored or rolling my eyes Zahara was a great character She is intelligent, motivated and loving, but she s got a lot to learn about life as well I thought that the authors here gave us a great mixture of confidence and uncerta [...]

    18. Zahra Ahmed Macduff is a Scotistani Texan, half Scottish and half Pakistani, 15 year old high school girl who ends up in group therapy, affectionately termed Crazy Class along with other teens who are not handling their parents separation well Zahra blames her situation on her Pakistani grandparents, who are staying indefinitely and are very antagonistic towards her father Just as she feels her life can t get any worse, she discovers her boyfriend s been cheating on her with two of the girls she [...]

    19. Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsistersA perfect summers read that s great for all ages It s cute, laugh out loud funny, and not to over the top girly for my taste Just the right blend thanks to the three main girls, Zahra, Syd, Kali.Under the point of view of Zarha you get to go for a ride with her as her parents decide to send her to group therapy for kids with divorced parents, also call transition, just because of a little unfortunate event, which takes place at her fathers [...]

    20. So far, this book has been both great and kind of boring.I ve found that there are some scenes I can read the whole way through, and some scenes that I just end up skimming really fast I like the scenes where the girls are doing work for Love, Inc and a few others, but most of the scenes with Zahra s family and the group therapy are just really tiresome to me because they don t seem to add to the plot.In fact, so far, it doesn t seem to HAVE a plot at all It s chick lit, which, apparently, means [...]

    21. Zahra Ahmed MacDuff gets remanded to group therapy after her father finds her making out with her new beau Rico while a fire threatens to burn down the kitchen Zahra is a Scotistani Texan, half Scottish and half Pakistani, and high school sopho who, along with the other teens in group therapy, is not handling the separation of her parents well She blames it all on her Pakistani grandparents, who are on an extended visit and are very antagonistic towards Zahra s father But just when she thinks li [...]

    22. Wow I was really excited to read Love Inc because it s my first 2011 debut Canadian author novel of the year It did not disappoint While I originally read it for it s Canadian ness and cute cover, I stuck with it for it s awesome plot In most contemporary romances boy and girl meet, fall in love, have some sort of problem and overcome it Not in this book Zahra dates several boys throughout the novel and is never quite satisfied with them I rarely see novels where the female doesn t absolutely ad [...]

    23. I would have given this a 3.5I did like this book, though it was a little long I liked the development between the friends I was not crazy about the revenge part of their work, and the sense that the book doesn t say it s bad to get revenge on someone who cheats on you SPOILER PARAGRAPH The girls damage their boyfriend s car when they find out he was dating all three of them They paint a unicorn on the front, put fish guts in the engine, and slash the tires Then they put posters advertising the [...]

    24. RATING 3 starsLove, Inc is a contemporary YA romance and a perfect beach summer read It was just the light, fluffy read I was looking for after A Dance with Dragons.Zahra, Kali and Syd have two things in common their broken families and their boyfriend After meeting at a support group for teenagers with divorced or separated parents, the three girls realize that they have all been dating the same boy He has three different names and leads three separate lives so Zahra, Kali and Syd decide to tea [...]

    25. librarytalker 201Zahra s life has always been a little different than everyone else s Her father is Scottish and her mother is Pakistani, which makes Zahra a red headed, curry hating, pastry cooking, half Pakistani with a love of baking and a penchant for making cursed cookies that doom her relationships at the first taste.Now that her grandparents have moved in and taken over her room and her parents have separated leaving Zahra with two half homes and a pair of parents who never talk, Zahra wa [...]

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