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Main Street / Babbitt By Sinclair Lewis Robert Altman John Hersey,

  • Title: Main Street / Babbitt
  • Author: Sinclair Lewis Robert Altman John Hersey
  • ISBN: 9780940450615
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The library of America is dedicated to publishing America s best and most significant writing in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts Hailed as the finest looking, longest lasting editions ever made The New Republic , Library of America volumes make a fine gift for any occasion Now, with exactly one hundred volumes to choose from, there is a perfeThe library of America is dedicated to publishing America s best and most significant writing in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts Hailed as the finest looking, longest lasting editions ever made The New Republic , Library of America volumes make a fine gift for any occasion Now, with exactly one hundred volumes to choose from, there is a perfect gift for everyone.
    Main Street Babbitt The library of America is dedicated to publishing America s best and most significant writing in handsome enduring volumes featuring authoritative texts Hailed as the finest looking longest lasting

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    1. The setting of Main Streetthis novel took place almost a hundred years ago It is Gopher Prairie, a small town with all of the expected characteristics of such a setting Carol, an attractive, intelligent and well educated young woman, who works in a St Paul library, falls in love and marries Dr Will Kennicott, and follows him to his desolate, depressing and stagnant home town.Carol s goal when she settles in this town is to enhance the atmosphere with improvements in architecture, educating the r [...]

    2. Although Sinclair Lewis had at least four published novels before Main Street, this and the immediately following Babbit which I read for a book discussion a decade ago were his first important works Both are satirical descriptions of American small town life in the second decade of the twentieth century but despite the humorous exaggeration they are an accurate depiction and not much has changed While the Gopher Prairies have become medium sized cities with strip malls and shopping centers, the [...]

    3. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis10 out of 10, a chef d oeuvreSinclair Lewis is one of my favorite writers and I was mesmerized by this work and the other masterpieces that I have read by the same author Arrowsmith, Babbitt and Elmer GantryCarol Milford is the name of the heroine in the first part of the novel and she becomes Carol Kennicott after she marries.And this is a protagonist that I can identify with, both for a period of my life of three years, when I lived in a small town much like Gopher [...]

    4. I read only Main Street as one of the Top 100 Novels listed by The Modern Library.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Main Street and found it difficult to set the book down This surprised me, because this novel as the jacket summarizes is primarily about a young housewife experiencing life in a rural town in Minnesota not fair from Minneapolis St Paul in the early 20th century What made this book so captivating to me is its description of life on Main Street, USA in a small town in the 1920s 1930s The [...]

    5. I read this because it was mentioned in another book in relation to Edith Wharton s work So having never read anything by him, I decided to try it Published almost 100 years ago, it feels weirdly modern at times Some of the slang and references are dated, of course, but the issues Lewis writes about are still with us today the prejudices of small minded people, the restrictions that are placed upon us by the society we live in, the effects of ignorance, the frustrations of people not allowed to [...]

    6. I only read Main Street so far I will get back to reading Babbitt sometime in the future.Sinclair Lewis is very expressive and descriptive in his narrative, so this was a very enjoyable read.Main Street can be a every man, every day novel The ideas, problems, and solutions apply throughout history.

    7. Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis Another version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist list and realini It is no wonder that Babbitt is a mesmerizing, enchanting work.Sinclair Lewis is a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.And I am happy to have read other masterpieces, by the same genius Arrowsmith, Main Street and Elmer GantryAnd I found the main character , George Babbitt as intriguing, complex, charming, pugnacious, human, controversial at times as Elmer Ga [...]

    8. Carol was discovering that the one thing that can be disconcerting than intelligent hatred is demanding love.She supposed that she was being gracefully dull and standardized in the Smails presence, but they scented the heretic, and with forward stooping delight they sat and tried to drag out her ludicrous concepts for their amusement They were like the Sunday afternoon mob staring at monkeys in the Zoo, poking fingers and making faces and giggling at the resentment of the dignified race.With a [...]

    9. Sinclair Lewis is developing into one of my favorite authors His descriptions of people, places and events are wonderful, original, concise each word packs a punch So far, through several chapters, George Babbitt has awakened, dressed, eaten breakfast with his family, driven to his office, and closed a deal And we haven t yet gotten to lunch One might say that nothing has really happened but it is hard to put the book down and I m eagerly anticipating our next reading session Finished Babbitt wi [...]

    10. Although this volume includes both Main Street and Babbitt, I ve only read Main Street so far Main Street is a classic account of a high spirited young woman Carol from the Twin Cities who winds up marrying a rural physician and moving back to his hometown of Gopher Prairie with him The book is a little uneven and could have been tightened up here and there, but at its heart it is about Carol s struggle to overcome, and ultimately to come to terms with, what she views as the small mindedness and [...]

    11. Sinclair Lewis s books were written in the earlier part of last century, which made me aware of differences in English writing nowadays hyphenated words no longer in use, verb tenses varying according to a particular word family were vs family was The style is straightforward he would have written straight forward no poetic subtlety.Both books have in common a constant exposure of social ills prejudice and xenophobia post WWI, with a total absence of the political correctness that was expected o [...]

    12. I ve finally gotten around to reading Sinclair Lewis s Babbitt It s an interesting read Unlike the scathing Elmer Gantry and terrifying It Can t Happen Here, Babbitt shows Lewis s humorous as opposed to sarcastic side We can laugh with Geo F Babbitt, and empathize with his plight, rather than constantly laughing at him and his foibles He is the ultimate middle class conformist, but when his closest friend undergoes a crisis, the middle aged Babbitt acts out and has a taste of rebellion While he [...]

    13. Throughout Main Street I kept remarking that it is so much better than Dreiser s Sister Carrie , which I loathed, only to find out, having finished the novel, that Sinclair Lewis praised Dreiser s work as having c o me to housebound and airless America like a great free Western wind, and to our stuffy domesticity gave us the first fresh air since Mark Twain and Whitman I still disagree vehemently.

    14. Started out great, but became bogged down with too many details this is regarding Main Street only For a story set in a small town, there are too many prominent characters Some serious editing would have saved this I didn t bother to read Babbitt I m not going to waste time finishing a book that no longer captures my attention.

    15. Both novels contained in this book are terrific Midwest America in the early 20th Century Its prejudices, desires, aspirations are chronicled in each work We tend to be nostalgic for these times, but when you read Lewis, you realize that we re still pretty much the same Great works by one of my favorite authors.

    16. Lyrical prose the life it saves could be your own.This particular bound version I was reading Babbitt on my iPhone, via Stanza when it didn t crash which it pretty much always did has the most perfect font and crispiest most rugged translucent paper of the three I tried out, today.

    17. Witty, astute, and honest criticism of the very birth of the American Mid Western cultural values found today.

    18. LOVED Main Street One of the few books to get me excited in a while Babbitt also great, but not so devastating.

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