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The Tiger's Woman By Celeste De Blasis,

  • Title: The Tiger's Woman
  • Author: Celeste De Blasis
  • ISBN: 9780440118206
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • SHE COULD FLEE HER PAST, BUT NOT ESCAPE IT She called herself Mary Smith and hid her extraordinary beauty behind widow s weeds She came to San Francisco in flight from a secret so shattering, a man so dangerous, that no disguise could long shield her Then she met Jason Drake The Tiger lover, gambler, empire builder, the one man whose power offered sanctuary.Bound by aSHE COULD FLEE HER PAST, BUT NOT ESCAPE IT She called herself Mary Smith and hid her extraordinary beauty behind widow s weeds She came to San Francisco in flight from a secret so shattering, a man so dangerous, that no disguise could long shield her Then she met Jason Drake The Tiger lover, gambler, empire builder, the one man whose power offered sanctuary.Bound by a cold bargain, she would follow him to the majestic isolation of the San Juan Islands There, slowly, she could learn to be freea tenuous love could grow until the past caught up with them and set their world aflame, testing the very special love ofThe Tiger s Woman
    The Tiger s Woman SHE COULD FLEE HER PAST BUT NOT ESCAPE IT She called herself Mary Smith and hid her extraordinary beauty behind widow s weeds She came to San Francisco in flight from a secret so shattering a man so

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    1. view spoiler Not gonna bother reviewing this one Would rather share this priceless nugget instead Three quarters into this overly long, overly tortured story, and after the heroine finally gets enough courage to give theahemBIG SARCASTIC QUOTE hero END QUOTE a heart wrenching account of how she was sexually abused by her father from her earliest childhood memories up to the age of seventeen, the hero has the following thought, one night, when she is trying to entice him into sex, but he is too t [...]

    2. One of my all time favorite historical romances and one of my all time favorite heros A must read for any fan of a well written, truly romantic novel.

    3. The Tiger s Woman starts in late 1869 San Francisco as Mary Smith is on the run from her past In disguise she takes work as a dance hall girl and attracts the attention of business man entrepreneur Jason Drake nicknamed the Tiger for his ruthless reputation with women, business and gambling , but she runs from him to Seattle, Washington Territory what fun, my home town where Jason eventually finds her Still terrified that the man from her past will find her she accepts Jason s offer of protectio [...]

    4. One of my top five books I ve read it than 10 times Her historical research is phenomenal and her characters are ones you want to live with even after 600 pages.

    5. Book length 651 pages I only read up to page 470 before putting it aside Before I started this book, I asked around in the forums to see if this book had any cheating, raping, or beatings I wondered if this was one of those bodice rippers from the early 80s No one could answer me, all anyone could actually recall was that, they liked it Mmkay, and yet no one remembered what the plot was about or any details of this book what so ever Well, if you would like some spoilers, read on The Tiger s Woma [...]

    6. This is one of my favorite books It is one of the best historical romance works that I have ever read The story is unique, the characters are unforgettable, and the detail is richly atmospheric Like most of the other reviewers, I have read THE TIGER S WOMAN than once, and I plan to read it again Recommended for romance fans and skeptics alike.

    7. Absolutely top notch historical romantic fiction You have it all wild San Francisco, abused heroine on the run, reclusive hero Very emotional Keep the Kleenex handy.

    8. I almost didn t finish this book when I got to page 100 and a character was introduced that had the gift of sight I hate when a book has this theme, there should be some kind of warning on the back or something However I am glad that I finished it because it turned out to be a pretty good book.Mary Sarah h is on the run She thinks that she might have killed her father after the last time he raped her She has been a victim of incest for many years and now at the age of 18 she could take no and s [...]

    9. Compelling Love Story from the Pacific Northwest a Keeper One of my blog followers recommended this book and I thank her for it It s now on my keeper shelf It s the kind of story that grabs you and won t let go I highly recommend it.De Blasis brings us the intriguing story of a well educated young woman, raised to be a lady, who because of a tortured past gives herself to a man nearly twice her age who she knows harbors a love for his dead wife But the Tiger is a man who can protect her from the [...]

    10. Oh my lordie This was a huge book and I gave up two and a half months to read it Why so long Because it became a chore and a plod I admit I gave up with just under one hundred pages to go It really should have been condensed into 1 4 of the length There were some awful segways to birdwatching, irrelatant minor character back stories I hate uninteresting waffle in novels Keep to the point authors.I did like Jason, but I didn t get enough of him He wasn t shown in a dynamic light I didn t know abo [...]

    11. I have to say that I think this is pretty much the perfect historical romance novel It had a different settingCeleste didn t go abroad to dazzle us with Regency balls or Scottish lairds or Irish rogues No, she stuck with the American west, the Northwest to be precise, where logging ruled and people who were running from their past could recreate themselves questions asked because it was a good bet that half the people they met were running from their own secrets The romance is a complicated one [...]

    12. This is THE BEST romance book I have ever read, it s one of my favorite books of all time, and I ve read it at least thirty times I bought it about twenty five years ago, read it about ten times, accidently threw it out with some old books, and bought it again I still read it every so often even tho I know it cover to cover You haven t read a real romance book until you read this one.

    13. The pace of the book could have been tightened up but since it was published in 1981, it is a fat book of 590 pages I gave it a three because the pace dandled but it is altogether a good book Mary Smithmeets Jason Drake as a small child in New York City She is far from home when she meets him again in San Francisco where she has disguised herself so as not to be found She remembers him although he doesn t remember her but his attraction to her is so strong that soon he had taken her the archipel [...]

    14. Okay, so straight up, has the common problem of that era s romances that the main female character s trauma is sexually based and there is a fairly questionable scene mid book, butThe historical grit of this really impressive I felt like I was eating with the lumber jacks and feeling the wind from sailing through the San Juan islands It helps that I have sailed the those islands, and yet still the sense of raw periodness When the West coast was growing into the place that it is now.The romance i [...]

    15. I read this book like when it first came out and I LOVED IT The Hero and the Heroine are both emotionally damaged and it was the first book within the romance realm that spoke about sexual abuse May not be everyones taste but again I loved it I lost the book with several moves and I found it again on as a used book and I m going to quickly order it I am sad that I can t get it in ebook or pdf format as I have pretty much gotten away from books in paper form.

    16. 4.5 One of these epic sort of historical love stories The man known as the tiger is a prominent business man in the Pacific Northwest, lumber, silver mines, etc It is set in the mid late 1800 s in San Francisco, Seattle and the San Juan Islands He finds interest in a young woman, Mary, who is running from and in constant danger from her past I loved this author s Wild Swan series and this one was equally wonderful, might compare her writing to Sara Donati or Paullina Simmons.

    17. Een roman die zich afspeelt in de 19e eeuw in het westen van Amerika.Een boek dat ook wel een beetje leest als een thriller, een beetje.Soms iets wat langdradige stukken tussendoor, maar verder gewoon een lekker boek om te lezen.De verhaallijn heeft wel wat weg van de 50 tinten triologie vind ik zelf.

    18. this will long be one of my favorite books it goes far beyond a romance novel, the characters and the history that is here pull you in i cried unabashedly with Mary and read passages out loud to anyone who would let me this book has stayed with me all these years and i reach for it again and again.

    19. A fair historical romantic fiction featuring an abused heroine and a reclusive hero I ended up skimming quite a few pages but the love story got me to the end.

    20. I remember reading this back in high school, and I loved the book I need to re read it, though, but the story did stay with me for years.

    21. Another favorite that I have read many times throughout the years Celeste DeBlasis left a beautiful legacy.

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