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Various Positions By Martha Schabas,

  • Title: Various Positions
  • Author: Martha Schabas
  • ISBN: 9780374380861
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trapped between the hormone driven world of her friends and the discontent of her dysfunctional family, fourteen year old Georgia is only completely at ease when she s dancing When she is accepted into Canada s preeminent ballet school, Georgia thinks it is the perfect escape Artistic Director Roderick Allen singles her out as a star, subjecting her to increasingly intenTrapped between the hormone driven world of her friends and the discontent of her dysfunctional family, fourteen year old Georgia is only completely at ease when she s dancing When she is accepted into Canada s preeminent ballet school, Georgia thinks it is the perfect escape Artistic Director Roderick Allen singles her out as a star, subjecting her to increasingly intensive training, and Georgia obsesses about becoming the perfect, disciplined student But as she spends and time with Roderick, it s not so clear exactly what their relationship means Is he her teacher and mentor, or is there something These blurred lines will threaten both Roderick s future at the academy and Georgia s ambitions as a ballerina.
    Various Positions Trapped between the hormone driven world of her friends and the discontent of her dysfunctional family fourteen year old Georgia is only completely at ease when she s dancing When she is accepted int

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    1. Since the beginning of time okay, so maybe not that long , there has been a great debate of What is YA I mean, really What makes a YA book different from a Middle Grade book and a different from an Adult book I feel like most people would automatically assume it would be the age of the protagonist If he she is between 12 18 the target audience , then the book is YA HOWEVER, I would consider Sophie Flack s Bunheads to be YA and her main character is 19 The main character in Various Positions is 1 [...]

    2. 1.5This review contains unmarked spoilers.Dude, that was a really weird book.Weird in the way that you re going to remember it, but not in a good wayRIOUS POSITIONS I d love to see you try to come up with a dirtier title than that shit is the story of fourteen year old Georgia and her adventures in seducing her ballet teacher, copying porn poses, acting like an idiot, and hurting everyone around her.I mean, it sounds about right to meRIOUS POSITIONS had a really strange plot, because it wasn t a [...]

    3. 4.5 truly thought provoking stars.I couldn t help but suspect that this was than a coincidence It was like Roderick knew what those girls were up to They came into the studio, leotards snug on their bodies, and flaunted the sex that was taking over their insides They had boobs, and you could tell they were proud of them, didn t care who knew Roderick hated it It was an insult to ballet It turned the line of an extended leg into something impure, made pervs out of everyone.Various Positions is a [...]

    4. Read This Review More Like It On My Blog That was odd Weird Uncomfortable Utterly not what I thought I was getting a book about ballet dancers at an exclusive academy This made me think quite often of last year s movie Black Swan except the whole thing where ballet is not the focus at all the sexualized teacher student relationship, the unhealthy obsession with food and thinness, the messed up family dynamic at home This is not a dance book at all this is a book masquerading as dance book, and p [...]

    5. Calm down, Merary, calm down.A fourteen year old did that A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD THIS BOOK MAKES ME SO MAD THAT I M YELLING IN CAPS WITHOUT NO REASON AT ALL That s one of the most misleading plots ever.Plot Georgia has a dysfunctional family She lives for dancing Her friends are obsessed with sex She has a crush on her ballet teacher She gets into trouble.What really happened The delusional, sex crazed mind of Georgia thinks that her teacher is hitting on her, so she tries to seduce him and risks h [...]

    6. Various Positions is a gorgeous debut from an exceptional new talent and is written with an authenticity that only a dancer could achieve It is a deep and powerful story, deftly choreographed Each word is meaningful, each step purposeful I could feel the cold Toronto air, see the gray and fading landscape, taste every kiss, experience every embarrassment and stab of guilt You ll have no choice but to tear through the pages Martha Schabas is a wonderful writer and she weaves a tale filled with so [...]

    7. I couldn t put this book down, although I felt disgusted and disturbed throughout most of it Never did I find myself angry at Georgia, the main character, but sad I have read quite a bit about the world of dance, but have never been able to understand it I appreciate the beauty, but can t imagine putting someone I love a child through those sorts of social pressures.I spent a fair amount of time picking through this novel when I was done Why did it have to play out the way it did I honestly bel [...]

    8. Also appears here.Various Positions is the story of a deeply misguided girl and her attempts to find a little meaning in life through sex.If you just imagined that Georgia turns into a nymphomaniac, congratulations, you totally missed the point Then again, so does she So does the entire book Fair warning This review contains spoilers Lots and lots of spoilers I cannot discuss it without spoiling it If that bothers anyone, then sorry I want to explain properly why I rated it the way I did Georgia [...]

    9. I m a bit speechless after finishing this one I thought it was going to be about ballet and the obstacles Georgia has to face in that world Instead, what I got was one of the worst books that I have ever read Seriously, this book is so messed up that I don t even know where to begin I am a bit disgusted at everything that happened in VARIOUS POSITIONS and although I try to find the good in every book, I can t think of anything for this one.Georgia infuriated me She is supposedly a fourteen year [...]

    10. I had hopes for this books Not high ones, but I at least expected to give it a solid three stars Nope As the book carried on, I was going to give the book two stars for my extreme dislike of the main character, Georgia Slade Now I am going to give it one, because of three things which will be mentioned later in this review the main character does that are just so villainous and despicable that I think Captain Hook has heart Don t get me wrong, I ve read some unlikeable characters in my day Davi [...]

    11. Many of these reviews are not really treating this book fairly This isn t a book about what really happens at a dance academy This isn t a book about ballet Yes, these things play a big role in the book, but apparently some are just missing the point.Georgia is a young, inexperienced in the ways of the world, girl who has just been admitted into a ballet academy It is obvious during the first few chapters before she enters the academy that because she is so involved in ballet and her dance class [...]

    12. Being a former theatre school brat, I couldn t help but be drawn to this affecting first novel by Martha Schabas, a work that deals with adolescence, broken homes and the fact that when you re dealing with the artistic world, the rules do not apply This, at least, is the conclusion reached by Georgia Slade, Ms Schabas engrossing main character, who is accepted to the Royal Toronto Ballet Academy and promptly begins both an artistic and sexual awakening A bit of Black Swan meets Fame, Various Pos [...]

    13. Martha Schabas debut VARIOUS POSITIONS has had a less than stellar reputation amongst my friends and other online reviewers, with a lot of hatred going towards it I went into it not knowing what to expect other than ballet and sex But something about the premise intrigued me, even though I am normally not a fan of contemporary books, nor do I know ANYTHING about ballet What I found, though, was a book pitched as young adult that really should be on adult shelves only, a book about a girl going t [...]

    14. Based on the reviews I read of this book, I thought it might be too controversial to order for my library, but it intrigued me nonetheless Specifically, reviewers referred to its main character and narrator, Georgia, as being obsessed with sex We see a lot of teen books where boys being obsessed with sex is hardly mentioned in the review, or if so, it s given a wink and nod approval for its realism After having read this book, I didn t feel that Georgia was any obsessed with sex than most teens [...]

    15. This one didn t work for me much All of the problems I had in reading it sort of play into one another, making them harder to pull apart First, maybe, is the age issue Georgia s in grade 8 at the beginning of the story, when she tries out for the ballet academy At the end of the book, she s trying out for grade 10 Maybe the middle is a year of time, but it s not clear what the passage of time is For me, it felt like this all took place over the course of a month or two, given there aren t any ac [...]

    16. Various Positions by Martha Schabas follows fourteen year old Georgia as she starts the Royal Ballet Academy Georgia s classes are run by Rodrick a cruel man whom Georgia develops a sexual obsession with which overwhelms her life Georgia has a confusing home life and does not know how to ask for help.This book was horrifying I finished it, however only because I was so horrified that I couldn t stop reading The entire thing reads like an explanation as to why statutory rape isn t wrong because i [...]

    17. Georgia comes from a troubled home Her mother is insecure and depressed, and her father is arrogant and disdainful and also probably sleeping with another woman They met and had an affair which resulted in Georgia when he was still married and she was a graduate student That aside, Georgia s passion for ballet, however, has earned her a place in a prestigious academy under the tutelage of Roderick Allen She becomes obsessed with Roderick and with her own emerging sexuality At first Georgia fears [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this book I couldn t stop turning pages, absorbing the book like a drug I love how a lot of it was about being perfect and wanted in ballet, and the story takes many unsuspected turns I thought that Roderick and Georgia s relationship was going to be different, however, focusing on the taboo and less on the a man is always a man theory I actually thought it was going to be a taboo love story ending in tragedy, and while that had disappointed me, the book itself was amazing I [...]

    19. I was very surprised to find that this book was classed as a young adult read I found it in the adult fiction section in my library because the rampant sexual curiosity that engulfs the protagonist Georgia is quite graphic The book explores the teacher student dynamic at an exclusive ballet academy where Georgia becomes enamoured with her male ballet professor Roderick At first Georgia s desire to please Roderick is from a purely technical approach she desires to be the perfect ballerina, above [...]

    20. This novel was so laughably badI honestly couldn t believe what I was reading At one point, I thought this was a YA novel but after looking all over for that YA symbol, I figured I was wrong If this novel is meant for anyone over 18, then I must have missed something in this story This was a mess of a story for 2 major reasons There is an episode of anorexia experienced by one of the characters and there is a sexual harassment charge brought against another character Both of these HUGE issues we [...]

    21. I picked this young adult title up hoping for some light weekend reading about a dance academy Instead, I found a heavy book about dance, yes, but also about sexual awakening, the breakdown and dysfunction of family units, lying or at least truth that is evasive and unclear , and the ugliness of mental illness I m not sure, based on other reviews, that Schabas intended the last it s quite obvious that if she did, most readers did not get it but for me mental illness and its consequences dominate [...]

    22. Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading Blog Various Positions is a tough book to classify The main character is 14 but has some very adult thoughts when it comes to sex She s fantasizing about her dance teacher, watching porn on the internet, and buying lingerie in hopes of someone seeing it It s an interesting juxtaposition from the character we meet initially Georgia is skittish when it comes to her friends talking about sex and kissing and then she secretly begins to obsess with this w [...]

    23. First, I want to say that Georgia is probably one of the stupidest protagonist I ve ever read She is thicker than bricks and denser than the water pressure in the Mariana Trench Besides being completely air headed, I m so displeased with how she acts and reacts While I don t doubt that her emotions do seem kind of realistic given someone just coming into puberty and realizing that they and others are sexual beings, but come on She purposefully reads into Roderick s actions than there ever is, a [...]

    24. I finished this book in less than 24 hours And I enjoyed every moment of it First and foremost, I did not find it quite as shocking as others seemed to Perhaps a function of my upbringing, and as having grown up with a parent very much like Georgia s mother, I found this novel truthful While I am not a dancer and I have not read all that much about the world of dance, the physical and emotional pressure throughout felt real to me I don t think Martha Schabas could have done a better job.That sai [...]

    25. From the synopsis, I gathered that Various Positions would be a story about a meek, innocent fourteen year old Georgia who becomes somewhat corrupted and sex influenced at her new ballet academy And, yes, that s pretty much it, but holy crap You can think you have this book pegged all you want, but no words can justify or summarize the blatant rawness that came with Georgia s unraveling.If you re expecting a mild, sentimental drama about young girls at ballet school, and if that s what you re lo [...]

    26. I enjoyed this book but it did remind me of the film The Black Swan I felt the start was a bit slow but towards the end I could not put it down.The main character seemed like a shy wallflower type girl Under pressure from a new ballet school and also some family troubles plus understanding her sexual frustrations.I felt bad for her in the sense her mum was totally depressed and her dad emotionally absent I wish the story of her mum and dad getting together was rounded off as I never learned what [...]

    27. 1 The author s direction for the main character was rather confusing and unclear as the story began to develop further Martha Schabas introduces Georgia to be a girl devoted solely to the ballet world but external actions from Georgia s peers influence her thoughts about people and sex She was on a dance road to greatness when her decisions and obsession with sexual thoughts ruin everything she worked so hard to accomplish It is hard to believe that a girl whose life revolves around dance could [...]

    28. When I first started this book I thought it was going to be a disaster There s a line right near the beginning which I m not going to quote because I read an uncorrected proof, so it might change in the final version , that just sounded really awkward and not at all what the 14 year old narrator would say.Well, I was happy to find that that line is an anomaly overall this book is very well written And the story is compelling I quickly got pulled into Georgia s life as a ballet student, where she [...]

    29. So I thought the cover was cute and I love me a good ballet book so I grabbed this Advance Reader s Edition to read on the plane ride home yesterday Whoa.did I misjudge it Honestly, I felt physically ill as I read this book Georgia is only fourteen, immature, and immersed in the world of ballet She jumps at the chance to join a Canadian ballet school and escape her house, where her mom is slowly going crazy and her dad is constantly absent She s innocent, but her actions in the book just don t m [...]

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