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The Shop of Shades and Secrets By Colleen Gleason,

  • Title: The Shop of Shades and Secrets
  • Author: Colleen Gleason
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: None
  • From international bestselling author Colleen Gleason comes a new take on the modern gothic In the tradition of Antoinette Stockenberg and Barbara Michaels, a romantic suspense novel with supernatural elements When Fiona Murphy inherits a small antiques shop from an old man she met only once, she s filled with surprise, confusion and delight and a little bit of terrorFrom international bestselling author Colleen Gleason comes a new take on the modern gothic In the tradition of Antoinette Stockenberg and Barbara Michaels, a romantic suspense novel with supernatural elements When Fiona Murphy inherits a small antiques shop from an old man she met only once, she s filled with surprise, confusion and delight and a little bit of terror at having a new responsibility in a life she prefers to be free and easy As she takes over ownership of the quaint shop, odd things begin to happen Lights come on and off by themselves, even when they are unpluggedd there is a chilly breeze accompanied by the scent of roses even when the windows are closed Gideon Nath, III, is the stiff and oh so proper attorney who helps settle Fiona s inheritance, and despite her quirkiness and fascination with all things New Age, he finds himself attracted to this fun, sexy woman After she finds an unpleasant surprise in one of the shop s closets, scares off an intruder in the store, and uses her skill at palmistry to read Gideon s future of which she appears to play a part Fiona begins to realize that her free and easy life is about to changewhether she wants it to or not.
    The Shop of Shades and Secrets From international bestselling author Colleen Gleason comes a new take on the modern gothic In the tradition of Antoinette Stockenberg and Barbara Michaels a romantic suspense novel with supernatural

    One thought on “The Shop of Shades and Secrets”

    1. Finally, a contemporary book I enjoyed And a romance that didn t have corsets, pantaloons, or quivering wombs on that later This was a really good book, heavy on the romance, much lighter on the paranormal I enjoyed the character development and watching the relationship unfold between Fiona and Gideon Their relationship never felt rushed, it seemed very organic and natural Fiona was described as free spirited, New Age y, but she was also very smart, strong willed, and organized Gideon was the [...]

    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when an uptight hero falls for a free spirit heroine It is so much fun to watch him learn how to bend What was great about Fiona, though, was she wasn t free spirit and flighty She was smart and gutsy, and while she faced some surprises, she did it with a brave face and accepted the change Gideon I love a hero named Gideon doesn t know what to make of her, but his compulsion to figure it out drives the romance The ghost element was just enough to send chills up my spine, and mad [...]

    3. This was my first book by this author I liked it I went and got the next one which was about the main characters brother Will be reading it soon.

    4. I had come across a copy of this book on my Kindle, I recall reading the sample last year, so I guess I had acquired it at some point I liked the premise of the book, and I had liked the sample I started reading it and discovered it was way of a romance than the mystery I recalled But I gamely kept on The characters were interesting and I liked the insights the author took in getting to know the main characters, they are a good match I didn t enjoy their petty assumptions or jealousies I was a [...]

    5. It was a decent read, but 1 The two main characters lacked any real spark2 THe mystery was way too predictableOverall it was a pleasant read, but not great.

    6. This book was definitely a bit romance than ghost mystery, but I enjoyed it The characters were likable and the story was good It was a lighter read and I would definitely read of her books.

    7. The Shop of Shade and Secrets Romantic Suspense is the first book in A Gothic Romance series by Colleen Gleason.The story is about Fiona Murphy, a single woman who inherits an antique shop from a lovely old gentleman that she had only met once when she sought refuge in his shop during a storm She was fascinated at the time by the atmosphere in the shop and enjoyed the tour that the owner gave her It comes as a complete shock when she discovers that he has passed away and has willed her his busin [...]

    8. This book was unusually well written for the genre, but in a weird way I felt that the careful and detailed prose was intended to compensate for a fairly weak love story There wasn t any amazing spark between the characters, even though the author kept on telling us there was Or rather, maybe there was an incredible spark between them, but it wasn t written in a way that made it interesting to me as a reader.This is basically a contemporary and realistic romance story with a few touches of paran [...]

    9. Fiona is surprised to receive a call that she has been left an inheritance by wealthy man who owned an antique store She has only met him once, when she ducked into his store to avoid a storm She finds herself surprisingly attracted to the lawyer managing the estate, but finds him a bit full of himself Fiona is shocked that the store is bequeathed to her and decides to take the plunge to run it She finds that there are some mysterious and spooky happenings in the store and is shocked to find a l [...]

    10. First of all let me say, I loved Gleason s Gardella Vampire series This book, not so much It wasn t bad, I read it pretty much in one sitting But it was just okay I knew who the bad guy was pretty much from the start although I kept telling myself that it was so obvious that it would end up being a surprise twist at the end Nope, no surprise I did like the feisty Fiona and Gideon wasn t too bad either but the story just didn t do much for me While I wouldn t rush out and buy a copy, if you like [...]

    11. My first Colleen Gleason started out great but, unfortunately, the story lost some of its smoothness towards the ending I initially bought the book because DA featured a very recommendable review, and I am always eager to try out new and self published authors The plot itself is quite average but highly entertaining, but what really captured me was the author s writing style and talent to characterise the protagonists The story reads seamlessly and easy and captivated me right from the start, es [...]

    12. There were good spots and likable charaters in this book However, I just couldn t give it a solid 4 stars for basic pet peeves of mine The first and most glaringly obvioud was the time line This author even the editor apparently could have desparetly used and outline just to remember her months and dates The author could never decide if it was spring, summer, or fall It completely drove me nuts when, than once, the author would say two weeks has passed since they have seen each other but then i [...]

    13. This book was difficult for me to review On one hand it was an enjoyable read I liked the mystery of this story, Fiona s character, Gideon s grandparents, and the twist of Valente s hidden secret But, on the other hand, as a romance it fell flat The relationship between Fiona and Gideon never clicked for me I never connected to Gideon too often his redeeming qualities felt forced or underdeveloped The paranormal element also seemed forced, especially at the end The climax of the conflict in the [...]

    14. Opposites attract in this fun, slightly spooky, romance Although it did not catch my attention right from the start, I did find myself getting slowly sucked into the world of romantic suspense Gleason created in this story I enjoyed how the completely different worlds of Fiona and Gideon collide but balance each other out so harmoniously Story wasn t overly complicated but always had a level of mystery that kept you on your toes Overall, very much enjoyed this read and would recommend to others. [...]

    15. This book was a very pleasant surprise I wasn t familiar with this author, but the sample pulled me in, so I gave it a try I m hoping that this will turn out to be the first in a series I will definitely look for from this author.I would call it a light mystery, with a bit of romance, and just a hint of the paranormal The characters were quirky and interesting, and the book had a good pace I enjoyed it all the way through.

    16. This author was listed as a new Barbara Michelson, whom I really enjoy her ghost stories So I went into this book with expectations which is always dangerous, and I was disappointed This is an okay story if you have actually nothing else to read and there are no Law and Order repeats on TV, otherwise if you want a good ghost story with a little history thrown on the side I suggest you check out Ammie Come Home, or the Walker In The Shadows by Ms Michaels.

    17. I ve now read everything Colleen Gleason has written, and if her Victorian Vampire Slayer series were a 10, the Shop of Shades and Secrets would be a 4 It was super cute, and I loved the magic, but overall this was much of a romance story than a super natural tale Que the NTTATWWT Because there isn t I liked this book just fine.But when it comes to my novels by Ms Gleason, I want vampires, magic, and kickass badass women than I do sweet romance.

    18. Surprisingly good I normally do not read romance novels, but I m glad I read this one I really like the character development, the author made it effortless to believe in them straightaway The plot had a nice little twist, although anyone who knows anything about forensics will roll their eyes a bit Overall, I would definitely recommend as a light summer read.

    19. Another author who uses the word emotion instead of making any attempt to describe the characters actual feelings.The emotion in his eyes face voice could be anything hatred disgust.It just feels lazy and is probably why there doesn t seem to be any real spark between the lead characters.One of my pet hates and has put me off what might have been an otherwise interesting series.

    20. A Kindle bargain book I thought it was going to be heavier on the mystery paranormal side and lighter on the romance but it was the opposite Fiona inherits an antique shop from a strange old man she has only met once and strange things begin to happen Entertaining light read with likeable characters.

    21. I finished this book only because I wanted to confirm my suspicions from the beginning of the book I wanted to know about Gretchen, and the book was disappointing in that respect The twists were predictable The book was okay, but I wouldn t recommend it to a friend interested in a good book.

    22. Cotton candy book light and not filling A freebie download, if I remember When I finished it I had to look up to see what genre to consider it This is what the book cover said Modern Gothic Romantic Suspense OK.

    23. This had such an eighties aesthetic to it for me I kept expecting her to have shoulder pads and big hair I didn t really connect with the characters, but I enjoyed the premise and the ghost story end of it well enough.

    24. This is a great book I loved the character and plot development The romance was hot but also tender And the light that came on even when it was unplugged was a perfect device to build suspense All around a good read I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

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