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Yurei Attack!: The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide By Hiroko Yoda Matt Alt Shinkichi, Famous Japanese Ghost Stories Oct , To learn much about Japanese Ghosts, check out my book Yurei The Japanese Ghost Japan is one of the most haunted places on Earth In Japanese folk belief, Japan as an island is infused with supernatural powers The very soil of the land is charged with potential, magical energy Human beings share in this energy Inside Susano Official SMITE Wiki Susano moves thrice in quick succession after each attack he has up to s to fire the next one First Attack % Damage to all Enemies in a cone. iW Database Monster Search iRO Wiki In the Name, Map ID, and Skill Use fields, an asterisk can be used as a wild card and a semi colon can be used to seperate multiple entries. Hiroyuki Sawano Dangerous Girl Suite Epic Battle Music Nov , Music Composed Produced by HIROYUKI SAWANO Music From Original Soundtrack Picture From Chernobog Official SMITE Wiki Chernobog dashes forward, dealing damage and slowing any enemy he collides with for s If Chernobog comes in contact with a wall, he briefly enters it as a shadow, becoming untargetable and immune to damage for up to s. Quintessence Chapter Actions and Consequences, a Star The Galaxy Far Far Away did not fall easily to the Entities With their last breath, the survivors of that galaxy planted a seed of hope for any other worlds that might fall. La Velue Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki FFXIV La Velue s a right bastard of a wolverine Been reported attacking smallfolk and devouring livestock, and on the occasions some of the guard were able to respond, he made short work and a Assassin Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in Jun , Priest is the best of support class Gloria Luk , It s awesome Aspersio enchant your weapon with Holy element. FAQ Q What is first priority Double Attack or Critical A Priority Double Attack Critical Normal Damage Q Critical race card like Crusier must attack correct race for effect OST Top Boku no Hero Academia Soundtrack Collection Oct , EPIC SAD OriginalSoundTrackCollection of Boku No Hero Academia Ju on Video Directed by Takashi Shimizu With Yrei Yanagi, Yue, Ryta Koyama, Hitomi Miwa A teacher visits the house of one of his students after the boy goes missing, only to

  • Title: Yurei Attack!: The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide
  • Author: Hiroko Yoda Matt Alt Shinkichi
  • ISBN: 9784805312148
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yurei Attack is a nightmare inducing one stop guide to Japan s traditional ghosts and spirits.Surviving encounters with angry ghosts and sexy specters Haunted places Dangerous games and how to play them And importantly, a guided tour of what awaits in the world of the dead Yurei is the Japanese word for ghost It s as simple as that They are the souls of deadYurei Attack is a nightmare inducing one stop guide to Japan s traditional ghosts and spirits.Surviving encounters with angry ghosts and sexy specters Haunted places Dangerous games and how to play them And importantly, a guided tour of what awaits in the world of the dead Yurei is the Japanese word for ghost It s as simple as that They are the souls of dead people, unable or unwilling to shuffle off this mortal coil Yurei are many things, but friendly isn t the first word that comes to mind Not every yurei is dangerous, but they are all driven by emotions so uncontrollably powerful that they have taken on a life of their own rage, sadness, devotion, a desire for revenge, or even the firm belief that they are still alive.This book, the third in the authors bestselling Attack series, after Yokai Attack and Ninja Attack gives detailed information on 39 of the creepiest yurei stalking Japan, along with detailed histories and defensive tactics should you have the misfortune to encounter one.Japanese ghosts include Oiwa, The Horror of YotsuyaOtsuyu, The Tale of the Peony LanternThe Lady Rokujo, The Tale of GenjiIsora, Tales of Moonlight and RainOrui, The Depths of KasaneTogether with Yokai Attack and Ninja Attack , Yurei Attack is the last guidebook to Japan you ll ever need.
    Yurei Attack The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide Yurei Attack is a nightmare inducing one stop guide to Japan s traditional ghosts and spirits Surviving encounters with angry ghosts and sexy specters Haunted places Dangerous games and how to play th

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    1. The most common, fatal mistake with a sequel is just throwing of the same into the mix Yoda Alt thankfully avoid this with Yurei Attack , sequel to Yokai Attack While fans of the first book will enjoy this, it s got a feel and subject matter all its own.This time, there will be blood.Oh, yes, there will be blood.Yokai Attack was an irreverent guide to the monsters of Japanese superstition, but the authors wisely realized that even their already tightly controlled humor wouldn t fit this subject [...]

    2. This non fiction book is a collection of information about Japanese ghosts It profiles each ghost individually, as well as profiles of haunted places Each ghost place gets it s own 4 page section The book is beautifully illustrated, with amazing original drawings by Shinkichi, and photographs of historical artwork featuring ghosts Shinkichi s drawings were my favorite part of the book.Because of the format, this book is great for reading in small doses as time allows The stories of the ghosts we [...]

    3. This showcases the different types of Japanese ghost story, ranging from vengeful, to bloody and poignant It captures Japanese nuances and explains unfamiliar customs to the reader The book is very up to date as it references the 2011 tsunami and provides an excellent bibliography It s also really excellent value for money because it also provides chapters on places to visit, spooky toys and woodcut illustrations I m disappointed with the kindle text though as there are several errors missing wo [...]

    4. Yurei Attack is a fun and informative light read I highly recommend it for anyone, though particularly if you have any interest in Japan and or the supernatural.1 The stories are long enough to be interesting but concise enough that they don t get boring Some stories have repeating ideas the onryo stories in particular can get a little repetitive , but all in all they re all unique and fascinating stories My favorite ghosts were Otsuyu from The Peony Lantern and Ame kai Yurei the Candy Buying Gh [...]

    5. Yes, welcome, tonight on the It is 6 am and I have just spent a whole night binge reading a book on Japanese ghosts because I have no impulse control and love ghost stories too much Yurei Attack My profile A love so strong it rivals 3 whole suns for the supernatural Currently living in Japan Majoring in Japanese studies.The enemy This book.Good things Loved the illustrations And funny anecdotes The rituals chapter was A The design of the whole book was outstanding Sources were actually given.Bad [...]

    6. What a pretty, preeetty book strokes pages so prettyThe illustrations and photos in this book alone make up for most of my rating, not that the stories weren t great on their own but it was the art that really makes this book stand out.This was a really interesting, fun, and sometime gory read with lots of background information on some of the most popular Japanese ghost tales, horror games and haunted places My only complaint is that this book could have easily been so much longer as it didn t [...]

    7. A good companion to Yokai Attack which contains enough succinct information about the different classes of Japanese ghost to give a decent overview However, because of the conciseness of said information, even as a whole the work doesn t provide a solid enough understanding of the mindset behind the Japanese supernatural framework This leaves some of the denizens of its pages out of context and looking like wacky Asian curiosities than the manifestations of a cumulative mythology a mythology th [...]

    8. This sounded better than it actually was It was still a nice book, still a fun book, but there were several things that I didn t like.First up the things I did like I loved the female ghosts, the Games chapter, several parts of the Haunted Places chapter I loved how each ghost got its own profile with all sorts of information on what threat level they were, what happened to them, when, and several other things It was fun that they started with a small introduction and then dove into how it all c [...]

    9. After finishing all three of Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt s Attack survival guides, Ninja Attack , Yokai Attack , and Yurei Attack , I can recommend all of the as fun, casual introductions to some popular facets of Japanese folklore and mythology Tales of ninja covert operatives often drawn from the peasant classes interfering in Japanese history and politics since before the Heian period, bizarre yokai any number of supernatural monsters and entities , and terrifying yurei ghosts and other angry ap [...]

    10. I found this book quite by accident, but because I ve read Ninja Attack, a different book by the same author, and enjoyed it, I decided to borrow this and read.Luckily, it totally lived up to my expectations.Yurei Attack is basically an introduction to the various kinds of Yurei ghosts haunting Japan Of course, it s not exhaustive, but most of the main Yurei are featured I think.The Yurei in this book are divided into three categories Sexy and Scary aka famous lady ghosts , Furious Phantoms and [...]

    11. A very fun overview of the concept of the Japanese ghost and a handful of the most well known ghost stories Some of these I was familiar with beforehand, and some I was not, but the way that the synopses of the stories are presented is very entertaining and, at times, informative Many of these stories revolve around real places, and the book often contains pictures of those places as they are today, as well as historical art or artifacts pertaining to the story The presentation is great, and the [...]

    12. Fun book of Japanese ghost stories, ranging from modern times to medieval A cool mix of illustrations, with modern manga contrasting with traditional scroll paintings by people like Hokusai Also good for comparing the traditional elements of Japanese ghosts with those of western stories, and there are a lot of parallels There s a story of an eerie woman who buys a piece of candy every day, and it turns out she s a ghost of a mother who somehow gave birth in her coffin and was sustaining her chil [...]

    13. I think reading Wayward, Vol 1 String Theory set me looking up info on Japanese monsters again, and in doing so I found this book Since I own the first book Yokai Attack The Japanese Monster Survival Guide, having bought it in Japan, I thought it might be fun to check out this one I think it is a little rough in its overall presentation, but it provides an interesting lens for looking at Japanese history and culture I m not sure that there is as stark a line between yurei and yokai as the author [...]

    14. Weeping voices from out of wells, ghostly samurais, living curses, and vengeful spirits, a collection of ghosts and ghouls rising from the Land of the Rising Sun and how to survive them.I m a big fan of Japanese myths and legends, I got this book because I was curious to know about what makes a yuurei a yuurei The stories and entries listed here go a long way to explaining some of the bizarre tropes at play in works such as Jhorror and anime So many things make sense now It was fascinating to [...]

    15. Very enjoyable, and a bit spooky, little book I read the authors Yokai Attack and like this book even I have than a passing knowledge of Yokai and Obake but learned a lot here There is much to be ginned from these stories and I d love to see this, and Yokai Attack fleshed out, there s a joke in there somewhere, into comprehensive stories for each entity Bad jokes and puns included And most of all I d love to see prints of the original art work instead of the illustrations in this book, it s [...]

    16. I got this book from my local library and wasn t sure what to expect of it I do have a thing for Japanese ghost stories Especially because the differ quite a lot from the ones I m used to The book was sometimes very heavy with information but I liked it nonetheless The illustrations were great and the historical information interesting I had a great time reading it although it took me longer than expected I would recommend it to people who are interested in Japan than to those only interested i [...]

    17. Not as light hearted as Yokai Attack or rollicking as Ninja Attack , that makes sense considering that ghosts and ghost origin stories aren t generally lighthearted Still, it s another great book from these authors that give readers a good overview of some of the most widely known and a few obscure ghost stories in Japanese tradition.

    18. I prefer Yurei Attack compared to Yokai Attack The folktales accompanying each yurei s claim to fame give it a grounded cultural and societal basis Reading this as a part of my further research into Japanese myths, folktales and cultural worldview, observed some similar yurei s in the Malay culture.

    19. While I m not sure how accurate the book is I m assuming it is I don t know a lot about Japanese ghost stories and folklore , I do know that this book was an absolute blast Great stories, and great chilling illustrations

    20. I love it Is perfect it is very informative but it is not dull or boring It has many facts and a lot about popular culture This book is perfect for people who likes short narrative, like japanese culture, reads manga, etc.

    21. A good introduction for weeaboo teens, but it doesn t really go in depth I knew some of the ghost stories in here better BEFORE I read them, if that makes any sense But still It was a nice companion to Yokai Attack and a fun read.

    22. This book is EPIC and so much fun The art is good and the writers have done their research Not for cultural anthropologists, but any casual fan looking for some quick info will dig this book.

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