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The Plan By C. Dulaney,

  • Title: The Plan
  • Author: C. Dulaney
  • ISBN: 9781934861998
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ask yourself this If the dead rise tomorrow, are you ready Do you have a plan The dead rose, and the living quickly realized that Hollywood style tactics were the quickest way to find yourself one of the walking dead Kasey, a strong willed loner from West Virginia, and Ben, a college student from Pennsylvania, have shared an unlikely friendship over the years And theiAsk yourself this If the dead rise tomorrow, are you ready Do you have a plan The dead rose, and the living quickly realized that Hollywood style tactics were the quickest way to find yourself one of the walking dead Kasey, a strong willed loner from West Virginia, and Ben, a college student from Pennsylvania, have shared an unlikely friendship over the years And their bond is stretched to its limits when society collapses under a tide of zombies But Kasey has something she likes to call The Zombie Plan While Ben sets out for West Virginia, taking with him a ragtag group of friends, Kasey prepares for their long term stand against the deadheads at her home in the mountains But every plan has its weaknesses, and the youths are unaware that a freight train of tragedy is bearing down on them all In the darkness that follows, Kasey s Plan slowly unravels friends lost, family taken, their stronghold reduced to ashes.
    The Plan Ask yourself this If the dead rise tomorrow are you ready Do you have a plan The dead rose and the living quickly realized that Hollywood style tactics were the quickest way to find yourself one of

    One thought on “The Plan”

    1. DNF One dimensional unlikable characters that constantly make stupid decisions that put them in danger, coupled with immature, bland dialogue I hope they ALL got eaten by the zombies.

    2. This is the 1st book in a good while where I actually finished the book and wanted to go right back to the beginning and read it all over again If it hadnt been 4 30am when I finished reading, I just might have done that.There were a few things that bothered me I am going to go and re read just to make sure I didnt read so fast that I missed some stuff I have no idea what some of these people look like, or how old they are I know that most of Jake and Ben s crew is in college, and that Zack is a [...]

    3. YAYYY Another editing project is now a published book and available for purchase You don t want to miss Roads Less Traveled The Plan by C Dulaney exec obidos ASIBy the way, I will be editing the sequel soon

    4. Roads Less Traveled The Plan tells the story of Kasey, a young woman living in the mountains of West Virginia, and a group of students from Pennsylvania coping with the initial days of the zombie apocalypse Kasey and Ben, one of the students, have been corresponding over the internet for years, though they ve never met face to face While there are no real details as to how they stumbled onto one another, it isn t difficult to surmise that they connected via one message board or another that was [...]

    5. I waited over two months to review this book and now I ve forgotten most of what I wanted to say I hate leaving a general review but it just can t be helped here.I ll start with the cover I don t like it The three portrayed don t look to me anything like how they look in my mind They don t fit at all, even if I stretch my imagination I really like when a cover with characters on it shows the characters as they re shown in the book It doesn t actually take away from the book for me when they re n [...]

    6. This book is called The Plan because the characters have supposedly planned for the zombie apocalypse for a long time They even met others on a chat forum somewhere and shared their plan, modified it so they could all get together when it all happens Sounds good, right Would your plan include traveling hundreds of miles through parts of the country you ve never seen to move in with someone you ve never met in person Would you make sure to have only 100 bullets for each of the 4 rifles of varying [...]

    7. Generic zombie book with generic scenarios and generic non character characters It was a quick and easy read, sure, but the characters were so bland that it was difficult to care, empathize, or root for any of them I guess it had a decent body count, but, then again, that s pretty par for the course for a zombie story.

    8. Roads Less Traveled The Plan is the first novel in a planned zombie post apocalyptic series by author C Dulaney The author doesn t waste any time with this one By chapter one the zombie apocalypse is in full sway, and we re introduced to Kasey, who has been preparing for just such a disaster for years As she readies her West Virginia home to ride out the apocalypse, her friend Ben and his college buddies make their way across the country to join her, picking up some strays along the way.Zombie 4 [...]

    9. The premise of the book falls apart in the first few chapters A story about a women and her friend that had a zombie apocalypses plan in place when it happened The book starts off with the lead character, a prepper telling us The plan is for my friend Ben to come to my place and hold up here A chapter or so in she says something to the effect of I just realized that my county home that had been inconvenient in the old world was the perfect place to hold up Are you kidding Just realized If you ne [...]

    10. Plan What plan If zombies attack, those in on The Plan like Ben travel from Pennsylvania and Mia from Washington DC to meet our MC Kasey at her house in West Virginia That is The Plan and it must be stuck to Ben had never met Kasey so he should at least have made the journey a few times to get an idea of which roads were less busy or alternate routes to take if one was blocked It might be a good idea to actually see the house you are running to and meet the stranger you plan to move in with befo [...]

    11. The author had a very good flow to the writing and the book was very easy to read I ve read a great many of the zombie books and this was an enjoyable read The three stars rating is due to the lack of several ideas that are common to the science fiction realm of zombies One of which is conserving ammo in real life unless it s absolute like and death I believe people would conserve ammo during the absolute minimum of firing weapons as there is no Walmart to buy ammo What was good about the book [...]

    12. The world has gone into chaos Zombies out of seemingly nowhere Kasey isn t a typical woman, she s prepared for the hordes of undead sweeping across the nation In the safety of her home in the West Virginian mountains, Kasey hunkers down and awaits the arrival of her friends as they brave the miles to reach her and sanctuary.This isn t your typical zombie fare, it s even better It IS full of the undead, shambling about in search of warm flesh But C Dulaney really brings out the personal interacti [...]

    13. This was a surprisingly good book I got it as an audible book, and I almost thought I was going to have to return it when she started off having the main character having been spending years preparing for a zombie apocalypse, it just seemed silly But I gave it a good hour of listening and was hooked In particular I liked that at least so far in the series she skipped the HOW of the infection, and just dove right in with the reaction and survival of the characters I find seeing how characters rea [...]

    14. Im not sure why anyone would have a plan for a Zombie Apocalypse unless they know something How messed up in the head must you be to not want to know how your family is Kasey makes a trip to a town where she knows her family is but will not attempt to find out if they are okay or not Story is not perfect but it keeps you wanting to read I m not sure that revenge is reason enough for me to want to read Book 2 SPOILER , Everyone that Kasey cared for the most lived till the end with the exception [...]

    15. One of my favorite zombie books The story grabbed me right away and I appreciated that the characters started out with a well thought out Z Plan I especially liked the smart, self sufficient and tough lead female character and loved the setting for the story I actually listened to this on Audible and also bought the Kindle edition so I could read it when I didn t have Audible available to meI was so involved in the story that I didn t want to put it down Just about to start on the newly released [...]

    16. I liked this book I had put off listening to this series for some time not sure why, wasn t in the mood I guess Turns out it s not bad as far as zombie tales go Your default group of survivors making their way through the apocalypse, fighting zombies of course and other not so nice survivors Two of the group are captured by a gang of escaped prisoners at the end of book one Looks like book two will focus on getting the captives back and eliminating the gang Should be interesting.

    17. Not bad I guess But I was very frustrated reading this Certain plot points had promise but they continuously were looked over and passed on by author Each chapter was decent, but teased you into thinking it will turn into a good story line.d then any possibility is squashed in the next chapter and this continues throughout entire bookPromise, intrigue, squash.I will start the next book in series, but if this continues I most likely will stop reading the series altogether.

    18. a cracker of a zombie book , starts with a bang and lots of screaming Z day is here Kasey has a plan to survive this with some friends and they are going to do all it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse Really enjoyed this book , can t wait for part 2 a worthy collection to my Zombie shelves alongside Joe McKinney etc

    19. This was a superior entry in the Zombie Apocalypse genre, with compelling, believable characters and a plot that was, all things considered, very high on realism I had a blast, and am moving on to the second book It should be noted that most zombie centric books leave me cold, so this surprised me by being a lot of fun.

    20. Interestingly enough, this was a really good book Started off with a BAM and kept up with that till end of book Felt bad for Ben though but when you hook up with a self centered, selfish, thinks only of themselves well, really no good is gonna come out of it, and he paid.I think I will read book 2

    21. I had a really tough time keeping moving on this book The first half was pretty dull I forced myself to finish it when we got snowed in Overall, not terribly impressed So so writing, nothing imaginative about the story or characters It feels like something I could have written Yet, five minutes after I finished it I m looking up the sequel on I have a sickness.

    22. I like Zombie books, they are mostly pretty terrible, but every now and then you find one that is just plain good What I like most about this book is something very simple but rarely seen in others, and it is thatAlthough bad stuff happens and tough decision must be made, no one does anything so suicidal y stupid, that you actively root for them to die

    23. Loved this series A lot of real time, day by day events and thoughts make up the most of this book which makes it intimate I got to know the characters and cared about what happened to them Recommend

    24. It would be totally a different experience if some characters didn t die that early Killing charming characters was a let down, losing some readers interest, however it felt dragging if one continues to finish reading the story.

    25. I have read a lot of ZA books lately and this one has garnered high praise, by comparison to many If this is a genre you enjoy, I recommend reading this book.

    26. Loved it The story sucked me right in, and couldn t put it down I finished it in about a day and a half I m looking forward to reading of this series

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