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Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff (Chicken Soup for the Soul) By Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Patty Hansen,

  • Title: Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Author: Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Patty Hansen
  • ISBN: 9780757303135
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Barbies to your first bra, from holding your teddy bear to slowdancing with your first boyfriend, from knowing everyone in elementary school to trying to make new friends in middle school When dealing with these changes, it s no wonder preteen girls can freak out from time to time.Consider Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul your survival guide From reading the tFrom Barbies to your first bra, from holding your teddy bear to slowdancing with your first boyfriend, from knowing everyone in elementary school to trying to make new friends in middle school When dealing with these changes, it s no wonder preteen girls can freak out from time to time.Consider Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul your survival guide From reading the true experiences of other preteen girls, as well as women who ve been there, you ll see that you re not the only one who feels clueless and insecure sometimes You ll read about tough subjects, such as peer pressure, cliques, divorce and loss, as well as fun girls only stories about friendship, embarrassing moments these could take up an entire book , body changes and first crushes These stories will make you laugh, cry and realize that girl power is truly something to celebrate You ll turn to this book again and again, whenever you need the advice only girls can give.Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul is sure to be what a girl wants Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 9 7 2005Pages 350Reading Level Age 10 and Up
    Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff Chicken Soup for the Soul From Barbies to your first bra from holding your teddy bear to slowdancing with your first boyfriend from knowing everyone in elementary school to trying to make new friends in middle school When de

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    1. Chicken Soup For The Girl s SoulBy Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, Patty Hanson, and Irene DunlapReview By Paige Tornow Chicken Soup For The Girl s Soul is a book of compiled stories written by girls, about girl things There are different sections on different things, from Tough Stuff to Friendships There are lots of stories about bullying, family, meeting new people, and finding your true friends At the beginning of each story, there s a quote from someone famous They give you a feel for wha [...]

    2. Chicken soup for the girl s soulBy Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, Patty Hanson, and Irene DunlapWhy did you decide to read this book I had wondered about reading this book for a long time A good friend of mine recommended it for me last year but I never got around to reading it This year I decided that I would finally give the book ago.What category on the bingo board does the book complete I chose to put this book under the category of three poems or short stories from one anthology Chicken [...]

    3. Chicken Soup for the Girl s SoulI chose to read this book because my dad bought me the book, and it had been sitting in my draw for my teenage years I decided to read this book this year because I am finally here.The category on the bingo board I chose was THREE poems or short stories from ONE anthology Because Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul is filled with a bunch of short stories published by a numerous amount of teenage girls, expressing their experiences during teenage years.My Favourite qu [...]

    4. I LOVE Chicken Soup for the Soul books There so inspiring and they help you out alot in life when you realize that there are other people out in the world stuggling with the same things.

    5. This book is amazing Inside this cool book are so many real inspiring stories There is one that is really sad and it was about how a girls father had cancert The girl didn t really well I wouldn t say that she didn t care but she didn t take advantage of the time she had sice her dad is still alive What I mean by that is that the girl would go to her friends house or to play soccer with her friends and one time while the girl was in her friends house her dad died I could tell that she regrets go [...]

    6. Advice self helpChicken soup for a girls soul was a good book to read Basically, if you know what the chicken soup series is all about, it is just a bunch of true life stories from real girls about everything a girl might go through as they grow up Some of these stories were funny and made me laugh and others were very serious or heartbreaking Reading this book it kind of helps in a way that if that same experience happened to you, you know that you are not the only one who has been through it a [...]

    7. In the Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul, there are lots of real life stories from girls experiences There are stories from embarrassing moments to first boyfriends to family stuff At the end of each story the author tells what she learned from her experience and it gives advice for you I loved reading this book This book doesn t have a movie but I think it would be cool if it did.I would definitely recommend this book to others It let s young girls learn new things about life and it teaches less [...]

    8. The book has been my best support every time I felt low It makes me feel like there are girls like me being through tough and tougher times than me One of the best book I ve read I feel completely fine after reading some stories though I ve completed reading all of them still I love reading them again My advice every teen girl must have one copy with her Seriously a good one.


    10. The authors purpose of this book is to show young girls different lessons about life The author of each story wants readers to feel that what they are going through is a part of life If a situation in this book happens to the reader, they know they re not the only one They show how to handle situations such as a first kiss or a death in the family The main theme of this book is to be true to yourself and the people around you Do what you think is right, and enjoy life The section The Pressure s [...]

    11. Chicken Soup For The Girl s SoulBy Jack Canfield350pp.HCI Chicken Soup 11.96ISBN 13 9780757303135Chicken Soup has done it again This book, Chicken Soup For The Girl s Soul is full of true life experiences of girls around the nation The book covers topics such as relationships, friendship, family, love and kindness and tough stuff.All of the stories are understandable and full of emotion whether it s humor, or sorrow Each story is motivating inspiring and humorous.I saw this book at a book fair i [...]

    12. 1 a book recommended by a family member.2 Because it helped me realise that whenever im going through a bad stage in my life, i can always think to my self how lucky i feeling am compared to other girls It keeps my mind set on that we all go through sad, emotional, heart breaking phrases in life.3 i liked how the stories were from real life girls, not just made up How it explains the situation hey were in and how they learn t their lesson and came out strong young woman 4 i didn t like how there [...]

    13. There are some really good stories in this book For example this girl had a soul sister and they were hardly seperated until the girl went on vaction to another island on Hawaii and herd that there had been an acident She thought it was her dad but it was really either her soul sister , and her two sisters It was her soul sister and one of her twin sister who died It was really sad but she has lived through it and even though it is hard she knows that her soul sister is watcing She even wrote a [...]

    14. i have always loved all the chicken soup books because they are about reall people and real experinces my favorite story was about this girl named michelle that was being bullied by these three girls who really did not care that they were hurting her so they kept on the girl became sofed up with it that she comitted suicide and even after her death the bullies still didnt care these stories are good for anyone but i think that they particularly target girls because girls are judgmental of one a [...]

    15. This book it a collection of short stories, poems comic and others I wanted picked up this book because i though it would be nice to see the diffeerent stories of girls This book is really good but some short stories are not as good as others Each short story is from the point of veiw of a girl This book is good for girls coming of age, i recomd this book for girls that just need a book to realate to This book can be for everyone of all ages but for a young girl who needs feels like she is going [...]

    16. This book Is just, WOW It s everything true about girls and it makes you feel grateful about your life and how you deal with these problems with these girls in the book You feel right beside them It s just so real yet, it s yet unreal But it s the truth Which EVERY girl deserves to know I have learned so much reading story by story I just couldn t stop because, it s life and I feel so blessed because of it and there s hardly words to describe this book This book is recommended for ALL GIRLS Pref [...]

    17. I recommend this to young girls I know that this book made me laugh, cry, think, and It says that there are girls out there just like you Girls deal with the same problems in everyday life Some of us are fortunate and some arent This story lets me think about a lot of things like, love, friendship, family, and boys, and school related problems I say that if you are down or embarrassed, or humiliated, you need to read this book There are some funny stories, sad stories, and some heartwarming sto [...]

    18. This book would definitely be a book for girls as you can tell by the title I would still recommend this book to teenagers or tweens from 7th grade and up, who understand the stages of maturity and puberty You will read about family issues to secret crushes If you would like to know about girls stories about that, or find somebody that s going through the same thing as you I would suggest you read Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul Real Stories by Real Girls about Real Stuff by Jack Canfield.

    19. My daughter is reading this, and learning so many positive things from it Yesterday she told me mom, I learned that it does not matter if you are fat or skinney, but that you are beautiful on the inside is what matters Also that if you lie to your mom, that you get in much bigger trouble than just telling her the truth from the beginning and boys are not really grown up until they want to sit by you The boys who are still young like to tease good book for girls

    20. Are you a girl going through all the stages of your tween years Then this book is for you From secret crushes to hard family situations This book is filled with real stories for real girls by real girls I recommend this book because it talks about many everyday situations of tween and teen girls Make sure you buy this book at your nearest bookstore Or just check it out in the library first to make sure you love it

    21. I loved this book and still do I always turn to it when I am feeling down, and stuff It has inspiring stories from girls just like ourselves and it makes all the difference when reading it.The comics are funny, too It may give you a smile, perhaps, as it did me, and the sayings before each little story are something to read, as well They are inspiring, which I ve found out.This book gives out wonderful advice, and yeah It s a great book, and I highly recommend it to every girl.

    22. This book was something us girls can relate to It has stories about girls lives that us girls all go through This book also helps us get through times that girls go through, it helped me a lot I felt like I didn t have to be emberassed about what I go through, because all the other girls go through it too I can relate to this book It just shows how tough it is to be a girl I don t suggest guys to read this Haha But I do suggest that young teenage girls read it I loved it

    23. this book written especially for girls nine fourteen year old readers will find they are not alone in dealing with the growing up issues that only girls face Finally, a book that covers issues for girls only This book is all about girl talks and their growing up ages this is what all girls love to read here in this book, there are tips, facts, and some funny facts about people stories Girls embarrassing moments, crushes boyfriends,ex boyfriends, etc.

    24. This book is great with many stories of girls growing up, facing acne, boys, puberty, friends, enemies , family problems, and much The proverb behind this whole collection of stories is that everyone has to grow up,life doesn t wait for anyone and things do happen, bad and good, but you have to learn to forgive and forget.

    25. From reading this book, I learned that growing up isnt such a bad thing nor a good It is just something that will happen You cant put a time on it It wont always happen when you specificly want it to And most of all you cant make it happen, or stop it from happening You just have to trust that one day, it will eventually just Happen.

    26. The book, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE GIRLS SOUL, is really good and full of advice it described all the everyday problems girls go through, and all the great things that happen to them there are stories about family matters, friendships, themselves or etc the book was well formed and well organized it shared many different obstacles and triumphs between many different girls.

    27. This book is REALLY girly i would only read it if you are really depressed about a guy LIKE YOU WOULD BE okay got a little carried away there the stories are okay there are some really sad stories but overall it was okay FOR GIRLS ONLY

    28. Its amazing how preteens can be much inspiring and they clearly know about various pitfalls even we chose to overlook contributing to reckless impulsive mistakes Its been inspiring than the normal teenage souls book i ve read

    29. This is a good book for preteens to read, it gives a lot of information about growing up It has some stuff for teenagers but not very much, a good book for a 5th or 6th grader.

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