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Her Imperfect Groom By Rose Gordon,

  • Title: Her Imperfect Groom
  • Author: Rose Gordon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
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  • Despite his three engagements, the thrice jilted baronet, Sir Wallace Benedict, has trouble when it comes to those of the fairer sex Twenty years old and still unmarried, Edwina Banks, has taken it into her mind to see that Sir Wallace get his much deserved and long awaited happily ever after Because truly then, she can find hers, too Or can she
    Her Imperfect Groom Despite his three engagements the thrice jilted baronet Sir Wallace Benedict has trouble when it comes to those of the fairer sex Twenty years old and still unmarried Edwina Banks has taken it in

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    1. 2.5Sir Wallace Benedict is not a new character in this series He had a very important role in Her Reluctant Groom being a reason Marcus realized he should do something about Emma Even with this quirks, his counting of everything around him when he is nervous, you can t help but like him He is quite believably made a love interest in this book He still counts when he is nervous and we find out about him than before, but he is never depicted as simpleton Edwina decided to help him marry and, of c [...]

    2. I really hate to give this only two stars, but I found it disappointing after enjoying all the author s other books.On the plus side, I loved the main characters Edwina is funny and smart, and Wallace is a the Regency equivalent of a charming nerd I also liked the view spoiler illiteracy dyslexia hide spoiler subplot I thought the way Wallace responded by revealing his own issues and finding ways to teach Edwina was really sweet and believable, and one of the best elements of romance in the stor [...]

    3. I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review Wallace is probably my favorite male character and the reason behind that is because he s so flawed He is so severely anxious so much of the time that you want to grab him into a hug and protect him from the evil that masquerades as society I especially loved Edwina as she is the complete opposite of her brother Alex kind of ticked me off for a good portion of the book, but I also understand that he was just t [...]

    4. Her Imperfect Groom by Rose GordonBook 4 in the Groom SeriesSir Wallace has some particular idiosyncrasies about him, I find it makes him the most endearing character This poor guy has been engaged three times and each time the woman married someone else The last time was the closest as he was about to speak the vows when the woman s true love came to the rescue He finally has a chance to woo the gal who caught his eye three years earlier, Edwina Banks, but it s a bumpy road for him There are mi [...]

    5. Kesaal dengan yang ini Serius nih, dari pertama kali ketemu Wallace di buku kedua seri ini, aku langsung jatuh cinta sama dia Gak sabar dan penasaran gimana cerita dimana dia yang jadi tokoh utama sayang banget, buku ini mengecewakan terlalu banyak salah paham memang siih kalo gak ada salah pahamnya jadi garing tapi orang orang di buku ini, terutama si Edwina, gak liat fakta dulu, gak tanya tanya dulu, langsung aja ambil kesimpulan buruk tentang Wallace Kasian si Wallace, sudah dikejer kejer sam [...]

    6. I ve read all of the Scandalous Sister books and the Grooms books and my favorite character out of all 8 books is Wallace I love how his character is so unsure of himself then so protective, sweet and tender when it comes to Edwenia I loved their romance it was the most innocent one to me I thought it might have been ruined when the book got to the intamate scenes, but Gordon executed those scenes very well I love Gordons work and the fact that it isn t just lust and sex like in many other rege [...]

    7. This story not only fulfilled my love for Historicals but for wounded characters as well I adored Edwina and Benedict s and loved reading about their journey to happily ever after My only complaint is I know it says these can be read as stand alone but I highly recommend reading the previous books first which I didn t because I was quite lost on who was who and past stories Other than that I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading from this author 4 Stars

    8. Sir Wallace has got to be the most endearing and sweet hero I have ever read I could just eat him up I thought Edwina was perfect for him This whole book was just so sweet My heart ached for the H Poor guy He was an odd one, that s for sure But I liked him all the for it I loved the fact that nothing he did fazed Edwina in the least She loved him no matter what The whole thing was very entertaining 4 stars

    9. Sir Wallace Benedict, an odd ball, if ever there was, an odd ball to be had Even if, he was a very handsome odd ball, he was still an odd ball, though not a simpleton odd ball He had this nervous habit of counting everything in sight to help quell his nerves He meets Edwina Banks and in his own awkward lovable way falls for her and she for him even though she concocts a hare brained scheme to help him love another who it turned out, did not really love him and in fact had already been engaged to [...]

    10. It pains me to give a book so low a rating, but this particular book was so annoying that I managed to finish it just by force of will The whole story was based on a string of ridiculous misunderstandings that made me feel the main characters were just marionettes into the hands of the author, performing a charade she thought was interesting I thought it was anything but It made the hero heroine seem stupid and immature, which was sad because there were scenes where I could see their true selves [...]

    11. Romance, mystery, duels even in the weirdest since of the word and of course you have to have a happy ever after Sir Wallace knows that his heart lies with another and finally he thinks that he should be able to win her love once and for all, but can a secrete by one of the parties with stand the trauma of coming to life What would you do for the love of your life Would you die for them Would you want to make sure that you can give them the best life possible He finds a secret of his love and he [...]

    12. I loved it I can t pick a favourite of the four because I weirdly like them all equally as much I ll be reading book one in the bostoner series very soon before going back to the first series and then eventually coming back to continue I need to read the bostoner soon for a monthly reading challenge otherwise I would have waited until I read the other series first, but oh well.I m so glad I found these books They re cheeky, steamy, and I love historicals like these Super easy to read and not sup [...]

    13. This is the third in this series that I have read because I find the stories enjoyable and have gotten involved with the characters They are quick reads which do not necessarily follow the strict historical guidelines governing relationships society I especially liked this book as it addresses in depth issues only touched upon in previous books with regard to Sir Wallace and now Edwina Banks, that being her illiteracy from what appears to by dyslexia and his oddities from what appears to be a f [...]

    14. Nobody does it better Nobody can create a flawed character quite like Rose Gordon They come to life and demand your compassion Sir Wallace Benedict is the most flawed of all her characters, and one of the most lovable Edwina Banks has loved him since the day he met her, as he has loved her But through a series of misunderstandings, some of which were deliberately caused by others, neither believes their love is returned.When all the misunderstandings are laid to , Wallace melts my hear when he t [...]

    15. I like this author I liked the story line, 2 people meeting and caring for each other for 3 years and still feeling the same way What i did not like was the misconception, EVERYTHING was misunderstood it was so irritating All it would have taken to clear things up from both sides were a few words But for whatever reason neither would say anything, and just kept thinking the worst about the other person I understand back that it not being appropriate for woman to be blunt, but this book went a li [...]

    16. This is the second book I ve read this week where one of the main characters cannot read But the show stopper with this one was the H s disposition a complex and heart wrenching disposition that was wonderfully portrayed by the author and truly made me feel for the man I kid you not there was than one occasion when I would have reached into the story and squeezed his hand myself if that were at all possible.The sources of external conflict were well drawn and used to great effect, and the chara [...]

    17. Another great story Wallace and Edwina are adorable, just as the other couples in this series Lady Chatterfield and Lady Sinclair are worse than Marcus sister Olivia, if that is possible The only down side is it took so long to sort things out there was not much happy time before the epilogue Looking forward to reading the sister series the precedes this series.

    18. FunThis book received four stars because it was fun, entertaining and the characters were endearing I loved it I did not, however, find it as entertaining as the others in the groom series I recommend this book for adult readers who like historical romances with cute humor I really loved Wallace Even with his imperfections I thought him truly adorable Fun story

    19. Her Imperfect Groom had so much potential, from the blub I wanted to read it desperately But I hated the numerous problems the heroine and the hero had in the novel due to miscommunication, to the point it became really frustrating to read It could have been a four star read if the author solved the miscommunication problem somewhere in the middle of the story.

    20. I enjoyed this last book of the serie 4.5 stars The hero, as per the title, had rather large problems that made it hard for him to fit into society The heroine loved him despite his flaws and had a secret of her own I did not give this book 5 stars as the characters sometimes seemed inconsistent But I still enjoyed this story.

    21. Another great storyThis is the second book I ve read by Gordon, and I d have to say that this story was even better than the one before The dialogue and scene execution was on point and hilarious and I ADORED the fact that both main characters had what could be considered handicaps It made them both three dimensional and endearing I would definitely recommend this book

    22. A comedy of errors Wonderfully written with good insight on how people with learning disabilities and idiosyncrasies were treated in those times Perfect pairing makes you believe that there is a perfect match for everyone out there

    23. Oh WallaceAnother surprising winning romance For such a weird hero, Wallace really grew on meeven with all his oddities The set of misunderstandings between Wallace and Edwina was quite hilarious too.Even awkward people can find love

    24. So far of this series this one made me laugh out loud often When the Banks and their spouses get together is a sure bet something hilarious will happen Love Wallace he is a sweetheart and perfect match for Edwina.

    25. I really wanted to like this book, but the plot was very muddled I couldn t find any momentum and the focus of the main characters imperfections kept switching The plot did not flow, unfortunately I recommend Her Secondhand Groom instead

    26. It has some very weak and very strong parts But good thing when I m almost bored, the nice parts come to light I wished the author had consistency with the story line I like the series, but this isn t my favorite book among the four.

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