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Love Life and See Good Days By Emily Belle Freeman,

  • Title: Love Life and See Good Days
  • Author: Emily Belle Freeman
  • ISBN: 9781609087425
  • Page: 433
  • Format: None
  • To see a good day, change your perspective Look at things in a different light Laugh Uncover the good that may be concealed Let your perspective allow you to focus on the Lord Through Him, understanding will come Emily Freeman
    Love Life and See Good Days To see a good day change your perspective Look at things in a different light Laugh Uncover the good that may be concealed Let your perspective allow you to focus on the Lord Through Him understandi

    One thought on “Love Life and See Good Days”

    1. This is an AMAZING book I loved it I work at Deseret Book and we all passed this around amongst the employees and would just laugh at some of the stories in this book We try to sell it to everyone because we loved it so much Emily Freeman has this amazing ability to take a gospel concept and see it in an entirely different light Want an example Speaking of the Savior, it asks, Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of [...]

    2. This is a quick, easy read, nothing earth shattering, but I love the idea of seeing good days, not having good days It all depends on our perspective, and we determine our own happiness She gives us 12 ways to find the good in each day and be happy I wanted a little ybe experiences from her own life I give it 3.5 stars.

    3. Emily is an amazing author and maintains such a positive perspective She truly exemplifies her words and I love this book My goal is to see good days no matter what Thank you Emily

    4. This was a sweet book I loved the parables and the every day examples she used to illustrate her points and make the scriptures understandable and applyable It reminded me of Elder Bednar s talks in that way The parable of the Skunk was hilarious and I still giggle when I think about it The advice in this book is wonderful and timeless because it is rooted in the gospel The scriptural references were great and she made a few really good points that helped me change my perspective and gave me too [...]

    5. Emily Freeman always manages to get me to look at life as a wonderful gift This little book focuses on how to see each day as the most wonderful day of your life When talking to friends, family, or even strangers met along the way, people tend to say have a good day Freeman says that we should focus on seeing a good day If we see the day as good, everything that happens in it will be better In order to see a good day, we need to change our perspective and look at things in a different light She [...]

    6. I was surprise with this one Went to Deseret Book and told this very intelligent girl what kind of books I liked and she suggested this and that book that I had already read But then she picked up this one and told me it was written by this lady who wrote 21 Days Closer to Christ a book for women I think this one was written for women too but it is amazingly positive and again, she has that trait that I love in my favorite writers she will not waste you time She talks about having a positive vie [...]

    7. There is so much power in this little book I loved every minute of reading it I read a chapter each morning after reading a chapter of the scriptures and every night, again after reading a chapter of the scriptures I want to give a copy to my sisters Sadly, my brain is like a sieve and all the good of each chapter trickled out as soon as I shut the book Which is also true of the scriptures for me If I had my own copy of the book I would take the time to do what she suggests with each chapter As [...]

    8. I couldn t decide between four and five stars I would definitely say 4 1 2 I really loved her insight and perspective The ideas that she shares are very meaningful Each chapter focuses on a particular principle that can help us SEE good days I found myself wishing I owned my own copy so that I could highlight all the really profound thoughts She is obviously quite a scholar of the scripturesI enjoyed her use of some rather obscure verses from Deuteronomy I am anxious to check out her other books [...]

    9. Sometimes you come across a book that is just what you need at that moment This was one for me I love Emily Freeman s use of scripture and her life s experiences to illustrate how we can see good days I was surprised at the scripture selections, but they made me think about and ponder on verses that I had often read without really making a connection to my everyday life I especially loved her chapter about living after the manner of happiness It dovetailed with some other books I am reading and [...]

    10. I started out with a little bit of a negative attitude towards the book and author when I first started reading the book Who is this lady to be giving me advice on how to live my life What sort of qualifications does she have After all, she s not a general authority for my LDS faith and she hasn t been previously After I got a few chapters in though my attitude started to change and I really started enjoying it It was a relatively quick read and my favorite line that I got from the book, which m [...]

    11. This book has a simple concept a compilation of ways to change your perspective and see good days each and every day Each chapter highlights a different method for loving life even when life is hard and while the ideas were not necessarily earth shattering or brand new, I still really enjoyed this book The book is a great reminder and filled with sweet stories to illustrate her points Definitely recommend for a quick, uplifting read.

    12. It took less than an hour to read Though the book was inspiring and motivating with some good personal stories that prove her points, I didn t feel like there was much new said, and indeed, with a subject like this in a genre like this, there never will be Her writing is free and simple, and I considered just reading the whole book aloud for the talk I ll be giving in church this weekend Just kidding I wouldn t do that.

    13. There is a story about a skunk at the beginning that had me laughing and the last chapter is about a happiness journal of her grandmother s In between are a lot of straightforward insights and ideas on how to better love life and see good days A lot of scriptures are cited with her interpretation as how they relate to the topic She uses a lot of stories What could be overly sentimental or preachy is not it feels like thoughts shared between friends I quite liked it.

    14. This book was exactly what I needed to read The content was timely for my life, so I really enjoyed it The style of writing is simple and easy to understand, so you could sit down and read through this book in a day or two The author shared some great stories that I could definitely relate to I would definitely recommend this book to a friend If you are searching for something simple and uplifting, this would be a great book to consider It helps to see the beauty in all situations.

    15. great book that I bought at Time Out for Women You feel as if the author is your friend, sharing words and examples to encourage you durnig a challenging time I actually bought this to give to a friend who was going through a hard time, and I read the book before giving it to my friend I am going to have to find myself a good used copy so I can have it in my library as well

    16. Once in a while a book comes along at just the right moment in my life That is how I feel about this little gem I laughed and cried and felt so uplifted To see a good day, change your perspective Hopefully I will see good days and because of the insights offered Loved loved this book.

    17. Reading this book is like having a wise friend remind you of all the good things in life The author shares her wisdom, funny stories, and scriptures to serve as a reminder to see good things each and every day of our lives This the kind of book I want to own and read often I d highly recommend it

    18. I loved this book It is thought provoking Makes you take action I really do see my days different I want to implement her suggestions I really admired her knowledge of the scriptures and it encouraged me to dive deeper into my scripture study

    19. It is nice to be reminded sometimes that having a good day is actually a choice we can make This book uses scriptures to point out 12 different things we can do to help us see good days I really liked the personal stories that added to the concepts.

    20. These isn t really anything earth shattering about this little book, but it really did make me feel happy and uplifted It s lots of little nuggets of things to do to live a happier life definitely Mormon Christian centric but they feel concrete and doable and believable I enjoyed it.

    21. I needed the message in this book to love life and see good days Taken from a scripture in 1 Peter, the subject of this book is about perspective and making our own happiness This is a quick read with a direct and simple message If we want good days, we have to take the effort to see them.

    22. A great book, made even better by the personal stories and anecdotes therein Really fast, I read it in a day, which is good for me, because I m not a big nonfiction fan Her twelve tools to see good days are all very realistic, useful, and doable I definitely recommend.

    23. I absolutely loved this book Maybe it was because I have seen her speak in person I feel like I can connect with her experiences as a mother especially as a mother of a child with diabetes I loved her insight and perspective in this self help book.

    24. This book was a inspirational way to approach how to see the good in each day It was a religious read written by a member of my faith I need that little bit of religious outlook and inspiration some days.

    25. This is a great book Emily gives us 12 ways that we can be happier and have better days Easy to read, and wonderful

    26. This is a very inspirational and uplifting book It s just the thing to read when your having a bothersome day.

    27. Emily is an Author who has the ability to inspire others Positive and uplifting This book reminded me to look for the positive things in life Love life and see good days

    28. Really enjoyed this book She has a delightful way of putting life into perspective I did enjoy 21 days to a Christ Centered Christmas .

    29. Emily Freeman, has a gift for writing to the women of the church This book uplifts and gives women of faith a sense of inspiration and hope, along with a little laughter.

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