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Café Negro By Charles Osborne Agatha Christie John Almeida,

  • Title: Café Negro
  • Author: Charles Osborne Agatha Christie John Almeida
  • ISBN: 9789892315645
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • O inventor Sir Claud Amory fica desesperado quando a sua f rmula para um novo e poderoso explosivo roubada O autor do roubo s pode ser algu m que esteja em sua casa Ter sido um familiar ou um amigo Com medo da resposta, Sir Claud decide dar uma oportunidade ao infractor As portas s o trancadas e as luzes desligadas mas, em vez de devolver a f rmula, o ladr o acreO inventor Sir Claud Amory fica desesperado quando a sua f rmula para um novo e poderoso explosivo roubada O autor do roubo s pode ser algu m que esteja em sua casa Ter sido um familiar ou um amigo Com medo da resposta, Sir Claud decide dar uma oportunidade ao infractor As portas s o trancadas e as luzes desligadas mas, em vez de devolver a f rmula, o ladr o acrescenta algo ao caf do anfitri o Poirot j n o consegue impedir esta morte, mas pode ainda evitar uma cat strofe Tem apenas de encontrar a f rmula e o assassino E tudo isto sem se deixar envenenar Escrito originalmente por Agatha Christie em 1930 como uma pe a de teatro, Caf Negro Black Coffee foi adaptado para romance por Charles Osborne em 1997 Foi tamb m transposto para o cinema em 1931 e 1932.
    Caf Negro O inventor Sir Claud Amory fica desesperado quando a sua f rmula para um novo e poderoso explosivo roubada O autor do roubo s pode ser algu m que esteja em sua casa Ter sido um familiar ou um amigo Co

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    1. The mystery detective novel Black Coffee was not written by Agatha Christie, in spite of the 24 point type declaration of her name above the title that the Christie estate insisted on ruddy liars Black Coffee is a novelization published in 1998 by Charles Osborne of the 1930 play of the same name by Christie Osborne had written a scholarly work about Christie s fiction that was praised by the Christie estate Osborne, encouraged by this, proposed to write a novelization of one of her plays and th [...]

    2. George, he called, please take my heavy tweed suit and my dinner jacket and trousers to the cleaners I must have them back by Friday, as I am going to the Country for the Weekend He made it sound like the Steppes of Central Asia and for a lifetime Tweed No, I cannot to Poirot in tweeds.I am all in favour of fan fiction, especially when it is done well Unfortunately, Black Coffee fell flat on so many counts.What is, in my opinion, even worse is that the book was authorised, even commissioned, by [...]

    3. A play featuring Hercule Poirot turned into a novel by Charles Osborne Well, all I can say is, he shouldn t have.

    4. I picked up this book with low expectations In fact, if I wasn t such an awful completist I would have skipped this little outlier altogether Being merely an adaptation of Agatha Christie s foray into playwriting, it lacks the Dame s impeccable style It s too heavy on dialogue, and sometimes is too deceptively easy to figure out I m saying deceptively because after all it is still Christie s storyline Surprisingly, it was an enjoyable light read Perhaps not on the level of her average work, and [...]

    5. As a Poirot novel, this one felt very weak in comparison to many others Maybe, because it was an adaption from a play The characters are forgettable and there are very few twists You could even guess the ending Strictly for Poirot fans.

    6. I am planning to go see Black Coffee as a play this summer, and so I thought I would check this book out to read from the local library This is my first Agatha Christie novel Although I had seen a good handful of theater productions of Christie s plays, I immediately recognized that this book is not Christie s style Black Coffee was first written as a play by Christie herself and should have remained as such instead of adapted into a novel This adaptation is written by Charles Osborne, who is, a [...]

    7. At first I was really interested in this book because it wasn t really written by Agatha, like at all Black Coffee is like a play adaptation than anything and the only thing you re going to get from Agatha Christie is her name on the cover Why Because this book is by Charles Osborne.Now I will admit that I read other people s review before I wrote my own because I honestly had no idea how to write this one It s very hard since it wasn t written by Agatha who s writing I ve fallen in love with b [...]

    8. This book sucked which is why I kicked it to the proverbial curb when I got to 40 pages in I often say that a good DNF review can steer potential readers away from a book that the reviewer articulates why it would be a waste of time Honestly, all you have to know is that Agatha Christie did not write this novel Instead, Christie wrote a play called Black Coffee However it was not turned into a novel Decades later, Charles Osborne would take up the mantle and write this I have no idea why anyone [...]

    9. Agatha Christie did not write this book She wrote it as a play and then 68 years later Charles Osborne, the foremost and in my opinion a very poor Christie expert , came along and turned it into this godawful mess of a novel For someone who is supposed to be a Christie aficionado, he clearly has little to no knowledge of the basics of Christie s characters and their personal idiosyncrasies For example, at a key part of the story, Hercule Poirot s sidekick Captain Arthur Hastings eavesdrops on a [...]

    10. The first Poirot novel in twenty years says the blurb Except it isn t twenty years, since Christie s contribution was done in 1930 and it isn t a novel, it s a novelisation And it s a novelisation done by someone without the courage and perhaps the talent to make changes to the play When Christie turned The Hollow into a play she kicked Poirot out of it altogether because it made a better play I m not suggesting that Osborne should have removed Poirot, but he should have managed somehow to tweak [...]

    11. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie and have read virtually everything she ever wrote so I felt drawn to this book Black Coffee was written as a play but Agatha Christie never actually turned it into a novel for whatever reason This book was written as a novel several years after her death by Charles Osborne and I think it is plain to see Although the plot is the same the Christie polish is missing.This book does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as any of Agatha Christie s actual no [...]

    12. nl Fizik i Sir Claud bulu unun al nmas ndan endi e etti i i in Hercule Poirot u evine davet eder Poirot arkada Hasting ile eve vard nda ok ge tir Sir Claud un cans z bedeniyle kar la r ve katilin kim oldu unu aramaya ba lar.

    13. For an avid Agatha Christie fan, I remember being so excited a new book And then I read it It was based on a play Christie wrote an early play Too many elements reminded me of other, better novels actually written by Dame Agatha Christie herself There were no surprises, no Christie prose Poirot didn t sound or act like my Poirot, and Hastings wasn t Hastings The language was terribly forced putting stage directions into a paragraph does not a novel make.Don t care if Osborne is an expert on Chri [...]

    14. The book is a novelisation of an Agatha Christie play and I couldn t help imaging the theatrical version as I was reading I often thought I d spotted comments directed to the audience, humourous comments that would make the audience laugh, entrances and exits to the stage The scenes had something static about them too obviously the scene would stay the same and characters come and go.This didn t detract from the reading experience however In some ways, it added to the interest and has made me wa [...]

    15. 3,5 Se nota bastante que esta novela NO fue escrita por Agatha Christie Me falt esa vuelta de rosca que tienen por lo general sus libros, y m s desarrollo de los personajes, pero en general fue divertido y no adivin al culpable, como siempre jaja

    16. The seventh work by Christie to feature retired Belgian detective Hercule Poirot was written as a play, after Christie had been dissatisfied with the dramatization of an earlier work and decided she would write a play herself Some twenty years after her death, former actor Charles Osborne was hired by her heirs to novelize the work Hercule Poirot is asked to come to the country estate of Sir Claud Amory to unmask the traitor in his midst Amory is a famous scientist and has been working on a form [...]

    17. The novel Black Coffee is an adaptation of the play Black Coffee written by Agatha Christie I d highly recommend first time readers of Mrs Christie not pick this one up first And that s what I ve got to say about that.

    18. 2.5, rounded up Eh The dialogue was on point, but yeah, you can tell that this was a novelization not written by Christie.

    19. I am sorry, Tori I did want to like this one I imagine as a play this would be quite fun, especially because you would have to pay attention to catch the details of the characters actions However, in a novel, it is very easy to track their movements and gestures and I figured out the murderer pretty quickly I kept waiting for a shocking twist that never came view spoiler Though oddly enough, I was assisted in my sleuthing by a memory of someone straightening a vase that contained a missing docum [...]

    20. This is a novelization of a play by Agatha Christie The adapter, however, is not Agatha Christie and does not have her skills The writing is clunky at best and the characters are stereotypes through and through It s a testament to Christie s original plot though that this is essentially enjoyable if taken on its own terms as a simple, conventional English country house mystery.

    21. Sir Cluade facing some serious problem regarding his experiments and formulas for his work.So, to safe guard it, he making call to Hercule Poirot and informing him to come and collect the formula and take it back to London.On the day of arrival, Poirot pick his Captain friend Hastings with him for collection of formulas Sir claude made Hercule to come a day earlier without any further infomation On that day, after dinner, Sir Claude announce everybody to assemble in centre room.Everybody receive [...]

    22. 3 I quite liked this Poirot book, for it was quick and easy I didn t exactly enjoy the overdramatics, but you can t really escape them with Christie I did like the 3rd person POV and the fact that we got a little taste of the action before Poirot got involved It gave the readers a possibility to try and solve the crime themselves from the beginning, rather than rely on a 2nd person POV.

    23. During a weekend at a country house a secret formula is stolen and a man murdered.The basic plot was good but I found the writing didn t grab me.

    24. While an interesting enough mystery, you can tell the prose isn t actually written by Agatha Christie it s adapted from one of her plays, but not written by her.

    25. Oh, what fun Maybe it s because I went into this fully expecting a stinker I mean, it s a novelization of a drama, come on but I thought this was just a delightful little Poirot story I liked it as much as, if not than, the previous installment of the collection, The Mystery of the Blue Train.Clearly, I am waiting with bated breath to make it up to Murder on the Orient Express, and I don t expect anything nearly as good as The Murder of Roger Ackroyd which is sensational, by the way , but these [...]

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