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Bitten By Merrill Gemus,

  • Title: Bitten
  • Author: Merrill Gemus
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Ally becomes a newly single woman, she is determined to meet the man of her dreams Never truly expecting it to actually occur, she is amaze to find herself drawn to a dark, mysterious stranger leaning against the bar He was utterly irresistible Despite her friends protests, she willingly follows him outside the bar and soon realizes that her world will never be thWhen Ally becomes a newly single woman, she is determined to meet the man of her dreams Never truly expecting it to actually occur, she is amaze to find herself drawn to a dark, mysterious stranger leaning against the bar He was utterly irresistible Despite her friends protests, she willingly follows him outside the bar and soon realizes that her world will never be the same again.
    Bitten When Ally becomes a newly single woman she is determined to meet the man of her dreams Never truly expecting it to actually occur she is amaze to find herself drawn to a dark mysterious stranger le

    One thought on “Bitten”

    1. I could have been something special With a good editor, I d say this could be a great jumping point for a novel However, it falls short in its current form.

    2. It was just ok until the end, then it was awful It really wasn t a novela, it is like an ongoing series that stops in the middle of a thought It was NOT a good ending and then at the end the author says if readers want a second book go to her blogspot and motivate herWHAT It was worth what I paid on nook 0.00 If there was a little closure, I wouldn t have had a problem, but don t leave us in basically the middle of a sentence and say hmmm, I m not sure if I ll finish this sentence beg me and I l [...]

    3. This is one of the worst books I ve read in a while I was optimistic b c the first few pages sortof pull you in Plus it was free on my Nook, so why not try it The book is short and that s probably the only reason why I finished it The first almost half of this book is about Ally being dumped, going to a Halloween party to meet her friends, her getting ready for said Halloween party, and her meeting this mysterious man The rest of the book is so fast paced that you lose the story line and wonder [...]

    4. This story is a Halloween story about Ally she has recently broken up with her boyfriend so decides to go all out for Halloween She dresses as a Vampire of cause she does and goes clubbing to meet 2 girl friends Once at the club she meets a handsome man who of cause is a real vampire come on tell me you didn t see that coming obvious hey.Anyway Ally feels a pull towards Benedict, yet notices other women just feel uncomfortable, including her friends does she go with the whole well there may be s [...]

    5. Halfway I m finding this hard to read it s just so DELETED DELETED DELETED DELETED un unique DELETED Ordinary Trying too hard Three minutes later I m not kidding It s sad Immaturely sad and discardable Giving me a headache DELETED Ughhn now I feel guilty for giving a bad review Minutes later Skimming Skimmmming to the end Cuz this is deplorable Deplorable It was such a dissatisfying, deplorable read that the word deplorable popped up in my head and tagged itself to said book That s sad DELETED I [...]

    6. I read this book thinking I was getting the first in a series entitled, Bitten however, it is not Book One as advertised but of an intro to the series or a couple of chapters to a full length story A straight forward description would help since it left me feeling cheated with the hurried pace and forced ending.This story started off with great promise as we are introduced to Ally, a confident young woman 25 who is looking forward to celebrating Halloween as a newly single girl She finds hersel [...]

    7. I am all for self published books I think it is great that authors have the opportunity to put there work out there without the rigmarole of the current publishing world HOWEVER it s really important that these self published authors find themselves a good proofreader and or editor I got 6 pages into this book before I couldn t take it any Holy incomplete sentences Batman I m not a huge stickler for grammar I know that my grammar isn t always as good as it should be I misuse commas and semi colo [...]

    8. I needed to read this with an editing pencil in hand The grammar is unbearably dreadful Past and present tense are often used in the same phrasing I erased the book from my Kindle quickly, but an example would be similar to She walk to the store and eat a bagel The plot was cute, but this is not a novel There is no completion to the plot It is simply the beginning chapters of a book.

    9. Cute little story and better than the average self pub, enjoyable little free read There were a few grammar issues which threw me out of the story Relies on the fates mate trope, and I have a bit of trouble with any story that goes from just met to lifetime commitment overnight.

    10. This book was very good I couldn t wait to read each chapter I m so happy the Sequel is out Pretty good read for a free book

    11. I love this series So suspenseful Can t wait to read Unbroken Merged review I love this book Can t wait to read the next ones

    12. Wow what a tasteless, terribly written story with no plot twists or exciting plot developments Well it s another vampire story well I think it is towards the end This is a very poorly written story It wasn t tedious, it was just terribly flat, and missing a lot of flair And a book needs its flair It s really difficult to write a short story Firstly, it has to be short, but really detailed and entertaining The author has to create characters that will make the reader empathise with them, or even [...]

    13. Quick 100 page read Typical vampire story Girl sees vampire Vampire sees girl Fated eternal love story Bite to transform Struggle of some sort Then a plug for book 2 to be read.Sadly there was so little story development and no surprise twists so I think I ll leave Book 2 unread.

    14. What fun Good story line with unexpected turns A good read A love story that gets right to the meat quickly and smoothly, without the sappy whine and drama.

    15. A good short storyI really like this short story I am excited to read the second book Hopefully it will not let me down.

    16. Cute story it was short and sweet I haven t read many vampire books lately so it was a nice change of pace for me The story is mainly about Ally going to a club for Halloween with her friends I love club scenes She accidently bumps into someone, he steadies her and walks off but there was something about him that caught her eye When Ally asked her friends about him, they told her there was something off by him, she should stay away but Ally kept catching his eyes on her and she can t seem to tak [...]

    17. Benedict has been putting off his marriage to Moria for awhile and figured he would never have to be forced into it Once he signs the contact that seals his faith, he soon regrets the decision because now his only outage will be if he finds his true mate Benedict heads out on Halloween for a night on the town, but soon finds that he will be getting that the usually treats this night He meets Ally his true mate and things turn upward for him, but soon Ally is kidnapped and Benedict is running ou [...]

    18. If someone had simply lent me this book and not told me where it came from I would ve assumed it was a 12 year old girl who was obsessed with vampires writing on a fan fiction site This book was pretty horrible There were spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere, which for a published book is sickening Simple errors that should ve been caught if the author had simple proofread their book Ally is a very poor main character She has no admirable traits She s stupid and it makes this book very diffi [...]

    19. A contemporary vampire story Benedict is looking for his mate humans normally shun him but he notices a human girl watching him.Ally saw him walk in and she feels completed captivatedhe is handsome and she gets up the courage to go and talk to him view spoiler But he moves off to see if she will follow and she does He leads her outside and then down dark allies and he enters a bar and waits and sure enough Ally comes in it is Halloween and she thinks everyone is in costume but they are notHe is [...]

    20. I was totally into this book, then BAM it was over I kept thinking that perhaps I didn t download it correctly, but soon I discovered that I wasn t the only one confused.It is hard to write novels.t of all you re putting a lot of yourself out there and it makes you feel vulnerable so first I give the author credit for trying 1 for thatThe story was really interesting until the last section It went way too fast I m all for a cliffhanger, but I think first the author should make sure their audienc [...]

    21. First off this is in no way a novel It s almost just a teaser to an actual novel I was pretty disappointed in the characters in general because with so few pages in the novel I didn t begin to get a feel for any of the characters After reading the whole story I still don t have a feel for the main characters Alli or Benedict The author s fresh take on the vampire human relationships and the vampire society has so much potential to be the makings of a great series, but the lack of character devel [...]

    22. I have a nook app on my new phone and was searching the Barnes and Noble site for free nook books and saw this listed.It is quite short and ends in a huge cliffhanger, which I didn t like because it keeps you hanging until the second book finally gets published.Aside from that it was a good book and did entice me and I do want to read the next book It s just another vampire story but it is nothing like the twilight vampires, a little real life and down to earth It was well written and a quick e [...]

    23. Bitten was a free story I picked up from Barnes and Nobles for my nook I felt at first this was a story intended for young adults the way it was written until it reached the sex sceen Which made it ovious it wasn t intended for minors Don t get me wrong tho I read tons of young adult books and love stories with vampires and other fantasy creatures As with most short stories I feel the story just moved too fast and ended well, it didn t really end it left me hanging in limbo with many questions F [...]

    24. The story line was good enough to keep me reading further The writer put her words across very effectively so it was a very easy read Not much in the way of action, the slow build up as you get further into the plot.Take a single woman, throw in Halloween and a party, add the mix of a hot sexy vampire and you can let your imagination continue with the story.I did however find that the story was a little too short for my personal liking Just when it seems it is building up, along comes the endin [...]

    25. Novella Got it free for Kindle.Ally just broke up with her boyfriend so she s planning to go all out for the Halloween party Dressed as a sexy vampire Ally sees a very hot guy and falls instantly into lust Her girlfriends say he s creepy the female bartender hardly wants to serve him What is going on When he leaves the bar Ally follows him to another private club She s totally smitten after she talks with him a bit.Benedict is a vampire who has been searching for his human soulmate despite being [...]

    26. Ally is a really great lead character knowing just what she wants until she arrived at the Flambe Until that moment when she bumped into Mr sexy vampire she thought that she was looking for a good time at this Halloween party tonight and on with her life Her friends Pam and Trish told her to back off this was a bad news bear for her.Well when was the last time you did just what your friends told you to do How was she to ever have any fun and he looked so lusious, if she did that If your looking [...]

    27. This book was okay, the storyline was good but rushed It s only like 105 pages but they did make a second book to follow up I feel they could have lengthen the book just a bit I mean it was Ally meant Ben she followed him from a club to a bar then they went to his place he said she was his mate they did it then it was like they were Married vampire style I mean really spread it out just a little I m still going to read the second book to see what happens, like I said the storyline is good it jus [...]

    28. Alice Korman is one of the stupidest women in literary history Who see a man at a club doesn t even meet him , follows him out at 2 am and down dark alleys at that, then goes to his home with barely an introduction I get love at first sight, but this was just dumb.I do not recommend this book to anyone It found it very immature and poorly written The phrasing, punctuation, grammar, and repetition made me feel like a 12 year old wrote this book.I downloaded book 1 and 2 for free at the same time [...]

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