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Stolen By Merrill Gemus, Stolen Definition of Stolen by Merriam Webster Stolen definition is past participle of steal Cite this Entry Stolen The Merriam Webster Dictionary, Merriam Webster Inc Stolen Definition of Stolen at Dictionary Stolen definition, past participle of steal See . Stolen Sep , Directed by Simon West With Nicolas Cage, Malin Akerman, Josh Lucas, Danny Huston A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi. Stolen definition of stolen by The Free Dictionary stolen st l n v Past participle of steal stolen st l n vb the past participle of steal steal stil v stole, sto len, steal ing, n v.t to take the property of another or others without permission or right, esp secretly or by force to appropriate ideas, credit, words, etc without right or acknowledgment to take Stolen Oct , Directed by Anders Anderson With Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, Rhona Mitra, James Van Der Beek A detective deals with the loss of his own son while trying to uncover the identity of a boy whose mummified remains are found in a box buried for fifty years. Stolen Synonyms, Stolen Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for stolen at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for stolen.

  • Title: Stolen
  • Author: Merrill Gemus
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a shackled Ally awakes inside a cold, dank cell, she quickly remembers that her life took a sudden wrong turn Her friends, also incarcerated, are swiftly brought up to date and now fear for their lives How could Ally be stuck in a vampiric love triangle Will they ever be freed Worst still, Ally was in transformation and she was getting quiteirsty Benedict waWhen a shackled Ally awakes inside a cold, dank cell, she quickly remembers that her life took a sudden wrong turn Her friends, also incarcerated, are swiftly brought up to date and now fear for their lives How could Ally be stuck in a vampiric love triangle Will they ever be freed Worst still, Ally was in transformation and she was getting quiteirsty Benedict was possibly her only hope.
    Stolen When a shackled Ally awakes inside a cold dank cell she quickly remembers that her life took a sudden wrong turn Her friends also incarcerated are swiftly brought up to date and now fear for their

    One thought on “Stolen”

    1. This is the second book in a Vampire series written by Merrill Gemus.Although I liked the book, and have read one and two, I do not feel that they are two books, but like two parts of a whole book that have been separated for some unknown reason Both books end with a major cliffhanger and you only get like the first quarter of the story on book one and the second leads up to about the halfway point I really hate that because looking at her website it says the title of the next part of the story [...]

    2. Book 2 in the Bitten Mini Series This is not a stand alone read I like the story these 3 books are telling, but this book has so many editing errors, and the chapter recapping every details that happened in book was between the characters was a snooze that I just skimmed over.I intend to read book 3, but I really hope it is free like the first 2 On a Side Note I want to Thank Merrill Gemus for providing us with her stories for free it is appreciated I would like to recommend combining the 3 book [...]

    3. Just like everyone else has said, this is a step up from the first novella Do I have the same complaints Yes The author s writing is nothing to write home about Her storytelling sounds a lot like school girl gossip The characters don t have much substance behind them, except the antagonist I could describe the bad guy in detail, but the two main characters No The story line itself is decent That s what makes reading possible Not just reading, but mild enjoyment Once again, an editor would have h [...]

    4. continues basically where the first book Bitten left off, but what a difference in writing This one was like a high school kid wrote it The tenses were off in the same sentence, and constantly in the same paragraph the character was refered to as Ben Benedict, yet in the first book he was always referred to as Benedict other then when she called him Ben once or twice The writing was haphazard and made for start stop reading Really like the story and again it was too short Wish that book 1 2 were [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the first one of the Bitten series Loved it actually and here I am waiting for book three ugh I like short reads and this short read was really nice even with the little grammar errors MERRILL WHERE IS BOOK THREE Worth the read cause it just keeps you interested from page one until the last page.

    6. Book two following Bitten finds Ally kidnapped by Moira, her vampire s betrothed Ben enlists his friend, Gabe, to help in his search for Ally Gabe is sure Moira is involved her family destroyed his but Ben won t even think about the possibility.Was disappointed to find that this was not the end of the story There will be a 3rd short novella that, I hope, will finish the tale.

    7. It is hard to say much about this book I think it is too short to get a general feel for main charcthers Also Benedict was to navie He should have seen His fiance doing something like kidnapping I think this book would have been better off if the whole series was made into one.

    8. i got so pissed at the last page moira is a B GRRRRRRRRRRRR PLEASE COME OUT WITH THE THIRD BOOK LIKENOW lol i love the bitten books omg YOU MUST HURRY XD

    9. LoveLove.Loved this book I cannot wait for the third installment I am actually hoping that there may be even a fourth installment

    10. Questa dovrebbe essere una trilogia ma de facto ce ne sono soltanto due Dal 2011 che l autrice ha scritto questi due racconti talmente corti che potrebbero essere un libro solo non se n saputo pi niente Sul blog c l annuncio del terzo, con tanto di titolo Unbroken e copertina, ma fermo da allora e gli ultimi commenti in cui chiedono un aggiornamento risalgono a circa un anno e mezzo fa L unica spiegazione che sia successo qualcosa all autrice Peccato, perch per essere una storia breve sui vampir [...]

    11. Love the concept, but the story is too short Bitten and Stolen should be 1 book Also, the book has some other VERY annoying issues E.g Characters don t do obvious things like call each other when they need to talk Duh Pick up the phone if you need to talk to someone You don t just pace around their home hoping they ll show up ALSO EDIT THE BOOK Even a casual read out loud after you haven t looked at the manuscript in a day will alert you to many of the problems When in doubt of your own skills, [...]

    12. As the 2nd book to this series, this was pretty good it picked up right away as it left off in the 2nd book Benedict was talking to his friend Gabe on the phone just before he noticed Ally was missing Gabe never liked Moira and her family he held a grudge against them and vowed to bring the whole family name down, but with Benedict betrothed to Moira, he had no choice but to grin and bear it for now when Benedict called Gabe back telling him Ally had been kidnapped, Gabe came over right away to [...]

    13. Ally is been chained inside a cell and her friends who were at the club with her when she meet Benedict are there also.Benedict is scheduled to marry a vampire called Moria and the only way he can get out of marrying her is if he bonds with his mate and the Vampire Council ratify it view spoiler Moiria is determined to be married to Benedict she has fed Ally s friends but not her necause she knows that Ally is changing into a vampire and she will attack her friends she won t beable to help it.Be [...]

    14. I ve given it a 4 star because I really did enjoy the story, what has put me off of the fact it s not been finished, the third book was never released as far as I can tell s bad of an author to grab your attention, take money from you then not finish the series, I wouldn t mind as much if Merrill actually kept her readers updated, but I ve read lots of messages asking, and pleading for just some info on the third book, but sadly got no reply, neither her blog, Facebook, Twitter or.I m kinda piss [...]

    15. Ally is stolen from the balconey and she wakes up in a cell cold and alone Alone no and quite soon enough she is brought up to date by her girl friends that are in the cell next to her Of course she has some bringing up to date herself to tell the girls How could this happen she is still in transformation and getting very thirsty plus all this explaining Well, her new mate could be her last hope, unless what is that there or rather WHO This again is another cliff hanger but we have been promised [...]

    16. I will definitely not be reading the final installment to the series I am so glad that these books were free because overall, the story is not good I understand that it is a novella but the characters and the story seem rushed Also, the grammar mistakes, specifically using the correct verb tenses, is just atrocious I am a junior in high school and many of the lines had me rereading them repeatedly because they just did not flow together or make sense I think Ms Gemus needs to spend time on her [...]

    17. Better than book 1 slightlyI reviewed Bitten Book 1 in the series, giving it 2 stars This installment is only slightly better.Stolen is less about Ally and Ben, about Gabe Gabe is Ben s best friend He is hunting for Ally where Ben refuses to believe she could be.I like Gabe He has sense than Ben, Ally, and Moira combined He is the only somewhat developed character in the book.There is still an immature feel to the writing The English, punctuation, and phrasing errors makes me wonder if English [...]

    18. When a shackled Ally awakes inside a cold, dank cell, she quickly remembers that her life took a sudden wrong turn Her friends, also incarcerated, are swiftly brought up to date and now fear for their lives How could Ally be stuck in a vampiric love triangle Will they ever be freed Worst still, Ally was in transformation and she was getting quite thirsty Benedict was possibly her only hopeOh Come on this short length is killing me I seriously read the book in a hour UGH I want damn it Anyways I [...]

    19. I was surprised to see this book given 5 stars by so many people on smashwords have been teens reading this book or someone who hasn t read any really good books To begin with, the book seems so rushedeverything happens so fast, and just when you re getting to the good partwell now you have to wait for the next bookAND there were lots of misused words All in all, you still want to read it and finish it Book leaves you hanging just like book 1, but I love how she ends her books with a certain som [...]

    20. I gave this book 4 stars I really liked it and kept turning the pages to see What was going to happen next.The only thing is the author leaves you hanging at the end like she did in the 1st book Usually I don t have a problem with this because of the next book coming out Unfortunately the author has not updated her status nor does it look like she has said When the next book will be out and she shows a title called Unbroken but no info as to when Its a great story line but really does need to be [...]

    21. I feel like 5 pages and then you could have ended the book there are cliff hangers and there is finishing a sentence with a period.ijust stopped She was screaming in a cabin and if was on fire and then he got knock over the head THE END WTF I had to make sure I downloaded the whole story I feel like nothing has been resolved to even try to read the 3rd book I ve never read a book where the main issue isn t solved in the 2 books but i feel like if I read the 3rd the conflict still wouldnt be com [...]

    22. Like the first book in the series this book was also a nice quick read The story continued where the first one left off and some of the questions that I had after reading the first book were answered The plot of both books is nice and fast paced.While the length is short the plot problem is resolved by the end However I really liked the author s writing style and belive both books that are out have room to be expanded into full novels Wish the third book was out.

    23. It was very hard getting passed all the typos There were added words, wrong tense used The first book was written well, but it was as if someone who did not fully comprehend english wrote this one Both books should have been combined into one Honestly, I wouldn t bother reading it since it looks like there is no chance of another book Unless you like forever being left with a cliffhanger This series could have been great.

    24. I finished the 2 books in one day Although they weren t bad books I did have to scan through a few parts that I thought weren t needed Also finished the last book on a cliffhanger and there s no third book I feel like this series should have been written as one novel and that it should have been finished.

    25. Is this real life This book was poorly written My MIDDLE school English teacher is probably rolling over in her grave for all the terrible mistakes throughout this book The plot was mediocre I can t say I was disappointed because after reading the first book I never expected anything better I can t believe this book has gotten such a high rating thus far.

    26. Slightly better than the first book as far as the story goes, but the storytelling seemed like it was coming from my teenage daughter The story and characters are likeable, the author just needs to proofread and pay attention to detail I will continue with the story and read the third book in the series I only wish the author the best of luck as she develops.

    27. Would give it zero if I could Could not read this book Bought it on iBooks and every single paragraph was doubled up as if no one had bothered to proof read it Got a refund in the end Looks like the author has done a runner as no trace of her on social media for years Do yourselves a favour and don t bother with this one.

    28. Ugh I really hoped something bad would have happened to Ally Nope Again,horrible, awful ending The overall story was better than the first book Thats about it Past tense and present tense were mixed in the sentences Aggravating typos Very glad this one was free too I will be deleting these from my Kindle to make room for something worthwhile.

    29. This one was an ok freebie too There weren t as many typos and such, so it was easier to read, but there were still a few There characters were still a little bland and there didn t seem to be much depth This book ended in the middle of a scene Again, this one was ok, but not really great I m not going to be buying the next book Good Luck

    30. What the check I would have given it a zero but the lowest you can give is a one I usually don t read a book until I can get the series but made an exception this time Huge mistake I will NEVER read this author again Poor writing, words misspell ed Ugh, and no true end I owner if I can get my money back Hated it

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