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A Girl of the Limberlost By Gene Stratton-Porter,

  • Title: A Girl of the Limberlost
  • Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
  • ISBN: 9780440430902
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wounded by her embittered mother s lack of sympathy, Elnora finds comfort in the nearby Limberlost Swamp A wonderful story and a book to treasure.
    A Girl of the Limberlost Wounded by her embittered mother s lack of sympathy Elnora finds comfort in the nearby Limberlost Swamp A wonderful story and a book to treasure

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    1. A weak 3 stars I have some GR friends who are into old timey books I had great luck with their recommend of Daddy Long Legs, so when A Girl of the Limberlost, written in 1909, was also highly recommended, I was all up for another delightful, old fashioned experience Anne Shirley, make way for Elnora Comstock okay, Elnora was losing ground already with that name, but outdated names kind of come with the territory here, so I was still optimistic.At the beginning of the book, Elnora is a 16 year o [...]

    2. It was a joy to read this book such a good story, and what great characters This style of writing, I would even call it a genre of it s own, you just don t see any It is probably lost and gone forever, gone with the likes of Louisa May Alcott, L.M Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and with this writer, Gene Stratton Porter In my opinion, this novel was her finest work and I count it as one of the hidden gems of literature.

    3. Childrens books like A Girl of the Limberlost remind me of the instruction manuals that come with furniture that you have to assemble yourself They are assembly instructions for morality Life is so easy, and there are little stick people on the pages to show you how it is all done successfully I adored Little Women when I was a kid, for example, but in recent years I ve tried to re read it a couple of times, and I can t get past the part where Marmie makes the girls give up their Christmas break [...]

    4. A Girl of the Limberlost is one of those true treasures of the book world, one I personally never would have uncovered if it weren t for my notion to do Booking It Across the US I was at a loss for an Indiana book, there weren t an abundance of titles that I recognized, but when I called on Twitter, Allison of The Allure of Books answered with Gene Stratton Porter I adore hidden classics though I admit there are quite a few not so hidden ones I really need to get to , and so I commenced to readi [...]

    5. This nostalgic story was written in 1906, but has rather surprising relevance to today s culture Well crafted and unique, the issues covered include bullying, parental neglect, extramarital affair, unhealthy grief, peer pressure, alcoholism, window peeping, depression, and class culture clashes Elnora is a teenage girl with many factors making life difficult In true American spirit, she rises above the odds and educates herself and teaches others how to treat her She achieves not only an educati [...]

    6. First and foremost, you ask, what is a Limberlost My wife will tell you it s a fairly accurate description of my posture at my decrepit age, but however true that may be, it s irrelevant to Gene Stratton Porter s most famous novel The Limberlost is actually a famous forest area in eastern Indiana where the author and her husband made their initial wealth Today a portion of it operates as a state historical site, with tourists able to tour the cabin, which looks like this Of course, by the time P [...]

    7. This is literally my favorite book ever I love it sooo much Why do I love it The characters, the setting, the plot, the message take your pick It features a heroine you can t help but love Elnora smart and has a great sense of right and wrong However, I wouldn t call her a Mary Sue She has her faults they re just not talked about a lot Then there s the hero I admit one can get a little frustrated at him view spoiler Is it Edith or Elnora already hide spoiler , but once he makes up his mind, he s [...]

    8. Read lots and lots of GSP when I was a kid Girl of the Limberlost remains my favorite It s an engrossing coming of age story with elements of redemption and romance, set in rural Indiana, early 20th century I would guess by the publication date I think most adolescent girls can relate to Elnora s struggles with her mother, and the resolution of that is very satisfying Elnora herself triumphs over adversity through courage, integrity, and hard work, but is not obnoxiously saintly The author was a [...]

    9. Elnora Comstock leaves deep in the Limberlost swamp of Indiana with her mother, who hates her, and a kindly childless couple next door The year is approximately 1909, and fifteen year old Elnora is going to high school if she has to die trying Her mother rails abuse at her, while Wesley and Margaret Sinton have to sneak behind her mom s back to help her.At first Elnora sticks out terribly The town kids bully her for her threadbare, hopelessly out of fashion old clothes and na ve manners Not to m [...]

    10. Since I was able to download this childhood classic for free, I reread it for the first time since I was a girl I have long held that it was one of my favorites from about the age of ten It seemed mysterious and magical to me then As I read it with the eyes of an adult five decades later, it reminded me of how many books from my grandparents shelves were the morality tales that shaped my reading life and my worldview It is a book of its time, in some ways advanced than one would expect, but fil [...]

    11. This book The feels One of my favorites ever The sensitivity and beauty of the human emotion as well as the stunning descriptions of God s beautiful Creation makes me want to cry tears of joy I have read it than seven times and it will remain a treasure on my shelf.

    12. There is a line in this book that I carry on a card in my purse If you are Lazy and accept your lot, you may live in it If you are willing to work you can write your name anywhere Gene Stratton Porter is a giften writer that writes of her beloved Limberlost swamp and the people that around it As with her other books, there are characters that have extreme hardship and rise above them to become better individuals Elnora Comstock is an impoverished young girl that feels unloved, and earns much of [...]

    13. This is one of the books that I have read probably 100 times It is the story of Elnora Comstock, a poor farm girl that loved the outdoors, mainly the Liberlost swamp beside her home All Elnora wants is to go to high school, but her mother disagrees and makes life incredibly difficult for Elnora Through the story you see Elnora go from a socially sheltered girl to a confident and beautiful lady Everytime I read this book, I want to visit Indiana to see if anything is left of the Limberlost swamp [...]

    14. Well worth reading for an honest look at what life was like for a naturalist in the late 19th and early 20th century While it is fiction, I would highly recommend reading this for what it tells you about all the things that are peripheral to the story Also, do a little background reading on Gene Stratten Porter She s an amazing individual, and what she accomplished in her life is beyond belief when you consider that, by law, her husband had to sign any legal documents in her name for them to be [...]

    15. What a joy it is to read Gene Stratton Porter I picked this book up at my daughter s orchestra concert which I arrived at 45 min early and finding myself bookless, I asked her if she had anything in her locker I could read She produced this book, which I hadn t read in quite a while I got totally lost in it well before the concert started, and I couldn t put it down I love the moral fiber of the characters, and how adversity shaped Elnora into the beautiful woman she became Now I m ready to go b [...]

    16. Although I believe this book was written before Anne of Green Gables, this read like a mediocre version of Anne It wasn t that I disliked this book while I was reading it, but it just didn t ring true for me Especially the part about Elnora s graduation when she was being such a brat about the dresses her mother wouldn t buy for her Anne of Green Gables handled the lack of dresses she wanted so much graciously than Elnora did I didn t feel sorry for her any after that And I lost all sympathy.In [...]

    17. I might have liked this book better if I d read it as a child It s a bit old fashioned and didn t have the humor and charm of other classic girls stories Plus, I m not sure I liked Elnora all that much Perhaps she was as kind and loving and honest and upright as the narrative kept telling me, but it was sometimes difficult to see it in her actions Instead, she was often remarkably self centered and unappreciative of what she was given It became hard for me to admire her or to care about her roma [...]

    18. My mother always wanted me to read this book, it was a favorite of hers She probably read it in the 30s Well, I ve finally done it Written in 1909, it is definitely an example of the writing style of that time There are many things to interest modern readers, though, from young teen through mature adult The protagonist, Elnora, is a student of nature, and she specializes in moths The descriptions of the moths, the birds, the flowers of the beautiful Indiana woodlands are glowing We learn much ab [...]

    19. As a novel, this book has a lot of what I guess I d consider oddities and rough edges than flaws It introduces conflicts over and over but either abandons them as with the most serious danger or simply resolves them abruptly and at odd moments It s very much of its time, not just about its time, which means its moral worldview is prominent and emphatic It s the sort of book that constantly affirms that characters who are good on the inside will be recognized and rewarded by a benevolent God, ev [...]

    20. While I love A Girl of the Limberlost, and consider one of GSP s best books Some reviews say it s her best,but I disagree Her best is Freckles There are similarities in both books and you will enjoy both, but I suggest that you read Freckles first I first read this book as a pre teen and fell in love with it, and after re reading it many times I ve never changed my mind Gene Stratton Porter wrote this book when she was at the peak of her writing skills and it shows It s a story about a young gir [...]

    21. by Andrea Renee CoxThis was an interesting book, but it wasn t really my thing There were positives and things I didn t much care for I can see how it would be a fun read for others, though I liked the idea of making one s way in the world and standing strong for what one believes in While I found Elnora s mother annoying for the vast majority of the book, she grew on me in the latter chapters and I quite enjoyed her for a while toward the end.However, I did not care for the expletive that was u [...]

    22. This was a popular book back in the very early 20th century, when it was written It s dated but nevertheless quite interesting The limberlost is a sort of swamp of 13,000 acres in Indiana thank you and the girl, whose name I have forgotten No, I remember, it was Elnora, lives on the edge with her crazy mother, where Elnora collects moths and excells in school The mother is still pining the loss of her husband in the limberlost, and she resents Elnora, but truth be learned, her husband wasn t the [...]

    23. This was a sweet book I disagree with the other comments and do not think it was anything like Anne of Green Gables It was a really good story about love, loss, letting go, and learning to love agian I loved the amount of resilence the main character had she over came so much in this coming of age tale I enjoyed the nature talk throughout the book I hope there are still parts of the Limberlost preserved today You could do a really nice literature unit on this book and incorporate all the subject [...]

    24. Girl of the Limberlost is not a book to be read when one is feeling cynical, critical, or simply jaded For starters, it is a children s book and children aren t supposed to be jaded or cynical yet Secondly, it s a book that emphasizes sweetness and light not dreary realism or angry conflicts.Girl of the Limberlost portrays a time long since lost It relates the story of Elnora Comstock and her life in the swamp of the Limberlost She is a plucky girl, but not of the type of pluck that we associate [...]

    25. This is now one of my top favorite books of all time It sucked me deep into another time and place, which was lovely, comforting, beautiful, and fantastic It s ahead of its time in its treatment of women, in that the protagonist is an intelligent, independent woman who both warrants respect and gives it to all people and all living things a scientist, a scholar, a musician, and a teacher all in one The characters are richly painted, and the story is full of suspense and surprise, as well as port [...]

    26. This book was enjoyable, but I felt the plot was far fetched at times Everything was a little too convenient and too easy for the main character, and that took away from my enjoyment I also found the characters very one dimensional and unrealistic.The story is about a young girl named Elnora Comstock who must persevere through hardships to find her happily ever after The problem is, Elnora doesn t really persevere for long in any area of her life In every case of hardship, there is one flimsy co [...]

    27. I got this as a random find on ten cent day for my local library s book sale in 2009 It was okay at first, if outdated in all sensibilities The naturist parts were interesting It was funny how the girl treasured the wild that was increasingly back then even encroached on by society, yet she collected those rare moths to be stuck with pins for profit so that she could join the society she was kept away from by her uncaring mother Guess she wasn t too sad about it, after all Her mother would not s [...]

    28. My heart overflows for this book It was a favorite book of my girlhood and I have just re read it What a treasure.

    29. A Girl of the Limberlost is one of those true treasures of the book world, one I personally never would have uncovered if it weren t for my notion to do Booking It Across the US I was at a loss for an Indiana book, there weren t an abundance of titles that I recognized, but when I called on Twitter, Allison of The Allure of Books answered with Gene Stratton Porter I adore hidden classics though I admit there are quite a few not so hidden ones I really need to get to , and so I commenced to readi [...]

    30. Free eBook from Project Gutenberg I found this book in the comments section of a list of top 100 books for youth, and quickly added it to my Nook queue I m quite glad to have found it, and certainly plan to add it to my list of kids books Appropriate for early to late teens, I d place it in roughly the same genera as Little Women, with strong overtones of Little House on the Prairie Set and written in first decade of the 20th century, the story follows Elnora Comstock, who lives on a homestead n [...]

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