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Shopaholic & Baby By Sophie Kinsella Mariëtte van Gelder,

  • Title: Shopaholic & Baby
  • Author: Sophie Kinsella Mariëtte van Gelder
  • ISBN: 9789044331059
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • De voormalig financieel journaliste Rebecca Bloomwood, nu personal shopper voor een warenhuis, is zwanger en bereidt zich voor op de perfecte bevalling.
    Shopaholic Baby De voormalig financieel journaliste Rebecca Bloomwood nu personal shopper voor een warenhuis is zwanger en bereidt zich voor op de perfecte bevalling

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    1. Ahh, how times have changed I used to consider these books a good guilty pleasure now I find there s a lot less pleasure and a lot guilt Kinsella is still an amusing, energetic writer, but Becky really grated on my nerves this time around She s just so shallow and so frivolous, and while in the first few books she was also just a regular working girl, now that she s rich thanks entirely to her husband , her insane overspending and materialism swiftly loses its charm and becomesicky It can be di [...]

    2. this was my favorite of the whole series partly because she doesn t do anything completely ridiculous, and you can see that she is learning and growing and communicating , even if it s not as much as she should i seriously love how becky and suze refer to people they don t like as cows maybe it s an english thing, but it seems like such a random choice of words even though all along you know how kind hearted, fun and well meaning becky is, i love how it comes out even in this book i am a foreve [...]

    3. Okay, how do I feel about this series Dear Becky, Just quick question why are you so dumb I don t mean to offend you because academically you seem fine, but the general rule of intelligence is to learn from your mistakes Have you EVER learned from your mistakes People around you are aware you re spoiled and shallow and irresponsible but you just can t help yourself can you Luke could probably do better, but he obviously loves you and that is truly what is important I do actually quite like your [...]

    4. I had the misfortune of buying this book before a long flight to Europe Due to a lack of alternative entertainment, I read the book from cover to cover While the book had some funny excerpts, my extreme dislike for the main character Becky Brandon overshadowed any enjoyment garnered from the book.Rather than being lovable, I found Becky to be irresponsible, annoying and pretentious For example, after Becky s husband explains that his company is hemorrhaging money and asks her to reign in her spe [...]

    5. first few pages made me laughed already but as i go later into the story YESy has gotten shallow for some reason it felt like someting was missing comparing from the previous series.BUTi ll admit she is fab she s a red hed bitch,and i hate her at made me laugh so hard sophie kinsella create becky s mind is wonderful shallow and materialistic but creative and one of a kind.just a great fun to read itme say she s dumb but i find it unique come on who have that much drama during labour im always a [...]

    6. Sometimes I find the shopaholic books hit or miss This one was a miss for me I did not like the frivolous way that Becky behaved I always find her odd and flighty, but this story made me totally confused I understand the doubts and nerves of gaining baby weight and yet, she takes it to the extreme I found her to be even self absorbed while she should have been focusing on the baby, and Luke As I said, a miss I am not sure I am going to continue with the rest of the books Maybe it is time to ret [...]

    7. I read the Shopaholic books as soon as I can get my hands on a copy Sophie Kinsella is a really funny writer She has sustained the Shopaholic idea through sequels than most writers can However, this book and the previous one, Shopaholic and Sister isn t as spot on as the first two I mean, isn t Becky ever going to learn to stop overspending Every book involves her getting in a financial hole, then reforming at book s end, only to start over again in the next book And of course, now that she s m [...]

    8. I m officially over the Shopaholic books They are all the same, Becky never learns anything, and I just can t imagine someone being as self absorbed as she is It was definitely something mindless to read while sitting by the pool, but won t change your life or anything.

    9. There is something wonderful about being able to pick up any book in the Shopaholic series and laugh out loud, forgetting about any other worries and escaping for a few hours Sure some would say that chick lit novels are a fluffy alternative to real books and I guess they are, but that doesn t mean you can t have fun reading them And that s what the Shopaholic series is fun The Shopaholic series also happens to include my future fiction husband Luke Brandon dreamy sigh The fifth book in the seri [...]

    10. This is the fifth book in the Shopaholic series by Kinsella, and, I m happy to say, an improvement over the last Shopaholic Sister I don t want to spend a great deal of time catching you up on the whole series check past blogs or for details , but in this installment Becky Luke are pregnant with their first child Like usual, Kinsella throws us right into it with three little words Ok Don t panic Becky s spending habits seem to have toned down as she s gotten older and settled into married life, [...]

    11. In this book, Rebecca and Luke are expecting their first child Becky has to have everything for the new baby from the best pram down to 400 count crib sheets Everything is perfect Luke s job, Becky has the celebrity obstetrician that no one else can get into, a spot in British Vogue Things couldn t be better Than her world comes crashing down.To her utter dismay, she finds out the this new doctor is Luke s ex girlfriend who turns out to be a royal pain in the butt She really is, as Becky puts it [...]

    12. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, and the Shopaholic series my favorite books I find them witty, humorous, exciting, and so much fun to read I personally find Becky to be the perfect blend of silly and intelligent I find all the characters relatable and I think their flaws make them all the endearing Although I am definitely not a shopaholic, I could completely relate to the character and I LOVE Luke and their relationship I get so into the stories I find myself angry or laughing r [...]

    13. view spoiler I am in love with their babies name Minnie hide spoiler Wow, okay, so for this reread I definitely upped the star rating and I actually enjoyed it way It could ve been me working out today, the football games, my dads chili, Netflix, or the wine I drank today Either way I don t mind and I m not going to question anything about it.Now, Shopaholic Baby was really really freaking adorable So fucking sweet I loved everything about it well, except for Luke s ex girlfriend Venetia I can [...]

    14. Becky Bloomwood is pregnant Of course, these fashionable mom would only want the best and most beautiful for her kid After learning that shopping is the best cure for her morning sickness and preggy cravings, she couldn t wait to go hunting for baby stuffs And then there s the inevitable monthly doctor s appointment so she and Luke could checkup on their baby But wait, what s this Becky s OB gynecologist is none other than Luke s ex girlfriend And a very glamorous and fashion trendy doctor at th [...]

    15. Having read Remember Me by the same author I decided to give this book a go Despite not being the biggest fan of babies I wanted to read the book to see what makes the author so popular I liked the subjects raised in the book some of the issues are potentially very real but I was largely disappointed, not by the story or plot lines, but how the book was written overall Kinsella repeats a LOT of words I swear I read the word Incredulous over a thousand times Her descriptions are vague as well She [...]

    16. Dit boek viel mij een beetje tegen Het duurde tot over de helft van het boek voor het verhaal me echt te pakken had Maar snel door naar het volgende boek.

    17. Becky Bloomwood Brandon is back in the 5th installment of the Shopaholic series, Shopaholic And Baby Becky and Luke are back from their extended holiday honeymoon and Becky is pregnant with their first child Since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness she s been determined that their baby will have the best of everything, in true Becky Bloomwood style And that includes the best OB GYN.The best OB GYN is Venetia Carter, who looks after pregnant models, stars, etc and Becky is determine [...]

    18. The Reader s Advisory class I m taking necessitates that I assign Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic series to a genre by measuring it against the criteria presented in Joyce Saricks The Readers Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction, I can confidently declare it part of the Women s Lives and Relationships genre It is told from a women s perspective protagonist and titular shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood , set in contemporary times modern day London , and generally optimistic and upbeat Becky s happy ending is [...]

    19. This book starts of by telling us about Becky Bloomwood Brandon who is just a regular mid 20 s year old shopaholic She got married to her boyfriend, Luke Brandon As soon as she came back from her wonderful honeymoon, she found out some astonishing news She s pregnant At first when she found out, she was really anxious and nervous about it Though this would be one of her biggest adventures As the days went by and her baby bump was developing, she discovered that shopping cures morning sickness Sh [...]

    20. I checked out this book from our local library in hopes to try something a little different This is the first I ve read of any of the shopaholic books I was aggravated by this book How on earth could someone be so consumed with shopping and what other people think of them is beyond me I don t think I ll ever understand First off, Rebecca is impulsive and emotional She s too over the top Seems like every sentence she spoke had a note of excitement behind it Honestly, I m surprised she didn t have [...]

    21. At A GlanceGenre Chick LitLove Triangle Insta Love Nope DCliff Hanger Nope.Rating 4 StarsScore SheetAll out of tenCover 8Plot 8Characters 8World Building 8Flow 9Series Congruity 9Writing 8Ending 9Total 8In DeptBest Part Everything DWorst Part Dumb red headsThoughts Had Becky you re crazy Don t fuck this up Luke ConclusionContinuing the Series yes Recommending yes Short Review I love Becky, i really do Investing in Future Antiques D Genius right there Plus Becky s Bank for Girls, that is a bank i [...]

    22. I liked the first book, but as the series went on, Kinsella s books kinda lowered on the ratings First of all, I liked how Becky was pregnant, but maybe is Sophie had shown a little maturity on the protagonists part, i would have believed that she was actually ready to be a mom.Also, there was basically no romance between Luke and Becky, which got to me.Another thing was that, Becky s shopping obsession was supposed to be something funny and something that shapened Becky to be who she was Howev [...]

    23. A first for me of the Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series I started off not sure if I d like the heroine, Becky, who at first glance appeared shallow and only interested in the designer lifestyle However as I got into the story I gradually warmed to her What a quirky and lovable character, her adventures and misadventures showed her a a generous hearted girl, one upholding traditional family values in spite of her desire for all the designer gear for herself and her baby There are many laugh out l [...]

    24. This one starts out slow and aggravating as Becky Bloomwood so often does I find the series slightly annoying now that she s rich and her shopping affliction is less a real problem and of just a pesky bad habit which her husband can constantly bail her out of Oh hardy har har, Becky can t possibly choose just one stroller so she buys four uber strollers when the rest of us struggle to afford one mediocre one that we can make do with And for some reason, her marriage and relationship with her h [...]

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