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Delia Smith's Complete Illustrated Cookery Course By Delia Smith,

  • Title: Delia Smith's Complete Illustrated Cookery Course
  • Author: Delia Smith
  • ISBN: 9780563214540
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An illustrated version of Delia Smith s Complete Cookery Course, this book offers instructions that are clear, comprehensive, and pretty near infallible The text is accompanied by a wide range of illustrations.
    Delia Smith s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course An illustrated version of Delia Smith s Complete Cookery Course this book offers instructions that are clear comprehensive and pretty near infallible The text is accompanied by a wide range of illu

    One thought on “Delia Smith's Complete Illustrated Cookery Course”

    1. A good book I tend to think her recipes are a bit fussy than they need to be But these work very well I don t think it could be my sole recipe book but it s certainly full of fail proof classics Not had it long but already used it often Seems to be a book for many of those foods you ate as a childdid everyone have this book Ragout bolognaisees chicken livers 60p for 6 which is enough for two batches and 175g of beef mince I made this and fed it to the family who were amazed and never knew it ha [...]

    2. Almost every time i am unsure of what to make for dinner i look in my fridge and then i look in this book I did this just over an hour ago and decide on Roast Chicken stuffing served with potatoes boulangere I was given this book by my mother when i first left home, it has helped me countless times since then I honestly credit half of my cooking skills to Delia I wouldn t have even a speck of kitchen confidence if i had not read this book Here s to you Delia, thank you for making me a better hou [...]

    3. This book is quite literally the taste of my mum s home cooking She learnt to cook from it when first maried and while the recipes aren t the most fashionable today they are very reliable and to me very nostalgic The recipes are so easy to follow and there are so many of them As an added bonus, ingredients that were a bit exotic when Delia wrote this are now totally everyday, so there aren t any madening chases for ingredients infact you might not even need to go out shopping because we always s [...]

    4. got click happy on Delia and clicked the non illustrated one.The illustrated one is the one I have and it s my bible If I want to know how to do, well anything really, this is the first place I look.

    5. Whereas I would recommend the Ballymaloe Complete Cookery Course as the perfect gift for the experienced cook, Delia s Complete Cookery Course is really the perfect housewarming gift for the newbie cook it wold be a lovely wedding gift for example I got mine from my beloved aunt, and I know I will have it, and refer to it, as long as I have a kitchen to cook in It teaches all the basics, and whereas some of the recipes and ingredients in my edition are definitly dated, the basics are still soli [...]

    6. This has got to be my favourite recipe book Having never learned to cook from my mother and going to a school where domestic science was not a school subject I did never learned to cook properly I happened to watch one of her How to Cook series and was riveted I managed to get someone to bring me a copy of this book from the U.K and it is a constant source of reference I would like to own a copy of the TV video series but have not been able to do so She showed exactly how things are made and you [...]

    7. The comprehensive reference book for food enthusiasts This woman is the British expert of long standing and her recipes are not faddish and are simple to follow She even tells you how to boil an egg I picked up a lot of tips like sticking a fork into jacket potatoes to puncture them, drenching them in olive oil then rubbing rock salt into the skin, before skewering them on metal blades to get the heat into the middle before putting them in the oven.

    8. A solid reference recipe book At the beginning of each section Delia educates the reader with the technical aspects of making pastry, cooking eggs Delia suggests you weigh your eggs in order to cook them to your liking , meats and so forth You know that Delia has triple tested all her recipes so you are in safe hands My favourite recipes include her apple sauce for savoury dishes , her variations for fruit crumbles and the lemon surprise pudding.

    9. actually i have the hardback and its lost its cover cos i use it so much but a great book with all the basics plus some adventurous recipes if you only could have one cookbook on your desert island this would be it provided there was a kitchen and piped gas on the island that is.

    10. This is a great reference guide for basic cooking, centric to British cuisine It was a gift from an English friend who knew I was looking for a good Victoria Sponge recipe I would say that I like Delia s how to cook series, but this is good because it s compacted down into one book And I have enough books as it is.

    11. The woman is a cookery goddess I have never ever followed a Delia recipe that has gone wrong my personal fave s are the banoffee cheesecake and minestrone soup She does the classics so well and has a modern twist on some old favourites.

    12. The cooking bible as far as I m concerned, I use it all the time A lot of the recipes are adaptable although it doesn t alyways come across like that, but lots of useful basic infor such as how long to cook different typs of meat fish for, and lots of good every day recipes.

    13. I ve been cooking for over forty years and I m proud to say that Delia Smith has been with me every step of the way I m now on my second copy of this book as I could no longer prise the pages of my 1980 s edition apart as they were stuck together with several different food groups

    14. The cornerstone of anyone s cookery book shelf, well anyone that grew up in the era when Butterflies was on tv I got this for my 15th birthday and of all the cookery books I have read, has proved the most useful, perhaps not adventurous, but useful all the same

    15. The classic cookery book for our age What I love about Delia is that her recipes always work, and she s a cook not a chef so no fancy terminology, wacky cooking methods or ingredients from the slopes of obscure mountain ranges Just simple great tasting food A must for all home cooks

    16. I absolutelylove Delia I was never really interested in cooking thanks to Delia I can make fab cakes, she makes it all so easy You can forget your Jamie Olivers, Gordon Ramsey s etc Delia any day She deserves 10 stars

    17. I have shelves full of cookery books but this is probably still the one I turn to the most it has all the basics as well as most of the food and recipes I ate when growing up it is also my mum s cooking bible

    18. Delia is a wonderful cook but I wish her recipes were slightly healthy Everything is so fattening and full of cholestorol yet it tastes divine.This book is worth evey penny spent on it.

    19. This was a gift from my English mother in law It s her own, well loved well used copy It s a must for any wife of a nice English boy or any anglophile in the kitchen.

    20. If you only buy one cookery book, make it this one Recipes as well tested, if you follow the instructions, they work All the basics needed for cooking are there.

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