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Uma Mulher de Sonho By Fern Michaels,

  • Title: Uma Mulher de Sonho
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9789722344098
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Uma Mulher de Sonho um livro que nos conta a hist ria de Rosie Gardener, uma mulher que, j nos trinta e com excesso de peso, se deixa seduzir pelo mulherengo Kent Bliss Apesar dos avisos bem intencionados de Vickie, a sua melhor amiga, Rosie acaba mesmo por casar com Kent, e o desastre confirma se Humilhada pelo desprezo do marido ao longo de tr s dolorosos anos de caUma Mulher de Sonho um livro que nos conta a hist ria de Rosie Gardener, uma mulher que, j nos trinta e com excesso de peso, se deixa seduzir pelo mulherengo Kent Bliss Apesar dos avisos bem intencionados de Vickie, a sua melhor amiga, Rosie acaba mesmo por casar com Kent, e o desastre confirma se Humilhada pelo desprezo do marido ao longo de tr s dolorosos anos de casamento, Rosie re ne finalmente coragem para o mandar embora S que, por um capricho do acaso, exatamente no dia em que toma esta dif cil decis o ganha 302 milh es de d lares num bilhete de lotaria
    Uma Mulher de Sonho Uma Mulher de Sonho um livro que nos conta a hist ria de Rosie Gardener uma mulher que j nos trinta e com excesso de peso se deixa seduzir pelo mulherengo Kent Bliss Apesar dos avisos bem intencion

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    1. I love Fern Michaels,and collect all of her books This one,is for all the women who have ever felt like they were ugly ducklings,and mostly because of some jerk man who made them feel that way,left them or cheated and then left them,for someone the man thought was prettier than their wife.This woman here,does a complete 360,and when it comes time for her husband to see her,he really doesn t recognize her,and when he does,he once again tries to make her feel badly,but, she has changed so much tha [...]

    2. 1,5 star Rosie Gardener tem tudo o que quer na vida, excepto uma coisa Tem uma vida abastada, vive numa boa casa, tem um ptimo sal rio e em termos materiais n o lhe falta nada A nica coisa que falta nesta equa o a felicidade Isto porque Rosie est presa a um casamento sem amor e para ajudar sua infelicidade, tem excesso de peso, o que significa que o amor pr prio nesta mulher inexistente Kent Bliss, o seu marido de dois anos, claramente n o se interessa por Rosie e pela sua felicidade, pois este [...]

    3. Um romance bem agrad vel, que li sem dificuldades, sentindo me solid ria com a personagem principal Ao fim e ao cabo, a hist ria dela aquela que todas desejamos para n s, rom nticas incur veis Passar de patinho feio a fant stica e elegante, ainda por cima cheia de dinheiro, um marido lindo e querido e amigas excelente o que todas desejamos, certo O menos gostei que acho que ningu m assim t o querido como a personagem principal e que a amiga Vickie merecia ter um papel mais importante na trama Ma [...]

    4. This book is outstanding and moving I m a heavyset girl and after reading the inspiring book I lost 50 pounds I recommend this book to anyone that needs to be lifted and encourged to become a better them Love Fern Michaels she is a brillent writer

    5. This novel was totally a different read, I do not usually immerse myself in this type of book but I enjoyed it as a change In my view, this is a real Chick book and should be in the category of Harlequin Romance or maybe Danielle Steel.or any others in the same line.On her wedding anniversary fed up with her husband s mistreatment, the heroine kicks him out and begins a diet and exercise regime, learns to trust love again and jump into life with a passion.It is an inspiring tail of an overweight [...]

    6. Ganhei este livro atrav s de uma revista, e fiquei que tempos com ele em fila de espera, porque julguei que fosse um livro bastante lamechas Mas o que me enganei t o redondamente Quando comecei a ler, identifiquei me com a hist ria de Rosie pelo menos em parte claro Rosie n o seguiu os conselhos da amiga Vickie e casa se com o homem errado, humilhada pelo desprezo do marido durante tr s anos, mas cansa se e decidiu mand lo embora, no mesmo dia em que ganha a lotaria A vida de Rosie revoluciona s [...]

    7. good story about turning your life around, but it got kind of dull in the end at first I really thought that there is going to be some action and all but nope everything changed in the last chaptern t regret reading it but will not think about reading it again.

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and love Fern Michaels as an author, this book was beautifully written and I can t wait to read of her books

    9. 3.5 Stars Listened to the audio book on my way home from the beach It was entertaining Not my favorite romance, didn t love it, but I really liked it.

    10. Vicki Winters told her best friend, Rosalie Gardener, that her fiancee, Kent Bliss, was a jerk and that she shouldn t marry him Rosie wanted to get married and they got into a big fight Vicki took a job as companion to Adeline Simmons Adeline was dying and wanted to go visit the places in Europe that she had been with her deceased husband before she died Vicki was on her way to tell Rosie goodbye when she stopped at a fast food place and saw Kent with another woman She left before he saw her and [...]

    11. Listened to this one on audiobook I was doing a lot of driving and it was cheapThis isn t really my type of book normally but parts of the plot seemed pretty ridiculous, and poorly researched too for example, the triathlon was crazily lopsided if you ve ever tried all 3 sports you d instantly know what I mean , and I remember a weight size discrepancy as well things like that By the end I kept with it because I didn t have another book and the story had become silly enough to return back into t [...]

    12. I never read these kinds of books and here s why 1 the main chatector cried about everything oh my good Lord stop crying and acting like s damn drama queen all the time 2 spoiler you gave half the money to HIM, really what the actual hell in wrong with you 3 a ghost tree Where the hell did that ever fit in 4 if your fat men only want you four your money so hire a personal trainer and win a triathlon 5 the love story just wasn t believable I ll stick to my horror and crime books

    13. A lovely readWhat a spell binding book Enjoyed every word and minute it took to find out what happened Interesting characters, well developed plot A real page turner Good love story Fascinating, in it for himself bad guy Loved the Senior Citizens and the house keeper Sorry the book is finished as would like to read about Rosie who made such a sensational turn around with her life

    14. EnlighteningSuch a beautiful story with a few wonderful lessons Family, friends, and living life to the fullest, on your own terms is the best way to hapliness

    15. This usually isn t my cup of tea it IS chick lit, after all but I found it appealing because it involved a lonely overweight woman with a kind ad loving heart named Rosie who lost her parents and then built up her own business making beautiful decoratives out of weeds and plant materials with her best friend Vickie Trouble began when she decided to essentially buy herself a good looking husband in the form of real estate agent Kent Bliss who did not even pretend to love her She was warned on the [...]

    16. A Good StoryI chose this rating as the book was well written and the story kept moving I enjoyed reading this book and I wanted to see what would happen to Rosie.

    17. 2.5 stars Read 8 2009 and listened to book on CD 11 2007, so I could listen to sequel Rosie, the lottery winner, is mentioned in Hey, Good Looking.Characters weren t likeable enough, fitness and triathalon plot wasn t entertaining for me, and I couldn t accept the change in heart of the main antagonist Not my favorite fluffy romance.It seemed like the author was so busy trying to get everyone from point A to point B that she didn t develop how they actually got there Rosie and Vickie s friendshi [...]

    18. Pretty WomanFern MichaelsP 1 60Question 10Q.10.A As you read today, what surprise you Rosie Bliss has been surprising me since the very beginning of the book because of her unconditional and great love for her husband Kent Bliss This marriage has last three years already however, the couple has reach their nadir point of disaster and unhappiness I was stupefy when Rosie ended her friendship of childhood with her best friend Vickie when she told Rosie that she has just seen Kent kissing with an 1 [...]

    19. Quando iniciei esta leitura n o estava espera de encontrar um romance t o motivador, que nos ensina a dar a volta por cima mesmo depois de pensarmos que nada nos resta Para al m da vertente rom ntica podemos contemplar o poder da amizade e como ela bastante importante na vida e como ap s momentos conturbados da nossa vida somos capazes de seguir em frente e alcan ar os nossos sonhos desde que tenhamos for a de vontade.Rosie personagem principal uma mulher que viveu um casamento complicado sendo [...]

    20. This is a romance book about an overweight lady that kicks out her unloving husband from her house, does good in business, starts losing weight to become a lean and beautiful woman, wins the lotto, and ends up with a hot guy Pretty simple and easy coming life, eh Almost unbelievable right Yep, that is what I thought Unbelievable.Everything was too good to be true, too easy to be attainable, and yet, Rosie got it all in the end The dream of every woman beauty, riches, and a hot guy that would lov [...]

    21. If you follow me, you ll see that I don t often review my books I guess it s because I am usually in a hurry.But, I do need to write about this book because it was so ridiculous at times.The only reason I gave it 1star was because I DID want to read it to the end, so I guess that is something I wanted to see what Rosie did with the lottery ticket I won t spoil it here for you.What bothered me about this book was the dialogue The characters talk in long monologues and switch subjects rapidly A ch [...]

    22. It is rare that a heroine s stupidity can make stop reading for a moment so I can be angry with my entire body But this book accomplished that rare feat You know what, I can t even bring myself to call the female lead a heroine I will call her TSTL So my anger started out with a slow burn when TSTL decided to marry a lying, cheating bastard even though her best friend told her the day before the wedding that she had seen said fianc playing grab ass with some floozy in his car Then TSTL decided i [...]

    23. In Savannah, Georgia Vickie Williams warned her best friend and business partner Rosie Gardener not to marry the philandering Kent Bliss Vickie accuses her size 6 friend of jealousy because a size 14 like her could have such a fianc Rosie accepts a job as companion to elderly Adeline Summers and leaves for Europe Three years later Rosie is miserable as Kent treats her like dirt except for short moments when she buys him expensive presents She asks him to be home for their anniversary dinner, but [...]

    24. This will teach me to pick up a book audio or otherwise without doing my usual research, complete with reviews I always do it on things I purchase and usually on things I read But I am again committed to it The story appealed to me because of the main characters desire to improve herself through exercise and diet timely concept for me However, once she kicks out her despicable husband, wins the lottery, grows a hugely profitable business based on weeds, meets and falls in love with her trainer w [...]

    25. Pretty woman is a story about the life of Rosalie Rosie Gardener Bliss a woman with fourteen size She married a handsome guy name Kent Bliss even her best friend Vickie tried to tell her about her fiance s dishonest before the day of marrying.At this time love is blind for Rosie She realized that Vickie was right after three years of unhappy marriage in which she put on her weight for fifty five pounds.On the third wedding anniversary day, Rosie fed up with her husband and made a big decision by [...]

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