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Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It's Necessary, How It Works By Jonathan Gruber H.P. Newquist Nathan Schreiber, Health Care Reform The Latest News on Health Care Reform Nov , Best States Medicaid Expansion Boosts Health in Michigan The state witnessed a doubling of doctors visits, preventive care and an increase in long term health talks. Why We Need Health Care Reform The Balance Aug , The United States needed to reform health care because the cost was so high Medical bankruptcies affected up to million people Rising health care costs threatened to consume the entire federal budget It made the cost of preventive care unaffordable That sent many low income people to the emergency room, raising costs even higher. Health care reform Health Care Reform The New York Times Sep , Health Spending Grew Modestly, New Analysis Finds For the first time in many years, the government reported that spending on health care Health Reform American Public Health Association The Affordable Care Act is the nation s health reform law enacted in March The law aims to reform both our private and public health insurance systems Since it was enacted, it has helped about million people get health insurance. Essential Facts About Healthcare Reform Sep , Health care reform is a complex issue, consisting of many different aspects If you ve worked in healthcare for a while, particularly as a provider or an executive, you probably understand this If you are new to the healthcare industry, or if you have never worked in healthcare, this may help you to understand some of the basic points of the health reform issue. What Is Healthcare Reform Medical Mutual Healthcare reform affects virtually all Americans, old or young, working or unemployed, single or married The financial impact of the law will vary based on age and current health status The ultimate goals of healthcare reform are to increase the number of insured and to increase the quality of care while trying to stabilize or reduce costs. Health Care Reform Covered Preventive Services The Affordable Care Act ACA , the health care reform law passed in , requires most insurance plans to cover a set of recommended preventive services at no extra cost to you Find out about the preventive services that are recommended for you and your family. New York State Health Care Reform Act HCRA New York State Health Care Reform Act HCRA HCRA is a major component of New York States Health Care financing laws which governs hospital reimbursement methodologies and targets funding for a multitude of health care initiatives The law also requires that certain third party payors and providers of health care services participate in the funding of these initiatives through the submission Get health coverage Health Insurance Marketplace Official site of Affordable Care Act Enroll now for coverage See health coverage choices, ways to save today, how law affects you.

  • Title: Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It's Necessary, How It Works
  • Author: Jonathan Gruber H.P. Newquist Nathan Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780809094622
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You won t have to worry about going broke if you get sick We will start to bring the costs of health care under control And we will do all this while reducing the federal deficit That is the promise of the Affordable Care Act But from the moment President Obama signed the bill into law in 2010, a steady and mounting avalanche of misinformation about the ACA has left aYou won t have to worry about going broke if you get sick We will start to bring the costs of health care under control And we will do all this while reducing the federal deficit That is the promise of the Affordable Care Act But from the moment President Obama signed the bill into law in 2010, a steady and mounting avalanche of misinformation about the ACA has left a growing majority of Americans confused about what it is, why it s necessary, and how it works If you re one of them, buy this book From how to tame the twin threats of rising costs and the increasing number of uninsured to why an insurance mandate is good for your health, Health Care Reform dispels false fears by arming you with facts.
    Health Care Reform What It Is Why It s Necessary How It Works You won t have to worry about going broke if you get sick We will start to bring the costs of health care under control And we will do all this while reducing the federal deficit That is the promise o

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    1. I have a stack of serious books to read, and here I am reading a comic book But it s a serious comic book, about Health Care Reform I m beginning to think that comics can deal with the deepest subjects, from the foundations of mathematics Logicomics to the Holocaust Maus Health Care Reform the comic book is not that great as art or as a graphic novel, but it does go a long way toward explaining a topic that many people feel strongly about, but that few people can talk about knowingly I feel that [...]

    2. This is one of those descriptive titles You read it and know exactly what the book s going to be about The jacket description might add detail, but won t add than that And the book itself will obviously add even detail And, if you read everything cited in the bibliography, you ll get even But you get the idea Anyhow, this book s objective is to clearly and simply inform the reader about health care reform, specifically the Affordable Care Act, and it achieves this admirably The artwork is [...]

    3. It s a bird s a plane s Affordable Healthcare ManI thought I had a reasonable grasp on this complex topic, but boy did I learn a lot from Gruber s book The comic book format is genius it transforms a burdensome discussion into something fun yet still comprehensive I ll be encouraging all my students to have a read

    4. I was looking for a book I could share with people who are skeptical about the Obama healthcare plan, and gave this book a read.It s very good It explains in cartoons many complicated things in a way that is clear and compelling There are lots of places where it presents facts that people just don t know well enough for example, the administrative costs of medicare are WAY lower than any insurance provider.But 1 There are a number of places where I almost screamed out whoa slow down For instance [...]

    5. This is a good, very cleverly conceived, easy to understand exposition of aspects of the complicated ACA The text is simple, free of jargon, and any possibly unfamiliar terms are fully explained, the graphic concept of the author Dr Gruber discussing the ACA with the 4 characters, some of whom have medical insurance, some of whom don t or can t afford it, is excellent The drawing is workmanlike and skillful in the black white graphic novel format exposition of the ACA law Considering the threats [...]

    6. Picked it up off the shelf at the library I ve read some of Gruber s stuff in NEJM and his analysis is generally pretty good The book does an excellent job of presenting some of the major issues in health care and how we pay for it, and focuses primarily on what the PPACA does to try to fix those issues PPACA Obamacare, or less meaning the health care bill that was passed in 2010.Gruber also does a good job of explaining what that ACA does and how it is intended to increase access to health ins [...]

    7. While it s taken me far too long to read Jonathan s Gruber s excellent nonfiction graphic novel on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, I m glad I finally checked out a copy from my neighborhood library Overall, he does a great job of explaining a complex phenomenon the US healthcare system and a complex piece of legislation the ACA.Gruber begins with a clear and concise description of the US healthcare system, as seen through the eyes and heart attacks of four people in common situat [...]

    8. This book is a must buy for public libraries a few academic libraries may probably want to acquire it as well, especially to have handy for freshmen writing research papers relating to health care reform issues The book is a basic explanation of the Affordable Care Act as well as an argument for the need of reform in American health care However, do not think that just because I say basic it is a simplistic book Actually, the book provides very good, clear, concise explanations It starts by layi [...]

    9. Everyone in America should read this informative book Health care is a huge issue we must address before it impacts all American lives negatively Jonathan Gruber worked with Mitt Romney in Massachusetts to create a workable plan to address this issue Later, Gruber worked with the Obama administration to develop the Affordable Care Act In a very readable graphic style format, Gruber explains the reasons we need health care reform and what the Affordable Care Act is designed to do.

    10. It takes about 45 minutes to read and the pictures are fairly amusing I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn t paid attention to the health care reform debate over the last few years It does paint a positive view of the ACA which some might disagree with , but it highlights the basic elements of the new law Elements with which everyone should be familiar.

    11. What s not to like A graphic novel explaining the Affordable Care Act It s written by but not illustrated by the main architect behind RomneyCare and Obamacare so he s pretty darn familiar with the objectives of the legislation On the point of RomneyCare and ObamaCare the danger with tying an individual name to the legislation and doing so in a pejorative manner is that it s harder to divorce it from the originator if when it succeeds Achtung Entering punditry territory.My summation of the healt [...]

    12. A nice overview of the Affordable Care Act ACA Gives a basic outline and enough detail to follow, and comment on, the political controversy surrounding the bill.I felt Gruber did a great job of emphasizing how dynamic, or unstable, our current healthcare system is Many people have legitimate concerns about the Act because they are happy with their current healthcare coverage Gruber consistently points out how vulnerable most people, even those with seemingly great employee based insurance plans, [...]

    13. 3.5 stars Overview in illustrated format of the federal Affordable Care Act Obamacare what is is, why it s necessary and how it works by Jonathan Gruber, who consulted on both the Massachusetts health care reform act and the Affordable Care Act Worthwhile reading for anyone at all interested in health care reform and the politicalization thereof.

    14. FINALLY Someone explains it in a way I can understand The author of the law itself separates fact from political spin in this easy to read graphic novel I feel much informed and it wasn t a bore to read.

    15. A bit preachy, obviously propaganda ist, but very informative on a topic of great importance and relevance to today s readers I would encourage others to read it, with an open mind , keeping this in mind It answered some questions for me, and left other unanswered in ambiguity.

    16. What a crock of crap The author is the same guy who said the ACA needed the stupidity of the American people in order to pass Completely shoots his credibility and the book goes in the trashcan.

    17. In November 2014, a series of videos emerged of Gruber speaking about the ACA at different events, from 2010 to 2013, in ways that proved to be controversial Many of the videos show him talking about ways in which he felt the ACA was misleadingly crafted and or marketed in order to get the bill passed, while in some of the videos he specifically refers to American voters as ill informed or stupid In the first, most widely publicized video taken at a panel discussion about the ACA at the Universi [...]

    18. Although he comes across a little utopian in his vision of the current Affordable Care Act as it stands in front of the US Supreme Court, Jonathan Gruber who helped author the bill does an excellent job of describing a very complex change in the way Americans receive their health care The graphic novel format works well in simplifying what can be confusing, even to those who consider themselves informed on the subject An easy read I went through it in about two hours , I came away with a better [...]

    19. HEALTH CARE REFORM is basically an overview of the Affordable Care Act ACA written by Jonathan Gruber The book gives an outline and a sufficient amount of detail to understand the political controversy surrounding the bill.The thing that I liked about the book is that it was easy to follow along and the explanations in the book were great The fact that the book was set up in a comic book format just made it that much easier to understand the point Gruber is trying to get across.The only thing I [...]

    20. This graphic novel on the ACA is simply phenomenal Author Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the bill, eloquently spells out what the bill is for, what it does, what it doesn t do, and how it will affect us and our health care With such a hugely confusing topic, it is incredibly helpful to use the easy to comprehend medium of a comic book I for one with there were comic books for all important congressional action If you have any questions, concerns, or critiques on the ACA and want an ea [...]

    21. This is a great book in that it lays out what the ACA is and how it works, and breaks it down into understandable bites with illustrations to supplement the words It s very, very pro healthcare reform, which is fine for me because I am also pro healthcare reform, but I think they could have spent a little time debunking the right s frequent complaints Although, really, the right s opposition to this is just stupid, so maybe it s fine they didn t spend time on it If the ACA has confused you in [...]

    22. I did not know I did not know what was going on until I read looked at this book I did not know about Health Care Reform because I felt I was one not smart enough to understand it, two did not have enough time, and three that it really was not going to impact me This book blew all those thoughts out of the water by making the subject understandable, short and succinct and personal I highly recommend this book to anyone just starting out on the path to discovery about the nationally important sub [...]

    23. The author, Johnathan Gruber, served as an advisor to Governor Mitt Romney when he implemented healthcare reform in Massachusetts He then went on to advise President Obama during the crafting of the PPACA The graphic novel format makes a complex subject easy to read and does a very good job explaining the law and how it works The book is just slightly passe when discussing the role the Supreme Court would have in the mandate issue as they just ruled for the President Other than that, the book is [...]

    24. I feel kind of dumb reading a comic book about health care reform, but let s face it, most of us don t want to pick up a weighty tome on this dry subject I found it interesting that societal measures that would increase the health of Americans before they enter the ER were not even mentioned We cannot deny that many chronic diseases are directly linked to diet and lifestyle factors If fresh produce was subsidized to the same degree as fast food cheeseburgers, these far healthy choices would be [...]

    25. I do not have health insurance I cannot afford it I read this book to better understand what changes were coming This book did not really explain to me how I am to get insurance in the new plan It seemed vague on lots of details and so I still do not know what I am to do under the new plan except what I already knew that I am required to get it and there will be these various new options which were not detailed.It did help me become acquainted vaguely with some of the components which I did not [...]

    26. If you re a fast reader like me, you ll probably need to read this book twice in order to process all the information in it Some points were a bit redundant, but the author does a good job of presenting how the Affordable Care Act would impact four main groups of citizens, as well as showing how some aspects of the healthcare industry may change The authors seem to realize the enormity of implementing the ACA and acknowledge that it won t completely fix all problems in the healthcare and insuran [...]

    27. First off this is a cartoon book excuse meaphic novel It takes about an hour to read It also does a decent job of explaining why the health care system is not working and how the ACA Affordable Care Act begins to tackle the problem Text written by Johnathan Gruber, an MIT professor of economics and an architect of both the Massachusetts healthcare plan, and a central figure in the construction of the ACA and Democratic healthcare policy consultant It was a little light on detail, but the whole p [...]

    28. An excellent overview of the various provisions in the ACA in an amazingly easy to comprehend format You have to remember that it was written by someone who helped with the legislation, and can get preachy at times If you already don t like the ACA, you probably still won t after reading this, but at least you will have a much better understanding of what it does A valuable book to read no matter your political position.

    29. My first graphic novel was a hit This read is a very informative look into the Affordable Care Act that was passed in 2010 under the Obama Administration Health care for all is a priority in my mind Offering affordable health care to Americans will make this a healthier nation and in turn will lower costs of health insurance Of course, that is my take, and I realize there are many different opinions of Obama care Easy read and helps to understand the bill.

    30. Excellent overview of the Affordable Health Care Act This was a quick and interesting read It s a must for anyone interested in learning about the Affordable Health Care Act, but not wanting to read anything dull On the contrary author Gruber does a sufficient job of making this book both quick to read and interesting Be informed Read it

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