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Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (The Original Radio Drama) By Brian Daley,

  • Title: Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (The Original Radio Drama)
  • Author: Brian Daley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • The original script of the US national public radio adaptation, with some additional scenes, illustrated with storyboard art and production sketches This script book also includes a behind the scenes introduction to the struggle of the Rebel Alliance across a galaxy far, far away.
    Star Wars Return Of The Jedi The Original Radio Drama The original script of the US national public radio adaptation with some additional scenes illustrated with storyboard art and production sketches This script book also includes a behind the scenes

    One thought on “Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (The Original Radio Drama) ”

    1. It was enjoyable enough, but the actors taking over the roles seemed to make parodies of their movie counterpoints accents and speech mannerisms and I m not sure that was a good idea I wish it had added to the story like the others had done PLUS, why, oh why, didn t they trim the 5 minutes of credits at the end of each episode It s fine if you are listening to a radio show, but it just seems like filler on an audiobook version.

    2. I was a bit disappointed in the radio adaptation of Return of the Jedi It s short just three CDs , does not add a lot to the story, and only one of the original actors Anthony Daniels returned The story is pretty faithful to the movie and the plot moves quickly This isn t like Star Wars, where you re on like the fourth CD before the entire team Luke, Leia, Han, etc gets together I like the addition of C 3PO having his feelings hurt because he wasn t informed of the plot to rescue Han It seemed v [...]

    3. I didn t like this one as much as the first two Mostly because Mark Hamill didn t come back for this one, so they had to get a new guy for Luke s voice The new guy wasn t bad, but he wasn t Mark Hamill The voice actors they used for Han and Leia are the same ones they had for the first two adaptations I wasn t that fond of them in the first two, but I think they did really good in this one I m not sure if they got better at sounding like Ford and Fisher, or if I just got used to their voices ove [...]

    4. Like the other two radio dramas based on the original trilogy, this is a great expanded adaptation We get to hear Luke constructing his lightsaber Since this was produced just before the Special Editions, we get to hear the songs Lapti Nek and Ewok Celebration And since the Expanded Universe had been going on for years by this point, Mara Jade makes in appearance in Jabba s Palace I also like Han s exchanges with Leia and Lando after they leave Tatooine And Han s reaction to the Falcon s damage [...]

    5. This show was better than the Empire Strikes Back, but didn t actually reach the heights set by the first one There was much less poor writing that explained in an obvious and awkward way the action that was going on, which was to my liking Also, the voice work improved in spite of a few main characters not returning I was very impressed by the new Luke, and would have put him on par with Mark Hamill The Emperor was also very well castes and delivered the same tone we get in the movies There wer [...]

    6. Published by HighBridge Audio.Originally broadcast in 1996.Multicast performance.Duration approximately 3 hours, 15 minutes.The third installment of NPR s STAR WARS based radio dramas was also written by sci fi author Brian Daley Sadly, he died of cancer very soon after it was recorded The budget for RETURN of the JEDI was much, much smaller than the original so the recording was about half the length of the first It still features the wonderful original music soundtrack by John Williams and the [...]

    7. Pretty bad easily the worst of the 3 radio dramas So much of the improvised dialogue from the films is SO campy, SO cheesy, and utterly cringe worthy I felt embarrassed listening to it myself Thank goodness I didn t try to force my wife to sit through it It really jumped the shark when Luke tells the Emperor final 30 min segment , I ll never join the dork side yes, the voice actor actually says dork instead of dark Just awful The bit where Leia tells Luke that Han is going to make him Luke an un [...]

    8. The beauty of the Star Wars and Empire radio plays is that they often show us familiar scenes from another perspective or fill in gaps between the film s edits Sadly, this third play does very little of that It pretty much follows the established screenplay with very few embellishments The only major addition is Luke building his new lightsaber in Obi Wan s hovel.Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams voices are sorely missed and the replacement actors sounded wildly different than the established c [...]

    9. This last installment of the NPR produced radio drama retellings of the Star Wars trilogy was the most disappointing Its length is just a little longer than the movie meaning there is no room for expanding the story or showing scenes from new points of view Because this last installment is so action packed the listeners get to spend extended periods of time listening to the characters describe what is happening Finally, the acting is somehow worse Mark Hamill is replaced as Luke Skywalker with a [...]

    10. Unlike the other Star Wars original trilogy radio dramas produced for NPR, Return of the Jedi adds very little material What one hears in the radio drama is basically the same material viewed on film This approach is different from the earlier books in this series A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back are both 10 radio episodes, Return of the Jedi is six The lack of additional content does not take away from the work as it remains true to the source This is Return of the Jedi in all of its glor [...]

    11. This radio play reminded me that Return of the Jedi is the Star Wars movie I like the least The plot isn t all that interesting and the parts that are supposed to resonate most with Vader and Luke just don t do it for me I think the first two are much better This is also the first of the radio plays that doesn t have Mark Hammil as Luke Overall it s a good radioplay, it s just that the source material wasn t as good.

    12. Enjoyable Not as much new material added, as the first two radio dramas High production value and a very fun listen So ready for the new Star Wars episode VII movie to come out now

    13. Good CD I love the Star Wars Radio Dramas the donwside to this one is Mark Hamel isn t proforming Luke Skywalker s part.

    14. Compared to the first two SW audio books in the trilogy this seemed to have been thrown together in a hurry Really disappointed.

    15. A major letdown compared to the previous two It only featured one major star Anthony Daniels and it was much shorter.

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