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Halfway By Stephanie Void,

  • Title: Halfway
  • Author: Stephanie Void
  • ISBN: 2940013196933
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Nook
  • The world of Halfway is the anti Harry Potter the wizard school is part of a shadowy organization that takes the students by force from their families And the outside world isn t much better if you are a wizard, you are looked upon with fear because of what you represent.In the midst of this, in secret, twins are born a boy and a girl They are Halfway, the rare offsprThe world of Halfway is the anti Harry Potter the wizard school is part of a shadowy organization that takes the students by force from their families And the outside world isn t much better if you are a wizard, you are looked upon with fear because of what you represent.In the midst of this, in secret, twins are born a boy and a girl They are Halfway, the rare offspring of humans and a now extinct race of faeries But the twins don t remain a secret for long Temet, the boy, is taken as a child by the wizards Cemagna, the girl, vows to rescue him But the only way to escape the wizards is to keep runningThis book is Book 1 of the Wizards and Faeries series.
    Halfway The world of Halfway is the anti Harry Potter the wizard school is part of a shadowy organization that takes the students by force from their families And the outside world isn t much better if you ar

    One thought on “Halfway”

    1. I gave this book two stars because I was disappointed It had a very good idea, and kept me interested But I feel it was poorly written It seemed of a rough draft, it was rushed, and sketchy It was a VERY quick read I read it in two nights, reading for an hour or two each I would recommend it if you are bored and want some short to read Like I said, it kept me interested, and so I don t regret reading it Not sure if I will read the second book though.

    2. This was a good start to a new series about wizards, fae and magic A short, fast read with two strong main characters, twins separated when they were young The story is split between the two of them during a 10 year period before they found each other Well told.

    3. Very goodDon t miss this precious novel of sibling loyalty love and great deep love for all Thank you for the pleasure

    4. FOR MORE REVIEW, CHECK OUT mnkbooklife A paperback copy was provided by the author for review purpose Thanks Stephanie Where do we belong, Temet Where do you belong when you grow up alone and broken CemagnaThe first thing that drew me to Halfway was its cover I loved that swirling white text, and I love the simple yet haunting feeling it gave out.When I saw the cover, I know that this book would be quite nice.But when I read the blurb of Halfway, I know it going to be a different story.I know th [...]

    5. This review was originally posted on I Heart ReadingAs far as self published books go, Halfway by Stephanie Void is pretty decent The book is a very short read, and probably only took me about one hour and a half to get through The writing is aimed at the younger group of young adults, and the story seems fitting for that age range as well While the writing isn t spectacular, and the characters aren t that intriguing or well developed either, what earned this book a fair share of stars is the wo [...]

    6. Halfway is a short novel, presumably the first in a series, about magical Twins They are half fairy, which is a rare and potent mix They live with their fairy mother on a remote isthmus, seeing no one as they grow up A few days after the boy s talents manifest, a ship appears and the boy is abducted and taken to a school for wizards His sister and mother s attempts to reach him, manifest the girl s talents but fails to rescue the boy and ends in tragedy.Ten years later, the girl finds a way to l [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Halfway It was quite a short book and only took me two evenings to read If you ve read Running From Secrets by the same author, you will have come across one of the main characters in Halfway before Cemagna Saying that, Halfway is it s own story so you do not have to read Running From Secrets first.From the synopsis you ll already know that Cemagna and her twin brother Temet grew up in hiding, and this is their story The chapters were split between each of the protagonists and w [...]

    8. 3.5 STARS A very enjoyable read, I recommend you check it out Halfway was a very quick exciting read Cemagna and Temet s world is one of Wizards and Fairies, but there are many questions about the world that remain to be answered The story alternates between the two lead characters perspectives, both of whom are very likable and intriguing Temet struggling to cope with the idea of living with the people who kidnapped him, and Cemagna leaving behind all she ever knew to find a brother who may not [...]

    9. The magic and world building in Halfway is different from other books I have read and makes for a very refreshing read, and the characters are like able and entertaining.The story moves quite quickly, but I really enjoyed its pace and the ever changing surroundings with interesting and quirky characters along the way.There are lots of unanswered questions, and family secrets yet to be revealed in this riveting tale of magic and wonder, mystery and intrigue.Halfway has definitely kept me on my to [...]

    10. This book proclaimed itself to be the anti Harry Potter Now other than the fact there is a school for magical folk this was nothing like Harry Potter at all One of the main character is half human, half fairy and is kidnapped away to magic school, where he spends all of 3 minutes of the book there 10 years is just thrown out of the window from both characters story lines leading to a lack of character development The ending of the story was just as hurried.I really wanted to love this book but a [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this one The premise sounds promising, and anything that has Harry Potter in the synopsis catches my eye This was just not good Not at all.The plot was WAY too rushed and not really that well thought out Honestly, the plot that was in this book alone could have lasted at least two longer books Or at least one longer book We weren t in the character s head for a long enough period of time for me to want to connect with them, much less actually care for them By the end of t [...]

    12. It s not bad 3 stars sounds about right.Pretty amateurish, but crisp and entertaining.Except for the battle scene, once you get past the first dozen pages or so the writing solidifies somewhat and becomes quite decent Mostly.On the downsides written for very young adults, lacks elements of common sense e.g a merchant praising something he s about to buy , the only battle scene in the book is really very, very bad it s unclear what s happening, it s repetitive, and just not very entertaining , an [...]

    13. I received my copy of Halfway through the giveaway Thank you Like others have written, this book was a quick and interesting read The story was fast paced and kept me entertained through the whole book The characters were cute and easily likeable I would have liked the book to be descriptive about the world and the people of the story but it was an enjoyable story I definitely will look forward to reading the second book to the series.

    14. This book has a very interesting premise and the overall story is very strong However, the writing level doesn t quite hold up to everything else It still has a work in progress feel to it The two main characters are developed well enough, but the supporting cast not so much I did enjoy the way the story goes back and forth between the two main characters that worked rather well.I got this book for free from onehundredfreebooks

    15. This was a free download from and I m thankful I didn t spend money on it The premise of the book was promising but the execution was spotty at best There were multiple grammar issues through out the book along with sentences that had missing words and simply didn t make sense The characters were not properly developed and I found myself not really caring what happened to them.

    16. Halfway has an interesting, original premise set in a unique world Unfortunately, the dialogue was stilted, the characters were one dimensional, and the story s progression was choppy and didn t often make sense This could have used some serious rewriting and editing to allow the story to shine.

    17. 3.5 stars really I really enjoyed the story, only it felt a bit rushed to me The only reason, though, why I didn t give 4 stars is this While Cemagna s chapters are told from her POV, Temet s chapters use the third person narrative It bugged me, to be hhonest and disturbed the flow But that s my personal opinion I d like to read though and will, once my TBR list is down

    18. Could not wait to finish this and move onto something worthwhile.The idea had a lot of promise which is why I downloaded it thankfully for free the execution though is terrible, it s extremely rushed, overly simplistic and not well written It feels like an outline of a book than an actual book Not going to bother looking up the sequels.

    19. Interesting adventure, found it quite fun over all It jumped about quite a bit, things felt a bit rushed and disconnected, but I m looking forward to of Temet and Cemagna in Wanderer s Shadow as well as the upcoming 3rd book There s some potential here and I think it s worth following.

    20. Interesting idea, but lacked descriptions and well rounded characters Felt very rushed and the characters were very simple.But I liked the basis of the book, and the world it was in Just needs to add to the depth of the characters, dialog and situations Nice fast read, and was free.

    21. I thought it was an awesome concept and the characters showed great promisebut the book lacked depth it moved to fast you didn t really have time to process what was happening.I think it needed character development but was a nice read

    22. I couldn t really get into this story I liked some of the elements, but I just didn t get caught up with the whole thing although I finished reading it.

    23. Perfectly good for a light quick read Although someone really needs to edit the book There are too many obvious typos.

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