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That Way Lies Camelot By Janny Wurts,

  • Title: That Way Lies Camelot
  • Author: Janny Wurts
  • ISBN: 9780061052217
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this superb collection of unforgettable stories, muti talented artist writer Janny Wurts, one of today s bestselling fantasy authors, takes the reader to a very special Camelot that is both deeply familiar and delightfully foreign Here are myriad tales of wonder and fantasy, all rendered with an artist s eye and a writer s voice.
    That Way Lies Camelot In this superb collection of unforgettable stories muti talented artist writer Janny Wurts one of today s bestselling fantasy authors takes the reader to a very special Camelot that is both deeply

    One thought on “That Way Lies Camelot”

    1. This was a sheer pleasure to read, a collection of short stories, both SF fantasy, by a woman who normally writes long, detailed fantasy novels I wish she d write They fit into my busy schedule better On top of that, she did the cover art Maybe someday when I m rich famous I ll be able to afford to buy one of her paintings.The SF stories were space operas featuring a couple of the same, excellent characters I m glad they were done as short stories interspersed with others Each one grew the char [...]

    2. Janny Wurts certainly know hoe to paint a picture whether she uses pigment or words Each short story is studded with images which leap off the page and into the reader s mind fully realized, gripping images This book contains short stories of which several are chapter tales of the same plot line The stories range from high fantasy to space opera They re good stories, well conceived and executed One element that stood out was the character s motivations Often skewed from the expected of either sc [...]

    3. Why to read That Way Lies Camelot There are two storylines that have several short stories associated with them, which was unique at least in my limited reading of short stories You get to see how Janny Wurts is such an awesome writer and add her other books to your to read shelfThings that made this NOT a five star read The first Spaceman story was good, but I didn t feel like it needed short stories added to it and the subsequent ones I either skim read or skipped completely Although the stor [...]

    4. I read an acclaimed novel by the same author and didn t much like it, so I was loath to read these shorts But a friend of mine insisted they d be worth my time and boy, was she right There wasn t a single story in this that I didn t like.My favorite is the story about the boy who loves knights and all things medieval But the one about the tree that s been harmed is lovely too What I like about this collection is the great diversity If the author had written short stories, I d probably go and bu [...]

    5. A volume of short stories Some repeat characters Some of the stories were enjoyable but the series about Jensen I thought grew a little tiresome after awhile.You may enjoy it I, personally, am not the biggest fan of short stories I know I should get over it but, hey, look, I read these.

    6. There isn t an actual plotline and half of it is set in space It seems like a collection of short stories than a proper book.

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