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Instructions for Killing the Jackal By Erica Wright,

  • Title: Instructions for Killing the Jackal
  • Author: Erica Wright
  • ISBN: 9781936873104
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Instructions for Killing the Jackal reinvigorates the poetic tradition of myth making using a combination of Southern folklore, urban legend, and Greek mythology.
    Instructions for Killing the Jackal Instructions for Killing the Jackal reinvigorates the poetic tradition of myth making using a combination of Southern folklore urban legend and Greek mythology

    One thought on “Instructions for Killing the Jackal”

    1. After reading her first two novels, what a delightful surprise it was that Erica Wright s first publication for general consumption was this book of poetry, Instructions for Killing the Jackal As another reviewer has said, These are not easy poems That is an understatement These poems are full of gorgeous language and shocking imagery I swear, as I read this book, I could feel Ms Wright s struggle to choose each word, to choose the RIGHT word, the perfect word when so many others might suffice.T [...]

    2. Dealing with the Dark and Making It ComprehensibleErica Wright new book of poems, INSTRUCTIONS FOR KILLING THE JACKAL from Black Lawrence Press captures attention immediately the title begs investigation and the cover art by Alexis Anne MacKenzie draws it all out for us But there are few overtures that would be completely appropriate to describe the poetry inside this volume Erica Wright seems to penetrate the dark side of people, relationships, history the many aspects that raise like palpable [...]

    3. Animals, blood and brooding landscapes thread through Erica Wright s Instructions for Killing the Jackal like a fevered dream She writes in accessible language, but her word choices and turns of phrase give you pause, or require a second reading because they are loaded with imagery and subtle variations of meaning that allow each reader a different interpretation There are also echoes of old fairytales, including a mermaid tired of her rural life who wishes to be thrown back into the water and w [...]

    4. Best poetry I ve read since Rachel Wetzsteone s Sakura Park I love the title poem and Note to Slip in Your Pocket, Never Slipped, too She has a funny way of mixing country boys driving trucks, looting burning buildings, and drinking too much into the skins of birds, jackals, snakesry visceral Also, she gets murky old pain medicines into the poems and pills dropped on the floor of the public restroom she had to take them in order Ooooh isn t that line great She s going on my favorite books shelf [...]

    5. Wright provides a powerhouse sample of poems here in Instructions for Killing the Jackal Every single line of each poem pounds out hard and gripping revelations e.g how lovely our ashes would be from Debris for Looters Wright possesses some kind of enchantment that she wields in her writing But these are not easy poems They demand multiple readings Wright composes with esoteric verses and never once in this compilation lets slip the key for decoding so readers will only succeed if they can forfe [...]

    6. For the most part, I try really hard not to judge books by their cover, but if any book cover truly embodies the content within it s the lovely yet startling cover to Instructions for Killing the Jackal At first, you notice the lovely pink, blue, green and yellow flowers meandering across the page pleasant Then, you realize that a vulture s foot is sprouting out from one of the leaves and has its claws gripped tightly along the ribs of a human skeleton that lies along the bottom EEEK.Welcome to [...]

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