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The Growth Map: Economic Opportunity in the Brics and Beyond By Jim O'Neill,

  • Title: The Growth Map: Economic Opportunity in the Brics and Beyond
  • Author: Jim O'Neill
  • ISBN: 9781101565636
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • In 2001, Jim O Neill predicted the fastest growing economies of the past decade Now he s back to explore the new growth markets we should all be watching closely today.It s been ten years since Jim O Neill conceived of the BRIC acronym He and his team made a startling prediction Four developing nations Brazil, Russia, India, and China the BRICs would overtake the sixIn 2001, Jim O Neill predicted the fastest growing economies of the past decade Now he s back to explore the new growth markets we should all be watching closely today.It s been ten years since Jim O Neill conceived of the BRIC acronym He and his team made a startling prediction Four developing nations Brazil, Russia, India, and China the BRICs would overtake the six largest Western economies within forty years The BRIC analysis permanently changed the world of global investing, and its accuracy has stood the test of time The Growth Map features O Neill s personal account of the BRIC phenomenon, how it has evolved, and where those four key nations currently stand after a turbulent decade And the book also offers an equally bold prediction about the Next Eleven countries Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam These developing nations may not seem exceptional today, but they offer exciting opportunities for investors over the next decade, just as BRIC did before them.O Neill also shares several compelling insights about the world economy He reveals the value for growing countries in being willing to play by meaningfully committing to policies that encourage further growth and engagement with globalization He explains how the g20 can adjust to better incorporate the BRICs and to better reflect the balance of the global economy.Finally, O Neill makes the counterintuitive claim that good things can quite often come from crises While established economic powers may see the rise of the BRICs as a threat, international trade benefits us all over the long term Likewise, the recent financial crisis revealed deep problems in our economic systems, problems we now have the opportunity to fix.A work of astute and absorbing analysis, The Growth Map is an indispensable guide for every investor and every participant in the global economy Anyone who wants to understand the developing world would do well to heed the man called one of the most sought after economic commentators on the planet The Telegraph
    The Growth Map Economic Opportunity in the Brics and Beyond In Jim O Neill predicted the fastest growing economies of the past decade Now he s back to explore the new growth markets we should all be watching closely today It s been ten years since Jim O

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    1. I picked up this book because I wanted to examine the origins of an idea that has dominated the last decade or so The book, originally written in 2013, feels a bit dated now It is positioned just after the great sovereigns crisis of 2011, but just before the emerging markets crisis of 2015 In this respect, had it waited a few years, it would have told a complete story We haven t quite reached the end of the story yet, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.In essence, the argument i [...]

    2. The Growth Map discusses the BRICs and introduces the N 11 to the population employed outside the financial global development sectors The introduction is the disappointing story of the author s identification of BRICs rather than exciting stories of on the ground development More importantly, there were very few bit of information that were not already published via Goldman Sachs Research papers and online videos both of which are physically and contextually colorful The author suffers from t [...]

    3. I expected out of this book I expected data rather than anecdotes This book read like a congratulatory tome on an individual s career success in coining a catchy acronym than on a serious study of the importance of certain growth markets and the global implications We all know countries with large populations and young populaces enjoy tailwinds But what are the implications and what new insights do you have to provide This book is written at a grade school level and does not deserve a place o [...]

    4. Nothing that hasn t been covered elsewhere if you are even remotely in tune with finance and economic news A disappointing read with not much in terms of insight aside from conclusions that are largely mainstream truisms at this point I expected from Jim O Neill.

    5. Jim s book talks about how his paper of the larger emerging market economies written in 2001 is now turning into a reality He has articulated the pros and cons of growth over the next few decades in each of the BRIC countries based on the Growth Environment Scores Index comprisisng of both Macroeconomic variables like Inflation, Govt Deficit etc and Microeconomic variables like use of technology, mobility, level of education, stability of government etc Some of the N 11 countries like Indonesia, [...]

    6. AUSTRALIA WILL BE IN AN INCREDIBLE POSITION FOR YEARS TO COME AS IT IS RICH IN COMMODITIES AND SURROUNDED BY FAST GROWING ECONOMIES.Productivity relates to technology, education, infrastructure and healthcare.In India 20% of children between 6 14 don t attend school.Ease of doing business needs to be improved in India, so does infrastructure and barriers to imports and foreign direct investment.Nigeria is critical to Africa with approx 20% of the continents population.As a large exporting nation [...]

    7. This book was written by the Goldman Sachs principal who coined the term BRICs back in 2001 Goldman s reputation has been seriously tarnished, but O Neill is based in the UK and there is no denying his bona fides What I really enjoyed about the book was his insistence upon being open to new ways of thinking and new political systems as the basis for future economic success He contrasts India s messy democracy with China s state capitalism He refers to the BRICs as growth economies, not emerging [...]

    8. The book is a good introduction to the BRIC economies acronym, especially those who did not here of it before The enthusiasm the auther has for the BRIC countries is big, he actually sees a big opportunity even for developed economies to prosper with the growth of the growth economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.Although i felt that after the first half of the book there were a lot of repetitions, i think the book is a good read My next step now is to seek an opportunity in one of these B [...]

    9. Jim attempts to extend further the concept of BRIC which he developed, by looking into the crystal ball which other countries will be able to join Brazil, Russia, India and China Though the book makes for interesting reading particularly in looking at how he develops the parameters as to what to take into account when forecasting the countries that will pull ahead of others, the jury is still out on a dependable way to pick winners.

    10. The book reminded me of the exams i had in college, in which i used all my imagination, and sentences repeating itself in meaning, just to fill the page i was supposed to First half of the book was really very enlightening for me, but the second half was a disaster, making me feel that Jim O Neill was desperately trying to fill the space that he was asked to A 50 page article should have been enough to tell what this book does

    11. La cita rescatable y es verdad En 2007, la ciudad de Ulyanovsk organiz un d a de la concepci n en el cual se les alentaba a los trabajadores a ir a su casa y tener sexo Legend Wait for it dary hab a premios Los premios, inclu an un auto 4x4 y los cuales se entregar an a quienes concibieran a sus hijos en junio 12 del a o siguiente, siendo este d a el D a de Rusia.

    12. Interesting explanation of the author s coining of the term BRIC and his view for the future It makes interesting reading, especially a couple of years down the road from the date it was written All the trouble in Brazil and Russia must make us question some of his views, but the general theory of economic growth still makes sense.

    13. A good book on the BRIC s Brazil, Russia, India, and China Really sets up the future as to what will happen when these countries economies reach maturity, and a burgeoning middle class appears in all four Remember, that Jim O Neill, the author, works for Goldman Sachs, so I am sure that they have investing vehicles that fit this scenario perfectly.

    14. Slick O Neill has a way of cutting through the statistics to get to the root of the issues involved and peek into the future with some authority, given his track record Well worth a read for anyone interested in understanding the fundamental changes the world economy is going through and how to come to terms with the new geopolitical map.

    15. O Neill s book was heavy on BRICs and short on content for what he calls the N 11 but I still learned alot What most impressed me was how much impressive China s development is compared to India clearly numerous reforms are needed if India hopes to eradicate some of its extreme poverty.

    16. Quick read on Brazil, Russia, India and China The main point that the writer wanted to get across is that the BRIC nations are no longer emerging, but have emerged Also, the fallacy of the G 6, G7, and G8 He also suggested an additional group of key nations, the N 11.

    17. Thirty minutes browsing this title at the local BN did not impress At least in the sections I reviewed, the author provided little insight What he did provide were numerous reminders that he was responsible for coining the term BRIC.

    18. Interesting read I wouldn t agree with all the views Nevertheless, the fact that these 4 large countries will become bigger and play an important role in the world is pretty certain.

    19. I was not able to get into this nonfiction about finance and the future of economics in third world countries Just not my cup of tea Read the first few chapters and quit.

    20. Great book uncovering the opportunities in less recognised nation A detailed analysis of the challenges and opportunities in Brazil, Russia India and China.

    21. A lot of mixed reviews here but I definitely feel much informed after reading this book Has the right anecdotes to leave you thinking and sufficient data points

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