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The Modern Magi By Carol Lynn Pearson,

  • Title: The Modern Magi
  • Author: Carol Lynn Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780312193003
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the bestselling A Stranger for Christmas All her life, Annabelle Perkins has dreamed of traveling to Bethlehem and bringing a gift to the birthplace of Jesus But when it finally happens, what actually occurs is not what Annabelle expects.
    The Modern Magi From the author of the bestselling A Stranger for Christmas All her life Annabelle Perkins has dreamed of traveling to Bethlehem and bringing a gift to the birthplace of Jesus But when it finally hap

    One thought on “The Modern Magi”

    1. Oh how I love this little book Such a beautiful parable Simplistic yet deeply meaningful exemplifying humble charity, hope, and faith in the fullness of His perfect Love and Peace If we only give gifts out of abundance, or out of compulsion, or guilt, or reluctance, or for tax purposes, or because it s a tradition, or out of see and be seen vanity, or in hopes of receiving something in return Is it really, truly, a gift Christmas isn t just a single celebratory event It s a 24 7 365 equal opport [...]

    2. The Modern Magi was a gentle, clean, mellow story about Annabelle Perkins who struggled with making a dream come true She kept her heart open and did what God led her to do despite her own desire to take a trip to the Holy Land In her heart, Jesus spoke to her and had her show Him to others through her selfless actions.The story itself was both heartwarming and heartbreaking However, I felt like it was written for a student in grade school because of the way the author wrote the story It was th [...]

    3. Another book by Carol Lynn Pearson that I have had for several years, but finally read this week It is a wonder book I think it s every better than A Stranger for Christmas and I loved that one, too I definitely will read these every year to feel the Spirit of Christmas in my life.

    4. I read The Modern Magi by Carol Lynn Pearson simply because it was there I don t normally indulge in sappy Christmas novels, but I desperately needed a reading fix, and it was my only available option okay, that s a bit of an exaggeration.This book is a perfect example of why I don t read Christmas novels Annabelle Perkins dreams of going to the Holy Land She is poor and sick and saves to buy her ticket Naturally, as the title suggests, when the time comes to travel, she is faced with a situatio [...]

    5. Annabelle felt fulfilled at the end and I was both happy and sad sad that her life had been so small and happy because her life had been so expansive This is a great story of where sympathy and generosity can lead us, perfect for this season of avarice, acquisition and giving a little something to the poor to soothe our consciences I have to say that I liked it a lot, as much for the theme as for the poetic, easy telling.

    6. This is a great Christmas story All her life, Annabelle Perkins has dreamed of traveling to the Holy Land and bringing a gift to the birthplace of Jesus, the way that the Wise Men did so many years ago Annabelle saves her money for a year so she can go, but something happens, and she ends up giving her money away Annabelle saves her money for another year, but again gives it away She saves her money for a third year, but again some thing happens Annabelle is finally able to give her gift to Jesu [...]

    7. Annabelle Perkins, an aging Midwestern spinster looks forward to finally experiencing her lifelong dream of visiting Bethlehem But each time she gets close to her goal, something happens a young woman needs financial help to finish her education a family seeks a kidney transplant and another family loses all in a house fire When Annabelle finally gets a chance to go on tour and give her gift to Jesus it is in a much different way than we expect.

    8. This was given as a Christmas gift from my brother and sister in law I read this every year and it never fails to pierce my soul and bring me to tears Carol Lynn Pearson has a way of painting a full picture of this character and this story without mincing words The irony of the story is particularly poignant, yet without leaving the reader thinking, If only Annabelle s sacrifice is not in vain, in fact, it brings greater blessings that she could have ever imagined.

    9. Annabelle Perkins has a secret While growing up, she listened to her mother tell the story of the baby Jesus, and together they dreamed of taking a gift to Bethlehem a little bronze lamb Now a middle aged woman alone, Annabelle has spent months saving for her Christmas Adventure in the Holy Land For the first time in her life, she is goind to do something remarkable

    10. I hope this is the right version Not sure of the author It was a story about a 57 year old woman who was trying to take a trip to the Holy Land and the obstacles or opportunities that kept arising.

    11. This was an unsatisfying Christmas novel The main character gives to others, but when someone finally gives to her, she is not there to benefit The main character would claim that the ending was good, while I would argue that is was a sad ending.

    12. Another feel good Christmas books.Have to say, this one was repetitive and predictable Glad that the book only took an hour to read I don t think I could have taken it for much longer Nothing to chew on, no thinking required

    13. This was my last book by this author that I reread for the season in some ways, maybe my favorite Each gift that is called for is harder to give, but the gifts are given and the true meaning of Christmas gifts is remembered in this touching story.

    14. This is a really short, sweet story about a woman who learns what it really means to give a gift to Jesus It s a good reminder of what the focus of Christmas really is all about I read it in 20 minutes.

    15. My favorite of this author s Christmas books I loved the heroine of this story as she continues to give the present of Christmas to the Baby Jesus A story of love and sacrifice and the redeeming grace offered us This is a book read and reread every year and treasured each time.

    16. nice little story of how a lady who wants to go to Israel to give her gift to Jesus realizes that her gift can be given at home She gives the money she earns each year for the trip to someone who needs it

    17. This is one of my Christmas books that I like to read every year Each of them makes me tear up with the emotion of the Christmas season, but it s a good reminder of what we are celebrating December 11, 2011 Reread in December 2016

    18. I read this book every year and cry and cry and cry This book really highlights the importance of following the promptings of the Spirit and living for Christ.

    19. Sweet poetic story about a woman who wants to do the right thing and does Worth reading and thinking about what you would do in the same situation.

    20. I read this book every Christmas It s a great story It s after the principal, If ye have done it unto the least of my servants, you have done it unto me.

    21. I love Christmas stories Touching story about a woman with dreams of traveling Same feel as It s a Wonderful Life.

    22. All Christmas stories are similar But this one nears the top of my list due to its writing and extra details that really drive the Christmas spirit home.

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