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Flirting with Italian By Liz Fielding,

  • Title: Flirting with Italian
  • Author: Liz Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780373177721
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bag packed Flight booked Soon I ll be in Rome and experiencing life in a foreign language Watch this space Newly single Sarah Gratton is determined to enjoy her holiday could a just for fun romance with dark eyed Matteo di Serrone be the answer This Italian count is ideal flirting material if Sarah s brave enough to make a move Well, she might not be but luckily MatBag packed Flight booked Soon I ll be in Rome and experiencing life in a foreign language Watch this space Newly single Sarah Gratton is determined to enjoy her holiday could a just for fun romance with dark eyed Matteo di Serrone be the answer This Italian count is ideal flirting material if Sarah s brave enough to make a move Well, she might not be but luckily Matteo is Matteo decides to keep this mysterious woman close no hardship at all, given their spine tingling awareness of each other.It s like something out of a fairy tale until Sarah realizes she s made the most rookie mistake of all falling in love with her holiday fling.
    Flirting with Italian Bag packed Flight booked Soon I ll be in Rome and experiencing life in a foreign language Watch this space Newly single Sarah Gratton is determined to enjoy her holiday could a just for fun romance wi

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    1. FLIRTING WITH ITALIAN by Liz Fielding is a January 2012 release by Harlequin Romance Sarah Gratton takes a teaching job in Italy to get away from the memories of where her heart shattered She shares her experiences via a blog with her old school back in England.One day she goes looking for a village where her grandfather had found shelter during the war What will she find in the village Will she find the special lady who helped her grandfather Matteo di Serrone is now living in the house that he [...]

    2. FLIRTING WITH ITALIANLiz s latest romance, Flirting with Italian, is right now up for the RoNA Rose award which is a super big deal in the UK And no wonder The heroine, a teacher who has run away to Rome after a big break up, is fun lovely and true, and the hero an Italian Count As fantasies go, it s a good un One of the things I loved best bit that stayed was Sarah s blog Asked by her Principal back home to write a blog about her Roman adventure for her students, Sarah smartly knows her student [...]

    3. Would you like to take a trip to Italy You don t do heights The good news is that you don t need to take a plane Just check in at Mills and Boon and let Liz Fielding s capable hands transport you to Rome Heroine Sarah has a good reason to quit UK shores and reinvent herself She s enchanted by her new flat and happy to find work in the city But when curiosity leads her into the countryside on a golden October day, she encounters Matteo, a dark haired Italian edible enough to ramp up her heart rat [...]

    4. I am always intrigued by the books that take place in Italy There is just something exciting about being able to vividly imagine and recognize the setting Liz Fielding s Flirting with Italian is set in Rome its surroundings Author did a great job describing and capturing the atmosphere, thus making the ambience almost like a character.Although the book focuses on two main characters, Sarah Matteo, it has also a secondary story about Sarah s great grandfather and a certain woman named Lucia I lov [...]

    5. I just received this in the mail from the contest Thanks a bunch can t wait to dive in It is also signed by the author with a personal note to me YAY

    6. I won this book from a contest on.Sarah Gratton is a teacher at Maybridge High which she considers her dream job Recently dumped by the man of her dreams, the Head at her school approached Sarah to offer her a teaching position in Rome which she readily accepts Her Great Grandfather, Lex, was skeptical of her abrupt move, but wished her the best He also told her a story about when he was in the war in Italy and his plane developed engine trouble and he had to bail in freezing temperatures He was [...]

    7. I loved this sweet romance, it was just the tonic I needed.Sarah, a teacher has recently been dumped by her fiance for another woman Deciding to change her life, she takes a temporary teaching job in Rome, and at the same time researches her gt grandfather s experiences there during WWII.Of course, she couldn t have known she would bump into the gorgeous Matteo, current owner of the house her gt grandfather was hidden in Oh, and she writes great blogs too Recommended for a light, fun and feelgoo [...]

    8. As per usual, Liz Fielding does not disappoint Engaging, charming characters with a flavour of Italy Even without the sex on the page, this sweet romance has sizzle factor A sensual, flirty and fun read There is a gentle comic element that Liz does so well there is some great dialogue between her two characters Liz manages to get the emotions and passion and all those tingly feelings that go with romance and love amazingly on to the page.

    9. I ve worked in Rome, and while this story didn t fully capture the experience of arriving there as a non Italian speaker on a working holiday, it came close enough Plus there was the backstory mystery of a wartime romance, and a thoroughly engaging collection of family and friends for the hero and heroine respectively I also enjoyed the blog posts that were interspersed with the narrative.

    10. Every so often while reading this, I found myself confused was the heroine dreaming, having some sort of psychic experience or was the action really happening But those moments didn t detract from the story I was intrigued with the whole subplot regarding the heroine s great grandfather And the hero Mateo I d have a fling with him too

    11. I adore Italy and reading this book makes me want to jump on a plane right now and revisit This book is lush with tastes and smells and poignancy.Liz Fielding has penned a beautiful romance, rich and evocative and sigh worthy.Recommend.

    12. I loved this book, the title, the setting, and the characters I enjoyed the clever addition of the heroine s blog, and the dual layered love story past and present A warm, witty and moving romance.

    13. I picked this book up because I love stories set in Italy and I was curious about this particular category from Harlequin The romance itself was sweet and unfolded nicely Who doesn t want to fall in love with a hot Italian count What drove me a bit crazy was the blog that our heroine Sarah wrote and how it ultimately impacted the romance Sarah thought she had been in love with Tom, a fellow teacher and coach at her school but when he dumped her after getting another teacher pregnant, those feeli [...]

    14. Romantis checklist alur lambat checklist intrik tdk klimaks checklist cerita kadang tdk dimengerti checklist ada Sarah Gratton, wanita yg dari Inggris dengan latar belakang Guru dengan tittle Sejarah Kuno, datang ke Italia dengan 2 tujuan yaitu menghindari tatapan sedih semua pihak sekolah dan keluarga krn dirinya ditinggal oleh Tom, kekasih yang telah lama dan akan menjadi calon suaminya serta mencari tempat yang kebetulan memiliki lowongan kerja untuknya di Italia Berbekal dengan bahasa Italia [...]

    15. When Sarah Gratton s fianc leaves her for another woman, Sarah decides to take a teaching position in Italy, where she hopes to heal her broken heart Her great grandfather has fond memories of a Lucia who nursed him back to health and kept him hidden from the enemy when his plane crashed near her village, and Sarah decides while she is there to try and track her down Conte Matteo di Serrone catches her trespassing a misunderstanding and although he intends to escort her off his property, he find [...]

    16. It all started with a story her grandfather Lex told her, about him fighting in the war as a pilot His plane had crashed, he was the enemy and a young beautiful woman named Lucia rescued him She and he were lovers and when he finally went back home, he didn t know she was pregnant with his child.Enter Sarah ninety years later and she s off to Rome, in search of the place in the story when she runs into Matteo Matteo is a Conte, he is full of sexy latin blood and Sarah can t seem to resist him Sh [...]

    17. The writing in Flirting with Italian isn t terrible It could be fleshed out a bit , but this is a category romance so I knew it was going to be short and follow a certain formula It follows an English schoolteacher, Sarah, as she moves to Italy for a new job and uncovers some family history She stumbles into a romance with a man named Matteo, who may have a relative that helped Sarah s grandfather sixty years ago when he was a soldier.This book fell flat for me with one dimensional characters th [...]

    18. Charming romance between Sarah, a schoolteacher from England who s doing a substitute year in Rome after a bad breakup, and Matteo, an Italian Count, set in Rome and in a village outside of it Matteo may be a Count but their relationship was actually quite down to earth and could be between any teacher and a successful businessman The romance itself would probably get 4 s but there was a back story involving Sarah s great grandfather and a woman form Matteo s village and the timeline and family [...]

    19. Sarah s boyfriend has dumped her for another woman They both work at the same high school, so she decides to take a job in Rome, Italy, subbing for a teacher on maternity leave Her great grandfather, Lex, was saved by an Italian woman during WWII Sarah decides to go and find this woman She meets Matteo at the house where Lex stayed Matteo is intrigued by Sarah but suspects that she is not what she seems They start seeing each other and then fall in love but the past keeps them apart How Will the [...]

    20. ok k r bu eviriyi de tamamlad m inde baz gizleri olan g zel bir kitapt Kalp ac s eken ngiliz retmen Sarah, i ine Roma da devam etme karar al yor Dedesi Lex, gitmeden nce ona bir s rr n veriyor ve Sarah bunun zerine Roma ya yerle tikten bir s re sonra ara t rma yapmaya karar verip Serrone ye gidiyor Orada kar s na tam da Lex in yazm oldu u re etedeki tariflere uygun bir adam k yor Kara g zl talyan sevgili Sonras hikayede sakl D Kitap sa olsun talyanca bir eyler de rendim D

    21. Classic HR.I liked the characters but the irritating intrusion of the heroine s blog made the book unappealing I felt the blogging was used as plot filler and that is disappointing in a serial romance novel Rebecca Stratton, another HR writer had a similar plot line 35 years ago and produced a much better novel Run from the Wind HR 1839

    22. Charming and deeply romantic, this was a lovely HR escape read The heroine is especially relatable she is a schoolteacher who moves to Italy to escape a bad breakup and the hero believably sweeps her off her feet Excellent for what it is.

    23. Perfect nice fun read The blog bits threw me off I would have liked a bit less fade to black on the love scenes too.

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