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Just Like Cats and Dogs By B.A. Tortuga,

  • Title: Just Like Cats and Dogs
  • Author: B.A. Tortuga
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If there s one thing Sam knows for sure it s that you can never go home again As a feline shifter who grew up in a family of wolves, he s used to being a freak He stays in the city and tries to get his family to visit him, but when a loved one passes away, Sam has to go back to the New Mexico desert for a last goodbye.Gus only comes back to the pack at gathering time, onIf there s one thing Sam knows for sure it s that you can never go home again As a feline shifter who grew up in a family of wolves, he s used to being a freak He stays in the city and tries to get his family to visit him, but when a loved one passes away, Sam has to go back to the New Mexico desert for a last goodbye.Gus only comes back to the pack at gathering time, once in a blue moon He s usually a wanderer, but he s with the pack when Sam comes home Gus and Sam have never gotten along, but this time around Gus is surprised by the attraction he feels for this new, slinky version of his high school nemesis.Sam and Gus may not be able to resist each other, but finding time to be together and overcome their differences might be too much for them, especially when danger lurks just around the corner, and all around the world Can cats and dogs live to learn together, or are Gus and Sam destined to fail
    Just Like Cats and Dogs If there s one thing Sam knows for sure it s that you can never go home again As a feline shifter who grew up in a family of wolves he s used to being a freak He stays in the city and tries to get hi

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    1. 3 HeartsFor those who have read Tortuga, you know she has a distinct voice when it comes to romance, and this doesn t deviate far from what I ve experienced already This was tongue in cheek with plenty of puns and cat dog terms, it was often silly fun and sweet, while at other times, quite intense and violent Sam is a cat shifter raised by a wolf pack, and not surprisingly, has never fully fit in with his surrogate family despite the mutual love When tragedy brings Sam home, he meets up with his [...]

    2. 3.5 starsWhat I liked I liked that the author did not make this easy or insta love The two MCs were taking inter species hard and took a long time before they both accepted it I also like that the were leaked into their human form It was interesting and quite hypnotic at times.What I did not like I often got confused as to whom was speaking, where the story was and time line Maybe it is just me, but there were lapses and then I would be oh they are at Ma s house I also wish the author got into w [...]

    3. I originally read this end of September 2011 I m doing a reread with Lucy, since I remember that I liked it, but not much Ok I finished it and now I remember what I liked about it This os one of the few shifter books and believe me, I ve read my fair share of shifter books where the humans still keep a lot of their animal habits and traits.They still feel and think a lot like their wolf or feline and it doesn t just disappear when they are human.They aren t completely civilized in their humans [...]

    4. Nice to see a full length story from this interesting author Just Like Cats And Dogs is about Sam, a cat shifter who was brought up as the misfit in a wolf pack He s long moved to the city and left those days behind but a funeral brings him back home where he reconnects in a violent way with the wolf who teased him the most.Gus is a loner He could be an alpha but prefers to travel, working mineral mines all over the world By chance he has returned to the pack for the annual gathering at the same [...]

    5. This was such a cute story The sex was hot, the characters were good, and I really liked them together I laughed a couple of times because the cat shifter liked to think of tuna a lot, and I found it funny and adorable at the same time especially when he brought up his mate.Were there issues Sure, a few small ones that would be bigger for others, but nothing took from this book for me I was still able to enjoy it Faults and all.I think this would be a nice story for people who like shifters Or i [...]

    6. Well that was fun I ve read than a book or two by B.A Tortuga but Just Like Cats and Dogs is my first shifter book by this author and damn, what was I thinking I loved this book It was fun and entertaining and there was a story herea serious kept me interested story.Sam s a feline shifter who grew up in a family of wolvesI know that right there tells you this is not your usual shifter story, right If you re thinking poor Sam never stood a chance at fitting in you ve pretty well nailed it, but i [...]

    7. 3.5 stars, rounded up bc.It took me a bit of time to warm up to this story, because it felt a little disjointed at the beginning, but then it sucked me right in and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.Sam, a feline shifter, was adopted as an orphan by a large family of wolf shifters who are part of an even larger pack Being a cat, he never really fit in with the wolves, even though his mother tried hard to make him feel welcome As soon as he could, Sam left the pack and struck out on his own.Gus, [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars for this really cute story Why I liked it It was different from the other shifter books I have read The characters spent a lot of time in animal form and acted very animalistic There was lots of playing, purring, growling, licking, rubbing, nipping, biting, tail thrashing, etc It was enemies to lovers Or cats vs dogs There was some sexual tension, but I would have liked for there to be a lot It did have a little suspense.Issues I had In the beginning I had difficulty deciphering who w [...]

    9. 3.5It took me a while to warm up to this story but in the end I adored it When the men were together this was a wonderful read sweet, funny and sexy It took them a while to reach that point though and there were a lot of bumps on the road Still even with the shaky start this was great little shifter story with some really interesting pack dynamics.

    10. 4.5 starsFeeling of doesn t belong anywhere sucks Sam is a cat shifter that was raised by a wolf shifter family Still, the wolf pack doesn t accept him Every full moon, his adopted parents put him in a cage, fearing for his safety being a cat among the wolves Unfortunately, neither does the cat pack like him They consider him a traitor since he smells too much like a wolf When Sam grew up, he had a nemesis Gus, a wolf who happens to be the brother of his best friend, Pete They seemed to hate eac [...]

    11. See, this is one of those stories One of those that make me wonder if something s wrong with my English because what the fat is going on I mean, it s like the language isn t really language but evocations of a bunch of visceral reactions, and that s not altogether bad, but it just makes the plotline seem incredibly inscrutable I literally feel like I have absolutely no idea what went on Also, it seemed to take a lot of information for granted that I hadn t been actually granted It s like there [...]

    12. First where was the lube besides the shower scene where they used water for lube there was never any lube or prep at all just shove it in and go to town Also water does not work as lube I really liked the story and both characters even though Gus was pretty frustrating for a lot of it I probably would have given five stars but the sex annoyed me with the no lube and it was a little confusing at parts Though overall not a lot of sex scenes the sex scenes we did get was so long it seemed like a lo [...]

    13. The horrible cover made me leery of this book I should know better than to trust covers in this genre.Random thoughts Sex was VERY hot.The feline shifter thinks at one point The man smelled good Better than tuna That was something He liked tuna a lot.Throughout the book, he s obsessed with tuna and it s just really funny.Didn t use lube or condoms no did they even discuss it Mid scene, which was described in great detail, one guy was holding a glass of milk and then he suddenly had both hands fr [...]

    14. 3.5 starsThis was an adorable story What I loved most about it is the way Gus and Sam played together I LOVED their playing It was so cute and really made the book very appealing It s an interesting story with a hint of suspense and aggression because it follows an enemies to lovers theme I liked the progression of their romance because it allowed you to somewhat see the struggle they both went through liking a different shifter breed while also allowing you to see how they connect through their [...]

    15. I m just not interested in continuing this book Shifters are one of my favorite genre s and I thought that this had some interesting variations in shifter lore, unfortunately the execution just didn t working for me My status updates hint at some of my frustrations 2% How immature can you be Already not a big fan of Augustus.3% The whole funeral thing had just gotten a lot interesting The guys adoptive father just DIED Asshole.8% What a RANDOM time jump After enemies to friends in 1 scene, then [...]

    16. 3.5 starsJust Like Cats and Dogs is not your usual shifter book, which is a huge accomplishment in the genre where there are dozens and dozens of them I have to agree with Gina though this could have been much, much better book with some serious editing.I liked that there was no insta mating love and the way characters animal sides didn t disappear in their human forms That was especially hot during sex but it also got old really fast with all that sex in the book Both Gus and Sam could have bee [...]

    17. Oh poor pussy Sam is the queerest man on earth living a life where he couldn t have a partner He has the greatest apartment, he s got money, fame and is locked up every full moon by his family You want to hug him Gus has been his nemesis since they were very young and now, as adults, they have to find a way to coexist The shifter world here isn t sunshine and fluffy its brutal sometimes and Sam doesn t even realize how strong he is, having put with all of it He is a great character and Gray is t [...]

    18. Loved Sam and Gus together The hate to love was fun to watch They play between them is different because the animal characteristics are dominant This probably has sex than some will like but it was just what I was in the mood for 3.5 stars

    19. Title Just Like Cats and DogsAuthor BA TortugaSeries Sanctuary Book 1Publisher Dreamspinner Press 2 editionReviewer MollienRelease Date January 25, 2017Genre s Male Male Shifter RomancePage Count 237 pagesHeat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 3.5 stars out of 5Blurb 2nd EditionA Sanctuary NovelCan cats and dogs ever get along, let alone fall in love Sam knows you can never go home again As an orphaned feline shifter raised by wolves, being an outcast is nothing new to him But the pack is still his [...]

    20. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I really love BA Tortuga s shifter world in this story I love the way each shifter species informs human personality and characteristics and I really enjoyed the historic tension between species Some shifter tropes are borrowed for this book but there are enough twists to make the story and characters feel fresh and original I really loved Sam The eldest son in a wolf family, he is also a feline shifter who has never been accept [...]

    21. top2bottomreviews.wordpressSam Finn is a panther shifter, who was raised by a family of werewolves He s not the only misfit in his adoptive family, but because he not a wolf and for him to stay safe, he must keep himself separate from the other members of the pack While other shifters are allowed to hunt and play together during a full moon, Sam has to shift and run and play inside alone Out of his adopted family, he s closest with this brother Pete Unfortunately for Sam, Pete s best friend, Gus [...]

    22. 3.5 StarsWhat I liked How animalistic they were as humans Biting, scratching, snapping, growling, etc Sam kept his sandpaper tongue in human form and loved milk and tuna GusMEAT and chocolate How Sam and Gus knew they were mates, but didn t want to accept it due to being different But when Gus finally said the hell with it, he didn t want to be apart from Sam it was wonderful He would do anything for his Puss.The nicknames Puss and Puppy Pup The playing In both forms So cute Couldn t wipe the sm [...]

    23. I really enjoyed re reading this fantastic shifters romance between Sam, a cat shifter, and Gus, wolf shifter Their romance developed a bit to quickly and some parts were left out, which I disliked, but in overall amazing story 2011 September 29 5 star ratingAt the start of this story I had hard time to understand all the family ties between Sam and Gus And I have to admit, Sam and Gus were pretty HOT together I really liked them as a mated pair The written parts between those two were HOT and w [...]

    24. I loved it I hated how the pack treated Sam, that was just bullshit I loved the banter between Sam and Gus They make a great team I wanted Gus to take on the alpha because that was Gus s family s farm He had no right to do that I can t wait to see them settle down and start their own pack What would even make this better is if this was an mpreg book so they could have a littler of pups and kitties all their own Off to the next one.Audio version I did not like the narrator I did enjoy revisiting [...]

    25. I enjoyed this one I loved Sam to pieces and him and Gus were smokin hot together I liked how their animal aspects fell over into their human lives Sam s apartment is a great example.Recommended to fans of shifter books.

    26. This was a lot of fun One thing I appreciate about BA Tortuga s shifter books is how animal like the shifters are, even while in human form They purr, growl, crave tuna, rub against one another and chase birds in the park Sometimes the writing style reflects this short, staccato phrases that go along with a simple brain and this can be disconcerting until you get into the rhythm.I was confused at times by the whole mate thing It s not as simple as some other shifter novels where they meet, know [...]

    27. Weird Very weird I like how the story turns out in the end, hence the two stars, but there are problems.My main problem is the way that Sam and Gus think and talk, especially about and to each other When the story is not focusing on their interactions as a couple, the writing is far smoother, but the author seems to like expressing intimacy through choppy, stilted writing which is far confusing and almost juvenile, at times, with all the yum and ow than anything else It gets so strange that it [...]

    28. Just Like Cats and Dogs Sanctuary 1 by B.A Tortuga 3 starsM M Shifter RomanceTriggers Abuse, tortureI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.Gus and Sam are a strange couple to say the least Wolf and large Cat I found this story very frustrating, because it felt so jumbled I can normally follow fairly well, but I found myself having to continuously look back and figure out what was happening, where they were, who was doing what There were hints throughout this story but everyth [...]

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