[EPUB] ✓ No Time to Cry | By ☆ Lurlene McDaniel

No Time to Cry By Lurlene McDaniel,

  • Title: No Time to Cry
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9781581960068
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Being sixteen means all kinds of freedom driving on your own, going to the mall with friends, dating But Dawn Rochelle can t feel free because of the fear that her cancer will return.Maybe her greatest freedom can only come when she has the courage to live when she has no time to cry.
    No Time to Cry Being sixteen means all kinds of freedom driving on your own going to the mall with friends dating But Dawn Rochelle can t feel free because of the fear that her cancer will return Maybe her greates

    One thought on “No Time to Cry”

    1. Book four in the series Six Months to Live was a great ending to the series It fulfilled all the promises and hopes of the first three books and The author has a great understanding of living life when weighed down with a serious medical issue and she has the skills to convey that to the reader But the read is much It helps us all understand how to take hold of life and live it to the full even when things get us down and we want to give up To lose two of your greatest friends to death at an a [...]

    2. Approaching her sixteenth birthday, Dawn Rochelle is starting high school She hopes that at a new school with new students she can put the stigma of cancer behind her Dawn desperately wants to keep her school life separate from her cancer life Dawn soon realizes that her desires won t easily come to fruition Jake Macka, the boy she s liked since 5th grade, moves back to Columbus and starts attending Hardy High She has to turn down a date or two with Jake because of doctor s appointments and clin [...]

    3. well rochelle is starting highschool as a soph and just trys to get through and hope that she will make it through high school when jake, rochelle s crush from 5th grade comes back and hangs around her she is worried he thinks of her different since she has cancer and all, but later on when she discovers a rash on her body that can be a sign of a bone marrow rejection of her brothers she is scared that it is a rejection, but yet is there a possibility that its just the flu and that she might be [...]

    4. Dawn Rochelle is starting high school and ready to put cancer behind her, but she can t shake the feeling of being a part of two worlds One where she is a normal teenager, and one where she is sick.I thought this was a good exploration of the feelings a person experiences while trying to get back to normal after a serious illness As mentioned before, these books date themselves a great deal with references to things like cassette tapes, but that can be forgotten The overall feelings of being a t [...]

    5. WhyI like all this author books I just completely finished this series and they were great about a young girls journey with cancer and her ability to help other patients and families of cancer at camp.

    6. I was glad that Dawn Rochelle was finally able to come to terms with being in two worlds , blend them together, put the past to rest and start moving forward with a happy future It was also cute that she got to tell Jake she has had feelings for him for a long time and that he felt the same way.

    7. i gave this book a five star because i thought that it shows how good friends become then just friends that is why i gave this book a five star.I also gave this book a five star because i liked it also

    8. Guess who s back Dawn s old crush, Jake And Dawn s a busy girl She s got school, friends, her brother, and things for the hospital Of course she can fit Jake in, but does Dawn have enough me time

    9. I gave the rest of this series books all four stars This one I didn t like as much It seemed kind of pointless and Dawn really annoyied me in this one I m happy Jake came back and towards the end I liked it better but in the middle in was kind of okay lets get on with this.

    10. I think this book is pretty good so far, it s about a girl with cancer, and how she is struggling to get normal life after all that she has been through She finds it even harder now since she is starting to go back to high school.

    11. This book touched me the most because i felt like Dawn and I had alot in common Once i would start rading i couldnt stop

    12. I am kind of confused It hasn t really caught my attention yet I am hoping that it is going to get better.

    13. I really enjoyed reading this book I m happy Dawn has started to find someone With the struggles she has faced she makes it through all of it and always comes out on top.

    14. i just got done with no time to cry was AWSOME i can not what to see if she comes out witha fifth book that would be cool.

    15. In this 4th book I love how Dawn is living normal 16 year old life Even with her ups downs Dawn is still strong brave to face them I was very happy for Rob too I loved the ending.

    16. One of the best books in the Dawn Rochelle series Definetly one to read I LOVE BRENT I HATE JAKE sorry Jake fans

    17. It was a good book, this series gives you hope and I think everyone with this horrible disease should read.

    18. This book starts out normal, then it starts to get and dramatic as you get further into it, which makes you not want to put it down It gets very happy at the end, but it is also sad.

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