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The New Death and others By James Hutchings,

  • Title: The New Death and others
  • Author: James Hutchings
  • ISBN: 9781465720986
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook
  • Death gets a roommateAn electronic Pope faces a difficult theological questionA wicked vizier makes a terrible bargain44 stories 19 poems No sparkly vampires There s a thin line between genius and insanity, and James Hutchings has just crossed it but from which direction
    The New Death and others Death gets a roommateAn electronic Pope faces a difficult theological questionA wicked vizier makes a terrible bargain stories poems No sparkly vampires There s a thin line between genius and ins

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    1. I got this book, from Making Connections for free, in exchange for an honest review Get your copy here.The God of the Poor The gods are dividing the world between themselves but who will rule the poor How the Isle of Cats got its Name A sorceress on her quest to rule the world, only to be thwarted by cats The Enemy Within A local man goes to extraordinary lengths so he wouldn t be mistaken for a foreigner The End A camping trip leads to human beings becoming extinct.A Date with Destiny No, liter [...]

    2. This review can also be found on my blog, Now is Gone on June 22, 2012 Book Info Genre Short stories Poetry Fantasy magical realism Reading Level Adult Recommended for ReadersMy Thoughts These very enjoyable short stories and poems run the gambit from humorous the demoness who inflicts ironic punishments to Lovecraftian the poem about Cairo to thought provoking The God of the Poor among others I found myself laughing for example, at the Holmes satire , thinking and thoroughly enjoying myself thr [...]

    3. James Hutchings The new death Available online, details below New Death otherSmashwords smashwords books view Barnes Noble barnesandnoble w the nReview by Sue Bridgwater 44 stories 19 poems No sparkly vampires This is James Hutchings own description of his collection, although it could be described as 63 tales, fables, parables or fantasies the poems are also narratives, and regardless of whether or not the narratives rhyme and scan, they have much in common with each other.Hutchings work is st [...]

    4. A collection of short, narrative stories Like a collection of modern folktales, gods such as Death, Time and Modesty are often personified, but with a modern twist Gods alongside cellphones and facebook, demons presented in strange fictional worlds populated by sorcerers and magic which turns out to be a clever allegory about pop culture My favorites include The New God One of the surprise ending stories that seems to be about ancient peoples in old timesy to stab the reader through the funny bo [...]

    5. When the author asked me to review The New Death and Others I was quite chuffed I m not normally one to review books but I thought it was a great time to start The genre of this book isn t really what I would seek out to read, so it was going to be out of my normal comfort zone The New Death and Others is a collection of short stories, very short stories and poetry The subject of these tales is quite dark at times I have to say that some of them left me a little cold meaning that I read them and [...]

    6. Umm, okay I got this book a collection of short stories and poems from the author in return for an honest review I hope he doesn t change his mind when he reads what I have to say about his work LOLAnyway, just a side note here I didn t read the poems Sorry, but I m not a poetry person Let me start off by saying that the stories are all dark humor, dark fantasy, dead on sarcastic and super thought provoking The author addresses very important issues in each story, though they are so well masked, [...]

    7. MARK S REVIEWThis was my first serious foray into flash fiction, and the experience didn t disappoint Since this is flash fiction, the author doesn t go into a lot of detail with each story Some of these pieces are like a joke you would tell your buddy, especially the piece entitled The End which appears near the beginning That one made me smile, mostly because of the punchline.There s something for everyone with this anthology Some pieces are serious than others, but the general feel of the en [...]

    8. This book was very different from anything I ve read lately, it was a fresh breath of humour, sarcasm and irony that I truly enjoyed It consists of a lot of short stories and a few poems I especially loved the stories that were bigger cause all the others were over too soon and I wanted This is one of the most unique books I ve ever read and had me laughing at most of the times I am a very ironic person and love to read about ironic characters when I get the chance, but this book was full of ir [...]

    9. Note The author offered me a free copy of his latest book, The New Death and Others, in exchange for a review Apparently a LOT of folks got the same offer This is probably a good move on his part from a marketing perspective In all honesty I probably would not have bought the book on my own initiative, since it is in e book format only Even at.99 practically free I m not interested in buying e books, since I don t use a Kindle or Nook and stare at a screen most of the work day all ready But if y [...]

    10. The New Death and OthersBy James HutchingsLet me start by saying that I loved this book, but it s hard to describe exactly what it is because it doesn t really fit neatly into your standard fiction genres But please, don t let that dissuade you from checking it out I m mortally afraid that I ll turn potential readers off by reviewing it and my poor attempts at trying to describe exactly what it is But imagine, if you will, that Saki H H Munro didn t die in WWI and decided to rewrite Ovid s Metam [...]

    11. Originally posted on my blog a librarians library.This 100 page work is comprised of 44 short stories and 19 poems To me, some of the individual stories read like a telling of a mythology, complete with the mythological morals, which is an aspect of this work that I can appreciate There are also a lot of vignettes that are purely satirizing the world today, which are humorous But then there were other stories that completely lost me, whether because I didn t quite understand some of the names te [...]

    12. This compendium reads like a writer s sketchbook or workbook than a publishable portfolio There is no central focus or thematic organization to this collection The prose pieces are admirable by themselves, and they would create a charming or chilling world if assembled with reason The major flaw lies in the alternating poems that distract from any enjoyable flow Presented in some peculiar typesetting, the prose pieces are parables wherein characters such as Fame, Fortune, Destiny, Famine, or D [...]

    13. This book is way outside my comfort zone but since I ve been trying to move outside my boundaries, the New Death and Others is just one of the books I needed to do so.I ve read a couple of anthologies before, but usually it s a collection of stories and poems from a variety of authors, so I was a little surprised knowing that the author of this book solely wrote the stories and poems I may not be a writer but I know that it s hard to create anecdotes that would only take up a few pages and yet m [...]

    14. One word Amazing.I think the last time I read this kind of book was when I was 6, The New Death and others is a compilation of short stories and poems with a twist of humour and sarcasm that would certainly leave you laughing The stories and poems in the book was told in both modern and classic adaptation, each story was entirely different yet commonly amusing It was hard to pick favourites but I would say some stories were that funny creative unique that it left a huge impression in my mind I e [...]

    15. Originally posted at Xenex.Amber, who read some of the stories while resting her head on my chest, referred to this book as The New Death of Jokes This was not, as you may imagine, a compliment I retorted that I was inclined to subtitle this review The food is terrible and the portions are so small.The book is 44 short stories, some of which involve the same allegorical figures, and 19 poems There is ostensibly no logic to the placement of any of these, so there is no real flow from one to the n [...]

    16. English Review It s hard for me to review this book, because for the first time this isn t an independent book, with a concluded story But there are inserted 44 short stories and also a few poems which are sometimes written between the short stories Some of them have made me smile and others were full of irony And I was surprised by myself of how much I ve liked most of them But to be honest I also must say that I didn t like all of them, but though that also would have been impossible.It was th [...]

    17. Quick Message Before I begin my review I have to fair warn that this isn t going to be the typical review I do, on a count of this is a collection of 40 short stories and some poems I m going to base my review on the overall view of the authors writing style and then depict my favorite pieces and add in a few tidbits here and there With that said here s the review First Thoughts First thing you must understand about his book short stories is this isn t classified in any way as Young Adult and th [...]

    18. Awhile back James Hutchings approached me to see if I would like a free review copy of his ebook The New Death and Others I like free things, so I agreed It took me a looong time to read, but that s not the book s fault It was mostly the fault of my newborn One thing I liked about the book is that it s a compilation of short stories and poems, so it was very easy for me to pick up my Kindle and read a story or a poem or two when I had the chance A lot of the pieces are set in the same city, Tele [...]

    19. I have a review of this somewhere here, it s on my blog I read it at James request, reviewed it, forgot about, joined , then remembered it one day and found it had a thriving for the circumstances page You don t mind if I just shovel it over, do you The New Death and Others is a book of over 50 short stories and poems, none of which really stretch over three thousand words I read it in about four day s time That I finished it at all is already a tribute to the book s quality, as I find no shame [...]

    20. I was thoroughly delighted with this collection of work from James Hutchings.These short stories and poems were wonderfully irreverent, dark and darkly humorous and thoroughly satirical Perhaps that says something about myself, but I very much appreciated the bizarre humour which at times reminded me of Piers Anthony s Xanth series particularly the hilariously literal take on words and phrases and at other times of Neil Gaiman s or Terry Pratchett s oddball humour I also adored the social, polit [...]

    21. If you like anthologies check out The New Death and Others by James Hutchings This is a book of flash fiction and poetry that deal with mythology, fairy tales and horror Most of the stories that are here are less than 1,000 words They make you think and laugh while looking at the dark side of fantasy This collection has a little of everything, including monsters who are afraid that people are no longer scared of them, A man longing for the perfect woman and a funny tale of two demons in love.The [...]

    22. If you like your short stories cynical and twisted, or your fairy tales fractured, then this is a perfect coffee table book full of cynical and twisted tales, interspersed with some very good dark poetry.Mr Hutchings left a message on my blog asking if I would read and review his book I had put the call out to independent authors in an earlier post for my 2012 Reading List, but I think this was a random request and I m so pleased to have been asked as this little book really tickled my sense of [...]

    23. The New Death and Others is a collection of some entertaining short stories and poems I could tell I was reading something that took alot of thought and talent because I laughed out loud several times to the point where my librarian told me to shut up I would like to tell you my viewers about the most ironic funny ones The End This one had me laughing becuase what are the odds of 2 vampires, a succumbus, a demon, and a regenerate coagulate rage of murdered children on a camping trip together The [...]

    24. This book is a kind of Anthology of short tales and poetry I had a mixed reaction to the book, not being what I call a Poetry Person I didn t expect to like those parts of the book and it turned out that in some cases I loved the poetry the most I really loved the Poem about Weary Love , I also enjoyed the Under The Pyramids Poem The short tales contained quite a bit of irony within them that I found different and yet enjoyed I found the short tales to be like a cross between Aesop s Fables and [...]

    25. I give this book 3 stars I don t really know what to say about this book It is a combination of short stories that the author has compiled From reading the first story, I wasn t sold on the whole idea I pushed through to the next one and I was glad that I did These distorted short stories and poems had me smiling and even laughing out loud You know it s a good book when you find yourself wanting to read the stories out loud to the people around you There were a few stories that could have been t [...]

    26. I am so glad that I read this book The New Death is a collection of the most wonderfully pessimistic, deliciously twisted, and awesomely dark stories and poems This was the best collection of short stories and poems that I have read in a long time I literally had fun reading this book James has a wit that I don t think many could match I read most times with a big smile on my face, and other times I was laughing out loud at the punch line at the end of the story or poem I d love to tell you whic [...]

    27. I enjoyed reading this collection of short stories poems especially the poems I found myself laughing out loud at certain parts of some stories Some of my favorites were Everlasting Fire the part about the office party their Secret Satans , Under the Pyramids this was a poem , and I thought it was written beautifully It reminded me of Edgar Alan Poe s The Raven not that they re similar in context, but just by the style in which it was written I also liked The Uncharted Isles, The Sailor, Singles [...]

    28. The New Death and others is an interesting collection of short stories and poems As with any collection of stories, I liked some of them, hated a few and others were just OK for me Two memorable ones were How the Isle of Cats Got Its Name and Weary Love James Hutchings has an active imagination This body of work is a smorgasbord of myths, fables, parodies and puns There were political and religious views woven into a lot of the work Some racial and ethnic profiling may upset the unsuspecting rea [...]

    29. Want a book entirely different than the latest trends The New Death is exactly that.Small stories and poems regarding various things are part of the book There are 2 paragraph stories to 2 3 pages stories There is not a skeleton on the stories subject They just appear But most importantly the book is fun, ironic and sarcastic From serious matters like death, to things we do every day, like our relationship with our phones, you can say there are stories for everything There are also poems based o [...]

    30. The New Death and others is not a typical collection of short stories There is nothing remotely typical about this book Some stories are long, some short, some little than a random quirky thought committed to the page.While I will not say that I loved every single story, I certainly enjoyed almost all of them and I appreciated the cynical commentary on modern society and vanity My favorite story is The Exchange, the story of the way a young woman built up in her mind a relationship with an exch [...]

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