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Sojourn By Jana Oliver,

  • Title: Sojourn
  • Author: Jana Oliver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winner of 7 awards including the prestigious Prism Award for Time TravelLondon, September 1888 An aged Queen Victoria rules The threat of anarchy hovers in the air A new kind of evil lurks in the back alleys of Whitechapel Enter Jacynda Lassiter, a Time Rover on a mission find an overdue tourist and return him to 2057 before he changes history.Victorian London is a dWinner of 7 awards including the prestigious Prism Award for Time TravelLondon, September 1888 An aged Queen Victoria rules The threat of anarchy hovers in the air A new kind of evil lurks in the back alleys of Whitechapel Enter Jacynda Lassiter, a Time Rover on a mission find an overdue tourist and return him to 2057 before he changes history.Victorian London is a dangerous place for the unwary Mysterious shape shifters haunt the streets, making friend and foe indistinguishable When a fellow Time Rover is murdered, Jacynda s mission becomes personal Can she trust the two gentlemen who come to her aid, or do they harbor their own dark secrets In a few days, Jack the Ripper will add to his bloody legacy But old Jack isn t the only threat in Whitechapel Unless Jacynda can outwit a madman, her Victorian sojourn will rewrite history and end at the point of a blade.
    Sojourn Winner of awards including the prestigious Prism Award for Time TravelLondon September An aged Queen Victoria rules The threat of anarchy hovers in the air A new kind of evil lurks in the back

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    1. Alternate Victorian historical mystery with time travel and shape shifters, and Jack the Ripper on top This was exactly my cup of tea It did start out feeling like a bit of a mish mash at some points, but I ended up really enjoying it and the whole series All of these elements came together better and better as the overall story developed, although it might not be apparent yet by the end of the first book.In this book, there are three mysteries including the Ripper plot The paranormal and scienc [...]

    2. writing rough draft of rev, notes I m giving this one a 3.5 I had fun reading it I ve read the author s Demon Trapper s series and loved it This was written before and I do think that writer s get better the books they have under their belt The characters are well done, and I liked their interactions Also, the heroine is strong, smart but not invincible The mythology is a different twist too All of these are things I m starting to associate with Oliver s work.Cynda is a Time Rover in our not to [...]

    3. I ve struggled to figure out how I should write this review because all I really want to say is that this book is great and that if you like time travel, Victorian London and well thought out characters then you ll love Sojourn, but that s not really a review is it Sojourn begins in Pompeii on, as Doctor Who calls it, Volcano Day The top has blown, smoke is billowing, people are screaming and the lava is flowing, and flowing rather too quickly for Jacynda Lassiter s taste because she isn t runni [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this story time travel, talking spiders, shape shifters and Jack the Ripper How can that not be cool

    5. First, the good Jacynda Lassiter proved a capable heroine in the end I hesitate to employ the overused phrase strong heroine, partly because that vague term strong could mean any number of things to any number of people Capable is a bit clearly defined And Jacynda certainly proved capable of taking care of herself at the climax and seeing to it that the bad guy got what was coming to him I ve seen one too many supposedly strong heroines turn into helpless damsels when capability matters most Th [...]

    6. I received this book for review from Jana s PASojourn is a book Jana wrote a few years ago, before her Demon Trapper s series and it s actually a pretty decent read as well Time traveling, shapeshifters not bad And a murder mystery on top of it I had some high expectations going into the book, but not all of them were lived up to unfortunately Not to say it was horrible, I just didn t get sucked in like I was expecting I think it was due to some of the descriptions running a little long It didn [...]

    7. When I had the opportunity to read Jana Oliver s Sojourn, I jumped at the opportunity even before I had any idea what the book was about Aside from the fact that I just love books, I also have recently fallen in love with Oliver s Demon Trappers series, so it s hard for me to say no to any of her other work However, I m always careful when it comes to delving into an author s past titles While such an expedition can turn up unexpected gems, it can also turn up some titles that were just not as g [...]

    8. Jacynda Lassiter is a Time Rover on mission Find a missing tourist and bring him back to 2057 before he changes history A simple task Not quite The time period is Victorian England The place none other than the infamous Whitechapel District And she s been deposited into this maelstrom just before the Ripper s killing spree In addition to the horrendous conditions that abound in Whitechapel, messy streets, prostitutes, thugs, the Ripper, mysterious shape shifters lurk about, making friend and foe [...]

    9. In an effort to try and clean out my tbr shelf, I downloaded a bunch of samples from , to see if they were worth reading After a slew of disappointments, I was about to give up I was wondering if it was just my mood, but then I came across Sojourn I basically loved it It had so many great elements the setting, the characters, the plot, the writing Everything was great I couldn t put it down Any book with time travelers, Jack the Ripper, and smidgen of progressive Victorian romance must be brilli [...]

    10. The story begins with Jacynda coaxing an unwilling tourist to leave from the streets of Pompeii just as Vesuvius erupts Hmm, Pompei and time travel pretty much had me from there Who knew tourism of the future could be quite so dangerous or bizarre The descriptions are vivid without being overblown and it was very easy to imagine oneself in the dark and dank streets of Jack the Ripper s Whitechapel as Jacynda combs the environs for her missing lover, friend and fellow time agent Chris Stone The m [...]

    11. Jacynda Lassiter is a time rover from 2057 She is sent back to 1888 to collect an overdue tourist from Victorian London Whilst there, she meets two gentlemen who have secrets of their own one a doctor, the other a police officer But when one of her colleagues from 2057 is found murdered in 1888, Jacynda is caught in a world of mystery and intrigue that could change history forever, unless she can find the madman and stop her future from disappearing.After reading Jana Oliver s Demon Trapper seri [...]

    12. I m a massive Jana Oliver fan she writes amazing books When I saw Sojourn I knew I had to read it and see what is was all about The books starts of with Jacynda and the year is 2057 but her job is to take people back in time like a holiday but rather then some hot beach in a different country she takes you back in time and you can see history unfold first hand with you own two eyes It sounds like such a amazing job and who wouldn t want to try that but when she is sent back to 1888 to pick a ove [...]

    13. I ve always loved books about time travel and this is no exception We join Cynda who is a Time Rover from 2057 Time travel is now available to anyone for a price If you want to become a tourist you can choose to go anywhere in time, whether that is Pompeii just before the eruption or Chicago in the 1920s Cynda travels back to Victorian London to find a lost tourist and the Rover who was sent to find him We join her on her travels and follow her trying to blend in with the Victorians and make sur [...]

    14. I enjoyed this one a lot, not as good as The Demon Trappers series but really good I loved the concept of the book and the addition of the Jack The Ripper murders even if we don t encounter the Ripper himself or find out who he is I really liked the characters as well and confess to a hope that perhaps Cynda will be remaining in Victorian London and that as much as I adore Keats she will end up entering a relationship with Alistair as I really liked the good doctor I love the whole plot thread a [...]

    15. Finished the entire trilogy on this date Do not have or will buy the hard back or paperback, but this trilogy will be reread when I am a bit down and need some escape I enjoyed the plot, the characters, and bits of interesting facts I always enjoy a book that makes me wonder if a fact is true the wonderment causes me to look things up on the net then I silently curse the author when I travel down the rabbit hole and find related history or facts that spark my interest loved the fact that there w [...]

    16. I would most certainly read anything that Jana Oliver has set her hand to She has the midas touch Jana is an incredible storyteller and her ability to create and enthrall is phenomenal I thoroughly enjoyed Sojourn and so, am immediately immersing myself in, and devoting my time to reading the next two novels in the Time Rovers Series as well as eagerly and most painfully awaiting the release of the third novel in Jana s Demon Trapper s Series Jana Oliver you re brilliant, it s a joy reading your [...]

    17. Rating 3.5 I like time travel stories and this story is no exception This was fairly clean, some crass words here and there, prostitution Jack the Ripper era , some references to sex, but nothing graphic Even the violence Jack the Ripper, remember wasn t too graphic for me and I am a squeamish person I was a little dismayed that Cynda was kind of a sterile character somehow The three male main characters I include Ralph seemed much warmer and three dimensional to me However, I am attached enough [...]

    18. If only time travel could be this cool And especially when you can find out who really is Jack the Ripper Wellybe Don t want to give anything away wink wink A great adventure that has Jacynda Lassiter jumping from 2057 to 1888, and back again And back And then she s dealing with transitives, in Victorian London no less You ll have to read the book to find out what these cool people can do It all wraps into a nice mystery adventure, that will keep you turning those pages to find out what happens [...]

    19. Well written and engagingI enjoyed the plot line and the characters There are no annoying information dumps here, and even though it took time to understand certain elements of the plot and characters it was intriguing rather than annoying I think this is an excellent, original take on time travel, and I will probably buy the other books in the series eventually At the moment I m backlogged with eBooks or I would have continued the series immediately.

    20. Travel through a bit of historyOkay, I admit it I am a sucker for time travel stories Time travel feeds my imagination as no other story line First time reading this author, I bought book two before finishing this one Beg, borrow, or buy your own copy Our heroine is funny, capable, and able to steal a heart or two.

    21. Jana Oliver is a plot smith par excellence This book will leave you begging for the next two in the trilogy Her research into the Ripper slayings is flawless, and her use of time travel and a nice twist of paranormal is well devised without getting too this is how things work Just enough to suspend my disbelief and keep me turning pages Well done

    22. This was really good I highly recommend it for fans of Gail Carriger Victorian Englan shape shifters time rovers Jack the Ripper Sojourn introduces us to the three main characters all three are great The description is just wonderful I can t call it steampunk, but I think it would appeal to steampunk audiences as well Good stuff

    23. What an amazing story Was a very quick read, time travel to Victorian London during the time of Jack the Ripper Interesting characters with depth I m totally hooked and bought the other two books in the trilogy.

    24. Really enjoyed this little trip into Jack the Ripper s London via Time Travel Engaging characters, interesting plot line and quite imaginative storytelling Light and fun, easy to read, with a mystery twist.

    25. This was a great 1st book I am really glad it come up on my must to read list and I truly enjoyed the book The characters were smart and funny in their own way The time travel is what really caught my attention and it had me thinking where if anywhere would I like to travel.

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